Monday, August 31, 2009

My new bagg , cute hor? LOL

Yihan , that's my hat!

Hahahs i know i look much betetr than her ;p

Yihan with the stupid helmet , LOL.

She is introducing this scarf to you all .

A blue ribbon .

I think mine is cuter , HAHAHS.

A new pose i guess , :O

Candid shot (:

Seems weird with this weird hat .

Took it on the escalator :p

PINKISH THINGS , gosh , my eye hurts , LOL .

Me & my past form - cher !

Me & Matthew , he's not that tall okay .

Me & Eunice mok !
OH HELLO EVERYONE , i'm in a good mood now .
Cause tomr i am gg to cut my hair !
But not cut short , is trim , LOL .
Tomr gg to city hall there to shop too !
WEEES ! I'm excited of tomr outings :O
I want to buy a lot a lot of things ! LOL .
Talk about today , just a short post will do .
Who cares if its short / long , hahahas .
Had teacher's day celebrations today !
The hall is damm freaking small & squeezy -.-
Pissed nor , somemore so hot nah .
And my butt hurts after sitting there for hrs .
Then faster went up to staff room to give out presents .
After tat the whole class went to 485 A , so far ):
Walked like shyt , just kidding ;x
Went up to collect newspaper , the flat looked creepy .
There's one unit that got three dogs inside , wtf.
Keep barking non-stop , ahhhs .
Me, vanna & Jocelyn keep lisiao the dog , LOL.
After we gather all the newspaper , bring it to blk 484 .
So far sia , and the things is so damm heavy -.-
When we are reaching , there is a cat standing in between the path.
LOL , somehow block our way , lawls .
When we are approaching then it go beside the path.
So cute & obedient sia ! LOL .
After finishing our job , stayed there & slack .
Nothing much to say nah , after tat went to kfc.
Ate 2 piece chicken meal with jamie .
The person go throw away my mash potato sia ):
My favourite neh , sians Zzzzz.
Then took train to yew tee with my beloved Vanna .
Thanks Vanna for pei-ing me back to KPS , love ya (:
Slacked there with my other ex-classmates.
The food there is still so nice , so yummy ....
Took some pictures then went to meet with yihan.
While eunice went home first , sianns .
Me & Yihan decided to go to sembaway new shopping centre.
Quite far but fun indeed , discover a lot of funny things .
Cam-whore too ! Lol now my handphone no batt liao -.-
Hahahs , okay the end !
Bye bye :DD

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everything will be fine after a cry .

Hello peepos !!! I'm back ya .
Nowadays , the weather is good yea.
LOL , but i cannot go cycling because of the rain ):
And i was unable to wash my sch shoes .
Hahahs , anyway my blogsong okay liao .
I re-create another one , with new BLOG SONG !
V. nice , must listen okie (:
Lawls , tomr we got teacher's day celebration plus CIP.
Heard from mum that bpians will be coming to my house too.
But tomr my mum won't be at home , LOL .
I actually want her to help me see who is in charge of my floor .
Aww okay las , enough of my rantings .
Talk about some happy things , much better right? :D
Today was a tiring day for me okay .
Afternoon went to bukit batok temple to baibai .
After tat went back to lot 1.
Went to ntuc ( requested by my dad ).
Shop until 1 plus bahh , bought a lot of things sia.
After tat parents went home first.
While me & my two sister(S) went shopping .
LOL , actually we want to buy smth for my second sis .
Her birthday was 9 July , and we haven buy her present -.-
Cause her taste is too far away from my big sis and i.
Very hard to buy for her , i rather give her money sia ><
Shopp constantly till 6 plus , NICE RIGHT?
And the most funniest thing is we went to lot 1 .
SHOPP for 5hr -.- Wad the freak.
Very pro right ? Hahahahas .
After tat went back home liao .
Didn't bought much things cause we dun have enough money .
In the end we used my sister nets card , hoho .
Hmm now i shall start to talk about my life .
Actually nothing to talk about , just wanna intro one show to you all .
TADA! ~~

Hmm , this show is called WHY WHY LOVE.
I watched because the left side guy v. shuai & funny .
Hahahs , but in the end rainie yang go with the right side one .
Damm it los ): Dun really wanna watch liao .
Cause the ending damm sucky , hahahas .

My idol picture !
LOL ( I'm exaggerating , ahem )

Shuai right ?
In real life , he is a very childish and funny guy.
( Heard from other people las )
But i agree though , LOL !
He is cute too :D

Okay bye bye !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am fine , dun worry .

HEYYO PEEPOS , i'm back !
Sorry for lack of update these few days uh >< Update about yesterday ;
Cried during art lesson , fine now.
I cried not because of not only that particular reason okay .
Still got some other , so please dun misunderstand .
Ask me for more enquries bahh .
Wanna thank andy and my jiejieS .
Hahahs thanks for cheering me up , yaa
Anyway the case over liao , hahahas.
After tat rushed to change to PT kit.
Cause me & ayaka need to go for captainball compt.
Trained to SengKang secondary school , very far ><>she very cute nor !:D
Hahahs , then the compt start.
Played with a lot of school , all also very good nah.
But i hurt my wrist while playing , LOL.
Got one time i bang into someone and i bounce off.
LMAOS , nearly fly , jkjk ;x
Some school were really violent cann .
There's a girl in Nanqiao school , she damm freaking tall.
Around claire height bah and real cute canns , LOLs.
I suddenly realise i really did grow much TALLER.
Hahahs ayaka also think so neh *weets
In the end we become third , *hard work pays off
After tat some of them went to compass point to eat dinner.
While me , jiaying & ayaka took mrt home .
On my way back , saw my sis behind me.
OMG she's stalking me all along ! Hahs , JK.
But she actually took the same mrt train as me .
( At first i'm abit worried of going home alone )
Feel much relieved seeing her , hahahas.
Reached home around 8 plus ......

Talk about today ! (:

LOL, morning played computer , so nth much.
Then afternoon meet up with yihan the idoilt .
HAHAHS , just kidding ;x
Went to lot 1 shop for teacher's day present.
Actually nothing caught my eye :B
Then trained to yew tee ' Forgot to bring ez-link card .
Zzzz , bought standard ticket card , lawls.
Shop until very 3 plus , bought food to eat nah.
Hahahas , then went yihan house .
Pass me smth then went home.
She was supposed to send me to bus-stop but she cheated me.
So bad right , tsktsktsk .....
Hahahs , then took bus to lot 1.
Meet with jamie yea.
P/s; She wearing like a red riding hood , LOL.
Pei her buy teacher's day present .
After tat went her house take maths tb.
Then went home to bathe .
Around 5.30pm , tution starts !
Till 7pm sharp and now i am back !
LOL , okay shall end my boring post.
Hahahs , bye bye (:

Trophy ! :D

Side view of hers .

Shh , my rabbit sleeping . :D

P/S ; I just took it for fun nah , hahahs .
Tata (:

Though i dun like your hypocrite character ,
But i still hope to be a fren of yours.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

L Stands for loser , and that's you .
Don't deny because i''m implying to you.
Loser -.-

HELLO my fellow friends , i'm here *wave
Hahahs , Did you all miss my post?
Suppose to be emo-ing , but in the end i blog again.
I'm very unhappy with my CT results.
Totally sucks cann -.- , cause this CT , i slack quite a lot.
And my results go downhill instead of up -.-
Although i did not failed a single subject but the results was like
S.H.I.T ( Sorry to say that )
Today got back my chinese results , i nearly failed.
29/60 ? But got back 2 marks so it should be 31/60 .
Ya wad th freak , lousy marks cann.
Nearly tore my paper and threw it into the dustbin.
Super duper lousy cann , if i fail , my mum will threw it for me.
She will just dump it into the trashbin and say bye to my paper.
Cool uh? And i can't believe i nearly failed my chinese.
Chinese was the only paper that i could score well.
And in the end , i nearly failed this freaking paper.
I got 6 marks careless for my comprehension.
JUST because of some useless words behind then it was marked wrong.
WTF , really hate myself of being careless.
Now i still haven tell my mother all my score.
Although i didn't failed any of it but i think i will still be dead.
My mum will nagg me until i am dead man (Jk , LOl )
Much better by abit bahh , haish .
Disappointed , why do CT even exist in this world?
Lawls , so far none of my papers score well .
Sadded T.T
And yesterday , i even forgot to put silent to my phone.
During history lesson , it started ringing , WTF.
At first i heard some music coming from my pocket , i tot
I AM DREAMING ?!?! LOL , pro hor?
After tat i found out then i quickly reject the call .
Lucky miss lim never notice the music as the class is far too noisy.
BUT imagine , it was DM to teach our class that day.
And supposingly the class would be extremely quiet.
Suddenly my phone started ringing with the stupid ringtone .
Wow? I think i will be dead meat -.-
Haish , nothing much to blog lerr.
Tomr got npcc , sianns , hope tomr will rain the whole day.
:B , okie bye bye ^^

If there is an award called " Act the best " ,
I would definetely give you .
Because your actings is too great , too sickening , too disgusting.
Snatching fren ? Acting hypocrite? Acting kind? Teacher's pet?
Those 4 things that you always did .
Makes me really disgusted , awww.

My art piece , nice mah ? :D

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey hey hey ! LOOK HERE :D
This i s made by jocelyn lim okie .
Our new "gang" , hahahaas .
Okay i'm just being lame .
Talk about today ??
Lessons were boring , not much to talk about.
Maths test papers were given out .
Gave me disappointment but not happiness.
Aww, i got 24/40 , wad the freak.
So lousy and i got 7 marks careless.
How freak i am ? -.- Sianns .
But i did not cry , (duh )
It's just sadd nor , this year this is my lousiest score ever.
Haish , this year no need to aim for top 5 liao.
Oh ya P.E time , i am so freaking happy.
Because i no longer scared of basketball.
My 4 years phobia is counted as gone bah?
Cause today we played basketball .
Ya and i score quite a amount for my team , hahahas .
So happy nah , somehow like overcome my phobia .
LOL, i didn't tell you all about the reason why i have this phobia.
Ahem , i shall tell you all now .....
Primary 4 that time , me & my fren played basketball together.
And hurt my thumb , somemore is left-.-
So i was not able to write for 1 week until it is heal partially.
Somemore is exam time , pro right ?
Got a "great" scolding from my families , LOl.
That's why i'm scared of balls especially basketball .
Hahahas , ytd the weather is like somehow horrible?
Cause my monkey was not able to be dry for the day .
Aww , but i didn't care , i just grab her down .
And hugg her , slept through the whole night .
LOL , and this morning my mum screamed at me.
I was like ??? Imagine ur mum suddenly screamed.
Cause i was carrying my monkey which was actually supposed to be
HANGING on the window , damm -.-
I told me mum i was afraid that my monkey will get sick outside.
So i decided to bring her in , hahaahhas.
Nice excuse hur? Then when i came back ,
My monkey was hanged up again , (my mum doings )
Zzzzzz I think you guys think i'm crazy.
Why should i care much for a dead monkey ?
Ya she is dead, i admit .
But to me , she is alive and lively like a baby (:
Even when i grow old , i still want to carry her like a baby.
(lawls , feel like crying , better stop )
Change subject bahh , talked about after school.
Got tessellation workshop (Ops, i keep saying WORKSHEET)
Lmaos , i think i am getting crazy.
Yaa , skip CCM and went for that workshop.
Although it is boring but at least it is air-conditional.
Hahahs , so cooling , we did tessellations on computer.
Draw circle , blah blah blah , didn't have much difficulties.
After tat jasper helped me style the design to a dog.
So pro nor -.- Thanks to him , i got a dog as a design.
Hahahas , still got some help from yijia nah .
Thanks jasper and yijia :D
After tat went home with davis .
Okiie the end !

Pictures time , hahas some lame pictures.

My monkey , see !
So pathetic ):

My tessellation design , does it even looks like a dog?
LOL , idk.

Okie this end of my boring post.
Thank you for seeing , bye bye :D

但一看到你, 感觉又会来了.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

There won't be any disappointment without any expectation.

HELLO peepos ! I'm back to update again .
One reason because ' I am free!
Second reason because ' I got smth to say!
Third reason because ' I DUNNO , LOL.
Okays that is super duper lame .
So did you all listen to my blog song ?
Nice or not ?!?!?!!?!?
Anyway if you all dun agree , i dun care.
Because i like my songs , hahahas .
Yesterday night cam-whore with my sister(S)
Suddenly realise we three look alike , *laughs
Hahahas , i'm just being lame nah.
Shall upload to blogger when my sis send me those pics .
Oh yaa , my mum joined us for some pictures .
In the end , all of us were drenched in sweat .
LOL, just dun laugh if you all see las .
A lot is unglamm one ;x
Talk about today bahh .
Woke up around 10plus , today is a nice day yea ..
So windy , so cooling , so NICE las .
LOL , my monkey was brought to the washing machine for SPA.
Hahahas , she seems quite afraid at first.
The washing machine seems so scary and my monkey was scared.
Poor thing , who asked her so dirty , so must washed los.
HAHAs , afternoon went to meet up with xiaohui.
Went to her auntie house again to do my rebonded frinch .
Now okay liao although still abit curl but nvm.
Reached home , use computer for awhile.
Then went off with mum to ahma house .
We use fly derr ! Pro hor ? :D
Today my cousin was sick , so all three never come.
Sadd neh , decided to do my homework meanwhile.
The most funniest thing is that ; I NEVER BRING PEN!
Lmaos , bring paper everything except stationaries -.-
ZZz , how noob am i , so in the end borrow pen from ah gong.
Hahahs , after doing homwork , watched tv.
Then read my Horoscope book , *weets
Read about characters , love all those parts.
Walao they describe dao very alike like my character.
Shock sia , but seriously its very acurrate neh .
LOL , around 7pm fly home liao.
And now i'm back, weeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss ♥
Now its night time lerr , i have a feeling.
That i will not be able to sleep tonight .
Dunno leh , that's so random , hahaahs .
Okay las , i go play audition liao !
Bye bye :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Maybe one day you will turn around and smile at me (:
I will wait for that day to arrive .

HEYYYOYOYOYOYOYOYO , got miss me anot?
Just kidding right , hahahas , i not so bhb ._.
I just change my blog song , so ya PLEASE LISTEN.
I spend a lot of time doing it okie , LISTEN !
But dunno why cannot auto play so please use ur hand
And click it play , thank you very much (:
Anyway my handphone can detect memory card liao.
LOL , cause i drop it just now then suddenly can liao.
Magic sia , hahahas !
Morning was still arguing with my father of buying a new phone.
I think there won't be a need to buy liao las .
Hahahs , today me & yihan really did cam-whore, LMAOS.
Hey dun directly turn to pictures there , see my post first.
Tsktsk , dun skip this part or else no photos :P
Hahahs just kidding , today is great (:
Ya , me & yihan went to jurong point .
She was wearing her ava uniform -.- while i'm wearing home clothes.
Actually plan to go arcade der , but she cannot go in.
So too bad , hahahahahahs .
Today there was a event held in jurong point .
6 of them were from Xiao Yuan Superstar , LOL.
Everybody were busy with taking photos.
So lame , hahahas , we went to kiddy palace instead .
We were cam-whoring with those cute clothes & toy .
The most lame thing is that we even went in to try their clothes
LMAOS , damm paiseh sia , yihan insist of going in nor .
We took those 1960s dress , hahahahs .
After that , went around shop nah .
Basically its just shopping , eat , shopping and eat .
But its fun okie , me & yihan keep on talking & talking .
Then went home around 5pm bah .
Next week going to meet with her again , *weets

Okay here comes the pictures !
Dun laugh hor , tsktsk ! ^^

Me & Yihan


I dunno why , suddenly think of sticking out my tongue ;x

Smile ^^

Camera !!!

I think this is nice ...

Do yihan & bunny look alike?!?!?!?
Hahahs .

Me !! LOl .

That is all mine , dun snatch :P

Yihan & the duckie , LOL .

Me & Froggie , so cute the frog (:

Mirror image !~

Act cute haahs , you see our dress.

Cute nor , how i wish i have these two .
So cute , yihan hand extra nah .

Two identical cards , hahaahs .

Okiie done with my post !
Bye bye (:

Friday, August 21, 2009

The best you have may not be the best of all .

HIIE HIIE ! I'm back from lot 1 , hehes .
MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER , for god sake .
All those scary memos will be gone by then *weets
Haish , my legs got a lot of mosquito bites sia ..
Sianns , i dun wan any scars on my legg neh )):
Oh yaa , another thing to say .
Tomr i'm going out with yihan !!!!
Like finally las -.- She so busy everyday sians.
Annd i'm going to wear my favourite pink dress out ^^
HAHAS , promise to have photos tomr :D
But my handphone haven sent to repair sia .
So noob one , cannot detect memory card , sians ):
If cannot repair , i'm gonna change my damm phone okay.
Hahahs enough of my rantings ya , talk about today bahh .
Today was kinda a bad day las , feel sad today .
Dun ask my why because i dun know either .
Okay school lessons was boring lah -.-
First period ' Chem .
Nothing las , chit chatting with sophia nor .
After cher go through finish paper , show us experiments .
Si andy keep lisiao me , walao .
Then i run , he chase , in the end we were running around the lab..
LOL , like playing catching sia ...
Second period ' Chinese exam
Nearly couldn't finish the paper los .
Cause i tot still got a lot of time , then i relax abit.
HAAHS , the paper was quite difficult los .
After tat recess , YIJIA VERY FUNNY NAH.
We were laughing and laughing like crazy ppl zzzz
Expecting to laugh at some funny actions , ahem .
Okay nvm , decided not to say , LOL ..
Third period ' Chinese
Chiong chinese compo , hahaahs .
Last period ' English
I got the higest 18.9/ 20 for my public speaking .
Shocked los -.- First time get so high sia ...
After school ends , went home change clothes .
Then ate kfc with jasmine , saw eugene they all.
After eating , went to cinema , bought tickets .
Played ddr , hahahas , got one group of boys sot one nor.
Keep playing and playing sia , rich nah.
After tat went in to watch liao , sat with sophia .
We watched (where got ghost) movie .
Nice las , i will rate 4/5 for this movie .
Hahahs , quite scary but funny though .
Sophia never scream one nor , only i screamed .
Paiseh ahh , hahahahahas .
Andy sit infront of us , suay , (jkjk ) :x
Last story is about an ahma and her families .
Suddenly the ahma face appear , WTH.
Andy cua tio sia , hahahas.
Watched finish liao , played ddr with yijia .
After that sophia & jasmine went off first.
While me & yijia continue to slack at lot 1 until 6.30pm.

Okiie done with my post , tyty ^^

What makes me so sad is that i didn't expect you will say those.
Fair weather fren ? Are you ?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I dun wanna think of you anymore .
Thinking of you is a torture to me .

Yoyoyo peepos ! I'M BACK AGAIN.
Hahas suppose to MIA right , can't resist the temptation.
Paiseh uh , hahas .
Got a lot of things to blog about , prepare coffee.
Sorry if my picture is ugly uh , no pics to put.
LOL , cause my hair is freaking messy okay .
Need a haircut soon asap ya .
YIJIA said my hair grow very long liao *weets
Hahahs , anyway my handphone SOT LIAO las.
Damm it , cannot detect memory card , ass -.-
I want complain to my dad and ask him buy a new one for me .
Cause now i cannot listen to any music sia ..
Wahh damm freaking sianns cann ):
Update about yesterday ;
Only got 2 things to talk about las , skip infront , hahas.
Assembly , those npcc one were supposed to go off at 2 .
And when the time came , no one stand up .
Me & Jess were signalling to each other , LOL .
No one dare to stand up -.-
So i stand up luh , LOL.
Then all the npcc people started standing up , lmaos .
Second thing is about my shooting score.
Remember i was supposed to go for shooting ytd?
I went and i got zero for it .
Pro right ? 0 neh -.-
Cause i couldn't see the target leh , then i anyhow shoot los.
LOL, sianns, damm freaking paiseh ><
Kay talk about today ;
School lessons boring as usual .
Lit test today , not very diff las.
Got back my physics paper 8.5/20 , failed .
Damm it , lucky my chem papers pass.
So overall i still passed my science.
FIRST TIME passed leh (this year ) , * claps :D
After school , went home watched tv, LOL.
Tomr prepared to flunk my HISTORY liao las.
Never study at all , no mood .
Haish , after tat call jamie out to cycle (:
Went out around 5plus , back home at 7pm .
Hehehs , aiyah nothing to say liao.
Bye bye ! :D

I really do not know what you are thinking about.
Sometimes seems so good , sometimes like shit .
Now quite a lot of ppl hate you because of ur acts .
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Do you like being called two sided face , hypocrite?
If you don't , then quit being a hypocrite .
Speak the truth out alright , dun fake .
I'm starting to feel disgusted by you .
I could only say ; Your everything is too FAKE.
Understand ? And stop pushing all the blame to other ppl.
Being a good guy doesn't seems good all the time okay .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

HELLO PEEPOS, i'm back , hahas.
Sorry for the late update ya , busy studying .
Guai right? Hahahs , tomr is science papers.
I got a feeling that i will flunk these paper .
Aiyah hack care nah , at least i got revise right.
LOL , and and my phone going to spoil liao .
Keep restarting and damm freaking lagg .
Told my dad about it , he say wait for EOY exams .
If i get top 5 then i can get a new phone .
Wad the freak las , standard so high -.-
Talk about yesterday and today ....
Yesterday went to help out for teacher's day celebration.
Fun nah , took a lot of pictures .
But was told that we were not supposed to put in on blog ):
So sadd , haahahs , but we had a great fun at school .
Reached home around 10pm bah , hehes ...
Talk about today!
Rebond my frinch liao , nice bah ?
Hahahs , xiaohui & emay said that i look good if i rebond the whole hair.
Do you think i should ? Haish .
So tempted to , LOL .
Morning studied for maths first..
Then afternoon , went over to xiaohui's aunt house .
Rebond for 2hrs , long sia -.-
I think she cut too "bao" for me liao .
After rebonding , went back home .
Studied for science while emay came.
Teached me science plus maths , hahas.
After tat she went home ...
Okiie , last thing i wannt to say.
Going to MIA , starting from tomr ..
So dun miss my post , hahahs :P.

Took it right after rebonding ...
Does it look like bangs ?????

My father did this to my monkey again ..
So baddd right , LOL .

Kk gtg le , bye bye ! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change your beliefs , change your will , change your thinkings.

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo , nowadays i keep saying yo .
LOL , even to teachers , some of the teachers replied me YO too .
Hahahahs so cute ^^
I'm trying to update everyday las , going to MIA soon.
Remember ? LOLs , oh yaaa .
This sunday going to REBOND MY FRINCH , weees .
But after rebonding , i guess i will be broke .
Hahahas , talk about today .
Today was quite a fun day las , hehes.
First lesson ' History
Nothing much , teacher going through some of the questions .
Copied notes only los , hahas .
Second lesson ' English
Today 4 students came out to give their individual speech .
They are brave okie , i think when my turn , sure cmi ><
After that recess , WE PLAYED CATCHING .
*Screams , my wish did come true , hehes .
Heehs , i become the catcher again , (volunteer one las )
Third lesson ' Mt read
Nothing much , chiong my chinese homework .
Read chinese newspaper , went to the death department .
Got 3 pages althogether , seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Told ya , a lot of ppl die these day (Read my previous post )
Fourth lesson ' Maths
Mrs toh never come *weets :D
Did not much , busy doing maths correction nia .
Teacher talk very slow sia , going to sleep liao -.-
Last lesson ' ITSK
Was busy scolding jocelyn's blog the passerby , LOL .
Did not pay much attention to teacher .
A lot is suzheng helped me , heehs.
Thanks babe , LOVE YOU :D
After tat went home put things then rushed to eat lunch.
Ate together with jamie's families member , ahahahs .
Then went to subway , bought cookies ^^
Rushed back to school , assemble at the foyer .
Then took bus to National Museum , near bugis there.
Fun trip , INTERESTING too ! :D
Before we went in , we were given a small machine & earpiece .
COOL okie ! LOL , was playing with it with jamie .
Then went to explore the whole museum .
Saw a lot of historical items , videos , pictures , etc .
Nice nice , some part was boring , some was nice ^^
I wannt to complain one thing ABOUT ANDY QUEK.
He keep slapping my face los , damm it .
Tomr going to slap him a lot of times :P
After tat bused back , slept through the whole journey .
Suddenly remembered during AYG performance ;
Where we need to travel a long way , (missed the time man ! ):
My head banged onto the wall for 5 times , freak .
I guess a lot of my brain cells was killed by that time , LOl.
After tat went home liao .

{Extra ones }
Next tuesday , i'm going for shooting test .
Damm freaking scared las , we are going to use real gun okay.
And and i have a phobia of holding real guns , damm it .
Plus all those command and some other steps , i'm still unsure about it .
Awww , wish me good luck bahh ...

Kayys , bye bye ! (:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello peepos , aww sorry for the late update .
Very long never update liao right , haish sorry peepos .
Busy finishing up my homework plus looking out for shuaiges.
LOL , just kidding right , i got my one (:
Anyway i think i'm going to change my blogskins .
My blogskins look dead you know -.- .
I wannt my blogskins the font to be big & nice .
So you guys will be more interested to read , hohos .
By the way , i am mia-ing soon .
Exams is coming in less than 1 week , OMG.
And and i only started studying my chem las .
Damm it , need to start on my physics & maths liao.
Or else i am real dead , trust me .
Kays enough of my rantings le las , you guys are getting bored .
Do you? ._.
Hahahs , today was a fine day (like real).
Today was a boring day (yea , its real ) :D
Skip to recess bah , nothing much to say earlier on .
Watched the sec 1 boys play catching , so cute uh them ><
Cuse me , i'm not trying to find shuaiges , LOL.
(Although there is some ;x )
But they are real cute , feel like joining them ;x
Opss , we cannot bully sec 1 right , baddie :B
Siianns , after tat form class.
Nearly sleep los , but mrs neo beside me =="
Awww , haahs then english lesson .
Claire KILLED A CENTIPEDE or whateva insect .
At first its under my desk , then claire use a ruler to pick it up.
Then she threw it into the dustbin .
After tat dunno what happen ler , then she told me it was dead.
LOL , kelian neh . Claire so bad ! ):
Just kidding , hahas , after tat chinese lesson .
Wore specs , my head damm freaking giddy nor -.-
Went to comp lab for chinese , was playing comp ;x
Some 204 peeps were looking at me , LOL .
In chinese lesson , YIJIA ALWAYS BULLY ME.
Bu yao bei ta de innocent face PIAN LER.
HAHAS , just kidding (:
I love to crack lame jokes , hohos.
After tat chem , got test .
Anyhow do las , hack care ;x
Then lesson end , rushed to buy food to eat .
Cause npcc wants us to assemble on 2.30 at the foyer .
We were late though , bleah :p
Then went to bukit gombak police station for shooting training .
COOL you know ! LOL , was exploring the place .
We marched all the way from the start to the end of the station.
LMAOS , after tat one of the police officer gave us a long talk .
Then was asked to practise how to hold a gun.
*Shiver , damm freaking scary .
Wanna tell you all a thing i experience ...
Those who are left - handed very KELIAN LAS .
Cause some of the steps only for right - handed .
Unfair los , -.-
We practise how to fire using a gun (of course las ) LOL
Very hard to press , now my hand still hurt abit .
Hahahs then went back home around 6pm .

THE END , thank you thank you :D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Let fate decides the end .

Hellos peepos , i'm effing bored .
Today i stayed at home almost the whole day .
Actually planned to go watch movie but cancelled .
Ah phia las , dun wan go , ):
Sians , yesterday bought a sweet dress .
DAMM freaking nice ^^
I wannt to wear it , damm .
Common test is round the corner and i haven prepare .
Good luck to me , hehes .
But i promise my mum to stay at home from tomr onwards.
Go home study , be a good girl ! :D
Talk about yesterday first , prepare coffee .
*Promise that it will be a long post wor :D
Morning , watched tv , lame lame one.
After tat went out with big sis and parents.
Went shop shop around , today my father is in a good mood ?
But he very biased to my big sis los .
My big sis say want this thing then he immediately bought for her -.-
Jealous neh , then i bushuang ;x
My father then bought me a slice of chocolate cake !
Bought a lot of food , almost filling half of my stomach liao .
Plus a sweet dress , my mum chose it .
She think its nice , LOL .
Hahahs, after tat went ljs bought lunch for 2nd sis .
Then went home around 2 plus .
Around evening , meet up with yihan .
Long time never see her ler , she grown shorter.
LOL , just kidding , she is gonna kill me of what i said ;x
Hahahs , next friday meeting with her again *weets
Promise to cam-whore with her , hurhur ^^
Went to nearby playground , played swing .
Now my butt hurts sia , damm it .
LOL , okay the end ! :D

Eh wait , still got today ! :L
Hahahs morning watched tv again .
Woke up around 10 pm , ytd stayed up until 1plus neh .
Woke up by my dear father, keep lisiao me -.-
Then played computer , haish so sians .
Study half an hour then went to sleep .
LOL , dunn want to study las .
Actually nothing much to study uh ><
Sianns , around afternoon , walked to popo house alone .
Saw a lot of funeral , shock sia .
At least 5 okie , wad the hell -.-
Reached there around 4 plus .
Now my smallest cousin 30kg plus sia , wtf .
Almost same weight as me leh, pro los she .
After tat daddy took my cousins plus me & sis to ntuc .
He bought moo moo icecream for everyone of us .
*So nice of him today , hahahas .
Then went to playground , *cousin requested .
While my daddy continue his "shopping spree "
Played swing again , hahahahs .
Around 6 plus , went home liao.

Some lame pictures taken yesterday .
Take a look if you all want :D

Chocolate cake ! *yum yum

What my mum wrote on a sponge .
Dots , she put inside my drawer LOL .
Lame leh she , hahahas .
Okay done with my post!