Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm not that kind of person that u think it is .

Hello peepos ! I'm here to update .
Hahahs , mainly because i have nothing to do right now.
Hmm , i brighten this picture cause the original ones is v. dark.
Zzz , so i brighten it , hahahas .
Now both of my arms have muscle ache , darn it .
So painful cann , and today i played volley again .
LOL , i'm scared that tomr i cannot write sia.
Lawls , hope i could be fine :/
Tomr is ENG PAPER 1&2 , hmm excited ?
Lol, seriously i have no idea what could i study.
I dying out of boredness due to over excess of dreaming.
LOL , sorry i'm crapping a lot of rubbish , hahas.
Today is a sleepy day though !
I keep yawning & yawning Zzzz , feel like dozing off.
Especially Mr Lim class , wahh he talk until ...
CAN SLEEP ! -.- I think he caught me sleeping awhile .
Hmm today nothing unsual happen nah but its boring .
Today chinese lesson , we got compo test .
Chiong finish in an 1hr , that was kinda tough .
After that maths , mrs toh finally gave us back test paper.
(After the blue moon sets in) Hahs , just kidding .
I got 15.5/30 , just passed ! LOL .
Didn't study for the test so didn't expect to get v. high marks.
Sophia got 29/30 sia ! Wad the freak sia .
Zzz , so pro cann . Dun fren her liao , haha jkjk.
After tat went down to canteen with yijia , bought food for sophia.
Cause sophia got gastric pain , then helped claire find pencilbox.
After tat took bus back home .
Today i didn't go out but i stayed at home , be guaikia ! :P
Hahahs , last thing for me to say before ending this.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fuck , i cannot blame anyone except myself . ZZz

HEYYO PEEPOS ! I'm backie :D
Actually didn't plann to update , was in a bad mood rather :/
But nvm , after this week , i could no longer update .
I need to MIA for my EOY , everybody must jiayous okie !
Just a brief update of what i have been doing these few days .
Basically yesterday , stayed back to help out for HomeEc.
Stayed until 6 plus , Zzz , after tat went home .
Slept at 11 , due to too much of homeworks .
LOL , poor thing yea? Hahahas , my white hair all came out.
Hahs , just kidding yea .
Today had 3 tests in a row , good yea ?
Stress daoooo , and i didn't even study a single thing .
No mood plus no time plus too much stress.
LOL , i decided to flunk it all , hack care nah .
Zzz , today is just a bad day !
A very very very very very very bad day ! -.-
Aww , tomr still got chinese test haish .
Dunno wanna post anymore , tatas ! ^^

I dun hate you .
And i dun wan to hate you .
But dun push over limits .
I'm no pushover too .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

HYPMH , feeling very sians and sick now !
LOL , i think i'm gg to fall sick soon , that's wad my mum said.
Cause today i had a BAD HEADACHE.
Zzz , this headache is killing me , killing my whole mood.
Freak it , awww ! My head is so painful .
Idk why , Zzzz , today i wasted my whole day .
Actually planned to study cause ytd i went out .
Make up lessons , LOL , but in the end because of this
HEADACHE , so i didn't study anything ..
Haish dun wan to type anymore , i wan go to sleep.
LOL , bye bye ! (:

'Edited !

Name a friend from A-Z!
A: Angela
B: Bernice
C: Claire
D: Dennie
E: Eunice
F: -
G: Gervan
H: -
I: Ian
J: JiaYing
K: Kaiyun
L: LiLin
M: Matthew
N: Nicole
P: PuiYee
Q: -
S: Sophia
T: TainLin
U: -
V: Valerie
W: WanLin
X: Xiaohui
Y: Yijia
Z: Ziying
1. Can R and S be together in BGR? (unknow & sophia)
They dun even noe each other.

2. How is L related to you? [LiLin]
Plurk fren ^^
3. Does Y know Z? [Yijia & Ziying]
4. If C betrays you, will you kill her? [Claire]
No , hahas but i will hate her :D
5. If K steals your boyfriend, what will you do? [Kaiyun]
Hmm unlikely , we hav diff taste LOL
6. If B tells you that she have a crush on you, what will you do? [Bernice]
I am not les.
7. Will/did you and M get into a fight? [Matthew]
Hmm quarrel ? Yep , we always quarrel , in the end I WON ! :}
8. Who does K have a crush on? [Kaiyun]
I dunno , hahahas .
9. If L calls you a bitch, what will you do? [LiLin]
Hmm , i dunno , LOL
10. What's the relationship between you and E? [Eunice]
Best frens ! We are tkd mates , HAAHS.
11. Who does Z like? [Ziying]
Hmm , idk , shuaige? :D
12. Who is I's best friend? [Ian]
Marcus . K ?
13. What colour does Y like? [Yijia]
Pink , same like me !
14. Where does R live? [-]
15. Did you and C have a fight before? [Claire]
Errm no , but we always use our eyes to fight , LOL .
16. Who is H's best friend? [-]
17. What can you say about J? [JiaYing]
She is a great fren to me , and she rocks !

18. If J tells you he/she has a crush on you? [JiaYing]
Hmm , unlikely , she got crush liao nah ! ^^

19. List 10 of your friends to do this quiz!
Anyone !

P/S ' Cop this quiz from jiaying ! Hahahs.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's better not to let it begin .

Heyyoyoyoyyo peepos ! I'm backiie .
Miss me? Hahahs .
After this post , i think i'm going to mia soon .
Hahahs , i think after next week , i will stop posting.
But my dear readers , please dun stop ur tagging alright.
I still want my regular taggs ya ! :B
Lol , aiyah , i'm very excited of meeting TIGER.
Abit scared , but mostly excited ! LOL .
You all might think i'm crazy , but what i said its true.
I think b4 i went to meet him , i need to put tissue inside my ear.
IN CASE he scream until damm freaking loudd , LOL.
Andd after he scream , all my schoolmates will look at me with big eyes.
Aww , that time , i sure cover my face with paper or whateva.
LOL , cause it's damm SS norr , Zzzz .
I hope monday faster come cause i wan see the outcome.
Hahahas , i think i'm sick :O
Okie just a short update about today .
Today went to tampinies , SO FAR ZZZZ.
Almost 1 and a half hour trip to there , ohh gosh.
Felt abit sadd cause my cousin not in except my aunt.
And some of her frens came to her house yaa .
Then i'm the only 'child' there , feel so left out ):
Haish , so i just watched tv , read books , all those .
Around 4 plus reached home , then prepare for tution.
Hope the coming holiday , i could go again .
And this time , i want make sure that my cousin is at home.
LOL !~
I really miss the time when we played together.

Okie , i go play audi liao .
Tata , and take care readers ! (:

Friday, September 25, 2009


HELLO PEEPOS ! I'm glad that i'm back safe & sound!
LOL , today is another unlucky day .
Hymph , why everyday seems so suay? >:(
Today during recess , i kanna hit by the ball for 3 times.
One head , one to my earbone piercing , one to legg.
Zzz , now my earbone still hurts ! :/
Then i decided to stop playing cause its obviously NOT MY DAY.
Sat down there for less than 5 mins , a ball came towards me.
But lucky i dodge las , or else bye bye to me .
LOL , a random question for bpians only .
Anyone wants to join archery for the post-exam activities?
I dun wan go achery , its so damm freaking sians.
And none of my fren join me , so i'm alone ):
Zzz, i put last choice but still in .
I want go bowling/golf sia , *shruggs
And EOY is coming like so freaking fast , everyone is gonna mia soon.
Hmm , i guess mostly ppl likes to talk about this topic on blog?
Hahahs , i hope everyone could pass their EOY with many colours ! :D

Okie talk about today.
Hmm actually nothing to talk about in school.
After school , went to find mr lim jun sheng ...
Zzz , dunno where he goes , went to a lot of places except toilets.
LOL , but still didn't find him and failed to get back jamie's ipod.
Regretted playing tick tack toe during maths lesson ;x
In the end i had cleanly forgot to MEET TIGER -.-
During eng lesson , he saw me and scold me for not meeting him in morning.
And now after school ,i still didn't meet him sia .
Wad the fuck *(&E$%@$@)*()&( , seriously i dunno what to do.
I guess on monday he will scream at me with a word RUBBISH.
I think his past lifes should be a rubbish collector , LOL.
Cause he always said rubbish rubbish rubbish , tsk so vulgar.
Lol , good luck to me bah (:
After tat went home , change , bathe , eat .
Then went with yijia to ang mo kio hub .
We went for a date , hahhaahahas ^^
Actually we go there to celebrate our 6 months anniversary!
LOL , sophia was jealous when she heard that we were celebrating.
Cause i didn't celebrate with her , oppps !
LOL , we planned to celebrate on 1st of october , our 1 YR ANNI.
*Laughs , still got jamie hor? :O
Back to here , ya we went shop shop around.
Bought smth for my dear fren , then bought durian pancake.
Nice nice ! Hahahs , surprisingly yijia ate it for the first time.
Hmm that's cute ! ^^ Then trained back around 5pm.
Went lot 1 , played ddr , seriously my legg become WOBBLY liao.
Zzz , stand for so long , will suan right -.-
LOL , yijia keep rushing me back home .
Took the escalator down , this is the funny part.
As we went down the 1st escalator , i kanna electrocuted .
Then yijia says dun stand near the escalator , must stand straight.
And you know what ? When we went down to next escalator ,
Hahahs and that's my time to say ' STAND STILL , dun move.
Funny sia , we kept on laughing and laughing .
After tat went home liao ! ^^

Pictures time !

Look at these two doraemon , SO CUTE !
The bigger ones is mine while the smaller one is my big sis .
Zzz , of course my one cuter right? :S

Look at my pretty bow ! Hahahs !

Okie done with my post (:

就算是遗憾, 我也不会后悔.
没有男人, 我也不会死! :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today is a suay day so i decided to update .
It's has been ages that i didn't have the day until now.
LOL , later then talk about today , *laughs.
Errm EOY is coming very very very near yea ?
I can see everyone is mugging real hard for this exam .
As for me , i haven't even start okay -.-
People began to ask me when will i study , blah blah blah.
LOL , english & chinese exam are next week yea ?
I didn't know , cause i tot its next next week -.-
LOL , until Jie En told me , thank you v. much.
Dun wish to study , STUDY IS SO SIANS zZZ.
My dear MUM keep forcing me to study , awww .
I swear i am going bonkas if she continues to do that.
Another thing is ' I am damm freaking poor , LOL.
Broke like shit , tell you a secret .
I dun have savings :O Believe it?
Dun believe , its your own problem , LOL .
I dun save because once i save , i will spend it all again.
So what is the use of saving yea? Zzzz
Okay las , enough of my crappings , talk about today.
My suay day ! Woots.
Morning , my mum called me up late again !!!!
LOL , then rushed to school.
On the way there , i tripped while walking down the stairs .
When i reached , we queue up for e fingerprint.
And the machine that i'm using , dun allow me to press 1!
WTH , i was like shocked las, cause my ic got 1 number.
So i quickly queue up to the next one , by then.
I AM LATE , yea . Congrats to me ! =="
I broke my first record of being later for the FIRST.
Big thanks to the stupid machine !
And you know what ? After tat i go use the machine again.
Surprisingly the machine allows me to press 1 .
Holy ass , the machine is so "pro" , Zzzz
And because i'm late , i need to meet dm .
Many people were staring at me with those kind of stupid eyes.
Ahhs ! Afteer tat chinese lesson got test.
My correction tape went haywire and my works was definetely shit.
Zzz , during form class , MR LIM was very angry.
Cause our class boys keep throwing paper aeroplanes all around .
Making the whole class a mess , oh gosh -.-
Our classroom looks more like airport .___.
So Mr Lim said now everyday after sch , we need to stay back.
Wait for him to come and check the classroom then can go.
Zzz , thanks to the boys too -.-
During chem lesson , ruben & andy keep lisiao me.
They suddenly tot of giving awards for our class girls.
Actually these awards is suppose to humilate us -.-
Stupid sia , but very funny las , LOL.
We laugh like hell nor , everyone suddenly went hyper :O
After sch , stayed back for home econs briefing.
Then went to art to do our smallest plate.
After doing , went to find DM , cannot find him sia .
Waited for him like half an hour ? =="
In the end he said meet him tomr instead , Zzz.
After tat went home liao .
Tomr still got npcc, still need to meet dm , A LONG DAY.
Ahhs suddenly dun feel like going sch tomr ):
Sorry this post is all about craps and my rantings .
Dun read if you think its stupid ^^
Okie bye bye (:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nobody could expect what will happen tomr.

Hello peepos ! I'm back (like so long) LOL .
Sorry for the lack of update , i'm rather busy .
And my noob comp is so stupid , -.-
Can't stand it , so decided to watch tv though.
Anyway i watched finish MR BEAN ! It's a nice show .
LOL , Update about today & Yesterday .
Yesterday ;
Went to bugis in the afternoon with my MMM.
Just wanna make up our MMM first month together !
LOL , went to a lot of places to shop .
Shop until everyone went broke ! Lawls .
Just kidding , then went to iluma , the new shopping centre.
Actually planned to watch horror movies with them .
All those M18 , NC 16 , actually planned to smuggle in .
LOL , but those times doesn't match , you know?!!?
How sad is that ? ): So in the end we went arcade.
Spend an hr or more at there ?
After tat me & jamie went to bugis junction to eat .
Ate large fries for my LUNCH , how pathetic .
LOL , then shop shop around after tat went home.
Reached home quite early .
Ohh ya , i got my MP4 , *weets .
Super duper happy , i think my dad broke liao
LOL , keep complaining non-stop to me ):
Hahahs , he even show me his pockets out , LOL .
Today ;
Morning woke up at 7.05 am ! Wth -.-
My mum called me late , awww , rush like siao .
Then lessons start, first 2 lesson home econs .
We cooked muffins , not bad las , ours chao da :x
At first i already smelled the smell then i called marvin .
Then he say still need wait , wait until like that uh ><
LOL , he keep bully me in home econs , so bad right?
(Hope he won't see this) * Laughs.
Aiyah lazy to elaborate of what i did today .
Just that andy keep lisiao me , idoilt .
LOL , he use the bottle to hit my head .
I already v. stupid liao , still hit -.-
Lol , but i did hit him back ....
After school stayed back do eng compre , hahas .
Then went lot 1 with jamie , after tat home .
Around 5plus , meet up with jamie again .
Why always jamie sia ? LOL, like every post also got mention her name .
Perhaps i like her? :O Hahahs kidding las .
I not lesbian ok , but i know she likes me ^^
LOL , went with her & her sister to the 5th floor playground.
They played water but i didn't , too lame for me.
LOL , just kidding , nowadays like to crack lame jokes .
So dun mind me ^^ Hahahs , then went home after tat.
Okie done with my longggggg post !
Pictures time !! Excited? :?
Hanrong is a bad photographer, LOL .
This picture is abit blur nor ;x

Reflection . I'm wearing the purple dress.

Well this is the nicest though .
Aiyah still wanna thanks Hanrong for being our photographer on that day.
LOL , okie , bye bye !
o.o dun push ur limits .
ya and stop opening your filthy mouth .
It's not nice at all to backstab ppl behind .
And i am not a liar , mind you .
I guess you are saying yourself .
If i'm a liar then you are one BIG FAT LIAR !

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Till now , i still couldn't make my descision
Because of you !

HELLO PEEPOS , i suddenly feel like updating .
Idk why , firstly i wanna wish all my meimeis

Hahahs , secondly ' I change my blog song.
And it rocks to the max , I LOVE IT ^^
Thirdly ' My mio tv finally came back.
Remember last year i had mio tv ? Watch all those drama.
This time , its back , like finally after decades.
At first the person cheat my dad los , damm him.
Lucky this time he didn't or else i will call my dad
Just kidding las , but the person really v. bad nor .
One advice ' Never ever believe mobtv people .
Hahahs , hmm now i'm watching those drama .
But dun hab the latest ones , *growl.
Suan ler , but i need to finish my MR BEAN show .
Hahahs , i'm finishing everything liao , *weets
Okay las , nth much to say lerr .
Bye bye ! ^^

'Edited ~
Hello i decided to update more cause i'm feeling v. sians now.
Today i woke up at 8.30 by my dad >:(
At first he came to my bed then lisiao me .
Took my doraemon away and talk to her , LOL?
My doraemon is a SHE , mind you .
The conv goes like this when my dad talk to her .
Dad ' Come doraemon , daddy take you go out .
Me ' Daddy dun lame las . ( Continue sleeping)
Dad ' Come , wear ur clothes then go out .
The problem is DORAEMON dun need to wear clothes right ?
Diao los , my dad , so funny ! LOL .
Today i woke up then i realise my forehead got smth.
Not pimples but looks like rashes , LOL .
But i dun hab rashes so that is really a weird thing .
Now i'm clipping up my fringe to let it "tong feng"
LOL , my mum say i clip up my fringer nicer .
She say now got fringe , not nice so not much suitors .
LOl , funny sia -.= Link until there .
Hhaahs , later i'm going to buy my mp4 .
*Cheers , after tat go my ahma house .
Okie done , bye bye again (:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wishing for the right answer .

Yoyoyo everyone ! I'm here again , hahas.
Cause i got pictures to post so i decided to update .
Happy mah? Hahahs , dots ....
Today is a fun day , the weather is so cooling !
Like what andy said ' Today really got rain sia.
Hahahs , shall update with my blog with good details .
Since i'm free now ! *Laugh
1st lesson ' Chem !
Lucky andy never come disturb me or else there will be no peace.
Hahahs , chit-chat with sophia .
Didn't pay attention to teacher , too boring liao , LOL.
Cher show us a website about a person who scold Singaporean .
Scold until very what los , so bad sia ):
2nd lesson ' History!
Nearly slept , cher 's voice too monotone liao ;x
Watched a video about world war 2 , show us the dead bodies part.
so disgusting alright , japanese is that cruel -.-
No offence , Lawls ...
After tat recess time , damm malu los ><
Zzz , smth happen then my frens all v. gandong by him .
But i dun feel anything , LOL , i'm v. mean (:
3rd lesson ' Chinese
Go through oral exam format , boring .
Vanna draw a girl picture on my hand , the 1st pic up there.
Last lesson ' English .
Go through oral exam format again , LOL.
Busy chatting with jamie , hahahahas.
After tat went to eat lunch , very rush sia .
Cause v. less of time nah Zzzz Yaa, oral exam start !
I'm lucky that i went to ms foo for oral test , *weets
For reading the passage , i stumbled the words for 3 times .
Hahahs , but picture discussion still okay nahh.
As for chinese oral , i went to dunno which teacher.
LOL , for pic discussion he keep nodding his head when i finish a sentc.
Hahahs reading ; I only stammered one time .
After tat waited for my frens then went home.
Bathe , change , after tat went to meet at lot 1.
With jamie , yijia & sophia , we went to bpp.
Raining so heavily -.- Almost drenched , haish .
Went shop shop around then jasmine came.
Went kopitiam , then subway then outside subwau
LOL ,sophia & yijia bought me a small choco cake
*Yum yum ! Then they all sang birthday song for me.
At first very soft then suddenly loud .
LOL , everyone was turning around to look at us -.-
Hahahs , after tat went arcade , play some games.
After tat went library , then home .
Reached home around 7pm bahh .
Okay done and now is PICTURES TIME ! ^^

Mirror image, hahahas .

Last picture ! ^^

My mum gave this to me on my birthday .
So cute the hongbao , lalalalals.

Okie done with long post !
Bye bye (:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I will take ur silence for a yes.
Hello peepos !I'm back :D
Hahahs didn't you miss my post ? :x
Ohh no , i getting more bhb liao , LOL .
These days is busy audi-ing , chatting and watching CD.
Mr bean ! *Weets , i am a fan of MR BEAN !
LOL , I have watched almost all of the animated version.
It's nice okay , hahas , watch it too ! :D
Today was a busy day alright , rushing here & there.
Making my head also dizzy liao , lawls.
Today we have 2 test which was count in CA marks .
Actually got 3 but maths was cancelled.
Damm it , and i didn't burn midnight oil to revise.
Hahahs , then morning , i started revising .
During recess , was trying to remember the formula for maths .
But it just couldn't seep into my mind , oh gosh .
Luckily , maths test was cancelled & we hab lit test instead .
So much test for me to revise , also no time to revise for EOY.
And chinese , we have compo test (1h to finish up)
So damm freaking less of time nah ! -.-
Rushing out the freaking compo , in the end i did it ! :D
After tat rushed to do lit test , wrote quite less .
Cause i don't know what to write , i will flunk it man .
Hack care ><>
Then came back sch again , change .
After tat eat lunch , then went library.
Actually planned to play comp but the surrounding looks weird.
Cause none of them is playing , weird right ?
So decided to walk around after tat head to npcc .
Went to mp1 classroom , we had IT songs !
LOL , quite fun las , gretel they all keep laughing non-stop.
Making NCOs v. angry , uh oh .
But after tat ok las , cause i keep making everyone laugh .
You all got watch paris & milan the show ?
LOL , got one person called MR YEO mahh , i pose as him.
But mine is Mrs Yeo , sound nicer ?
Hahahs , i keep lisiao one NCO , he looks quite weird.
He keep smiling and smiling when i lisiao him .
But he was not angry , weird thing .
LOL , this training was the slackest ever !
Aww , love today , how i wish everyday like that , LOL.
After tat got streaming talk so was released from npcc EARLIER.
*Weets , had been waiting for the time for so long >:(
Streaming talk was v. lame , then reached home around 6.30 .
Okie done with my post ! ^^
Show you how my doraemon looks las .
Dun say i badd hor :D

TADA ! So cute right ?
It's extreme big , BIG TO THE MAX.
But i love it though , i hug it everyday .
Of course with my stupid mang mang too ! ^^
Next time show you how my mang mang looks .
Cuter ! Hahs , jamie dun scold me :P
Anyway this is what jamie bought for me for my bdae.
Jealous mah ? :x

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello peepos ! I'm finally FOURTEEN !
Weets , i 老liao ! (Ps , abit sot )
Hmm firstly prize giving time !
(Arranged in ALPHA order , hahas )
• Alvin , Andy, Andrew , Ayaka
•Big sis , Bernice
• Claire ,
• Dennie , Davis
• Gervan
• Jocelyn , Jiawen , Jiawen. C , Jamie , Jasmine
• Jiajing ,Jeremy.C, Jessica, Junxian,Justin
• Nicole , Nicholas
• Tainlin
• Yijia , Yihan
•Wen zhen
P/S ' If i miss out anyone , tell me okay ! :D
Okay back to proper update !
School was indeed boring yaa , ytd slept at 12am -.-
At first i went to sleep at 10 , after tat woke up at 12.
My mum gave me hongbao , LOL ...
Today went school as usual .
Receive a lot of presents , *weets
Then recess time , damm freaking tired .
Keep running & running , aww .
After school , went home to put presents .
Mum cooked MIAN XIAN for me , * wan sui !
After tat change clothes , then went out with jamie .
Yijia & Sophia cannot make it with us , sadded .
But they promised to make up this friday !
Hohohs , and my family are going to celebrate only this sunday .
Aww , so late ! ): But nvm , at least got ! LOL
Zhenghui they all keep hitting my doraemon ):
So bad right , bully me !
We went to JP , eat ice-cream , hahas .
Nice nice , although it is just a simple celebration , but
It's meaningful and nice of them to even bother to wish me .
LOL , after tat went home .
And i'm back , so busy replying people taggs & stuffs .
Wanna thanks JOCELYN for helping me edit the blogskins .
*Cheers , hahaahs , when i went home .
My toot dad very zhu nor , shall tell u all the conv between us .
It's a joke ! >,<
Me ' Daddy , today what date ah ?
Daddy ' Didn't reply , concentrating on his work .
Daddy ' GO SEE THE CALENDAR LAS , ask me for what .
Me ' Walao daddy , you very action neh .
OK, END of conversation!
Funny right ? LOL....
If its not funny then forget it .
Ok done , bye bye ! ^^
I really want to ask you the question .
I really really really want to know the answer .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You will never know cause i won't allow you to know (:

Currently in a good mood , hahahs .
Didn't i mention that i will flood my blog with many pics ?
But i dun feel like uploading all the pics .
I only upload 3 three pictures nah , the rest view from FACEBOOK .
Thank you very much ! Today is a good day .
Went shopping for 5hr, ._____________.
And my dad agree to buy me mp4 for my birthday present.
*Wan sui ! LOL :D Shall continue my long post.
Today my parents are all in a very good mood .
Idk why , they keep smiling and smiling , LOL.
Afternoon , our whole family went to dunno where.
My dad say is the place is a malay village o.o
At first , i dun believe that got this kind of village .
After tat i truly believe it , cause ....
All the things there are all MALAY stuffs , gosh -.-
My dad really v. cute sia , bring us go there for what ..
Then i asked him why he brought us to here .
And he said that he want us to experience the malay culture .
Idk how to explain , smth like that las.
And and i saw a TRANSEXUAL , serious i swear .
I was totally freak out okay , damm it .
He looks totally like a guy but he dress up like a lady .
I nearly puke cann -.- , my sis say its common nowadays to see .
Diao , Zzzz , after tat went to eat .
Eat malay stuffs , (There only sell malay food )
I dun like to eat malay food , but my dad & my big sis love it.
I think their past lifes are malay bah? LOL ._.
After tat went around shop , actually nth much to shop.
Cause all malay stuffs mah ! Lmao , my dad really sot one .
I rather he bring us to chinatown or smth ?
At least some place that is familiar right ? LOLs .
Then we went to ntuc , (was glad that the place got ntuc )
LOL , then my mother told me a very funny thing .
Guess what ? Let me rehearse the conv between me & her .
I was browsing some things when my mum suddenly walked over.
And told me these , shall type the conv for you all ^^
[Mum ] : Bee , got one disgusting guy keep staring and smiling at me .
[Me ] : Huh? Where where ?
[Mum] : Then she point to me a tall guy' face GROSS ..
(The tall guy is really looking at my mum , smiling at her )
[Me] : I immediately stare at him with fierce eyes .
Then the guy like shocked and immediately turned away .
Hahahs how funny is that ?
My mum is like shocked to death sia , lawls .
After tat my sisters and I suddenly crave for ICE-CREAM.
Hahahs , my parents bo bian so must buy for us ! :P
After tat went home liao ^^

Pictures time * cheers !

I'm crazy for this MR BEAN drama , so cute !

Candid shot ^^

LOL , ignore my toot face.

I love this the most cause my eyes looks BIG!
Hahahahhas , done with my post (:
Tata ^^

P/s , change my font to a larger font .
Haahas cause i want you all to read my post :P

Friday, September 11, 2009

No more false hopes .........

Heyyo peepos ! I'm back , yoohoo ~
Yesterday my connection got problem so didn't post .
Too LAGG , Zzzz , stupid computer ><
So in the end i watched MR bean (CD) , nice wor .
Hahahs , very funny and cute :D

Buy this , its nice okay .
Continue my post , hahahaahas .
Holidays is ending very very soon , i haven finish my homewk .
Today went to lot 1 with my two sister from 11am- 3pm , STUDY .
Do ' Maths Revision ' 2 Newspaper review .
After tat went to eat lunch with them , took lift down to b1 .
Suddenly the lift stuck , wad the freak .
At first its because a indian man press it and its like got some system wrong.
So the lift door couldn't close , so we were stuck inside for 15 mins .
Diao , so long , lucky the lights were not off .
Or else i surely scream cann -.- , suay day for me .
And now i'm back , first time i study so long sia .
Great improvement for me * Claps , hahahas .
Talk about yesterday , i went out with yijia & pui yee .
First we went to lot 1 , window - shopping .
Very boring and siannns ):
After tat went ..... , then yijia came my house .
Watched mr bean , * weets !
After tat cam-whored awhile then went home liao (:
Seriously now i really feel like falling asleep sia .
Let the pictures help me finish up my post alright .

My bun , nice right ? :D

Random pictures , cool though .

Mirror image , that's my outfit on ytd.

I looks weird in this picture.

This also , hahahahas .

She took my monkey ! ):

Hahahs now my turn , i'm not giving her back !

Candid ? LOL

My nose look sharp right ?!!?!?
LOL , i really think so ;x

I'm reading my old book , so big hor .
Hahahahs .
Okay done with my post .
I think tomr i will post again .
And i will flood my blog with pictures !
Dun blame me cause you could only enjoy ! :P

Tata :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Awww , i hate the thunder ! !@#$%^&*()-
It is so freaking loud and it woke me out from my sweet dream.
I have phobia on thunders ! ):
Firstly ' I didn't dare to move for half an hr because of the thunder .
Secondly ' I doubt that i will have insomia today and the rest of the day .
Thirdly ' I was having a sweet dream early and suddenly the BOOM sound
SCARED ME OUT , my heart nearly pop out -.-
The BOOM sound is more than once okay , damm it .
So i didn't carry on sleeping and now my eyebags could be seen .
I think i sound exaggerating , but it was true (to me).
LOL ,nowdays i slept at 12 and woke up at 9am .
I just couldn't go back to sleep ):
I think this september holiday was indeed terrible .
{Broke , no where to go }
{ Singapore is so small ! }
{ Homework is tons of it , staring at me every night ! }
I want to enjoy my holidays also cannot sia ):
Sadded , and now i having a slight fever .
How pathetic is that hur? LMAOS .
Need to mug for EOY , how stress is that ...
And EOY is coming up few weeks later .
Which is damm freaking fast and surely i will miss my comp .
*Sigh , i wanna work !
Lol paiseh random yi xia ^^
Okay las , enough of my rantings .
I think you all are getting bored , tell you all jokes bah ^^
This is sort of a chinese joke nah .
A girl alighted from a taxi but she didn't know she left her camera inside .
Then the taxi driver say : NI XIANG JI means ( Your camera ! )
But the girl tot that he is saying : (You looks like chicken )
The girl scold him back saying : ( You then looks like duck las )
The taxi driver heard it and immediately went off angrily .
After tat the girl checked her bag and realised her camera is missing.
She immediately called ( WO XIANG JI ! )means ( My camera)
Doesn't it sounds like ( I look like a chicken) ?
Hahahs , sorry i am a bad joker .
If you all really dun understand this joke , dun blame me ;x
Ohh ya , wanna tell you all smth hilarious .
Last monday i went to watch movie right ?
Jamie handed the ticket to me but i didn't catch it in time .
So the ticket fly fly fly .
Me & Jamie were shocked like hell los .
Immediately we ran for the ticket and
It landed on third floor insteaddd .
But luckily it is near the pole there so we manged to
Retrieve back this TICKET .
Lmaos , some of them were looking at us curiously .
Okay done with my post .
Hope you all won't think its boring nah .
Hahaha tata ! :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One's destiny is predestined

Hello peepos , i am back yaa .
I think i will be updating my blog everyday norh .
I'm rotting at home , doing nothing .
Definetely BORED TO THE MAX (*^&$%@$#@(&*!
Siianns , i think i sprained my neck ):
Now i turned around also pain sia , damm it.
Today stayed at home , "studying".
Supposingly , i should be studying but in the end failed.
Cause of my neck nah -.- , no mood at all ! :l
Hope tomr will be ok nor ):
Cause tomr i'm going woodlands library with yihan .
Go do finish my homework , guai neh ? :P
Hope tomr my neck will be ok nor .
Or else how am i gg to study ?
LOL , k lahhs , nothing much to say liao .
Tata ! ^^

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm prepared for the worst .

Hello peepos ! I'm back to posting.
I am penniless ! Oh gosh .
I really hate myself of not saving enough money los .
Sians , now sep holiday , dunno what to do ...
Zzz , finished part of my homework liao .
Left some nia , siannnnss .
I wanna rent taiwan shows to watch sia ..
Grr , i better start to save money now .
Hahahs no money , no talk ! :D
Today went to watch (The proposal) at lot 1 .
A nice show , i will rate it 8/10.
Its funny but kinda obscene , hahahas.
I'm glad that i watched this movie .
After tat went lot 1 walked walked , boring nah .
Lot 1 sian diao -.-, haahs .
Tomr and wednesday , i will be staying at home .
To be a guai kia ! Actually its because '
I dun have money so cannot go out .
Hahs , seriously without money , you dun feel like going anywhere.
After tat went home liao .
And now i'm back !
Life is so boring and lifeless .
Haish .....
Now pictures will do the rest nah .
Hahahs .

I wore this shirt today .
So cute and kiddish right ? Hahs .
My mum bought it last year .
But didn't have chance to wear this cute shirt .

Yesterday went to my ahma house .
Took with my little darlings !

She is emo-ing ! LOL.

She finally smile showing her teeth !

Candid shot ! :D
Okie done with my post .
Bye bye :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pointless .
HELLO everyone ! Yo , i am back :D
Hahahs , Today is a good day yea?
Should be gg to ahma house later on , hahs .
And tomr i'm gg to SWIMMING .
*Weets but i'm scared that i will become very tanned.
Hahahs this september holiday is boring okay .
So much homework waiting for me to do , aww .
Although i have finished some but i think i won't finish all .
Holiday is for us to play and relax right .
I want go escape ! I want go ice-skate ! I want go wild wild wet !
I want go a lot of place neh ):
Sians a lot of people are all posting about their result .
But i'm not gg to , cause i have nothing to show off with .
Hahaha , but my home econs get band 3 -.-
Damm it sia , because of a misunderstanding , she give me this kind
OF MARKS -.- Freak her man *&&%#@@#!@*&*
Ok enough of my result las , very bad jiu shi liao.
Hmm actually now i really got nothing to say liao .
Shall end here ! Hehehs bye bye ^^

Friday, September 4, 2009

I don't want to be a loner .

Today is a fucking bad day .
I scolded a lot of vulgarities today :I
But got reason one hor , *winks
Today the very first thing happen is when i nearly fall from the stairs.
Somemore is the very first step okay , wth -.-
After tat found out that i didn't sign my CAMP FORM .
Totally shocked cann , Zzzzz
At first decided to forge signature but
Wad the hell , truly no hope right ? .....
So after school , i need to rush back home to take .
First lesson' Chemistry
Had a competition with the other group & we won !
LOL , teacher gave us 2 packet of choco as reward.
Ruben keep on complaining cause he didn't get any choco.
So when jas gave him one packet for him to share with his group,
He immediately shut up & smile widely , LOL .
So random heh ? Lmaos , he gave me one too .
So in the end i got 3 dark choco, *weets
Second lesson ' History
Was busy talking with jocelyn , hahahas.
Then recess time , ate 3 dark chocolates .
Damm freaking sweet , jamie still wan to give me.
LOL , but i love CHOCOLATES !
Omg , i'm so random , ahhas.
Third lesson ' Chinese
Nothing much , nearly fall asleep.
Because its super duper boring okay -.-
Last lesson ' English.
Half lesson did comprehension , after tat went up class.
After much DELAY , teacher finally let us go .
It was already 12.45 and i need to reach back sch at 1pm ..
Damm it , faster rushed back , vanna pei me .
Haahhas thanks for "escorting " me back , lawls.
Reached home around 1.05 pm then chiong chinese .
After tat went home use comp .
Around 2pm , bernice came my house .
After tat went to meet up with jiawen & claire .
Went mac eat lunch , chit-chatt too .
Then went cck park slack .
Chatt until 5 plus , went back to lot 1 .
Went to library watch magazine , LOL .
After tat went home lerr .
Okay pictures will do the rest kays .

Jiawen ! :D

Me las , i look so dark ):

My chio bag !
Hahahs okay done with my post .
Bye bye !
I dun want to lose any single of my fren .
I dun wan to be a loner .
I want to be with you all .
But i can't help but just worried that we will driff .
Now we are all driffing a lot more .

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ARGHH , i feel like typing all my rants down .
Really really really cannot stand it !
* Shrugg , i'm tired of living in this kind of world.
Unfairness , jealousy , Discrimination.

Everytime trying to tolerate , trying to forget the past .
But the past couldn't go .
What i have with is just the pain.
I couldn't bear it in my heart anymore .
I'm going crazy .

Why can't i just get the things i want ?
Not even once , its that fair ?

Can you stop giving me that fking attiude of yours?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I need to know the truth .
Even if it is cruel , i still wanna know .
Because i dun want to carry anymore false hopes .

Heyyo ! Hello i'm back .
These day have a lot of pics for me to update .
Hope this could make my blog more lively?
My eyebags is getting heavier and heavier.
Damm it , you see my two picture up there .
My eyes already very small , now like that .
Surely cmi leh , haish , need to sleep EARLY !
Or else i am really dead ! ):
Hahahs , as you know , i went to bugis today.
It's a rainy day though , raining non-stop .
Hope tomr it could be too , best !
Hahahs morning pei mummy stayed at home.
After tat afternoon , jamie & yijia came my house .
To fetch me ! LOL , soooo sweet .
Hahahs then trained to city hall , long journey.
Saw claire they all at city link then went up to funan.
Me & Jiawen went there to cut hair .
Well , i'm quite happy with my hair las.
Cause he helped to sort of straighten my hair .
And it look so much like rebonded hair , hhehes .
After haircut , went to penisula .
Walked walked , bought a chio bagg .
It's pinkish , starish and LOVELY ! LOL.
After tat trained to bugis , me & yijia went off first.
Cause only we two managed to squeeze into the train.
LOL , went to eat mac , it's crowded :O
Then we went walked walked around .
After tat went to bugis street to meet up with claire they all.
Around 5 plus, set off to cck .
While claire alight at clementi and vanna continue her way to yt.
Me & Yijia went to lot 1 for fun , LOL .
Saw my old love , he is still that handsome oh !
Around 7pm , went home liao .
And now i am back ! Hohos :D

Okay pictures time !
Open your big big eyes to see .

I keep on banging to this freaking thingy .
And now my head hurts ):

Candid ! :D

Yijia with the cute donald duck !

Yijia with pooh bear , hahas

They are mine ! Just kidding ~

Pikachu !

I took before last year with this .

And this , same pose somemore -.-

Stick out tongue , LOL.

My eyes are small .

Reflection , my unglamm face ;x

Why my eyes so small ah ?!?!?! LMAOS.

Ghost ! Just kidding , its my backview.
Looks so much like rebonded hair right?
Hahahs ok done with my long post.
Bye bye ! ^^