Monday, November 30, 2009

Where there is love, there is pain
HELLO PEEPOS ! I'm back to posting yea .
My mum finally bought a weighing machine for me.
But it is not accurate at all , damm it .
And my mum is rushing me to buy books , never ending reminder.
Maybe wednesday gg to buy books :)
And and i'm going for a haircut SOON , *weets .
Everyday is so boring , and without money , it's even BORING!
With a boring attitude , you can't do anything right.
Haish , actually i got a night- time job , pay (Great)
But i need someone to pei me go work , anyone wants?
If no one could pei me , i guess i cannot work sia ):
*Sighh , finding a job is more difficult than working .

Have a brief update on yesterday !
Went to my ahma house in the evening , *cheers.
Went down to the playground with my cute cousins .
(Suddenly i miss the time hanging out with my neighbours).
Every time i saw children playing in the playground , i realised
I AM ALREADY A GROWN UP KID , (means i old liao)
Lol, kinda sadd sia ><
After tat went back , ate dinner .
Then we played a game called "The sickbay"
Which i am supposed to act like i am sick while my other cousins will tc of me.
After playing , went home (:

Here goes a small conv of what my big cousin says ;
Don't open your eyes (when she applied "cream" on my eyes)
Don't move your mouth (when she applied "cream" on my mouth)
Don't breathe (when she applied "cream" on my nose)
Funny right ? How can i dun breathe ? LOL.

Today !
Woke up at 10.30am in the morning , early right? :P
Went to meet jamie , settle some issues.
After tat she went my house , took the cookies .
Then went back , meet xiaohui @ lot 1.
Played ddr , this time we played all rounds expert .
Super tired wor >< , my legs became so wobbly.
Then went food junction , ate pepperlunch *nice nice
After tat went to dunearn sec with xiaohui ( last min decision)
Pei her watched basketball match @ there , nothing much.
Got a guy wore bpian pe-shirt but he's from bukit merah .
OMG las , i kept on staring @ his attire with big eyes .
Cause i tot i see wrong mahh , LOL .
Funny guy ><
After tat went to cc .
Chit-chat + Slack then went back home (:


Ending my post with my monkey bidding goodbye(:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
My 2 new dress :D

Hello readers , here for a brief update ohh.
Cause i won't be online at night , dun miss me :P
Now i am at home rotting , bored to the max *(^%#$#$@))
OH YA ! I just changed my blogsong .

Do listen (:
Morning , i helped to mop the floors , so tiring ><
Now i got a lot of bruises on my body (dun ask me why)
Hahas , its obvious ^=^
Today my dad actually put 10 bucks into my wallet.
Cause i complained that i am broke , seriously broke .
But after i said i am going out , he immediately take back the $10 .
Damm freaking angry ! There goes the 10 bucks .
I am very hungry now , still haven eat my lunch + breakfast .
My mum cooked a very nice lunch for me (And i hate it)
She obviously know that i hate that but she still cook for me.
Hahahs i purposely dun wan to eat >:(
Suddenly , have the temptation to eat pizza .
But it's too heaty yea ? Plus my face already cmi liao .
Ahhhhs !
Nvmm , i'm gg downstairs to buy smth to eat .
After tat going to lot 1 .
Okie , tata ! <3>

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hellos peepos ! SIERRA is back in action again (:
Today my father is free from work so we go for
FAMILIES OUTING ! Hahahas , FYI, that's my dad.
And he is carrying my bagg , does it suit him ?
LOL , he seemed so hip-hop with that bagg .
But the colour really suit him and he likes red .
Guess where we go ? :D


Kinda surprised ? Anyway that's was my idea to go.
Everytime go to shopping places , really bored die me.
So i chose outdoor places like chinatown (regretted:x)
When we reached there , i was already sweating .
We should go at night , it's much cooler right ?!
Shop quite a lot of shops around there , bought alot of things.
My dad kept on urging & hinting us to eat @ 11am!
Wth , LOL , then my mum asked him whether he hungry or not.
Then my dad stammered and said no . (Obvious he's lying)
LOL , now i know my dad cannot tell lies one sia :O
After tat went to eat , my dad ordered alot of dish .
Sometimes i really tot he treat us like pig, LOL.
Full like )*%^&*^$# , then went to shopping centre to shop .
Dun remember the names , hahahas.
After tat went this fashion , bought 2 dress! :Phen headed back home , raining heavily ><
Gave dad my umbrella while i shared with mum .
LOL , annd his outfit was mostly RED colour cause
My UMBRELLA is red too ! :/
Hahahs , after tat went to meet sophia .
Took cookies from nicole , went arcade play .
Chit-chat with sophia , (suspected she's not listening ! :P)
After tat went home to sleep .
LOL , FYI , all my family members were sleeping too .
A family of PIGs , muahahaha . ( jkjkjk)
Okie done with my post , tata <3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.

Will update later onn.
Blogger is taking a LONG time to upload pictures.
So instead of using blogger , i used photobucket , much faster .
Hahahas , firstly i wanna apologise for the lack of update .
Doesn't has enough photos recently , that's a good/bad thing?
Promised this will be a short post alright .

Tuesday ;
Went for swimming in the evening with yihan .
In the end now i looked tanned again , wth +.+
My poor skin , LOL , i tot evening sun would be good ?
Hmm , my guess is wrong ._.

Wednesday ;
Assured that it is a busy day for me .
Morning ' did a spring clean in my bedroom . *Yawns
After tat helped mum to do chores cause i owe her .
LOL , around afternoon , went to lot 1 to meet yihan.
Guess what are we going to do ? :/
Bought ingredients for baking cookies , cost a bomb .
Then went to popular , saw eugene & andy staring at us .
Crazy guys , hahahahs , after tat went home .
Mum let me use her "precious" kitchen & she carried on with her stuff.
As we prepare the things to mix together , we on the oven.
Took quite a few mins to figure out how to on it.
LOL , and we decided to try one cookie first.
The trial was great ! Hahhas , can't believe we did it.
Hahahs, overall bake 50 cookies bahh ?
My families members kept on kope-ing mine ):
After tat changed & rushed to meet shimin .
Was supposed to pei her to take pay from that boss.
Reached cathay around 7pm , no one could be seen .
Called boss , but he didn't care .
At first i tot he was dead .______________.
In the end we ate dinner at there , bought a big pizza.
Now my face got the retribution ):
At 8.30pm , he finally replied but he said will call us in a bit.
His bit is damm 'fast' sia -.-
After tat went plaza singh , saw a very scary thing .
A lady fall from the escalator , unhurt okay .
Lucky a lady immediately helped her pressed the stop button.
I was there at the scene , stunned diao -.-
Seriously she kinda stumbled down from the steps.
Like suddenly saw her two legs dangling there O.O .
After tat shock , went arcade to cool down (excuses)
Played juke box .
Then went kopitiam , played poker cards :x
Won around 2 bucks , (addicted to it) :/
Waited until 10pm , boss still haven called back .
Nearly called the police , LOL .
Then went back home nor , finally boss called back.
'He just said next time then can take pay -.-
Zzzz , wasted my trip man .

Today ;
Happy 8 month , Yijia . (She's my stead)
Stayed at home all day , nearly dead .
I realised that i cannot live if i didn't go out .
Is there an illness like this ? LOL .
Ohh gosh , today is seriously boring .
Watch tv- Play comp- Eat- Watch tv - Sleep .
I really have no idea how much weights i put on .
Kinda scary to know yea ! x.x , real scared.
Tomr going out with families bahh , hope it would be fun .
Gonna buy a lot of things , qiao zha my dad :P
Today my mum kept on sitting on my monkey .
And nowadays , everyone started hitting my doraemon .
Zzz , what's wrong with them man ?
Ke lian my doraemon & monkey, they gg to be flat liao .

Pictures time ! <3

me&amp; mum
My mum tooking the chance to kiss me. LOL
big sister &amp; i
Me & My big sis
The big pizza!
First attempt .
me&amp;2nd sis
Me, Monkey , Second sis
Me eating cookies (:

Okie done with my short post !
Must read hor ! :P

Monday, November 23, 2009

I met a new fren ! :D

HELLOS peepos !
One question to ask you guys .
Anyone have job offers ? (Pay good)
I'm broke nowadays , seriously BROKE .
I really need money sia , or else i am dead.
So many fabulous items waiting for me to buy !
Awww >:(

Andd my dadd just hid my monkey into the drawer again .
LOL , everyday same old pattern :/
Tomr shall share with you all the picture i took .

Hahhas I just came back from J.P
Today we went to celebrate our 8 months together !
I got stead liao , hahahas . ":O (kidding)
Today woke up @ 12.20pm in the morning" .
Hahahs too tired + No one woke me up , (that's why)
Watched ' your hand in mine on mobtv .
Then we went to j.p shop shop .
After tat went to eat anderson' ice cream ,*cheers.
Around 6 plus, went sophia house play .
Then went home liao ..

Okie , tata ! (:

Gambling :O , hahas no las.
Just playing poker cards nia :L

I really underestimate you .
So which is the real you?!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

Hello peepos ! SIERRA is back from chalet :D
Miss me? hahhas , i am very very very tired now.
Ytd didn't even slept a wink , yet i cannot sleep today .
My frens are all enjoying their afternoon nap , yea?
Except me ):

Now i have a runnig nose and a slight fever.
Actually today wanna go to the Doverpark Walkaton , BUT
Because of i am sick , i cannot make it =_+
Very sad you know ! ): I want go one lehh.
Now i am guilty of not going , damm it .

OH gosh , now i have heavy eyebags & maybe panda eyes .
LOL , and my whole body is aching >< And and i just found my e-z link card , AFTER almost 1 week.
I used so many days to find the card but in the end
My dad found it within minutes , LOL . (was suspecting it was him)

Back to blogging , promise a "quick" one .
After this , i 'm gg to sleep like a pig ! ~_~

Yesterday ;
Zzz , dun wan to post liao las.
Fucking blogger -.- , auto-delete my post .
Just a quick one will do ..
Reached-Bowling-Barbequeue-Stroll-Slept at 4am .

*The house that we were allocated was no . 13
Does that sounds creepy to you?

*Talked about ghost stories during the mid of the night .

*Took a stroll around the resort .
Suddenly , got a gust of wind blew past , scary T.T

*Barbequeue our own food , :D

*Slept only 2h , floor were damm hard .
Whlole body was aching like shit .

Today ;
Woke up @ 6.30am , walked to the beach.
Watched the sunrise, so nice :]
After tat went back there , played poker cards.
Then around 8.30am , went to eat breakfast .
After tat cabbed home , cost 30 bucks , you know?!
Yihui parent's were very kind to treat us nor (:

Okie done with my longggy post.
Time for pictures ? Or you prefer tiger time? :D

Me & Zanda (:

Me & the birthday girl' Yihui (:

Our score for bowling .

Me & Shimin (:

Group picture ^&^

Zanda, Me, MingNi =]

Time for actions! :D

Scenery .
Sunrise .

1st .

2nd .




Okie done with my long post.
I'm feeling giddy now after eating the medicine .
Bye bye (:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

OFF to chalet !

Tata :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

HEYHEY peepos ! (:
I am so happy , guess what ? :D
My nuffang actually decreased to 400 plus but now it's back
To 500 PLUS , *weets , really thanks to the spammer.
Their comings always come to a good ending , LOL .
Ehh come more ! I need you all as supporters lehh.

But got a sad news ):
Tomr i cannot make it to Yihui's chalet .
"Thanks" to the Npcc thingy , sadded sia ):
I want go one nehh , *sighh , very sorry for not gg .
HYMPH >:( , tomr will be a boring day for me.
Anyone want go out with me ? ~_~

Anyway i just search the web on YOUR HAND IN MINE .
I bet alot of people are watching it , right ?
Hahahs , tell you all a good/bad news regard to this show.
This show have 180 EPISODES altogether , pro bu pro ?
Happy watching , the ending is a twist ! (:

Back here .
Hahas , today went toa payoh with Yihan !
Actually wanna shop for shoes , in the end bought a pair of shorts.
No nice shoes there , haish T.T
After tat we saw 2 actors which were gg to shoot a scene at there.
Went over to take a look and found out that both are MALAYSIAN actors.
Can't believe it man , :O , somemore one actor was right beside me.
ROFL , i seems so enthu & fascinated when it comes to acting :P
Then trained to cck , bought smth to eat .
Shop shop awhile , went home liao (:

Going to have my dinner , tata ! ~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learn to be forgiving and you will be happy.

HELLO peepos ! SIERRA is finally back (:
After many days of mia-ing , finally i updated my blog.
Recently , doesn't have the time to update ):
Hahahs , but i will not let my blog rot las .
This saturday will be going to changi chalet , abit scared .
Cause they say there alot of ghost , x.x
Will be staying overnight , then morning must rush back hme.
After tat must get ready to go the doverpark walk or smth.
LOL , hope my plan works (:
Anyway i shall now faster update about ytd and today.

Yesterday ;
Morning-Afternoon , stayed at home watch tv.
LOL , bored to the max&*^%#&&*$#%$@& -.-
Around 4 plus, went to lot 1 awhile .
After tat went to cathay with jiaying & yanqing .
Was supposed to go there to take our pay from boss .
Waited for 2hr for him then finally he gave us our pay .
Finally able to quit this noob job -.- , FINALLY :/
Lol around 8plus then reached home .

Today ;
Rotting at home whole day !
Luckily the show(Your hand in mine) finally released in mobtv.
Watched 10 episodes all in a day , hahahas .

Okie done with my posting (:
tata .


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Troubled ):
I got quite a handful announcements to make .
First thing ;
I GOT A NEW JOB , wooots ! ^^
1h - 8 bucks but i'm still considering whether i should go or not.
Cause it's at night and its door to door , abit unsafe ;x
LOL , but the pay is real good canns .

Second thing ;
I got into A maths , kinda happy but yet abit sad .
LOL , i can't explain the confusing feeling nah ><
If anyone want to check urs , go to :

Third thing ;
I really need to SAVE MONEY ! Gg crazy without money .
NO MONEY , NO TALK right ?! :D
In order to buy a lot of things , i need to save save save.
Hahahs , hope i could really made my promise (:

Fourth thing ;
Same old thing , but PLEASE HELP LEH x.x
Those who have already help in comment but not LIKE .
Please help me LIKE the picture , thank you very much (:

Thanks lots for those who already helped me in
Commenting & Liking the picture (:

Last thing ;
Nowadays , my face got some small pimples , Zzzz .
Cause i ate too much of fried food , 5 times a week leh -.-
LOL , so now i need to cut down on it .
Or else my face 没脸见人, hahas kidding :/

Okie done ! (:
Now back to actual update alright :]
Today morning to afternoon , stayed at home .
Spend my whole time watching tv shows on mobtv , hahas .
Oh ya , the noob mobtv doesn't have 7pm show (mon-fri).
Zzzz , cheat my feelings , wait for so long for this show.
BUT in the end nothing came out ):
Lol , after tat meet up with yihan , went to Yishun .
Shop awhile , yihan wanted to go guilin hill or smth.
So troublesome , tsktsk :x , then went lors .
Went there feed tortises but in the end no turtles to be found.
LOL , but still got some las , sianns .
Heart to heart talk with yihan for 2hr , pro right ?
Then around 5pm , pester yihan to pei me go lot 1.
Walked walked then sun bian to arcade , LOL .
Actually wanna play but yihan dun allow ):
She says i spent too much money liao , lmaos .
Around 6pm , reached home !

Some random pictures :O

The tortoise eating the bread :D
Nice scenery :]

看到你, 有怎样?
就算你有看到我, 你的心里有没有我?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everyone backstabs each other, it's just that
When you dun accuse them without proof,
Talk bad about them behind their backs with irrelevant info.
And act like u like them alot infront of them,
Is the time u really need to reflect on yourself

HEYHEY readers ! Just a quick update will do .
Holy mama, i haven eat my dinner okay , sadded T.T
Ohh yea , my 2nd sister is indeeed crazy .
Maybe her past lives is a crazy woman ? LOL , i am mean.
But seriously , she just bought 2 clothes , 2shorts , 1 pair of slippers.
Overall she spent 200 bucks ? Wth .
And and she is now jumping with her new slippers , *laughs .
Actually still got one thing to say about her ,
But i think it's not appropriate to say here , sorry.
Anyway i'm really gg to quit this *()&$%#@ jobs .
Hope to find one soon ! (Thank god)
And i have been spending ALOT of money during holidays .
Almost going to hundred bucks on FOOD again -.-
I really think i am sick , LOL .
Hahahas , today went to tampinies right in the morning .
You all must be thinking that i'm crazy .
And i really am , LOL , my mum want me to go with her.
Cause we gg to my aunt ; friend house , kinda big link ?
LOL , reached there around 9am , slack at there.
Until 10am , went to find my dear cousin Kaiyun !
Hahhas , we went to alot of shopping malls to shop.
But all i spent my money on was FOOOOD ! *Laughs
Spent around 10 bucks on food , *heartbreaks.
After tat went arcade to play a few games .
Then went to find mummy @ her fren house .
LOL , around 3pm reached CCK , went to find xiaohui.
Was quite angry with her cause she was late >:(
But after tat ok liao , LOL , went to arcade again.
@5.30 pm reached home (:

Okie done , off to dinner , toodles :K

Friday, November 13, 2009

At this dark moment ,
Someone brought me a rainbow .
I'm looking for that someone .

Hello peepos ! It's been how many earth days since i didn't post.
Hahahs , almost gg to mia , have that idea in my mind :O
Firstly !
I have gain weight , god damm it.
Need to go swimming or a run SOON , tempted for swimming.
Oh YES ! I want to play GOLF , it's so freaking cool.

I need a haircut , CONFIRM PLUS CHOP , i need it!
LOL, wanna try a new haircut , maybe cut short?
Hahahas , just hope my hair dun curl after haircut can liao.

Thirdly ,
I am broke like (*)&*^$#@, need URGENT work .
I am not those child that took money from parents , *no offence.
Wanna earn more money , so that i could buy more clothes.
My mum forbid me to buy clothes , she says i have too much ):
Maybe gg to work @ mac :O

Fourthly ,
My handphone is in a deeep trouble :I
It kept on lagging without reasons , when msging .
Very very disturbing , and freaking irritated by my phone.
Hope i could change to a new phone (:

Lastly ,
I am going to quit my job , that promoter job .
It's so damm freaking cheater , and i hate that boss.
On wed , i just go collect my money and tata .
Not gg to work because it's not worth at all >:(
Rack up all my brains , cells dying in immediate effect .
LOL , any job offers ? :X

Now gg to update about yesterday !
A brief update!
Woke up at 10.30am , kinda late uh ? :/
Quickly brush up , went to meet my dear classmates .
After tat ate kfc, then went to watch 2012 !
A very scary but nice movie, will rate it 9/10 .
Hahahs got one part v. sadd , nearly cried .
Got one part where everything collapse , that scene was cool.
The whole theatre was damn silent , all shocked le bah?
After tat went to arcade , played ddr & racing cars.
Played with 2A guys , hahas , kinda own them .
Dun be surprised :D , alvin still the pro-est .
Hehehs then went to jamie house's void deck .
Played ice-man with them , fun though (:
After tat went home lerr ...

Today ! :)
Woke up at 9am , damn tired cause had a hard time trying to sleep.
LOL , maybe because of the movie ? :O
After tat went to meet up with jiaying , went cathay .
Boss was late , damn pissed but he was sick las.
Lol , nvm , then went to plaza sing , promote cards.
No one seems interested okay , sians T.T
Went arcade , played juke box(correct spelling)? & Basketball .
Very fun , kinda addicted to jb , LOL .
Spent 5 bucks playing without earning a single cent -.-
After tat went to to eat lunch , then went to bugis.
To try our luck , luck 0 ! ): Didn't sell a single card .
Haish , around 3 , took train back cause dun wanna work ..
Totally moodless cann , this job is really damn hard.
After tat boss called us back because cards reported missing .
Which is WTH las -.- , we already reached yew tee .
And now we're taking train back , stupid right ?
Reached cathay around 6pm , just a short brief by boss.
Then can go liao , seriously wasted my time =="
Raining so heavily that i got half-drenched , *rawr
Was shivering inside the bus , damn cold .
Around 7pm , reached home ..

Okie done with my post.
Toodles <3>

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ohh ya , did you all go to the website to LIKE & COMMENT?
If haven , PLEASE DO SO , tyvm .
The like columm is beside the comment columm .
If you all cannot find , please tell me .

真的谢谢你们 :D

Hey hey ! Sierra is back in action :D Just finished downloading google chrome , not bad.
Although its abit lagg but slightly better than google bah?
LOL , sounds insulting ? Sorry then .
Anyway, today i didn't go for work * weets.
But staying at home is really gg to kill me.
Today , my mum keep nagging on me about the choosing results .
FYI ; I chose A maths which i think it won't be possible to be in.
So maybe i will choose POA bahh , hahas .
Zzz , she kept worrying about my studies , can't stand it.
LOL ,just kidding nahh . But she seems like she overdo it :O
Nvm , after 16 november , i am gonna be free.
Dun ask me why , will tell you on 16 november :/
Today went to Causeway , kinda suay (idk why)
Went straight to arcade , hahahs , usual routine.
Played basketball , ddr , then i forgot liao .
The ddr machine damm cool but the keys got prob -.-
Pekcek ><>< class="Apple-style-span" size="large">

Hmm , i got a very "act cute" picture for my dear spammers.
Please use your BIG eyes to see or wear specs .
If blind , then too bad .
Make sure you all comment on this photo hor , piggies .
Must listen to master okie ! Must comment or else no food :D
And spamm more in my tagboard , dun spamm so little.
OMG , my nuffang is increasing thanks to u all.
Hit up to 600 los , wow ._.
Thanks buddy :]

TADA! Ehh , i specially make big for you all lehh.
Never thank me ): Tsktsk .
Dear READERs , dun see this photo kayys .
It's only for my piggies to see , hahahahas .

By then , my piggies will comment on this photo liao .
Then i will delete , sorry for the inconvenience , dear READERS .

Monday, November 9, 2009

That is the picture that you're gonna comment about it

Hello peepos ! PLEASE DO ME A FAVOUR .

Click on this link down there ...

(This is not a virus, tyvm. )

And please LIKE it & COMMENT On this picture .
If you are not sure whether you comment the correct pic ,
The picture up there is the one you click on it.

If you all do not know how to do , please ask me .
Through msn or anything , hahahas .

Your help will be greatly appreciated by me (:
Thanks lots .
It's finally time to give up on you .
Wish you good luck with your girl (:

Hello peepos ! (: I'm back for a short update .
Later gg to lam soon , i swear i'm gg to play like crazy.
Haishh , my mum kept on pressing me to study for next year.
Dun really care , LOL , cause i hate studying .
I'm only interested in maths , not others , hahahas.
*Sighh , i'm so freaking bored now , rotting to death .
My mum's busy with her housechores that she doesn't want to go out .
Ahhhhs , and now i am spending my time at home with her.
LOL , later will help her with chores bahh .
Sianns , i need JOBs ! Now this job of mine is no good .
And plus now my voice became like mans one , totally out.
By saying the truth , its hard to sell cards .
FYI - It's best to stay out of this kind of jobs.
Kill all your brains & cells , LOL .
Haish , nothing much to say ler .

Bye bye (:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

When you're good , people sticks around you.
When someone is better than you ,
You'll find none beside you.
This is how cruel the reality is .
You could only accept it .

Okayy , back to blogging ! I'm finally back yea.
After decades , i am finally able to blog .
These day , i am so busy with going out , working .
So damm freaking boring and i kept on spending money .
ESP on food ): , ZZz , i am such a glutton .
Now i calculate the amount of money i spent per week.
And the outcome was ; 40 BUCKS particularly on food .
Now monday , wed , friday , i have to work .
HYMPH >:( , kinda guilty towards my mum & dad.
Cause didn't spend much time with them even its holiday .
LOL , maybe will quit this job & find another one .
So i can spend my weekends with them , hahahahas :]

Yesterday ! :]
Woke up at 9.30am , dressed up , prepared .
Around 10am , went to cck mrt station to meet cliques.
Found out that i'm the first to reach there , LOl.
At first i even tot i went to the wrong place , how blur am i.
While fumbling my phone to ring someone else , pk came.
Hahas , thank goodness & i was assured that the place was right.
Trained to ESCAPE with ---
Claire , Bernice , Jamie , Jiawen , Nicole , Pk , Zhiyong , Danielle, Simon , CY, Marvin .
After tat sophia & yijia joined us at pasir ris.
Bought tickets through a auntie which lessen our budget .
Unfortunately ; inverter & rainbow were in maintenence .
And there were only left a few games to play , kinda sad.
LOL , we went in to the haunted house for 3 times .
Wth , very scary sia , and i lost my voice because of it.
Kept on screaming & screaming until voiceless .
Pro right , LOL x.x , due to this .
All my other games , i have no voice to scream .
We played alot of games except gold cart , awwww.
Too many people liao , so decided not to play T.T
After we went out to have our lunch , saw a group of ppl.
ALL ANGMOHS , omgomg ! *Faints .
Damm shuai cann ; caught a guy in blue shirt .
Totally smitten by him cann , how i wish they could stay here foreva.
LOL , FYI - I'm interested in angmohs .
Hahahs , we sort of stalk him nahh , OPS ;x
Actually wanted to take a picture with him but in the end failed.
Around 8pm , leave the place then went to eat dinner.
After tat went arcade to play until 9 plus .
Slept at 12.30 am (:

Today ! :)
My face was in deep trouble ):
I got deep eyebags and my double eyelid doesn't want to come out.
So my eyes looks so listless and stupid , LOL .
Actually dun planned to work today but too bad must work x.x
Trained to dobby ghaut , took the cards from manager.
Went to bugis to try out luck in selling the cards .
In the end didn't even sell one -.-
Plus today , my mood wasn't good enough to smile .
So maybe the cause of it cause me to sell none
Around 4pm , trained back , slept through the way.
Reached home @ 5pm .

Yijia , Me , Jiawen , Bernice , Sophia (:
The terrorists ! LOL , no las , our classmates.
The girl was blocking our view , aw .
LOL , funniest was they use shirt to cover their head.
Lastly ;
I WANT TO THANK MY FELLOW FRENS . (Sounds like speech)
To ....
Yijia , Jamie , Dennie , Clarise , Jiaying , Jessica, Bowen , Jeremy ,Nicole
Passerby , Bernice, Eunice, Xiaohui , Ziying , Wk , Amanda, Shimin .
If i miss anyone out , do tell me kayys !
Sorry cause i got stm , yaa bear with me ><
And and i'm sorry for getting you all into this trouble .
Really really really very SORRY ! @.@

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seriously , those spammers in my blog really failed their job .
English really cmi sia , hypocrite also can spell wrong .
I think they still study in primary sch so no wonder so immature.
Keep calling my frens when they themselves are dogs .
Tell them to add me in msn , dun dare add , COWARD .
Why should i continue scolding them when they are useless ?
Maybe i should delete this tagboard ? Hmm sounds great.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Explain the love .
HELLO PEEPOS ! I'm here to update .
Since my tagboard is so lively , i decided to post everyday .
Today didn't successfully rot at home , hahahas .
Morning went to lot 1 arcade , played 2 games of ddr .
Sians didn't pass sunkiss , AWWWWWWWW :I
After tat went shopping with mum @ lot 1 .
Then went to buy lunch , homed after it .
Around 4 pm , went to lam soon with jamie .
Actually planned to play sports but god dun allowed .
It was raining cats & dog outside , sadded T.T
In the end we just sit down there , slack .
After tat went home ler ^&^
Special msg to JAMIE & READERS.
Spammers are definetely allowed to read :D
Ignore those spammers tagg las , kids are like this :/
Don't you know they haven grow up ? :O
We are adults liao so dun need to calculate so much with them .
As long as we know who is the real dogs , can liao ^&^
I told them to spam more & spam enjoyably .
They really did sia ! OMG , so obedient (:
Just imagine the spammers are dogs that bark for food .
It's ok one nahh , give them eat toilet papers also can .
But i think they 连狗都不如 sia , nvm .
Since they admitted they are dogs , lets just go with it .
Anyway they are the ones that makes my tagboard lively.
I should thank them for that alright .

Sophia , your house here ? :O
Hehes gtg le ..
Await for more kiddish taggs , will be coming up soon .
Cause i told them so (:

HEYYO peeepos , Sierra is back in action ^&^
Because of the spammer , i will continue my daily blogging .
Who cares about him / her ? I dun give a damm .
His/ Her taggs will only motivate me and make me grow stronger .
Carry on with my own update :D

Yesterday ;
Went to the cathay to meet boss , got some announcement made .
After tat went to bugis street to sell the cards .
ShiMin 's cousin and her friends help me to buy the cards.
AWW ,so nice of them ^&^.
Then went to sg plaza to sell cards , not really great there .
In the end we sold 6 cards altogether *weets
Really BIG thanks to those kind souls that helped us (:

Today ;
Will be staying at home , rotting .

To that spammer ;
Ya , so what if last time my attitude sucks like shit .
So what if they create CFDD , i still carry on with my own life rite .
I have been trying hard to change and forget the past .
WHY you keep gorging out my past and say all those hurtful things ?
After u said , you will feel more shuang or what ?
I also dun even know you , i never even offend you .
Yes , i maybe bad & bitchy & bimbo in the past .
But now , I CHANGED , i got new frens .
I got a new life , how about you ?
Spamming other people blog ? Calling people names ? Insulting ppl ?
You call this life ?
Seriously , i really dunno why u wan to spam ppl blog .
Why can't you just live ur own life ?
Just by insulting ppl , spamming blog , you think its fun?
Does you know , your words already hurts people feelings again & again .

And one more thing ;
Before you say my attitude sucks ,
Before you say i am ugly ,
Before you say i am a bitch ,
Before you say i need to grow up ,

PLEASE think of yourself before saying others .
If you think you are ,

Prettier than me ,
Attitude marvellous ,
Not a bitch / bastard/ bimbo ,
Grow up already ,

When you yourself is carrying a childish acts ?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To that ALIBABA ;

Seriously what is wrong with you spammers .
CHILDISH thinkings , only know how to spam ppl .
Dun even dare to write ur name down -.-
And when did i ever say i gg to fuck with jiahao / eugene ?
Please las , who is the one that is acting crazy here ?
Anyhow come ppl blog spamm , immature lahh dey .
And so what if my pictures are like shit ?
I post also not for you to see , you comment so much for .
My face machiam dog ? Then ur face machiam shit .
No wonder i think ur face v. familiar when i look into the toilet bowl .
And you have no right to give me a lesson .
You yourself should reflect on yourself las , kns .
Go look urself in the mirror before insulting others las .
And i am not those cheap girls that offers sex , thank you .
Somemore you also dunno me , how u know i fk b4 ?
Auntie / Uncle , say ppl must got PROOF one mah .
You got proof ahh ? :O , come spamm more las .
I will watch out specially for you ^&^

I wan ask you a question -
What is LA CHI ?Seriously , i think ur eng fail badly .
Please quickly seek for a tution teacher or either kill urself .
And LA CHI QUEEN got link to LAI CHIEN QIN mehh ?
Zzz , you call me bitch ? Then what are you ?
Annd you say i like to por ppl ? LMAOS ,
Seems like spammers like you really failed .

Lastly ,
Knn , idoilt , you wan scold me then scold me las .
WHY LINK TO MY DAD ? I tell you one thing .
Even if u wan fuck my dad , my dad ALSO DUN WAN fuck you nah .
SICKO , spammers like you only think of por-ing ppl lanjiao .
Why don't you try it urself ? Maybe you will like it ^&^

Get out of my blog las .
Nothing better to do , bunch of shits .
Waste my time .

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No longer matters .
HEYYOOO ! Sierra is back in action ^&^
I am so busy these few days , freaking busy x.x
Not enough time to even sleep alright , how pathetic .
LOL , have been trying to promote a pathetic card .
Killing all my patience , cells to sell this card .
Haish , ytd spent my big whole day at sg plaza.
But in the end also got 2 sales , how sad isit T.T
LOL , that means i only earn 13 bucks okayy .
Today went to civil defence course for npcc .
Quite boring las , somemore they show us some disgusted photos.
Seriously eeew , wonder whether i will have nightmare today.
LOL , sigh * , there goes my day ):
Tomr gg jurong point to sell cards , come support me ! :D
Hehehs gtg le , tata ! ^&^

Monday, November 2, 2009

Disappointed ..

Did i really changed ?
From the bad to worst ?
I can't believe you all kept so much of complains inside.
I tot you all would tell me everything .
But indeed i am wrong .
Then why didn't you all told me earlier ?
I feel like i am kept in the dark for everything .

I deserve it yea .

I deserve it .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I can no longer trust guys anymore .
Hihihi peepos ! (:
I am back from workie ! *Tired
Today woke up at 8am , very pro right :/
Hahahs , actually need to meet up with jiahao they all at 9.30 .
But Jiahao bomb me ): Zhu dabian .
Lucky jiaying pei me nor , so we walked around lot 1.
Until 11am then went to meet up with them again.
Took bus to there , waited for the manager .
So slow one !~ Waited around 1h for him , zzzz .
After tat chit-chatt , he tell us the techniques of promoting .
Then went for a trial , failed quite badly .
Cause didn't even sold one , i think its because the info is insufficient .
LOL , after tat waited for the boss to come .
Like thousand years passed le , then he came .
Around 1hr talk , went back home ...
Lol , actually planned to pei my daddy go out .
But because of this training , in the end i bomb my dad.
LOL , he was angry with me ):
Until i bought smth for him to eat , then he ok ler.
Hahahs this holiday gonna be DAMM busy ..
One week need work 3 days , awwwwwwwwwwww.
There goes my holiday but i hope it is futile nahh .
Okie gtg , tata !