Thursday, December 31, 2009

If only you can choose the tea you want.

HELLO peepos , tomr is my "luckiest day " .
FYI ; i'm not a good mood now.
Morning smth small happen so delayed the time .
Actually was planning not to go to ahma canteen ler .
But in the end i still went , (for the sake of )
Which is ; My mum , who kept on urging me to go .
Then fine , i went there & did nothing .
No chores for me to do except killing flys .
How pathetic las , ZZzz .
Sunday gg to take pay , yeah that's it .
After tat went to meet xiaohui , take presents .
Then went with jiaying & ruben' co .
Went to timah , actually plann to play pool but full -.-
So in the end played audi , quite fun .
And i love the keyboard @ there , it's super good can .
(How i wish i can bring it back home ;/)
Around 7pm , went home .

Okie done .

Really hate my character .
Overreacted, stupid , lazy , straightforward , level-headed .
But yknow what ? You sucks more than me .
No guts -______________________-

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nowadays , internet is slightly better (thank god man)
Not to forget to mention that blogger is GREAT TOO !
Anyway today didn't went to ahma canteen *weets .
Everyday dread of going there , how pathetic it is ? ):
Luckily , tomr will be the last day @ there .
Shall quit my life of sleeping / waking up early !
Ohh yea, my 2nd sis just bought a hula hoop .
Worth for 50bucks cann, i help her xin tong .
LOL , cause she wanna get rid her stomach fats , crazy yea ?
Although its crazy but i will join her for this .
Seems like i'm in a good mood , beats me why am i like this .
Todayy is a fun & INDEED busy day .
Morning , meet up with yihan , went lot 1 .
After tat she went my house watch mobtv .
Then around 1 plus , went lot to have my lunch.
Around 2 pm , went to meet with jamie they all while she fly home .
OPS , did i mention she can fly ? Hahahas .
Watched Alvin & the chipmunks 2, awesome (:
It's really a nice show although i think it's childish .
Hahahs , i love the smallest one , it's soo damm cute :/
After tat played ddr 2 creds with xiaohui .
And 1 credit with CHEN YI JIA , hahahs.
So damm freaking tired cann , energy all lost liao.
LOL , (hope i wont get muscle aches tomr ):)
After tat went to roof garden to slack , cam-whore abit .
Then pei CHEN YI JIA go post office , send smth .
Went cotton on ,bought one jacket , nice nice ^&^
Then went jamie house , played with her sister .
Damm cute cann , i'm surprised that she still remembers me!
*Cheers , after tat went home .
Tomr gg to play pool , TOODLES :D

不吵, 行吗?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009







My new heels *weets .



Okie done ! Will update tomr :D
Tata !

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today internet is such a noob.
Can't even reload a simple page , wtf -___-
Everyday , the internet became lagger & lagger .
And i'm the only one here screaming like a mad woman .
Seriously , what's wrong with the internet ?
I'm going to be crazy if this carry on ..
GRR , stupid shit >.<

Actually today was supposed to be my good day .
Okay it should be lucky day though .
1) Got 10 bucks free from ahma .
2) Went home early
3) Found a new pair of high heels on my table (i like it)
4) Didn't cut my hand while cutting those veget.

1) The stupid internet
2) Hurt my middle finger

Counted as lucky day yea ? L:
Hahahas , now my mood is much better :D
Because the internet is better (but still missing some parts)
HOPEfully , i could successed in uploading my pics up .
If not , too bad .

Hmm shall i start updating about ytd & today ?
Yes / No
:D (Made the descision with my own intelligence (kidding)
Alright , ytd night went to my popo house .
Having a great bbq @ the park there .
My cousins were so sweeet that they prepare games for us (:
The prizes were awesome :]
Actually didn't help much in the bbq except...
EATING !That's it .

Hahahas , i really did help a lot in eating .
Played swing 2 times but not enyjoyably .
Cause there're childrens staring at me with the big eyes .
You know ? Hahahas , that's kinda sad .
After tat went to supermarket , get ready to ..
EMPTY MY DAD'S pocket , bought a lot of things .
Then went their house slack awhile .
9 plus reached home.

One word ; Great :/

How about today ?
Hahahas , today was F.I.N.E .
Except those unlucky things i mention on top .
Didn't fall asleep while working *claps .
Hahahas , but it's really bored there .
Luckily i brought my homework along .
Did 2 jianbaos , pro hor ? :I
Now i'm only left with 1 jianbao , 1 heymaths test .
*PHEW , finally finished part of the holidays homework.
Around 7 plus, reached home .
And now i'm here stuck with this stupid comp .
With the laggy internet , you know?!

Yesterday , happened to watch this show called FLIGHT 29 DOWN .
I guess most of you all already watched this show ler .
And i saw this guy , damm shuai .
Hahahahs , i know i'm lame .
But i wanna show you his picture .
FYI , his name is Jeremy James Kissner .

Click click .

But i'm sorry to tell you that this picture of his is seriously not nice .
I will find some nicer ones when the internet is ready .
Okie i shall really stop my craps .
Cause it's really nothing to crap about now.
Hey , do read the post & click on my nuffang ads!
P& T , cause i really spent time blogging this .
Pictures tomr :D
HAHAHS , so toodles ! :D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

HELLO peepos ! I'm update-ing my blog again .
FYI , i am a good girl :]
Wonder why internet is so sucky today -____-
Today i am a good girl . (UH OH i said it twice)
I was rotting @ home for the WHOLE day .
Actually wanna play pool but suddenly back out .
Haishh , life is so boring ! >:(
The thought of working on mon really makes me sick .
Really hate working in my ahma canteen las x.x
Anyone could lend me psp ?
Tomr gg to cc there , family's bbq .
Hope it would be fun nahh , then need to sleep early tomr .
Cause need to wake up @ 6am the next day .
Sob sob T.T
And i really need to work on my homework ASAP .
You know , or else i will be dead man .
Nothing much to say liao , goodbye :E

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wow , christmas is finally here!
Time passes so fast , a year is ending soon again .
I bet you all received quite a number of christmas present yea.
Hahahs *high five
Yeaa , and holidays is ending real soon .
Anyone finished their homework already ? :O
If there is , thousand claps for her/him .
I'm still left with PLENTY of it , serious .
I'm not kidding okayy ._.
Left with 3 jian baos , 1 maths test .
Hope i could finish by the end of the year.

Nothing much to post so post about my plans.
Dun mind yea? :/
Tomr ' Going to play pool (maybe)
Sunday ' Family's bbq
Monday ' Whole day work
Tuesday ' Whole day work
Wednesday ' Out with dennie they all for movie
Thursday ' Half-day work , free in the afternoon
Friday ' Sis bdae , maybe gg out .

I'm so damm busy cann .
So consider that i dun hab time to do homework .
Seriously doesn't wan to work anymore in my ahma canteen .
So damm freaking bored & sianns cann .
Plus need to wake up @ 6am in the morning .
Went home only @ 8pm , so damm tired ):
Haishhh T.T
Hahahas , shall stop the craps .
Anyway just came back from lot 1 .
Today spent quite a lot of time playing comp .
Actually should be spending time watching the show .
I'm so damm into it cann , damm it -.-
Hahahs but it's worth it las .
Now i dun even care a hoot about mobtv :P
Morning , daddy drive us to a remote place which have a open house there.
Sold pillows & stuff , quite cheap luhh .
In the end we bought 5 pillows , LOL .
Crazy yea ?? I think it's my dad not me L:
Spent almost hundreds @ there , my dad kept on complaining .
LOL , after tat use comp till evening .
Went to lot 1 to shop shop , actually nth much .
Bought a black shorts & a comb .
Lmaos , actually wanna buy log cake but mum dun allow .
So in the end my mum bought a small one for me.
Hahahas , after tat went home .
And now i'm back :D

One question to ask
: (A lame one)
Heard from my dad that someone went to my house ytd .
Around 6pm in the evening .
He say it's a boy who knock on the living room door for umpteen times .
But too bad i'm not at home and sadly my dad is sleeping .
So he didn't came to the door and doesn't know who the person is.
If it was you , please kindly tell me .
Hahahas , tyvm :D
Sorry about the late update of pictures.

I support SG!
Free drink :]
Hhaahs show u my teeth :D
HAPPY birthday to YIHAN :D




The lights.
Drinks .
Colourful yea?

OKayy here comes the update of ytd .
Yesterday was quite a fun day , hahas.
Went to work half day .
Then went home prepared , make my way to mrt station.
Dennie, Yijia , Wk gave me presents on that day when i'm gg shopping.
LOL , i can't possibly bring that to orchard yea.
But anyway thanks , i love it ! :D
Then my lucky star came which is XIAOHUI .
Hahahs , she helped me bring back after much consideration.
Around 3.30pm , saw andy quek @ there , suay ah .
Hahahas , then bused to orchard .
Went shop shop around , cam-whore quite a lot .
Time passes real fast man , went for dinner .
After tat me & jamie went with the guys .
While the rest of the girls went to ions .
Actually wanna play ddr @ arcade BUT.
Too bad ,i'm wearing dress so can't play.
Sadded , then went lanshop play for 1h .
Thanks to pk who treat us so generously .
Hahahs , after tat went to meet claire around 9 plus .
Orchard was so damm crowded that we can't even move nor .
Kept on stopping , kept on getting squeeze by other people .
There's one time when i was stuck in between -.-
Luckily jamie pull me or else i will be stuck.
LOL , then got one indian behind us .
Kept on pushing us , leaning on us -.-
Damm disgusting las , i punch his stomach & step his foot .
Cause he kept on squeezing us nahh , Zzzz .
After a long time , we finally walked to the bus-stop .
Finally met up with claire they alll , hahas .
Then took bus home , saw sister on the way back home .
Hahahas , okie some pictures for you all to see .
Enjoy ~
Didn't take much cause hp low batt ):
Wow .
Me & Jamie .

Okie done , goodbye <3

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heartless , knew it .

Yeaaa , HELLO peepos !
Have to apologise that there's currently no time for pictures .
Cause i'm really rushing for time .
*Promise that i will update all the pictures by tomr .
But be prepared that it will be tons .
Hahahs then my blog will have a lot of pics ..
So pictures tomr , talkings today ! :D

I shall just have a brief update of what's gg on today .
Basically , morning woke up by my dear neighbour .
After tat went to yihan's house @11am .
Slack around , then went lot 1 to meet eunice .
Finally we three finally met except jacinda , sadd x.x
Then bought hp pouch for yihan , after tat went to arcade .
Played jukebox , tap the faulty machine .
Luckily the person gave me another cred , thanks god .
After tat eunice & yihan went my house .
Then went for my last injection with sis .
Around 2 plus , eunice went home while we went to ktv .
The kbox fees was damm freaking ex .
They put $18/80++ per person .
But the actual fee was $27.70 , crazy right ?
So in the end we went to ktv , which was like 16 bucks per .
Not bad luhh , but the songs were quite old .
Sang like damm high -.-" , wonder the other side got complain or not .
WE were even warned to not stand on the sofa .
But we continue standing & sang even louder .
Although it was quite boring for 2 person , but it was quite fun.
Sang birthday song for her cause tome is her big day!
Hahahs she should be born 1 day later as people can count down for her.
No it should be the whole world will be counting down for christmas.
LMAOS , but too bad x.x
After singing , went to coffee shop eat dinner .
The food there was like totally cmi , wonder did they even know how to cook .
Then on the way back , yihan tried to send me pics.
But failed , idk why .
Hahahas , shall kope from her facebook profile bahh ;x
So pictures tomr , talkings today ! :D

Anyway just wanna introduce this 7pm show @ channel u.
It's like damm nice las .
Totally into it O.O

Okie gtg , mum's nagging !
Tata <3
, i'm so freaking bored now ! ):
Woke up @ 8am today just because of my neighbour .
Wanna ask you guys a question .
If you see your neighbour/ own house have this criteria
- Lights all out .
-Door closed
-Windows closed
-No music/ sound.

It's really quite obvious that no one is in right ?
But then my freaking neighbour kept on knocking my door & window .
Which is like wtf , early in the morning , knock simi sai -.-
Zzzz , really damm pissed with her .
This is not the first time of waking me up , for god sake ):
Yea , and my eyebags are coming out , panda eyes is finding me too .
Cause i need to wake up @6am , slept at 12pm .
But i spent almost an hr in the day to sleep .
Hahahs cause my work is slack one wor .
Only some couple of hours are busy ya .
So count me lucky alright ....
This holiday , i already gained 3 kg mann .
God damm it , >.<

Ya and now my computer is breaking down .
So i need to post as much as i can .
Next time maybe when it happens , you wan me post also can't liao.
Hahahahas , so bear with my rants las :/
Later i'm gg to meet with yihan & eunice .
After tat gg to kbox with yihan .
LOL , tmr is her's birthday .
And i'm gg to be broke again , LOl .
So many birthdays coming up at the end of the year.
Luckily , i got work or else i'm gg to be dead .
No work , No money . No money , No talk .
Hahahas , that's what i already said .
FYI , i'm not a money face person (mind you) .

:D Okie done with my post .
Still got one part haven write which is this .
This is optional , i think readers better dun see .

Efforts gone to waste .

Okay , someone suggested for a celebration for 2A people .
So this celebration became true .
Sophia , Yjia, Bernice and me helped to send the relay msg to all of them .

Part of it didn't reply .
Part of it didn't care a hoot .
Part of it just concerned kaypo of who's gg when they dun plan to go .

We planner got retribution instead of kindness .
Phone bill bomb, waste our time , efforts gone .

SO .
What's this las ? Dun wanna go , just bother to reply NO .
What's the meaning of not replying ? Going or not ?
You can just dump ur phone into the toilet bowl & flush it away .

Forget it , our kindness you dun care .
We shall go ourselves without those selfish freaks .
Just think that we're planning for only those ppl that are gg .

Thanks to those people that even replied my msg / tell me you're gg or not .
It's okay if you cannot go or dun wanna go .
At least you all bother to reply not like them .
Thanks a ton .

Anyway this are all my rants / complain .
I'm just pissed with those selfish freaks.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Guys ; Green tea kills sperms , beware! :P
Too bad , we girls could drink it , ahahahs.

Anyway today is a long & busy way .
Went for work in my ahma canteen , totally -___-.
Damm unlucky , nothing gone right today .
Woke up @ 6am in the morning , crazy yea?
Then reached there , helped to prepare stuffs .
Learn quite a lot of stuffs like :
Fried food
Cutting vegetables
My maths level gone up !
Hahahas , got a lot of bruises and cuts .
Hahs , i am always like this .
Helped to sweep & mop the floor , serve customers & wash dishes!
Like so damm tired cann , stand the whole day -.-
But luckily i got time to do my homework .
Finished up part of my maths homework , not planning to finish le.
Hack care , muhahahahas.
One thing that made me enjoyable is when i kill mosquitoes .
Seriously , the mosquitoes is a lot !
And i killed almost 10 of it , kinda feel bad >.<
Worked around 7 plus , uncle drove me back home ..


Now some random pictures for you all to see .
Enjoy ! :]

See what i have done to the ground .
Was supposed to throw the remains inside the bucket .
But instead it went to the floor x.x
The wonders of broom .
I cut these three kinds of vege , pro hor ? :P
Guess what's this ??

Okie , done with my post !
Tata <3

Saturday, December 19, 2009

YOOOHOOO ! Hello peeepos , i'm finally blogging .
Quite busy these days 0.0
Haven't even finished my holiday homewk , 怎么办?
It's like tons of it , *headache .
I think i'm going to skip maths , (cause that's the most)
Yaa , and why my freaking blogsong cannot be played ahh ?
Damm it man , i wanna listen one eh ! >:(
Yijia's finally back from TAIWAN , damm long cann .
Lucky she came back before Christmas or else ....
Muahahahahahas ,:O
O.O , got one thing to say ..
Tyvm .

Yesterday , had a great fun with jiaying & ruben'co .
Celebrate birthday with him , bought chocolates for me (:
Went to blk 443 , slacked for 1 h -.-
Then cab to timah centre .
Went to play pool, my first time wor ._.
Totally cmi >< , so embarrassed , hahas .
Around 8pm , went to cck centre ate dinner .
Ate 2 bowls of rice *showing off , hehes .
Had a sumptuous meal (thanks to ruben)
AT night went home liao !

Later i'm gg to timah to play pool again .
OMG , i'm so obsessed in pool now .
Muahahahaahs .
Goodbye <3>

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Seriously , my computer really need to go for surgery .
Took thousand years for it to load for just one sickening website .
Pissed -.-
But anyway i shouldn't be angry for the time being.
Cause i need the happy mood to blog about today.
Oh yeahh ? :B
Today is my daddy which is my grandfather/grandmother son , mummy's husband .
(Hah , shall cut the crap)
In phrase it should be ; Today is my dad's birthday ! <3
Although it's a sad thing that we didn't get to celebrate today .
But sunday will be the day to repay back .
Hahahs , and fortunately i'm half way better than ytd .
Hate the feeling of being sickkk . >:(
Will be recovering soon thanks to all of your wishes + my families support.
Aww , i am getting more & more romantic ;x
Didn't went out in whole morning + afternoon .
Spent time watching tv +keeping company with mum today .
Evening , went to arcade with xiaohui for 1h :x
DDR seriously can't make it ler due to
- My flu (Kept on sneezing)
- Key got problem .
Kinda pissed after playing , hahahas .
After tat went ntuc, bought daddy fav. salad .
Then went home :D
Gave daddy present , he doesn't seem to like it.
But i know deep in his heart , he love it to the max!~ :P

Nice mahh ?

Hahahas , Hope daddy will be the happiest today :D
Anyway my songs players seems to have a problem to play .
Kinda missed my blogsong , HAHAHS (shy*)
ZZzzz , when is yijia coming back ? SO LONG ONE AH .
Lol paiseh , random >.<
Hao le , nothing much to talk about ner .
Goodbye @.@

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sickk & Tired ...
Now i'm down with serious flu .
(Which idiot pass the illness to me >:()

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do i even have the courage to say ?

Hello everybody ! I'm here to flood my blog with pictures~
Hahahs i did make good my words by promising that i will update pics.

Enjoy ! :)
Different body /head.
Awesome :D
My big sis.
Candid (:
Last !
Them :O

Okayy , i got smth funny to share with you all.
Kinda unglamm/funny/stupid/Lame .

Count to 3! :D




My unglamm .

Credits ; My Big Sister .