Sunday, May 31, 2009

Haish life is so boring .
Sians nah!!! SOMEONE SAVE Me!
LOL , save me from boredness.
Haish , anybody is working now?
Anybody has good jobs now?
Haish , after watch finish the show.
Feel damm sians please...
Nothing to do , haish sians .
I wanna buy the CD of the show! ):
I wan to watch it again but not in comp.
Cause computer version very noob , too blur liao ):
Sians , i need money nah.

I'm feeling sad , very sad.
I dunno , i just feel sad.
I wan to faster grow up.
I wan to earn a lot of money.
I wan to quit school.
I wan to work.
I wan to fly to KOREAN NOW.
I wan to see F4 , LOL.
I dun wan to stay here ):
I wish i can grow up now .
I wish i am 16 , now

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally finished watching this whole show liao.
After so long , this show is nice.
Seriously and very touching , hahas.
Envy those actors/actress that act this show , they (ZHUAN DAO LOS )
LOL , really sia , they really very lucky.
So i swear to become an actress when i grow up.
Serious , hahas , believe me, LMAOS.
Later 9.30 got that show again , REMEMBER TO WATCH HOR.
I also will watch cause its very nice :D
If other show i will say this sentence :
But this show is :
LOLs , serious , and the gu jun pyo very shuai.
Despite his curly hair , but his smile damm charming.
Lawls , remember to see hor!
Hot man !!!! ;x

Second month :)


Cool yea?

After :D


Decorating the pic.

What is that thing that i'm holding?

Does my dress blend with elmo's skin? :O

Yj with elmo, LOL.

Yijia with her snow white dress :D

Dun feel like typing , pics will do .
Bye :D

Friday, May 29, 2009

Remember i still owe u a birthday present.
HEEHS , rest assured i will pass it to u in asap kays! (:
You finally 14 , must be matured hor.
Post about today.
Today parents meeting session yea, nearly late
Thanks to my dear mummy who took 40 mins to dressup.
Pro hor !@.@
When reached the classroom , nobody is there.
Hahas actually is teachers went for lunch.
After tat mr lim came , and he talked with us.
I got 2 subject fail which is science and dnt.
And something happen.
My mum said this senctence :
现在很多人如果不喜欢着个老师, 就故意不读才造成subject fail.
Omg las , and mr lim teached DNT which is what my mum is implying to it. -.-
Then i quickly change subject , so that my mum will not pursue it.
Pro leh my mum , this kind of words also can say .
LOL, after the talk , went to find mr tom chan.
Cause i did not bring my form then plan to take again.
But cannot find , so went home luhs.
After tat went out jiahao , eugene & sophia.
Actually only me & sohpia , they two extra.
Joking , hahas. Went lot 1 first.
Piece my ear , this time is earbone piercing.
I tot it was very painful but actually just abit nah.
Total cost me 6 bucks okays , so ex :L
Hahas , now my ear hurts.
LOL , ;x Then went IMM.
Eugene went IMC ,Jiahao went IMA.
The two guys keep psyco me , keep saying their ear very itchy
Cause my ear very itchy but i cannot touch sia.
Sians , those two guys , 跟我记住.
Lawls , took free bus to IMM.
On the way there , ya my hand put beside the seat there.
Then accidentally touched eugene leg , so i tot is the seat thingy.
And he think i am a pervert, LOL.
Lame shyt , GRR , i very innocent ok ;x.
Went to daiso , eugene bought me & sophia a keychain.
LOL , bought siol :/ , thanks anyway.
Went walked walked , joke around.
After tat went to the playground.
Played the swing , i think.
Jiahao action, go swing us -.-
Then ran away sia , then the thing keep going round and round.
Lucky i stopped after a long struggle.
LOL , my head is spinning very fast because of jiahao.
): Then went to giant.
Jiahao treat us drinks cause he promised , hahas.
After tat went subway.
Ate cookie , jiahao ate damm slow.
Chit-chat , talked about ghost stories.
Makes my mao stand , LOL.
After tat took train back home.
The train is full of ppl los , suay .
Should have bused home , haish.
Went home bathe then need to put the disinfect thingy.
Accidentally peng wrong , then peng into my eye.
Pro hor me ;x LOL .
Now my eye like dry , hahas.
Jiahao told me its just some alcohol , so it would be fine.
But i still feel worried , somehow.
Hehes , hope my eye will be fine.
Maybe the thingy can help me prevent bacteria from eye.
LOL , just joking ;x
Ok i gtg le , bye bye ! ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

HELLOS EVERYBODY, long time no see ;x.
LOL , how are you all?
Lame cut all those craps yea.
Hahas, just now i TIO SHOCK.
You know why?
Cause my sister and my father sick then smth happen.
Last 2 days , my father sick .
Now my 2nd sister SICK.
Then her fever reach until 39.3 degree.
What the fuck , pro los she.
Then she very scared , started crying.
Cause she saw a paper that wrote all the symptoms that
And she is so lucky that she got all of it except one.
Then she started crying , i also cried in the end.
LOL , after tat my father took her to the clinic.
Awhile later my father came back alone and say he had H1N1.
Lawls , i shocked diao , nearly faint please
But actually is my father went up take money , LOL.
After tat they came back , i saw their face .
My sister was wearing a mask.
I WAS LIKE , OMG , am i dreaming.
Then my sister say that her illness got cure.
I am thinking whether H1N1 got cure one meh?
After tat she told me that its just some virus that she had.
I heaved a sigh of relief , haish.
The whole night was ruined by them sia.
Cause i nearly scared to death ! lol
And now my dad is complaining & nagging.
It cost 70 BUCKS for just the medicine.
Wth las , so expensive but its worth it.
LOL , lucky my sister never kanna H1N1.
Or else i really need to (au mi tuo fou ) le.
Hahas , i wonder where i am going to sleep later on?
Maybe today night , my bed will be the floor ):

And tomr is parents meeting session.
Today i never come sch , i think my cher will ask from my parents.
Scared sia , my mum never told lies before.
I scared later lou chu ma jiao ):
Hope tomr will be a fine day !
I am finally at ease now.

AHS , the time is killing me! ):
So slow , maybe is my clock spoilt ;p
Today i did not attend sch.
WEETS , so happy yea ((:
But very sians leh.
I wan to buy LIU XIN HUA YUAN der CD !
Anyone knows where to buy?
Haish , ):
Sians nah , dunno what to do.
Holidays is coming liao , but i guess it will be very boring.
I am broke again! ):
I wann to work neh , LOL.
Haish , no mood to post.
Bye bye (:
Seriously i dunno what is wrong with you.
Sometimes treat me well , sometimes give me cold shoulder.
Everyday , when u told me u hate someone.
I will tot its me cause last time i did gossip about you.
But now i didn't , i see you starting to hate everyone.
My worries increase a lot , i dun wan u to hate anyone.
I dun wan you to become bad .
I dun wan you to change.
Because i treat u like my best fren now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hellos , finally i managed to zilian for that pathetic picture.

Talk about today nah!

Today was a suay day for me! ):

I hate today man , god , i shouldn't come to sch today.

Today happen a lot of things , haish.

Ya, Me and ruben were scolding each other.

Is he start first los , then he scold my mum.

Fcker , then i go slap his face.

After tat we started screaming to each otheer.

Then i cry , understand le mah?

LOL, the whole class was like shocked.

Cause we shout until very loud ;x.

Ya anyway thanks to those ppl that comfort me (:

After tat he apologise to me and i did too.

Hehes settle thanks to andy nah ! :D

Fatty , today i suddenly think u became so good, ;x

But really a big thanks to you hahas (:

Ya, continue , today sophia also cry ):

She too stress , i shocked los .

First time see she cry until like that.

Had a talk with jamie , she also cry.

LOL, is about some project problem las.

Jamie & Sophia had a talk , and i am the judge.

LOL, they are the victim.

After talking like half an hr, then settle liao.

LOL, hope they will be fine (:

Skip some part , after sch , need to stay back for IPW.

Wth las, waste my time , GRR

Actually we need to stay until 5.30pm , totally pissed.

Then in the end 3.30pm then release us.

Wad the fuck , cher also never tell us anything.

Plus i haven ate my lunch ):

LOL, then rushed to meet jacinda.

Got a lashing by her , cause i am late.

And she already waited for me for 2HR , i think.

Sorry uh , ):

Cabbed to kranji primary sch , they dun allow us go in ):

And no ex-kranjians there , aww.

So me & jac went walked walked , remember a lot of things we done.

Remember the times when we played together.

Remember the stupid things that we did.
Remember where we ate maggie mi together.

Remember a lot a lot of nice things

I miss the past las , god.

Went to nearby playground , pass by a group of regent ppl.

Got one guy said : Hey got bpghs ppl leh , the other dunno which sch one.


Hahas , i am laughing all the way back home.

Errm then pei jacinda walked back home while i took 302 bus home.

When we walked past a small little boy , he started beating our hand.

LMAOS , i tio shocked cann .

Jacinda said wan call the police , kua zhang, LOl.

But the boy beat very hard sia , damm.

I dun feel like going sch this thurs.
I feel like skipping sch.
My mum agree after i convince her for half an hr.
But do u think i should?
Sch is so sians , haish.
Anyway next day then no need go sch ler.
Haiyah dunno las , ):

Monday, May 25, 2009

I am totally obsessed with this show ! :D
I will rate 9/10 for this show canns.
Damm freaking nice, and now i become so guai.
Cause i will go home early to catch this show, hahas.
Haish , i envy those actress/actors that act in these show.
So damm freaking cool las , how i wish someday i can act in this kind of show.
LOL, just joking , i am just day-dreaming , hohos
But seriously , those actors are so shuai and the actress is pretty too.
I guess i am crazy , k ignore those part :D
Hahas cause i going for the practice.
Good eh, cause i will be free from mr' lim NAGGING.
Seriously his nagging really pissed me off , actually not me only las.
He nag only 5 mins , i think whole class going to sleep liao.
LOL, sound quite exaggerate , hahas.
Haish , so sians these day.
Lucky the nice show somehow occupy some of my time.
But i guess i will finish watching it in these week.
And i will be bored to death for the coming holiday.
AHS, somehow i hate holidays man.
So damm freaking bored , staying at home, doing nothing.
Aww , i think now my house got a lot of ants running about.
I kanna a lot of ants bite sia , damm it.
GRR, now i am typing , my leg like very itchy.
LOL, my kelian leg ):
Maybe tomr my whole leg became red , LOL.
Just joking , hehes. Nowadays , i like to joke, hahas.
Maybe because i am freed , ops. :/
Guess what do i mean? Happy guessing ^^
Oh ya talk about today.
Today got bpian idol comp.
OMG las , jasmine sang very well.
And joyce from 206 , i think , also sang very good, hahas.
Hehes , my sister is making my hair , GRR
GTG to tuition ler, bye :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I like ghost , LOL.


How are you?
LMAOS , i sound like i am writing a letter though.
I want to tell you all that , 流心花园 this show very nice! :D
Today at 9.30pm got this show , remember to watch.
Trust me its real nice okays :D
I am so damm addicted to that show liao.
LOL, i think after u all watch , u all will be addicted TOO!
AHAHAHAS, remember (:
K enough of my crap , lets talk about today yea :/
Went out with yihan , zhu one.
LOL, we went to amk hub.
Actually ian wanna meet us , but we reject , ops ;x.
We need er ren shi jie , hahas sorry ian.
My sis very good uh , cause she help us buy movie ticket.
Cause if we buy later , the movie ticket maybe sold out liao.
So ya , we watch night @ the museum.
Errm not a bad show , but not a very nice show.
LOL? We bought some tibits there to eat , hehes
The cinema was damm freaking cold ah!!
Lucky my sister bought the couple sit for me ^^
So thoughtful cause she tot i going with .... , lawls.
Then yihan keep snatching my jacket ):
Cause her jacket too thin , then like cannot keep warm.
Noob right? LOL , then we are like freezing inside.
After the show , went walk walk.
Train-ed back , while cam-whoring in the train.
LOL, very malu sia , cause a lot of ppl.
That yihan wanna cam-whore , lawls.
Almost all the pics , i dunn wan to look in the camera.
Cause got a little girl looking at us , and was laughing at us.
LOl , yihan did not realise it and she continue zilian-ing herself.
Then went yewtee there , i dun wan go luhs.
But me & yihan made a promise cause i lose to her in scissors paper stone.
LOL , she so pro luhs , but after tat i know her trick.
Next time i will win her then i cheat her to lot 1 , LOL.
Went yewtee shop shop , saw TAINLIN.
I was OMG las , shocked like hell.
LOL , chit-chat abit after tat went to yihan house there.
Got one gang of ahbeng saw yihan and me.
And one guy was trying to seduce yihan with his eyes.
LMAOS , but yihan diao him, lawls.
I think that guy heartbroken liao , hahas.
Went to yihan house , nearby playground , played swing (:
My hipbone got bruise after playing the damm swing.
LOL , sounds so drama but its true okays
After tat she walked me to yewtee mrt station.
Then went home luhs , hahas.

What is over , is over.
What is done , cannot be undone.
No point trying to remember the past.
No point trying to change it.
If i could change the fate , i will denfinely will.
If this would not happen , maybe we still can be together.
Like what i said : It cannot be the same.
Why don't i just move forward without him?
长痛不如短痛, its already over.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear peeps,
Sorry for closing my blog for 2 days.
Due to some particular reason uh.
Ya, i dunno how to continue , lols.
Back here , i just came back from camp.
Camp was errm quite fun las , not very.

1st day of camp which is yesterday :D
Morning brought along our bagpack and assemble.
Set off to pasir ris park at 8am sharp.
Slept through the ride , now my whole body is aching.
Went there played games , actually only 2 that is nice.
One is butter hill , its cool man (:
Lucky i never kanna any injury , i am much more luckier than others.
Ya, next game is rafting , i think its COOL TOO! ;D
Haahs we build our own raft and set off to the sea.
Lucky we never sink eh , but the instructors is not HELPING US.
They are trying to test whether the raft could float or not.
And we are sitting on the raft while they are pushing here and there.
Got one time , everyone dropped into the sea , LoL.
Nice nice , i drank quite a lot of seawater -.-
After tat got held up by a stupid talk about leadership.
Damm freaking lame , everyone is freezing like siao.
Still need to listen to the cher , haish poor thing ):
After tat chiong to bathe , then after tat went to play dry games.
Didn't did much in dry games , we spent times in our cheers.
Got 1 group of girls offer to give our instructors RED BULL.
OMG , everyone was like wow, i wan . LOL
Kk continue , after tat started raining.
So rushed back to sch , slept through the ride back to sch again ((:
Then practise cheering , getting ready to cook.
Suddenly , got lightning , LOL , shiok .
So cher change plan , and decided to eat SEC 3'S DINNER.
Cause actually sec 3 is coming back to sch to eat dinner.
But i think because of the rain , they are unable to come back.
So we ate their dinner , *YUM* (:
After tat got campfire.
Very boring , nearly sleep leh.
Cause its indoor but not outdoor , damm ):
EVeryone is cursing about the rain .
But when it come to sleeping in tent , everyone is praying to rain.
LMAOS ,in the end never rain -.-
Then we needa sleep in tent which is damm freaking HOT.
And they dun even allow us to BATHE.
Wth , everyone was like bs luhs , hahas.
How can a small tent fit 10 ppl?
OMG , are they crazy ? Yep , they are.
They really let us squeezing 10ppl in one tent.
Too squeezy uh , cannot sleep ):
But after 1h struggle , finally i slept.
Then one hr later , woke up again -.-
Saw the boys campus , all the boys were walking around.
LMAOS , so noisy luhs -.-
Cause that time very hot , a lot of ppl cant tahan.
Decided to took a stroll outside ,damm cooling can .
After tat instructors came , everyone act like sleeping.
When they are gone , me and tent mates were chatting happily.
We chatted around 1 and a half hr? Then some of them went back sleep.
While me , ayaka and siying went to indoor stadium.
Cause too hot in the tent , cannot sleep.
But in the stadium, got a lot of boys already woke up liao.
Keep walking in , cannot SLEEP LAS.
Then justin they all came , they guyi played basketball -.-
Then suan ler , went back tent luhs.
Around 4pm , lucky the weather started to be cooling.
And some of my tent mates already woke up.
So i went back sleeping , so shiok , cause VERY SPACIOUS LIAO.
LOL, slept around 1h, woke up again .
Cause other tent too noisy , cannot sleep liao.
Then went to bathe , SO COOLING.
Shiok like hell, very happy after bathing!
Then went walk walk with jiaying , hahas.
My long time best fren , must talk more mah! (:
After tat joined sophia they all at the basketball court.
See 2A boys played basketball , simon very funny luhs.
Everytime catch ball , will fall down one.
Last time the carnival , he fall down 3 times?
LMAOS , those ppl that witness it , laugh like shit.
Hehes , counted stars in the air.
Very shuang eh , very weird is that i dun feel like sleeping.
LOL , i only slept for 2h but i dun feel tired.

Finally , everyone is waiting for morning luhs.
Then took bags and assemble at 6.30am.
Did some cheers and some briefting lalaalals.
After tat ate breakfast then went to lvl 1 resting corner.
Had 2h lesson at there , actually is planning for bazaar.
After half an hour , fall asleep liao, LOL.
I think i slept almost an hour then finally woke up.
The floor is so dirty luhs , my shirt got black patches leh )):
Jamie told me that principal saw me SLEEPING when he pass by.
OMG las , lucky he never scold me.
But very malu sia , LOL .
After tat went up hall , final round up.
Then went home luhs(:


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guess who am i referring to?
Guess urself , hahas.

Today was a bad day for me ):
Sians today baby never come sch cause he board wrong train.
LOL , so gong , haha (:
Today went sch as usual.
After tat report to the floorball court.
1st game is we luhs , so suay ):
Then jocelyn lend me her specs , THANKS LOTS! :D
Play with 203 , lucky they not rough

Ya we won , LOL , they were good too ! ^^
Then went to watched boys game.
Heard from vanna that he thumb down to ruben and smile.
So arrogant for what , get lost las
U think you very pro uh? My foot (:
Kiss my foot , then i will say you pro .
At first i tot vanna misunderstood him.
So we decided to confront , ok las.
Dun use that word , we use ASK.
But when we see his face , totally pissed can!
Then jocelyn only talk few lines then he called us barking like dogs.
Wth las , dunno who is the real dog.
I think you can take over glenn , hahas (:
Then still called us idoilt somemore , WTF.
Hate him las , hope to kik his ass when i see him (:
After tat its our turn to play! ((:
Then went up , played with 202.
They were strong but rough , no offence.
Poor jamie kanna hit by her ankle ):
But i very lucky sia.
Never kanna a single wound, LOL.
Today was my lucky day?
Hahas maybe , ok continue
After tat went to watch boys play.
At finals , 2A compete with the guy class.
But in the end they win , haish ):
Nvm guys , try again next year, hehes (:
Haish when they are playing , we are screaming.
And jeering for the guy class , i feel bad ):
Cause its unfair as we only hate that guy but not the whole team.
Haish forget it , its over now.
Then i was jeering at the guy when he did not score the ball.
And 203 boys were like looking at me with a shocked face.
Or a disgusted face? Idk las.
Then i know my reputation was already tarnished.
AHS , and i think i will leave a bad impression to them.
Haish , lawls , nvm .
Hehes , the end! (:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did i make the right choice?
Ahs , i am very very very confused , EEEE
Grr , i hate this kind of feeling.
But its my fate , forget it ):
I need to accept the fate.
I dunch know why i cant be straightforward to you.
Nvm , hack care the thing.
Talk about my results.

Dun laugh hor or else i kik ur ass! (:

My results (:
Maths: 60.5/80 (A1)
Science: 45/100 (D7)
Literature: 18/25 ( A2 )
Chinese: 68.5/100 ( B3)
English: 58/100 (C5)
Geography :65/100 ( B3)

Very lan right? ):
Haish i dun give a damm cause i am getting money.
HAHAHAS , my mum is giving me , woots (:
And i think she is going to bankrupt.
Cause she need to gave me $39 , weees (:
*HAPPY* hohos.
This thursday , we have camp.
Two days one night , we will be with diff class.
Damm it , i scare i will be alone ):
Those girl who lai menses , good luck ah.
Hope it will ok for you all.
LOL , kk i gtg ler bye bye ^^

Nicole, cheer up kays! (:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I love this pic , hahas , i'm showing off my dress! ^^

Cam-whore abit , hehes.

Keira's cake , so nice right? ((:

Jamie and her sis , Lol.

Ok forget it , awww, i am having a bad mood now
I dun feel like posting leh.
Pictures will do kays.
Hehes , i am a lazy pig! (:
Some random words here
Yesterday , i did not sleep well.
Eh no , it should be i did not even sleep a wink.
Ya , and now my whole body is aching like siao.
GRR, now my eyes is damm freaking small.
Cause my eyebags is here )):

Yesterday i was talking on phone with ahboy.
And i was lying on my bed playing with my monkey.
After we ended the call , i found out that my neck had sprained.
Ridiculous? Funny? I think its super funny canns.
Like that also can sprain -.-
Bloody hell , hai me cannot sleep peacefully ):

2nd thing : I HAD A BAD COUGH.
Yesterday i was coughing and coughing and coughing.
Like cannot stop , wad da...
And the whole night , i keep coughing and coughing.

3rd thing : I HAD A BAD FLU.
I keep sneezing and sneezing.
And i keep going out to take tissue.
Lmaos , i cannot sleep las~ ):

4th thing : I think i going to have a fever liao.
Cause now i got cough , flu , sorethroat and maybe fever.
Damm it , i wan go jamie sister's bdae party leh ):
I hope i tomr then sick las.
Tomr then no need go sch , no need take papers! :D
Haish , i want to die las.
Being sick is so troublesome ):

Friday, May 15, 2009

She is cute! (:

Jasmine , the pianist.

Jamie teaching her sister to be a good girl , LMAO
Aye , pictures will do.
Lazy update , hahas.
Tomr going out with yihan , *cheers*
I am touched las, BRENDON CHUA.
My fren say u very mushy wor!
LOL, anyway dear peeps.
Me & him ok ler , hahas.
Bye bye! (:

Maybe i dun really suit you.
I am sorry.
If you wan to end it off , i won't blame you.

But i still love you.

Sorry for not being romantic to you.
I know you are that romantic.
But my character is like that .
I need time to change.
You can't expect me to change within less than 1 week.
And i know you are trying very hard to
But we have not stead more than 1 week.
Of course our love will not be that good .
Today we are supposed to meetup.
I already told my frens that i will go with you.
I waited for you at the canteen.
I tot when sch ends , u will directly sms me.
And i will come and find you.
But i dun even know that you are playing basketball.
U did not even tell me in the first place.
Then what am i supposed to do?
Wait for u to sms me when we are already suppose to meet after school?
Maybe this is a misunderstanding.
But at least you should tell me where you are.

Sorry i am just being straightforward.
And if i dun love you/ like you , i will not stead with you.
Neither i will give a damm to you , right?
Believe or not , i still have feelings to you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am introducing the new drink , LOL.
Joking nah , no picture to put.
Hahas , so put this one , heehs.
Does this picture shows that i am acting cute? :O
Firstly i need to say something .
Thanks Brendon for writing that story in his blog.
By saying the truth , i am quite touched las.
LOL , my heart is still hard (:
Secondly , needa thanks ayaka (:
For helping me take the phys file from my locker.
Thirdly , i wan to thank jamie for pei-ing me ytd.
We had a great fun , babe (:
Fourth , i wan tell yijia to jie ai shun bian !
Although u miss the question , but i am sure u could pass.
So dun worry , alright (:
I will always be there for you , kk ^^
Fifth , to claire.
Hope you can faster get well ! (:
I will miss you one leh ! :D
Lastly to sophia.
Hope ur cough , ur flu can get well soon .

Kays back to blogging!
Just a short post will do!
Cause my mum's nagging -.-

Yesterday went to school as usual , like duh -.-
LOL, kk chinese paper was quite difficult.
Ok las , so so loh, hope can pass ! (:
After one hr of cher nagging then went home ler.
MR LIM suck , SGL ;x
Studied geog for less than 30mins .
I cannot concentrate cause i cannot memorise every single thing -.-
Then call jamie , actually is revise with her.
But in the end , we didn't revise los -.-
SAI one , LOL.
After tat she went my house.
My father treat her oranges , a lot sia.
Lucky my father never came back from ntuc or wad.
Or else he is going to stuff jamie to a big fat pig@
LOL, joking nah , my father very good der ^^
Kk then she went home, lols.
FUCK, damm stressed ):
I am dead ):
My mum is going to kill me.
My sisters are going to kill me.
My dad is going to kill me.
My monkey is going to kill me ):
Cause i think i will fail all my papers.

Chinese : No hope ):
Science : Dead las.
Maths : Still got a bit hope .
Lit : Maybe can pass.
Eng : I dunno .

I already got xin li zhun bei.
That i will fail all my papers liao.

And i need money!
GRR , i am desperate for money.
But of course , i still have my dignity.
I won't beg for money , fang xin ian (:
But i will try to earn more money !
Heehs , gtg le
bye (:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walao i broke my promise again -.-
Cause i did not mia afterall , LOL
Ya anyway thanks to those wishes to me & brendon .
I think now the whole world know me & him together liao -.-
Cause i check my nuffang thingy.
And saw 26 people came from his blog.
I am like OMG , k lah , now ok ler.
LOL, he very pig hor (:
Aiyah , nothing to say liao.
LOL , bye bye (:
Forgot to wish smth.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Me & Vanna doll , we decorate them nice nice de ley (:

Me & JiaWen (:

Hellos i am updating again, hehes.
Actually not suppose to update , but u know.
HAHAS , but i promise alright.
This is my last post , i mean it liao (:
Exams starting next tuesday , aww.
Must buck up liao , hehes.
Post about yesterday first.
Lit exam , ok las , wrote a long essay.
But all rubbish las , hahas.
Hope everyone could pass! (:
After exam stayed back for art.
I was sleeping halfway during exam .
Then suddenly heard ms aw handphone rang.
She so gan chiong wor , so fast come liao.
Stayed us back around 10am.
Then went home , jamie came my house.
PLAY computer , hahas.
After tat went to lot 1 meet with claire they all..
Then trained to claire house! (:
Her house damm freaking nice wor.
And her cellings very tall sia -.-
But ok las , suit their whole family.
Cause all her family members all very tall .
Played barbie doll , monopoly.
I was lucky though , hahas.
After tat went greenridge shopping centre.
Bought smth to eat then went her house downstairs.
Slacked , chit- chatt , hohohos.
Then got some guy join us , we dun even know them los.
LOL , then smth happened.
Dun wish to say las , haahs.
After tat went back lot 1.
Bought my ZINC BAG (:
Although i think its quite boyish , but overall ok las.
I dun like that colour but bobian ):
After tat went home ler (:

Today went to temple early in the morning -.-
But lucky ytd i slepty at 8 smth.
Hohohs , so not that tired las.
Went to keat hong market nearby temple las.
Walked to there since its so near.
On the way there , saw luthfiy.
I waved at him sia , but he ignore me !!!
GRR , i so friendly sia ;x.
I think luthfiy cannot regonise me then tot i am mad, LOL.
Bai bai around , slack there.
My sis keep seeing shuaige -.-
See which one more shuai , crazy right?
Got bf still like that , tsk tsk .
There very hot uh , nearly died.
LOl , jkjk (:
When going back home , saw ruben.
Suay sia ):
Bought choco ice-cream , woots.
Went keat hong market walked walked.
Saw 2 bpian , but i dunno them LOL
Bought a lot of things , yum yum (:
Then went home liao , hohos
Bye everyone , from now onwards.
Goodluck to everyone and and.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I collected 1000 msg within a month!~
WOOTS , u all might be guessing?
Will my phone be laggy?
Answer is no , hahas (:
Paiseh my rabbit behind extra ;x
A short post , cause my sis is nagging right now ):
Today lessons , very boring las ):
1st period : PE , tiring .
Played floorball , nearly lose my eye , phew.
Thank god for saving me , LOL.
After PE lesson ,found sophia they all at toilet.
Planned to scare them but eventually they scare us.
Zhu one , plann fail ):
But i will try again next time! ^^
Forward abit cause nothing to say .
Last period : Phy.
Sians , i confirm i will fail my physics test las.
Gave up hope liao , cause i dun even understand a single thing ):
GRR , sians diao , wish me good luck thanks (:
After school , stayed back to class inspection.
Then went to find ms wu to revise geog.
Actually just did 2 papers then go liao.
After tat went ljs at lot 1 ate lunch.
Then went walked walked.
While waiting for brendon , shop for mum's present.
Still cannot find cause too many things to consider liao , LOL.
While walking saw merrick they all.
Joined them walked walk , hahas.
After tat slack at 4th floor , was playing with the mentoes game ! (:
Then brendon came , waited him very long ):
After tat went home liao.
The end! (:
Home sweet home , hahas.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zilian + Cam-whore , hahas :D
Sorry guys , i did not made my promise ):
I post again , LOL , but i got study first hor! :P
Short post will do (:
Yesterday claire help me tie plaits.
WOOTS, my fren say very nice ;x
Hahas , *happy* las :D
Gtg le , bye bye

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hellos everybody.
Got one announcement to make.
After today , i will be mia-ing until 15 May .
Due to MYE , ahhs , it's coming SOON! ):
So need to concentrate on my studies .
Post about today las ):
Today whole morning was studying my maths.
Manage to finish 2 chap today (:
Around afternoon , yijia came my house wait for me to prepare.
My father keep offering her ice-cream all those.
LOL , i hope yijia won't be xia dao by him ;x.
After tat headed to causway , actuallly plan to go vivo.
But too far , LOL , so went causeway.
Bought tickets for 17 again the show at 3.10pm.
Overall the show quite nice but me & yj missed the ending ):
Sorry uh yijia ><
Cause she pei me go toilet then miss the endings.
AHS , after tat went arcade .
Slacked there until 6pm then headed home.
And now i'm back , LOL!
Ok i gtg le , bye bye (:
Missing you everyday and night.
Wishing to see you everday.
Awaiting for your msg.
Hoping that these days together will not end .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

That's when i am primary 6 , i think.
Paiseh now using my noob comp , so no pics -.-
Tomr then upload las , haahs.
Let's talk about today! (:

Today was a busy day uh !
Morning to afternoon was studying my maths.
But now i'm stuck with chapter 2.
OPS , must buck up ! ):
Gonna mia in two more days , sians.
Kk continue with my long post!
Around 3 smth , meet up with xiaohui.
Saw brendon on the way there , LOL.
After tat went played ddr , quite tiring uh.
Then went library study, still need to register.
LMAOS , so drama ...
Studied physics , actually just flip through :x
Then around 5.30pm walked to CCK PARK.
LOL, there a lot of insects , kinda pissed off.
Saw mrs neo with her two children , so cute , AWW.
Went walked a bit round , explore mah ><
Saw a fitness corner , went play play awhile.
After tat sit down saw a lot of ants , GRR
Totally disgusted , decided to stand instead -.-
After tat walked to the 2 playground.
HAHS , played slide all those , mrs neo is there too.
She saw me playing , LOL , and i think she is shocked.
Cause a sec 2 girl so old liao , still PLAY ! ;X
LOL , cam-whored abit , after tat went home liao.
Then 7 smth , went out with my sister.
Headed to jurong point again , our standard place.
LOL, shop for 2 hrs i think.
Mother's day is coming , had you bought ur present for your own mum?
If haven , buy now , be a filal son/daughter , hahas.
Actually wanna watch movie but dunn hab what i wan.
Zhu one , sadded then decided to headed home.
Conclusion : WE went to jp in vain cause we didn't bought anything.
Cause my sister bring nets instead of cash.
So we cannot even afford to buy a ICE -CREAM -.-
I am dying out of thirst , but bo bian .
How stupid can my sister be?
LOL , joking las , she clever.-
Or else she will kill me , hahas.
Gonna end here , LOL.


Friday, May 1, 2009

My smile very fake , LOL.

We are wearing skinnies ((:

Our face look very white , hahas.

The pikachu (:

Remember last time i took a photo with doraemon?

It's the same nah (:

The long escalator.

Me & jamie badge , nice bo? (:

Hellos everyone , i'm back (:
Shall talk about today ^^
Today woke up around 9am , very early ):
Did chem notes , finishing soon (:
After tat around afternoon , went out with jamie.
At first went lot 1 eat mac , after tat headed to bugis.
The train was packed with ppl sia , very crowded -.-
Reached there las , supposed to bought tickets for 17 again , the show.
But no more ticket ler , sians.
So went walk walk around , bought a new pairs of slippers ^^
Saw huiying , she became so tall ):
She say i grow a lot , LOL
Walked outside the streets then saw the photo shop.
WEES , me & jamie made one badge (:
Hahas , then walked towards the new shopping centre.
Very nice eh , when i went in , i was shocked.
Cause it was so big and the escalator very cool okays.
It's around 3 floor long , i think .
So cool , those who have height phobia , better dun take the escalator.
LOL , cause me myself dun have phobia , also feel abit sad ):
After tat went their arcade , there got one place can exit out of the place.
When i pushed the door , i was shocked .
Cause the door went backwards , LOL.
The door bully me ):
After tat went shop for while.
Then went home ler (: