Sunday, December 30, 2012

When there is a will, there is a way

Hey peeps, I'm back again!!!
Today is a boring day for me!
Cause i basically stayed at home all day.
Haishhhhh sian, hate it when i wake up without plans.
I just don't feel good la x.x

That's why i became a grumpy bear.
Just hate staying at home all day.
Is that an illness or smth? LOL

Okay i have 2 good news about myself to share!

  1. I realise i have changed quite a lot these days.
Let's skip the bad sidem just the good side will do.
I am becoming more patient !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay, i'm so freaking happy & proud of my achievement.
Last time, i used to be super super super impatient.
Example: After trying to solve a math question for more than 10 mins, 
I GAVE UP immediately after throwing a fit.
That's how shit i am last time.
But now , i'm no longer like that.
Even if i meet never-ending problems, i did not get angry instantly.
Instead, i give myself a ten minutes break before proceeding.

I COMPLETED doing a thing within 7 HOURS!!!
Without getting fed up/ losing my temper
Despite meeting countless problems !
So yup now, my mantra is :


      2. I'm happy that i can speak English more fluently than last time (Y)
I finally
I'm so so so happy that i finally can overcome this.
Actually, i want to thank my current job for my state.
Being a telemarketer allows you to interact with others in english.
And in order to convince them, you need to have a good command in english.
You need to speak CONFIDENTLY like though you're experienced.

holy shit cause i did it after working for a week.
Improvement right?!?!!?
YAY, YAY , YAY :D :D :D 
I really hope that one day, i can speak english real confidently & without errors.
That's my goal from now.

I want to speak confidently in ENGLISH!
I dun wan people to despise me !

YES THOUSANDFEELING ; you can do it!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hang on

 Hello peeps, I'm back to posting again!
Hehe, i'm so happy today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually i also dunno why i am so happy but yup
My topic of this post is W.O.R.K again...
Today is just my 6th day working for this job.
But i tot i have worked for months already?!!?
Though this job is like super boring (even more boring than perfume job),
I'm glad that i have GOOD managers/bosses.
It's like they are really good to us genuinely ^^
My manager is like my second father, hehe.
He is like 50 ++ years old but he is really young @ heart.
Earlier on, we are even discussing the most popular english song/singer.
Can't believe that he is actually very HIP yo , HAH :D
Chatted with him for like more than 1 hour, oh great !
Really glad to know them ^-^

Not only that, tomr will be a wonderful day for me.
Cause my bosses & manager will not be there (Y)
Poor sophia who still has her manager with her.
As for me, i can enjoy my life as much as i can for just TOMR.
At least , it's better than nothing uh ^^

Also, i finally see the light~~~
I finally knew what i want to be in the future.
At least, i'm assured that this will be one of my top alternative yea.
That will be


I shall work towards my goal!!!
My ambition is kind of no standard right?
But dun underestimate that kind of job okay!

Love this necklace to the max (:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Won't regret knowing you

Hey readers, i'm back to blogging for a proper update.
Sorry for the lack of updates .
Recently, i'm not in a rather good mood so yup.
No mood = No happy post.
Christmas just passed like that ?
Frankly speaking , i dun really give a damn.
Cause i'm not into Christmas at all, hah #thatsbad
Shall update how i spent my day for Christmas next time round :P
This post is supposed to be an individual post for my bff!
It's her early 17th birthday celebration.
Hope she enjoys it many many cause i do ^^ 

Seeeeee, this is my 7 years bff :D

Heheh, i'm so happy that she really love my present!
Yay, it's the first time she complimented that i'm somehow artistic after seeing my card.
Anyway, my card made for her is a puzzle that she need to personally fix it.
Cool right??!!?!?
Hah, bought from typo de . ( lupsup ttm)
But it's nice okiee, spent quite a lot of time painting it too!

Hmm, so guess where did we went for her bdae celebration?!?!
My all-time fav place that no other place can replace it (:
Hehe, thankfully the weather is awesome yea! (Y)
Spent half of our day cam-whoring at the beach, hehe.
The other rest of the day spent cycling the whole changi route, i guess -.-
Okay, we cycled around (estimated) 20 km? WTS right.
I know, we are that good :P
That route really made me think a lot a lot a lot.
Became an emo nemo immediately :'(
Okay, stop stop.
Haha, really enjoy the lovely scenery @ beach!
Okie enough of my craps, PICTURES TIME ^^

LOL retarded face

Like this one though ^^ 

My face is so big compared to Yihan's


Constipated face?! I'm good at giving that though, LOL 

We are *fake* tourists!

Hahah love this picture the most ^^
Okie tata readers, hope you all enjoy reading this post.

PS : No matter how hard life can be at times,
remember it's just temporary.
cause life is good if you think postively.
Happy = Healthy :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

Think it through

It's a norm that people can't survive without expecting anything.
I guess people live because of expectation?
Actually it also depends how high is your expectation.
Cause the higher your expectation, the higher you will fall.
After you fall from the highest point to the lowest pit,
you really feel like shit.
Regretting that if you didn't expect anything at all,
you wouldn't be that heartache ; isn't it?
Thats why , don't even expect.
Expectation really does kill your mind sometimes.
So clear all your expectation and just breathe.
#Life is good if you have no expectation at all, BEST (Y)

I learnt something new.
Actually i learnt this from my ex-best friend.
What he said is right.
Hah, i always scold him for being heartless .
when you're just so vexed over things like that ;
sometimes it's better if you
D.o.n.t  f.u.c.k.i.n.g  c.a.r.e

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Does your eyes sparkle after seeing this? 

Mine did, like OBVIOUSLY.
Hah, i totally love the swimming pool man!
That will be my future home, nah jkjk~
But obviously, i really hope that i can get my personal swimming pool.
#Unrealistic dream , oh well...
I really love swimming plenty plenty plenty much! ~
I guess i can never get tired of swimming, hah.
Like seriously, i'm a hardcore fan of swimming yea :)

Normally, i will only swim for 10 continuous laps which is nth to be proud of.
But this time round, I BROKE MY RECORD.
Swam for 20 continuous laps , (Y)
Not only that , i'm extremely happy!
Because ...

FYI, went swimming with 2nd sis today.
She's quite good @ swimming & exercise everytime
So in the end, she finished swimming much faster than me by quite a lot.
What made me frustrating is she kind of underestimated me .
That i swim so much slower than i used to before.
Wanted so badly TO PROVE HER WRONG >:(

To prove that i didn't deprove my speed in swimming,
we had a 1 lap interval match.
It's really an unforgettable scene for me.
Cause yup, i have always think that i will lose to her.
Never did i expect that i might even win her despite my standard!
This magnificent scene really turns me on & MAKES MY DAY
(at least i'm happy for a day) 

Though i think that i'm just lucky,
i'm just so happy!
At least there's smth to be proud of , isn't it?
Precisely for me cause frankly speaking i'm never good @ anything.
Except swimming, the only thing i'm confident of.

How i wish there's an indoor swimming pool around cck area.
So that if it ever rains, i can still carry on swimming.
& I dun even have to worry about bad weather.
Isn't it awesome?!

Swimming is the only way for me to relieve my
stress/pain/sorrows/unhappiness/worries & everything unpleasant!
Only when it comes to swimming, i'm free from all these.
Even if it's only for just a mere hour, i'm happy.
At least i dun need to think about anything else other than swimming.
Recently, my temper is really super bad.
Especially to my family members, real sorry about that.
Guess it's about my stress in work too , LOL.
Cause i'm kind of sick of this job & dread gg eventually.
But i will hang on till it's really out of my limits!
& Currently, had a pimple outbreak again.
Idk what is wrong with my face recently, SO MANY PIMPLES
Is it because of my mood or my stress?

Hope that i had successfully relieve my unhappiness through swimming!
End of my negative thoughts, okay slcq?
LOL, ps talking to myself unknowingly...

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Anyeong guys, I'M BACK YEA.
This week was not a good week for me.
In fact, it's an unhappy week ya.
So i hope next week will be better, BETTER PLEASE.
Okayy so currently my life is B.O.R.I.N.G
my life just revolves around work . eat. sleep
As you all know, i'm currently working @dmin job.
AS TELEMARKETER and i swear my voice is damn man now.
Try calling 100 calls in an hour, who can make it?
When i get back home, i just dun wish to talk.
Really , guess i'm turning into a mute soonnnnn...
Luckily this time round  - my bosses were awesome.
However , i guess i really dun suit office work.
So yup, i won't work long cause i really hate making calls.
Imagine you , had to call constantly for 4 hours per day.
even if i can take it, my voice can't.
I really hope i have sore throat that i dun have any voice left.
So that i dun need to call anymore.
That would be so awesome, LOL.
I rather do a lot of admin stuffs than calling hundred times over.
Especially you had to keep repeating the 3 lines for every singe min.

Even noisy people like me can't stand talking for long.
Haha, nice comparison ; isn't it??

3 solo pictures of me :P 

Bye peeps !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today is the day~

Anyeong peeps, i'm back with pictures!!
Hehe, as i said earlier, this week is really a busy week for me.
Spent 5 days working and i only earned $300++ 
Sian, next week i'm going to start my admin job.
Mon-Fri : 9-5 pm , hope it wouldn't be so boring.
But anyway going to work until around mid jan so yup.
I'm going to change another job after i get back my o level results.
Going to try to go for A&F job again, hope i can get x.x
Hehe, hope that i won't die of boredom because of the admin job.
I must continue to believe that life is good .
& stop thinking about the past, move on .
Because it's the past already..
Went to shopping with Yihan on last tuesday !
Our fav. shopping place : BUGIS.
Omgg, spent like $70++ for just the clothes.
Bought a lot of green shirts , IDK WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO.
LOL, luckily i didn't buy any blue dress.
Realise i had 7 blue dress already, really had to stop buying.
Had an awesome time spent with YIHAN that day ((:

Retarded faces

Usually, i hate working @ raffles place LIKE SERIOUSLY.
But this time , it's different.
Guess its because i'm working with my bf YIJIA ^^
So yup, life is really good & slack there.
Really enjoyed working with one house, HEHE. 
Somehow, she made me enjoy working (: 

small eyes 


Thursday, December 13, 2012

1 last day of agony

ANYEONG peeps, i'm back to blogging after ages.
Recently, had been working like a mad girl.
& I realise i only earned $300 for 4 days, argh.
I want to earn more money cause i'm seriously spending too much.
Now, i still need to handle my daily expenses like food.
& I'm just so sick of outside foods.
Really miss my mum's cooking, especially her soup .
It's been really long since i last eat a home cooked meal.
About my work life, i really learn how to tolerate.
Especially tolerating those brainless kind who didn't think before they say.
Seriously detest this kind of people.
What for you have brains when you dun use it?!
Okay i shall stop complaining, i'm here to blog about happy things.
A.W.E.S.O.M.E yea cause i dun have to see that qb face of him anymore.
My agony ends tomr (:
Should i celebrate? HAH, i think i should.

I really really really hope
Or else i will really sink into depression.
Nah just kidding :P

Since i'm in a very good mood now,
i shall show you 3 pcs of self-shots.

Tata :]