Saturday, June 28, 2014

ONE°15 Marina Club

Here's a short update of what you've missed during my last weekend.
Since young, there's one event that i never fail to look forward for.
Which is simply :
WEDDING DINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it, and trust me i really do.
Besides having a sumptuous dinner, i love the dressing up part.
Isn't it a good excuse for you to doll yourself up once in a while?
Especially when you can put your high heels into good use (rather than rotting)
Still rmb how i used to pester my mum to put makeup on me when i was a kid.
Yea, i'm really vain to that extent hahaha.
What's more, the ambiance of a wedding dinner is what i love the most.
Making me feel so blessed even though i'm not the one marrying, hah.
Secretly, having this inner thought - "When will it be my turn?"
On a second thought, the fact that i would be leaving my family once I'm getting married,
totally changed my mind...
Thinking to myself again "How i wish i am still a small kid"
That's when cruel reality sets in...
I'm no longer small/young anymore, turning 20 next year WTS.
Can't believe 19 years of my life passed like a shooting star,
And i still couldn't get a decent boyfriend even till now.
My longest R/s period? Hahaha not even worth mentioning.
Well well, i'm just such a failure . #forever #alone

Okay back to updating,
Went to my cousin's wedding last weekend which was held
ONE°15 Marina Club
Trust me, this place is stunningly beautiful .

I'm pretty sure the fees to hold a wedding dinner here would be damn costly.
So rich kids, you may consider here.

The lovey dovey couple "mini" gallery ^^

With the beautiful bride ((: 

 Other than an instant photo booth where we already took tons of photos,
There's also a mini tea-break section with various snacks nicely decorated :D
Honestly, i really think it's a good idea to have this before the wedding dinner commences.
Simply because the early guests have these snacks to fill their stomachs a little.



Have a happy and blissful marriage! ^^ 

Friday, June 20, 2014

All Of Me


How many times do i need to fall for the wrong ones before i get the right one?  
I wonder.
If only it's that easy to forget ; like how i started liking you.
Sometimes i thought,
If it wasn't you, who started talking to me,
If it wasn't you, who treated me so nicely like any other girls,
If it wasn't you, who leaded me on (unknowingly)


Now tell me, how to get over you?
I thought you were different.
Really different from all the guys i know.
But i'm utterly wrong.
You're just looking for another fling(maybe),
And i foolishly thought you were serious.
To a person who doesn't play with others' feelings, ended up getting played.
What a joke.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hugs n Kisses

Hello, today will be a sharing post (:
PS: All the photos are quite outdated but that's not the prob.
Pictures taken are meant to flaunt using social media, especially with your lovely friends.
These are considered memories.
And one day if all of my photos are gone, i still have my blog as memento.
So don't mind me with the photos spam, hahahaha.

Finally met this busy woman 1 month ago; you'all should know her name by now.
Cause she is a popz kid hahaha.
Headed to IKEA for a shopping spree+ sumptuous meal !!

Omgg mad love their chicken wings , DAEBAK is the only word to describe it.
Apparently, we got too overwhelmed with shopping that we forgot about CAM-WHORING.
As you can see from the pics, the background is sort of like a garden.

Hahaha, whoever could guess the venue, you must be darn smart. 

For once, my eyes are bigger than hers :D 

My failed wink 

Hahaha love my hair colour (1 month ago)

Next, had a great catch-up session with my dear Jia Yun for lunch+dessert.
Despite our busy schedules, we never fail to find time for each other.
As usual, we always have so much to talk about that time turned out to be a problem hah.

Other than studying, i do have a life in poly.
And i call it the second life, HAHAHAH just kidding. 

Spending quality time with my dear poly mates is one of it, oh yea~
So happy that till now, i'm still keeping in touch with my year 1 clique!
Heheh, no matter what, nobody could replace them afterall:')

With Kim & Fel ^^ 

With my hamster, Shi Xian :D

Despite all these, I've to say that kinship is still the most important.
That's why even till now, Sunday never fails to be my family day.
Haha don't question how i rank my "ships" but out of these 3 "ships";
Relationship has never been my first. #just #saying

Had a 9 course meal @ Ah Yat Restaurant, proudly sponsored by my eldest sis.
FYI- I look more like my eldest than my second sis.
So have fun guessing who is older, hehe.

Despite all the good food, nothing is better than home-cooked food.
So for Mother's day, my sis and i decided to whip up a good meal (Y)
Did mostly the washing cuz wanna bet? 
The salmon would have been burnt if i'm the chef HAHAH. 
Thank god, there is my awesome sister who knows how to cook ^^ 
Don't belittle these simple dishes cuz it's not easy to prepare and definitely, 
Time and effort are certainly essential.
Now, i understand how tough it is for my mum to cook every meal for us. 

PS : I LOVE MY MAMA  <3 nbsp="" p="">

For once, my eyes look bigger than mum's HAHA mission accomplished :P 


Sunday, June 15, 2014



Everybody says that WE LOOK EXACTLY- A.L.I.K.E 
Thus, i'm pretty sure i'm not taken from some rubbish dump according to my dad's joke.
Other than looks, our character are extremely similar.
Being stubborn is one good example why we always ended up quarreling over little things.
But he still give in to me no matter what :')
Sometimes i wonder, why didn't I get my father's smarty brains hmmm..

Ok anyway my purpose of blogging today, 
will be a #sorry post to my dad for kinda ruining his day because of me. 
Sadly he's not gonna see it but i'm still gonna type it.

Ever since young, I've never heed my parents' advice for even once.
Because I've always believe that "Only I, could decide my own future"
And i'm real thankful that i didn't have overpowering parents.
Overpowering parents?
Those who simply made all the decisions for you without even hearing your thoughts.
Meaning- you have no say in everything you do, unless there's parents' permission.
Don't you find it ridiculous when it's your life but your parents are the ones running it?
That's also one of the main reasons why many teenagers turn rebellious.
Controlling parents who decide your future, claiming that "Everything i did, is for your own good"
I hate it when parents said that.
Apparently, they consider every single aspect except Happiness.
Having the mentality that "Suffer now, enjoy later"
That's why some people have sad childhood memories.
Well, i'm lucky enough because my parents aren't like that.
Instead of forcing , the most they would do is STRONGLY encourage .
Thank you so much, for respecting my decision #sincerely #me

So my dad is hoping that one of us could take up driving...
My eldest sis gave up halfway and my second sis refused to learn.
I'm his only glimpse of hope .
Hence, I've agreed to take driving and went according to his way (for ONCE)

Little did i expect, Driving is really not easy.
And I, being the stupidest person on earth, took MANUAL.
Yea, so much to take from heeding dad's advice for just this once.
The most ridiculous thing is I get motion sickness during every practical lesson.
When i told the driving instructors that i'm like this, their faces appeared in sync : 

And without fail, i gave them this genuine look 

And today, I had a major breakdown today...
If i could foresee this, i wouldn't even attend driving lesson today.
Because i'm just god damn demoralised.
There are just so many problems about me,myself and I.
  1. Being an extremely slow-learner
  2. Motion sickness- MAJOR PROB
  3. Couldn't multi- task and i took Manual
Simply just digging my own graves , don't you agree?
As much as i really wish to fulfill my dad's promise, i couldn't make it.
If you're asking me to think positive, just save your words.
Nobody could understand what i'm going through, i repeat Nobody.

The promise I've made brings so much pain and sorrow. #regrets 
I'm really on the verge of giving everything up and simply break the promise.
If i break it, my dad would be extremely disappointed.
And i wouldn't be happy either .

And if i don't, i have to endure this suffering.
Either i break my dad's heart or my own, fuck this dilemma.

If you were me , what would you do?