Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hello, i'm back to blogging!
Just had my 1st ICA test today, OH YEA.
One burden down, 4 papers moreeeeeeee..
Can't wait for FREEDOM after 2 weeks later, (Y)
Totally stopped working now cuz Studies is more than anything.
Really can't afford to slack anymore.
If i don't study hard now, then when can i?
Ok enough of all the words coming from a nerd, hahaha.
Previously, we are required to come up with a Video about a famous artist.
Sounds kinda challenging, isn't it?
Thankfully, everything turns out well BIG thanks to Harveen!

So that day was supposed to be a DRESS-UP DAY for all of us.
Which explains the numerous spams of pictures of me thereafter.
So enjoy (:
Credits : Fifah's DSLR !
                                                                                                Kim's lovely cupcakes for us~

Listening to Director Kaur's instructions, hahaha. 

As much as i rant about how NYP is totally like a hospital,
There are some places which i beg to differ.
For instance, this is one perfect example of a G.A.R.D.E.N
Lol, actually NYP has nothing great except plenty of PLANTS
Ideal place to cam-whore/date but since it's an open-area, PDA not recommended.
PDA= Public Display of Affection
Hahah kk, i'm getting lamer each day


Love the lighting too (:

Acting "demure" , apparently we all failed haha.

Finally, a decent GROUP photo!!
Really can't imagine the days in NYP spent without them.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hunger Games

Despite ALL the movies that I've ever watched, nothing is comparable to
With that said, i was so incredibly floored by how great this movie is.
Not forgetting to credit the author of this, i had to admit that he/she is a genius.
For coming up with this amazing plot & catching everyone's attention.
I mean it's like HUNDRED TIMES better than Harry Potter/ Twilight.
No offence but nothing is more captivating than watching "The Hunger Games"
I seriously can't find a reason of why someone could rate this movie as NAY even if it isn't their type of movie. :/
Honestly, i was really star-struck when i watched "The Hunger Games" last year.
Not exactly with the people, but the story behind.
No amount of words could be enough to express how much i LIKE about this movie.
It's just so amazingly stunning that you couldn't help but fall for it.
As i sensed that this movie is ending, I really WISHED it wouldn't.
However when it did, i just wanted to catch the next one immediately.
Unfortunately, good things are meant for you to wait.
But curiosity overtook my patience so i've decided to force myself to
READ which is one DAMN thing that i hate the most.

So yup, i'm proud to say that this is one of the few books i've ever read
Which totally relates how much i hate reading.
But the interesting part is- I don't find them dreadful to read.
Not only that it is interesting, i can't help but to laugh sometimes when i was reading.
If you read those already, you will get what i mean.
So if you really can't wait to know the ending, READ THEM.
Trust me, it's worth it (: 

Nevertheless, knowing the ending through the book is not enough. 
So, i have been highly anticipating Part (II) of the hunger games since million years ago.
And I've watched it today, YAY to infinity ! (:
Ironically, i feel that The hunger games is much more enticing than Catching Fire.
Perhaps it's due to my knowledge of the ending ;
which sadly didn't sparkles much excitement when i'm watching it.
On a second thought, i wouldn't have understand the plot if i didn't read it at first.
Kinda disappointed when some of the parts included in the book didn't appear.
Maybe it's due to the constraint of time for the movie.
In fact, i strongly feel that 2h 30 mins is not enough!!!!
Though i hate lovey dovey scenes, i wish there could be more in Catching Fire.
When the movie is coming to an end, my heart couldn't help but sank in.
Cuz i know that Peeta and Katniss have to be separated ): 

All of these trilogies must now come complete with a love triangle in Mockingjay.
So who will Katniss Everdeen ended up with?
Hah, i shall not be the bad guy and spoils the ending.
So happy guessing (: 
Really can't wait to catch the last part- Mockingjay which apparently,
I suppose the waiting time should be 1 more year
Planning to rewatch part (I) and (II) before watching the last. 
Omgggg, can i just fast forward the time to 2014??? 

The hottest actress on earth - Jennifer Lawrence ( acting as Katniss Everdeen)
To be honest, i didn't find her pretty when i first watched the trailer.
But i immediately took back my words after watching the whole movie.
The way she portrayed herself as the righteous,resolute archery expert is just so damn
No one could fit this leading role except her cause she is that awesome.

Next, Josh Hutcherson (acting as Peeta Mellark)
Especially attracted by his charming eyes even though it's small.
Omgggggggg, totally in love with his eyes.

"Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark" FOR THE WIN (Y)
The weird me secretly wishes that they can be together in real life.
That will be so damn cool, don't you agree?? 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good times

No amount of words could express how proud i am to
Be in this class from 2008 to 2013.
Having to go through all the hardships together as one for
Can you imagine having to see every single one of them for (365x 5) days ?
And i can't believe 5 years passed in a blink of an eye.
Honestly, i really miss their existence ever since i stepped into poly.
I guess that tinge of nostalgia never left ever since we were split up ):
Nevertheless, we tried our best to meet up during sch days.
No matter what, nobody could replace class 5A.

Ok enough of all these cliche words, pictures will do the rest!

"DAU POK" session! 

With zheng hui, haha my face cannot. 

 With the girls!!! (:

With Mo Kun - the class joker! 

Best friends forever ^-^ 

With jasper haha (: 

Birthday boy- Wen zhen! 
 Omg so sweet la, i cannot... hahah 
"Illegal gathering" 

Zhi yong stole our food, :'( 

 LOL my face really needs to maintain a bit. 

 With Danielle- my twin bro :P 

 With Eugene ; BFF :D 
 With Sophie Body Fit ^^ 
Spot me pls! 

 My skinny & fat bitches, hoho 
 Say hi to my new friend. 

 Acting like a professional photographer, CHEH 

With Ji Wun & Jamie xD 

~Selfie spams~

Needless to say, spending time with them is the B.E.S.T ever (:
Hope we are able to keep in contact & grow old together!
`Awesome 5A

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be contented cuz if you don't, who will?

All this while, i am extremely indignant about my life.

In fact, i really envy other peoples' life.
How some people could get what they want effortlessly? 
How some people are just so damn rich?
How some people are like so damn perfect/talented?
Too obsessed of others' good and forgot mine.
Which it's like actually none of my business to care.
But i kept comparing & comparing .
About the differences in my life and theirs'.
Making myself upset every single day, harping on the same issue.
Asking myself "why can't my parents be as rich as theirs?"
Would their life be better if i'm not born?
Honestly, i really questioned my parents' way of teaching us how to be independent.
Of not being able to support us financially with the things we want.
Since young, my dad never gives in to my request despite countless pleading.
Being brought up in a way that i have to pay everything i want on my own.
Like a phone, a mp3 or just a watch.
As long as they think that it's not counted as a necessity, you pay.
Looking at the things i have, 80% came from my own money.
So i'm proud to say that i know the cost of every single item.


There comes a point of time when i'm just so sick of my life.
No matter how much i earn, i can never save much.
Which leads me to comprehend "why do i have to pay everything on my own since p6"
Blaming that my life is just so fucking pathetic.
Life is just so unfair and i don't have a choice.
So I kept crying and crying, not knowing that crying wouldn't change a thing.
Feeling empathetic for me? 
Read this. . .
 I had finally realised my 18 years' moment of folly.
That everything my parents did were for MY OWN GOOD.
They wanted me to be thankful of what i have .
Instead of taking things for granted.
Cause they knew
I will never cherish things that i get too easily.
At last, i managed to understand my parents' point of view.
Doting doesn't means it should be supporting us financially.
Meaning "answering to our requests for every item we yearn to get"
Caring for us genuinely without hoping for any return.

                                   Why didn't i see how blessed i am way before that?
Now, i realised it's really dumb to compare myself to others.
There are so many more unfortunate people living in this world.
If i am counted as pathetic, what are they?
At least, i have parents who dote on me instead of abandoning me. 
I should be contented with my life since long long long ago.
And i only realised it. Till now. 

So i managed to save myself from being beyond redemption.
I finally learnt to cherish every single thing i have.
And be contented enough of what i have right now.
I'm planning to do this at the beginning of year 2014.
Writing down every single note with joyful moments.
Constantly reminding myself that i am already blessed enough.
Thankful that I've an awesome family whom i can never live without!