Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Really want to know the answer

ANYEONG everyone, I'm back yea~
FYI ; I had just change my blog songgggg.
So yup, do listen while reading okay!!
Actually by now, IT'S JUNE HOLIDAY already.
But we have INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAM until next monday.
I swear ISP is damn boring but the companion of frens makes life better (:
AT least there's no ENGLISH lesson (Y)
Ironically, i hope that ISP will not end. :/
Contradicting me, isn't it?
Hah, i just prefer gg to sch than staying @ home doing nothing.
& June holidays, i have promised my mum that I WILL NOT WORK.
So yup, i will be rotting @ home all day.
1 week at least stayed at home for 5 days, totally ...
I wonder how can i survive being like that, ROFL.
(I'm a person that detest staying at home all day long )
Feel like a complete robot if i'm like this.
Which i think i will change to a mugging machine during June holidays.
Hope i can work on my Science & English more.
Dun want to fail them ANYMORE >:(
Currently , i'm addicted to basketball!!!
Staying back after sch to play is like my daily routine.
But nowwww, i can't already ):
Cause i fell down like a flying ninja & got both of my knees scarred.
The injury wasn't that serious but after applying med,
It got worse -.-
Now i walked like a crippled fool, sian max x.x
& I dunno how can i survived tomr.
Climbing to 4th floor as my classroom is now stationed there.
Haish, 4th is so damn inconvenient nor ><

Enough of my rantings already!
Bye bye!!! 

OH!! forgot to mention this!!!
Sunday, stayed @ home all day BAKING THIS with mum...
Though it's not a tough process, it's tedious yea.
Spent a long time baking this x.x
Luckily the pineapple tarts are successful AWESOME , heh ^^

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hiiii, this is the first time i BLOGGED about L.O.V.E!
Firstly, I'm not in love or smth okay.
But just E.N.V.Y those people who are in love~
It's really damn lucky to like someone that like you too.
Which didn't happen to me actually x.x
(Referring to CRUSHS)~
What i mean by IN LOVE ; it's not one-sided.
It's two sided that both parties like each other.
Doesn't mean they must be together then counted as true love.
But i believe that as long as both think the same way ; it's LOVE.
Totally ENVY those people, they are god damn lucky please.
That's also due to fate that they can like each other @ the same timing.

Some of my frens i met occur this kind of thing quite often.
Thinking in my heart : " WHY ARE THEY SO LUCKY?! "
Hah, the reason i remain single is also because of this.
I want to find a person that like me @ the same time too.
The feeling that i want from the person i want.
So wish me best of luck that i can find one okie! (:

Just wanna tell the couples/ ppl in love that
It's like it only happen once in a blue moon ( for me)
Which i will waiting for the blue moon to appear, LOL

& for those people who are still finding their ideal one like me,
Be patient because one day it will be your turn.
Don't stead just for the thrill for it.
Stead because he is the reason that makes you happy.
If you do like someone now, it's best if you confess.
& Know what your ideal one is thinking.
If he/she doesn't like you, ERADICATE ALL THOSE FALSE HOPES.
Forget him/her thoroughly & move on (:
If he/she do like you, CONGRATS !!!
You belong to the 1st category already & god damn lucky :D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

S.P.O.R.T.Y me ^^

ANYEONG readers, I'm back yea~~~
Heheh, ytd's a S.P.O.R.T.Y day for me (Y)
Did 3 sports in one day, SUPER PROUD of myself.
It's been a long time since i do sports already...
Other than basketball with Classmates (:
Now I'm addicted to Basketball LIKE TOTALLY!
Dun ask me why cause i have no idea too...

Ytd - 25 May 2012
Cycled to teck whye market with Mummy!
So long never cycle already, DAMN SHIOK SIA ^^
Enjoy it totally ttm especially with the wind blowing @ you (
Like you are some big shot or smth )
*Hah, imaginations going wild again...
Then went to school for "Parent's meeting ".
Got back my report book, luckily didn't fail any.
But i drop my Humanities from A1 to B4 ):
Haish sad sad...
After that went to meet Eunice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Went to bukit panjang complex, weeee so nobody there (:
Hahah, as usual swam 10 laps & was tired beat.
Tried freestyle for just 1 lap & i was panting like shit.
Seriously, i suck at swimming freestyle ):
Then went to bpp kfc for dinner.
Hah, incessant complaints of kfc from me.
Then at night , went jogging !!!!
Actually it's more of strolling but got jog a bit lah :P

OKayy done with updating!
Tata, will update soon (:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ironic much

It's always like this.
I guess ; This conversation is referring to
No offence but GIRLS tend to say things INDIRECTLY.
They love to give hints & wanted their love ones to get it.
If their loved ones don't, they will  be sad max.
Like Poles repel, Unlike poles attract.
Opposite genders attract but their thinking aren't the SAME.
It's completely different .

For example,
The boy think that the world is round.
The girl think that the world is not .

It's always different.
So if you wan to know what a girl feels,
Take good notice of what her reply will be.
Normally, her reply will be OPPOSITE of what she exactly said.
Sometimes, Girls don't even mean what they say.
So it's not exactly 100% true .

Girls normally will only speak the truth to Girls.
So girls are able to understand girls better.
If you're a boy trying hard to understand a girl,
Then you're on the right track (:

PS// There are also possibilities that there are truthful girls in this world.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


RUNNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm i guess i have never done a PREVIEW of running man b4, isn't it?
Okayy why isit call RUNNING MAN?
Because it involves RUNNING (hah, like duh)
Shall rate it 9/10 for the show.
It's actually entertainment show & real addictive.
Once you watch the 1st, you will watch 2nd,3rd,4th...
It's now AIRED in every wednesday 9pm ( i think ) @ Channel U.
Or you can also watch it @

It's super nice okie, trust my taste (: 

Okayy why am i blogging about this suddenly?
Because our class 5A had the SPECIAL PRIVILEGE 
to PLAY RUNNING MAN organised by us !

It's a 1 hour running game.
So bascially we're split into 2 teams.
One Catcher & the Other Defender ' team.
The Catcher Team is supposed to catch all the defenders.
While the Defenders need to find things to complete the mission.
I'm actually in the Catcher team .
Okayy damn TIRING please, it's like RUNNING NON-STOP.
&your presence is definitely obvious enough due to the
So it's like the defenders obviously know where we are.
Basically , we just kept on running for the whole 1hour.
Kind of lifeless uh, but it's damn nice, i swear!!!

The proof of the bells attached on my legs~~
Actually the Defender team is also tiring also.
But at least they dun need to keep on running.
Hah, in the end THE DEFENDING TEAM WON!!!!
Actually was disappointed with the results .
But well , overall it was FUN & it's the fun that counts (:
Really enjoyed VERY VERY VERY much for this BP'S DAY.
& I'm so glad that my worries have ended (Y)

Learnt 2 lessons today :

  • Complacency KILLS so please dun be complacent or else you will regret.
  • In a game, there are no friends, no trust ; only ENEMIES.

Take a good look @ OUR FRONT CLASS TEE!!

Ending off with my happy face!
Tata ^^

Monday, May 21, 2012

Trying to control as much as i can

 HELLO everyone, I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okayy i think it's been 3 days since i last updated.
Sian, my blog posts dun have date -______-
Going to change my blog skin already (:

Haishh, still got 2 months more!!!
Then i can ditch my old phone already :P
Seriously, tbt my current phone, LOUSY MAX.
Wondering when can i change (*&*(%^@#%#@$#@!#!

BP DAY is 2 days later!!!
Okayy actually i'm really excited of the event.
But i'm truly concerned that problems will emerge that day.
It's okay that an event will always have problems.
But HOPEFULLY, it's not that kind of big problems.
Haish, i'm afraid that i had left out some * points.
Hope the event will be a SUCCESSFUL one.
Then i can rest in peace already x.x

Anywayy i'm broke TOTALLY.
Recently, just bought a swimming costume which cost $60++
Now need to pay for prom night $50
Ohh gosh, & I'M NOT WORKING.
So need to use my hard-earned savings *sobs
My savings is getting lesser & lesser ):
I guess it can't last for this whole year ; isn't it?
Then i'm so dead -_______________-

Love this bag ^-^
A sudden craving of liking ducks

Friday, May 18, 2012

I want to know

I'm sure many people will experience this feeling before.
It's truly irritating & tempting right?!!?!?
Want to know something , Afraid to ask.
Because you're AFRAID of the answer .
You're scared that the answer might not be the one you want.

Even if they are afraid, they will prefer the bad way.
They want to know the answer no matter what .
Because they dunno the impact they will get for the answer.
If the answer is good, good for them.
If it's bad, i swear they will REGRET like hell.
Then they will rather they dunno the answer right from the start.

If only, people don't have false hopes.
It's not the feelings that kill.
It's the false hopes that kill peoples' mind.
False hopes made you mad.
Sometimes you just dunno what you're doing.
Is the hopes really false or true?
You will not know until you know the answer.
Once you knew it, you will know whether it's true or false.

If you are given a chance to know/ don't know,
Would you prefer to know?
If it's me, i will take the bet.
my hopes can be either true or crashed.
Isn't that better? Rather than let your false hopes 
ACCUMULATING like ....???

Wednesday, May 16, 2012



HELLO peeps, I'm back yea!!!
Okayy i'm really tired now (PHYSICALLY)



Got so much to do & seriously not enough time to rest.
Still owe last week 's homework -______________-
Simply really TOO MUCH HOMEWORK that i really dun feel like doing
Next BP Day is up next !!!!
Of course , I'm excited for it.
But there are too much things to do that i simply
feel like giving up everything!
Well, it's just my rants so i dun mean what i say...
Somemore, just got back 1/2 of my common test results.
Thankfully , i passed my SCIENCE which i'm really surprised.
& I scored REAL badly for my English -.-
Overall, it's just lousy results that really made me feel so...
I hope all the problems will be resolved asap.
Because i\m breaking down ; into pieces.

One more thing that happen to me,
I swear i will fall...

Taken @ School (:

I can't control my feelings
It's really getting out of hand.
My mind wants me to but my heart doesn't.
So what can i do to let my heart follows my mind? 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Be thankful of what you have

I've learned to take things easy & let things go.
Destined to be yours will be always yours.
Destined to be others, you wouldn't get it no matter what.
No matter how hard you tried, the results will be the same.
Last time , i get jealous/ insecure REAL easily.
I always have things bothering up in my heart.
Getting fret over this & that, leading the worrying life.
Seriously ,i think because i still haven't grow up x.x
&&& I'm really afraid to lose any of my frens.
But now , i no longer do.
Because why ?!
If your frens wanted to go, there's no way of stopping them.
She/He once might stand an IMPORTANT role in your heart.
But now, you all are like strangers.
Which is DEFINITELY alright for me now.
Losing those that doesn't deserve me, WHY SHOULD I CARE?
Just let them go & hack care them.
Without them, YOU MIGHT BE EVEN BETTER?!?!

So yup, Take it easy.
It's normal to have your frens drifting away from you.
Tell yourself : It's okay.
Don't be sad that it's gone but happy that new frens will come :)
Having little friends is definitely okay .
Because the important thing is your friends are truthful to you.
That's the main part.
Why bother fake frens that doesn't care about you?
Kick them aside & lead your peaceful life without them.

Remember this , you are counted lucky already~~~ 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today my best fren 'Yihan sent a msg that totally made me shocked.
At first i'm wondering whether isit a Relay msg.
Means that kind " Send this to 15 ppl then you will have your blessing"
Or whatever kind of shit.
Seriously , i dun believe it at all -________-
My apologies to those ppl who believe in it, carry on believing (:

You must be wondering what msg is that.
I can say it's not romantic but totally SWEET.

Here's the msg :

Can you do me a favour?

Can you thank your mum for me?

For without her, I wouldn't have met an awesome fren like YOU.

Happy Mother's Day to your mum!

This msg totally touched me like SERIOUSLY.
It's really a special way of giving thanks.
& When i told my mum , she smiled widely.
I can see that she is REALLY ULTRA HAPPY when she heard that.

So yup, other than your mum ;
Without them , your frens wouldn't exist , isn't it?!

So yup,
& I love my mum (:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everyone is good in nature (:

 In the past, I've always kept all the hurt that i got in my heart.
#Virgo can easily forgive but not easily forget.
I totally agree with it , because i'm a Virgo.
I tried to forget but I can say it's impossible.
You can only forget for a moment but after that the feeling is back.
There's one time that i totally want to shut myself down.
So that i won't get hurt again but it's stupid.
They just want to make you sad ; unhappy ; hurt.
So you should HACK CARE them & be normal (:

Have you heard it b4 ?
Heard it from a tv show & i really thinks it made sense a lot.

Tell you one thing :
There's one time i really hate my best fren.
All the things she did just totally turn me off.
At the thought of her name, i will get angry.
Everyday , I'm filled with FULL OF HATRED.
Becoming totally like a bitch ; bitching about her everyday.
I'm not happy at all ; instead of i'm really jealous.
How can she be so happy when i'm at there hurting like mad?

Until One Day, i finally woke up.
I knew that i should stop my nonsense.
I actually apologise to the person i hate.
For bitching about her like a total bitch.
In the end , my hatred is all gone.
I became much happier, really HAPPIER.
I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my body.
I felt so free; FREE of hatred / jealousy.

&&& I had learnt something new.
Learn the good side of ppl & ignore the bad side of them.
I believe everyone is good in nature.
So i'm going to erase all my hatred/ unlike to ppl.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Let fate decides.

HELLO everybody, I'M FINALLY BACK!!!!
FYI : My A.G.O.N.Y is finally over (Y) x 1000 times
Hehehs, AS PROMISED, here i am after 3 weeks of mugging...
The studying period seriously made me feel so stressed up!
But luckily it's over , AWESOME yea!!!
Now can party until JULY already ; WEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~
But i really dun wish to get back my Science results.
Haish, confirm fail my CHEM already ):
All my answers all tikam der, then like 70% wrong ,LOL

From the nerd me :

To the HAPPY me :

This is how i felt now (:
Getting real fed up with my current phone.
Finding WAYS so that i can ditch my phone asap , hoho.
& Tomr going out with Classmates <3
Hope it will be fun tomr (: 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HIII peeps.
I'm really sorry X100000 times for not updating my blog.
Ok first, my comp broke down.
So i was unable to use comp for a period of time.
Second, i am now having my COMMON TEST 2!!!
So freaking long period of studying -.-
So ya, i won't be updating until this friday!!!
Stay tuned to my next update yea~


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's impossible so dun think about "What ifs"

HELLO everybody!!! I'm BACK yeaa~~~~~~~~~~
I am really guilty for neglecting my blog all the times ):
Partly because now I'm so into the show called : THE SHREWD WIFE.
It's a Taiwan show about a married couple when a THIRD party came.
Hmm shall rate it 8/10 though i only watched halfway.
Okayy i shall get back to proper updating already.
So long never update my life le x.x

Last Thursday, went to R.P with Yijia (:
It's not  a very PRODUCTIVE day as i can't concentrate well.
But at least i did what i can .
So yup, overall still okay.
My outfit seriously fail can , TOTALLY REGRETTED!!!
I wore like "I'm gg to beach to sun-tan" or smth -.-
I tot students studying in R.P wore casual clothing.
But looks like i'm totally wrong x.x
Really felt so SS with my outfit that day ...
But still i LOVE THAT LIBRARY ^^ 
Cam-whore for like 1hour in the babysit room at CWP.
*Laughs, enjoy the EPIC pictures~ 


This is my PRIMARY SCHOOL "ASCC Gang"!
Hahah, so glad that till now we are keeping in touch (:
Though all of us had gone to separate paths, we are still united as one!!!
Hope we can have more meet-ups soon ^^
Really enjoyed going with them <3
Last Saturday, went to AJISEN with them for lunch.
After that followed by dessert : FROLICK!
Then went to ROOF garden for cam-whore session.

Enjoy the pics yea~!

Done!!! Bye peeps (: