Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello dear readers, I'm back yea~
Hmm i'm going to M.I.A for 1 week, (dun miss me ya :P)
Will be back next friday OKIEEE *promise
As next week is MY COMMON TEST & i've only started my SS.
I'm really HOLY dead okiieee, so i want to fully concentrate this week.
There's so much to read/catch up or whateva shit.
So i better start hugging Buddha legs or else it's too late yo!


Trying sis's itouch app.
I like this man, my eyes looks bigger ^^

Sisters galley~~~
A bit retarded lahh..
I like this though ^^

Big sis & I (:

Dad & I! I'm taller than him!! Nahh still a long way to go.
Mummy & ME! (:
Seriously retarded face, LOL
Cool beans
2nd sis & I
Do we look alike? LOL
Look at our eyes difference -.-
FYI, i was about to fall so that explains why my expression is like this.

With my cousins ^-^

Okie done~

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


HELLO everybody, I'm back to blogging again.
Hehes, for the CNY photos, i will update when i'm free okie.
So as you can see, my 2nd outfit of the day~~~
Really love the dress ttm, $13 only hor! :P
Hah, i always wear cheap dresses.
So i had plenty of cheap ones available right ^^
Hoho, actually this CNY isn't that great at all.
Cause only 2 days -_________-
& Next week is COMMON TEST.
But still , i did enjoy my CNY uh.
Just hope that next year CNY will be at least 3 days!
Heheh, will not be updating so SOON yet.
Due to common test , so yup.
Have a prosperous year ahead ^^

Mum's birthday card & prez!

Really love my HIGH HEELS.
Even though it's only 1/2 inch, it's comfortable yea~

Monday, January 23, 2012

恭喜发财, 万事如意!

HELLO everybody , I'm back yea!
As i dun send relay msgs to ppl, i will forward the msg here.
You know, i'm very lazy to text yea.
So 巧 right?! Double happiness man ^-^
Went to quite a lot of places today .
I think we visit about 8 houses today?! HAH.
Really detest the RANDOM raining season, suck to the max.
But anyway enjoy taking MY ANG BAOS (:
I WANT TO ENJOY THIS CNY even though it's only 2 days ):
Attempt to study for CT , end up gambling with relatives.
LOL, today's luck is super not good man!
HYMPH, really hope tomr will be better (:
I want to go to my friends house 拜年!!!
Watched 2 exciting movie @ aunt's house today.
Hehe, at least got smth to do during CNY right...

My outfit for 初一!


Friday, January 20, 2012

If you care more, you lose.

Let me give you guys 1 piece of advice...
For friendship, it's advantageous if you care lesser.
I have been through this b4.
It's really stupid of caring TOO MUCH.
You actually gain nothing for caring too much .
Do you think you can get a prize by caring more?
No, you get nothing but own sorrows.
Once, i spent too much care on my ex-best fren.
When we quarrel , i feel like it's the end of the world.
But for him, it meant nothing...
& I cried and cried and cried. My heart split into pieces.
Tried all ways of forgiveness but didn't succeed.
Gave up my pride & beg him like a dog.
So what do i get?
N.O.T.H.I.N.G , it's really stupid.
So NOW i realised already.
It's useless to treat someone important when he/she doesn't think the same.
Just snap out of it & admit that you're NOT IMPT.
So my point is :
Even if you can't, JUST PRETEND.
It's better if you pretend rather than you care.

I'm done , bye~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ANYEONG peeps , I'm back yea (:
Tomr is F.R.I.D.A.Y already, WOOTS!
& The following Sunday is the time to eat
Time really passed so quickly man.
But next week is COMMON TEST already.
Totally sian to the max, haish ...
Really excited FOR TOMR TO COME!!!
Hehehs, cause after the celebration, GG
TO MEET my long-time-no-see fren 'Jacinda.
& Later on , gg swimming with Jia.
Hah, what a wonderful plan right?
Really can't wait for NEW YEAR TO COME..
It's a pity that we only have 2 days to enjoy.
But nevertheless, I WILL FULLY ENJOY IT WELL.
Heheh, so goodbye~
Really love my blog song (:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why is it like this?

It's really weird , isn't it ?
How i wish the cycle can be reversed.
At least i won't feel the hurt...
Sometimes i really wonder is there a time machine
That can erase all my painful memories?!

It's really saddening that sometimes
NO matter how much you do, your efforts are unappreciated.
Or when they just TAKE & LEAVE...

& Actually deep inside my heart,
I REALLY envy those ppl that fall in love with the other party
A.T. T.H.E .S.A.M.E. T.I.M.E
Really, how blissful they would be .

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not a good day

HEY everyone, really sorry for the lack of update.
Had been busy with my work for these 2 days...
Work hasn't been great for the past 2 days .
Haish, should have stayed @ home & study!!
YTD broke a new R.E.C.O.R.D!
Stand for 12 hours in a row , OMG please...
My legs are really sore & painful .
+ Extra effects - Muscle Aches -______-
Gosh, tomr still got P.E , HOW?!!?!?!
Can someone save me ):
I really hope tomr my legs will recover or else
Time really passed so quickly yea~
Omgggggg, it's like so damn fast cann .
So god damn excited for CNY, hehes ...

Bought a new watch @ J.P

Cool right?!!? It's brown anyway

$12 only ehh~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grumpy me

HEY peeps, I'm back yea~
Hmm back to updating about my boring life.
Yes, it's indeed B.O.R.I.N.G!
Haish, next week TIME PRAC start already -_____-
Totally OMG please, why so fast start sia?
& I've already set my mind.
I'm going to drop my E math no matter what!
(Just hope that i won't regret my decision )

Idk which idiot spread the virus to me...
Zzzz, totally so sick during np training today .
When they see me, everyone tot i was crying.

Okkk enough of all the crap...
My unglamn photo is up !

Have a good laugh & nights (:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Practically selfish

HELLO peeps (:
As i promised, This is my big sis GUESTBOOK.
Hehehs proudly done by my 2nd & I ^^
Ehh we spent like 1 week to chiong finish this okk..
Overall it's a success & had receive many compliments about it (:
So yup, i could only show you the front & the back.
HAHA too bad xP

Ahem, this is my favourite 2nd character :
I know it's super cute especially @ the cheek area^^
FYI, my fav character is still D.O.R.A.E.M.O.N lah.
But yup, i always watch doraemon & 面包超人 show when i'm young.
Hehehs, i always smile after seeing it.
It just cheer me up lahh (Y)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Heart-aching friendship

Idk why, no matter how hard i try to control my tears,
I just can't .
When i'm angry/sad/agitated/wordless ,
I will start crying .

But now , because of this person ,
I swear that i will never ever cry because of him already.
Come to think about it, I'm really pathetic.
Crying for a friend that is not worth my cry ?
I really wasted all my tears , *sigh
But anyway it's over yup .
So i shouldn't care about it A.N.Y.M.O.R.E
Like what he said ; JUST DUN FUCKING CARE.
Okk yes, for this time, i will heed your advice.
Thanks for making me realise your true personality.
中色情有? Okkie keep up the good work yea ^^

Goodbye, my EX best friend (:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm a stone woman

HELLO everybody, I'm back to usual self already.
It's a good news , isn't it ?
Hmmm, i have already sort out my thinking.
So i'm fine now, i guess?!
Hehehes , i promised you guys to blog about my sis 21'st right?
FYI- My sis bdae is on 1st of Jan , LOL.
So we celebrate her bdae on 31st december in her chalet.
It's kinda cool that everyone is like counting down for her bdae.
Shall start updating from NOW!!

Okkk, we went there like 2 plus to help her decorate her room...
Luckily dad drove us there cause it's @ pasir ris -.-
As my big sis bdae party theme is BALLOONS.
Everyone was busy blowing the balloons like crazy !
Many of the balloons kept on bursting .
Resulting likee ??.... AHHHHHHHHHH~
That kind of screams especially came from me.
Cause i am really scared of balloons , ROFL...
My sis is really ironic as even though she is scared of balloons,
She still put it as her theme, LOL.
My 2nd sis & i are busy doing her guestbook okayy!
Need to gain credit , HAHA...
Will take pics to show you our creation soon (:
Actually my sis did 3/4 of it lahh, hehe :/
Afterall , the celebration is a success!
The ice-cream bdae cake was also awesome too ^^

Take a lot of those pics yup ^^

The ice-cream cake, LOL , a bit ruined
Living room

Hehehe the food there was yummy too (Y)

Next event was ICE-CREAM TREAT.
Heheh sponsored by my kind boss Jazreeel & HT ^^
As it was a buffet, i really ate as much as i can.
Mummy teach me not to WASTE FOOD :P
Really feel like trying all the flavours man but ...
My stomach can't take it after like 4 rounds of eating :P


Evidence hor ^^

Gtg, tata!
Off to watch running man xD

Thursday, January 5, 2012


In a state of confusion

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I gave up

You're just fucking selfish .
Never the once you did consider our feelings.
Sometimes i really wonder what am i to you?
A substitute? A entertaining slave? A nothing ?
Nvm , all these dun matter anymore.
Since you're like this, I'm gg to be like this too.
I'm not FUCKING gg to care your feelings or whatever ok.
I had enough !
It's always me who's taking the first move.
& You just kept on taking me for granted.

I dun want to fucking care about you already.
I'm immune to all these shit.
All those things i tot you will changed, you still DIDN'T.
Ok can, now instead of hoping you will change,
I gave up OK.
I'm fucking tired now.
I just hope one day i can finally forget YOUR EXISTENCE.
One day, all these pain will be gone.

I can do it, i can get over all these shit.
Dun feel anymore guilty or whatever shit.
Just fucking HACK CARE.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why did it change?!

Hiiie everyone , I'm back already...
I'm really tired after a long day @ school.
Got so much unhappiness to complain about, DUN MIND ME..
After all, it's just my own thinking.
But i just wanna type it out, SINCE IT'S MY BLOG anyway.
If you guys doesn't want to hear my rants,
Jolly well press the X button alright (:

Haishh, really S.I.A.N to the max can...
When i see my sch timetable, i really have no mood to study.
Almost everyday, we were released @ late hours.
11am- Recess, 3pm - Release from sch.
What crap is this ? ...
I know this year is our O'levels but like it's SO PACKED...
Late breakfast = Late Lunch.
Siann, & everyday lessons end until so late.
When you get back home, what's the thing you will do ?
SLEEP lah or else do what sia -.-
Everyday study for so many hours, how to concentrate ?
Haishh, i think also v. hard to go back & study nor

Next, this is even saddening .
Last time my class was UNITED AS ONE!
But now it's like ...
Split into like pieces & you can't do anything but watch..
There's like a wall between us .
At first tot that now we are back into one class, things will change.
But wtf happened is that NOW NEED SPLIT INTO 2 CLASS AGAIN.
So what's the point of joining lah?
Might as well dun join cann -.-
I really dunno what's the point of splitting ...
I really dunno why we became like this since then.
Just hope that things will get better....

Last, subject teacher allocation.
This one no comments actually.
Aiyah this one no need to elaborate ...
You just know which are the teachers that are good/bad.
& of course you wouldn't want to have the bad ones.

Afterall, this is just all my rants.
Didn't mean to offend anyone or anything.
Hmm , i just hope things will get better when time goes.
Gtg ler, tata (:

Monday, January 2, 2012

My new haircut

HELLO everyone, looking forward for my new haircut right?
Teehee , i really brave up ALL MY COURAGE to cut this short okk.
I think it's around 8cm of hair loss, HAH ?!
Luckily my hair cut didn't fail or else i'm gonna cry like shit...


ONE thing i wan to complain is about

Okk as you can see, my fringe is actually v. LONG.
& i'm planning to remain the length.
But the TOOT hairdresser go & cut my fringe without asking me.
I'm like totally H.U.H, wtfreak?
I was in a state of confusion & stared @ her for 5s.
In the end i can only self-blame myself for not making clear

Oh god man.
This is like a lesson to me & for all of you!
Or else your fringe would be like ....


You seee, the short & filled with HOLES fringe...
She even helped me layered my fringe , for IDK what.

*Ok thanks auntie.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hah, ANYEONG GUYS, i'm back yo !
Today's my sis 21st birthday & NEW YEAR :DD
Woots, double blessings/happiness yea (:
Gg to update about her 21st party tomr so stay tuned okk .

Hmm, i shall start with my new year resolutions...
It's a new start, a new beginning, hopefully A GOOD END...
Surprisingly, i didn't went for countdown for christmas & new year.
Instead i stayed at home & pei my family.
Hahah very guai right?!
Okk shall cut the crap & BEGIN!!!

My index no ----
  1. Pass my O levels with flying colours.***
  2. Can hit $800 for my saving account?
  3. Won't transform into a total nerd, it sucks
  4. Time to pass real quickly this year
  5. Participate in the relay run competition.