Wednesday, November 30, 2011

With my 2 buddies

HELLO readers, I'm back to post again ya ^^
Went to town with 2 lovelies last week, here's the pics!
Cause need to wait for them to upload the pics, b4 i can update..
Okkk, well took like tons & tons of pics .
But i shall just update all these, hehes.


(First part)
Yihan & I.
Eunice & I.
Erm actually i'm faking that i have a camera.

Awkward pose, i'm too short for this :/

CHIPMUNKS! If only there's girl version too ^^

Awesome scenery yea~

Okkay, this is definitely my unglamn pic.
But oh well, i show it to you guys is because
In fact, i think that unglamn photos are quite candid at times :)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

I want to be like this everyday

ANYEONG everybody, I'M BACK YEA ^^
Sorry for not updating frequently ...
Had been busy with earning HARD money !
Why do i say it's hard money ?
Cause i swear that i will never work as waitress anymore!
I will rather not earn any money than to be in that job.
It's freaking not easy & indeed T.I.R.I.N.G
I'm really not cut off for that job so i quit after 2 days.
This job is the worst i have ever done!
& actually i really regret working that .
At first i tot it would be easy ( stupid thinking)
Bon voyage for that job ! WOOTS.
& I'm really surprised that those ppl can tahan for so long!

Goodbye (:

Sunday, November 27, 2011


He is so freaking handsome & cute!
Omgggg, now i'm obsessed with watching RUNNING MAN
because of HIM :D
Hehes, how i wish he & JI HYO can be couple together! :>
Both of them really match well together (:
Running man wouldn't be perfect without him, (Y)

Perfect smile


Friday, November 25, 2011

A rush day!

HELLO readers, i'm here to update today!
Hmm today is a rush day for me >:(
Let ~ represent "rush"
Today morning ~ to civic centre to register tuition.
Finally signed up for CHEM TUITION ^^
After that quickly ~ back home, had a ~bath .
Then ~ to meet Yihan @ control station.
In the end she also came late, ROFL.
After that went to lucky plaza for lunch .
The wanton noodles at level 2 coffee shop is damn nice!
& It's damn cheap compared to others in orchard area.
Then meet Eunice @ ION orchard ^^
Cam-whore + window shop+ walk like crazy!
After that went to orchard central to collect my prize.
The prize is actually -
Because my sis & i won a facebook comp "You're worth it"
Wanna thank everyone for helping me vote !!
Aww, really received a BIG prize today ^^
Then ~ to taekwondo training :/
Goodbye, i'm off to see RUNNING MAN :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Argh, embarrassing moment

Do you feel this way too ?
Hmm , i had to admit that i'm a crybaby.
Especially when i couldn't hold my anger.
Cause when i'm too angry, i will start tearing .
Idk whether other ppl are like me.
But it's just me that feel this way.
Though i know it's bad to always cry when i'm angry,
Totally sian to the max ....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Awesome swim

HELLO everyone, I'm back yea ^^
Hmm for today I became mummy's girl :)
Spent my whole morning & afternoon with mummy.
Fulfilled all my tasks i need to do today.
At last I HAD PEACE...
Anyway totally hate today's weather!!!!
Rain all day long, suck to the max (*&)^&$^%%$#
Was planning to go chinese garden complex to swim .
But in the end changed to cck swimming complex .
Swam while raining, HAHA totally cool experience..
Luckily didn't catch a cold, phew *
But anyway it was fun swimming in the rain ^^
Ate subway for dinner with Jia @ yewtee.
Goodbye xD

My new blanket!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hiie everybody, I'm back yea ^^
Okayy , i'm here to start my rants ...
Kindly click the X button if you dun want to see this rant post.
Cause it's gonna be wordy (warning!)

Today is really a lousy & screwed day for me!
Actually was supposed to woke from 8.30am - 5.30pm...
Woke up @ 7.40am when i was supposed to meet her at the same time.
Then i realised SHIT, my alarm never ring -_______-
Zzzz, rushed down immediately to meet her.
In the end arrived around 7.45 ( haha quite fast uh )
Then Sophia gave me a big shock that made me wake up .
She had forgotten to bring an important slip!!!
Without that slip, she can't work , OMG MAN.
Finally when we reached the workplace, we were told that
Like seriously, & it's because of misunderstandings ,
We came like some idiots without getting paid ...
That moment of embarrassment of " I'm sorry you all need to go "
Seriously made me feel so (*&%^%#$#@#$@W*^*^

Haish, seriously sian right ?!?!
So in the end went to bugis ..
Rot there from 9am to 11 , DOING NOTHING.
Totally waste of time uhhh ...
After that went to watch "Tower Heist" @ Iluma.
Hmm shall rate it 7/10 ? Not v. nice uhh.
Then went to bugis street to shop!
Bought a pink dress but it was quite short uh.
Siann , now a lot of bugis dress also can't wear le.
Cause i grew taller liao, ROFL!
Met Yihui & Zanda there also, so coincidental uh ^^
Then went home around 5 plus ...
The end of this sucky day~

Currently, BROKE TO THE MAX.
Seriously, i really need a GOOD JOB ):
Okie done , TATA!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Those who truly understand you

Hii there. It's going to 12am already .
& Guess what!?!!?
I just came back from downtown east -________-
Ahh freaking sian , really detest long rides...
Other than sleep, what can you do , isn't it?
Hmm tomr will be family day ! ^^

Just had a sudden thought of saying my piece...
Hmm .
May i know how many good/best friends you have?
I bet most of us have more than 5 , isn't it?
So which are the least that truly understand you ?
What i mean by understand is not that kind of simpler form.
My understand is -------------------

  • Able to know what you like/dislike
  • Forgiving as always, not getting angry without reasons
  • Put themselves in your shoes
  • Brave to tell you what's wrong with you
  • Sensing smth is wrong with you without telling them
  • 24/7 happy together
Hmm , i bet only you can only find at most 2 frens that are like that.
It's really hard to find someone that truly understands you.
Till now , i can only find 1.
So how many you have?

Friday, November 18, 2011


This pic is super duper awesome...
If only if it's that easy to delete it .
How great would it be?!!?!?!?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fairytale fantasy

HEY GUYS, I'm back yea ^^
Hmm , so freaking happy today!
Just opened a POSB account on my own, OMG YEA..
My wish finally came true :)
Hehehs, decided to open one to put all my pay inside!
So i can spent regardless of the amount yea :D
& Get to use the ATM card, super shiok ..
The best thing is All the money is EARNED by me ^^
Super duper proud :D
Can't believe i can have my own acc when i reached 16 (:

Anyway see that pic above?
I'm holding onto a HELLO KITTY cleansing wash ^^
It's bought @ watsons ya.
$13.50 only ^^
Hmm , i think that it is quite good .
As after using it, MY FACE HAS FAIRLY NO OIL!
Woots ^^

I tried but i can't

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tired to the max

一场欢喜, 一场空。。。

Haishh, went to work today~
Tired to the hell max man, omg!
Confirm tomr my whole body will ache x.x
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now i have serious DARK EYE RINGS!
Cause ytd had sleepless night ):
Only managed to slept @ 2.30am when i went to bed @ 11.30.
Terrible night ever!!!!
Luckily i drank coffee in the morning .
Or else i'm sure i will be dozing off while working~

Goodbye (:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Will remember but not love you

I have always hide my true feelings inside my heart.
Never ever have the courage to show it out.
Frankly speaking, I'm a coward towards love.
& Also a stubborn -lover.
For once, i liked that guy for 3 years.
Stalking him like crazy, trying to impress him,
Trying to make him notice me, all sorts of stuff.
Hah the worst thing is we are not even friends !
I can only look at him secretly like some paparazzi ?!
I just fall in love with his smiles~
He is my perfect guy ...
I tried many ways to forget him but still failed in the end.
Even when he has a gf, i still like him.
How stupid am i , isn't it ..
It's just a pity that i am not brave enough to confess my love.
Hah, but even if i did, that wouldn't make a diff :)

But well , it's all over!!
Goodbye , my perfect guy ^^
May you & her last forever!
My sincere blessing :D

Saturday, November 12, 2011


HEY guys , I'm back yo ^^
Had been really so busy these few days !
Thursday - Went to far east with Sophia .
Hmm bought a brown bag ! (Y)
Then went for 2 job interviews!
So it's counted an achievement!

Friday - Went to westmall to watch "APPLE OF MY EYE"
Hmm , not a very nice movie!
Don't watch better, ROFL.
Seriously, now i am ANTI- romance show!
Then went to play pool @ timahh .
Had a fun time disturbing the rest ^^

TODAY- Went out with Jia to bugis!
OH YEA, shopping spree ^^
Spent my whole assets there, OMG :O
Bought a lot of shirts, IDK WHY..
Hahah a fruitful shopping trip there!
BUGIS became like so FREAKING BIG.
Walked until my legs also cmi ler...

Done with my updating post.
Tata ^^

I tried but i can't

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 , so ?!

Today's 11.11.11 but yet so not significant to me.
Idk why ppl are making a fuss out of it just because of a date.
Life just carries on , isn't it?
Don't tell me there will be ppl taking leave just for today.

Haishh, just today SUCKS.
Nothing goes smoothly today ):

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Relationship is complicated

Why is that so ?
Frankly speaking, i like to observe couples..
As in like seeing how they act (ETC).

  • TT couples

TT= touchy-types couples.
More of involving skinship like ....
I have seen some couples hugging/kissing each other or even more than this.
At where?
PUBLIC PLACES -__________-
Frankly speaking, i'm very angry @ those couples .
They are so inconsiderate by doing all these in front of everyone.
Doesn't they feel shy/ashamed about it ?
It's definitely not a problem if they do it @ home or
some places that no one will see.
Isn't it?

Hmm i really prefer the 2nd type which is
  • P& I couples..
P& I = Pure & Innocent couples.
Obviously, if i'm attached , i will be @ the 2nd option.
Means they don't do .... acts in front of public place.
Also, not so involved in skinship .
Isn't that better?
They behaved in "friendly" couples instead of "marriage couples"
Especially for girls, it's definitely not right for them to be
MARRIAGE couples until they reach the suitable age.

Okk , shall sum it all right now.
FYI, this post is not pointing to anyone.
It's just my point of view yea.
When you're single, you wish to be attached.
When you're attached, you wish to be single.
That's how ironic it is , ROFL..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Think mature

HELLO peeps, I'm back yea ^^
Hmm going to town later on with Eunice :DDD
Going to catch the latest movie : SECTOR 7!
Will feedback to your how is it later on..
Haha, i wanna take neo-prints with her ! :]

Anyway i realise i have been wearing tank top+ skinnies nowadays.
Idk why , but my current trend is like this..
Hahahs , also hope that i can find a GOOD job soon ^^
Had been finding & finding but like dun have leh ):
My aim is to earn $1000 for this holiday!

Jiayou 黎芊庈!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is quite true cause until now I'm still thinking that wayy.
I call it a phobia instead of a misconception.
Truly speaking, i dun believe in eternal love.
Nothing last forever, isn't it?
I'm a ULTRA pessimistic when it comes to love.

Now let me tell your my past experience.
I think i have been in a relationship for like 4 times.
& The longest period was just 3 months .
So ya, kinda pathetic but who cares anyway.
I still prefer my single life :)
My first bf two-timed me with the other girl.
& I found out that i'm actually the third party.
Which is like wtf? My first love became like this.
So till then, i have really no confidence in love.
Thats also one of the reason why i prefer to be single...

But actually the text is right .
Not every guys are the same.
But who knows whether you will be another unlucky one
To fall back into the same old trick?
Hah, even though it's like this ,
I still wish to find my Mr Right soon :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


HEY PEEPS, i'm so freaking happy today.
Cause i earned almost a $100 for just 8 hours of work!!!
Big achievement okkk!! (Showing off in the time being)
ROFL, but it's super duper tiring~
Need to stand like 8h there , haish ):
Not much customers @ there , so sad x.x
So didn't make a good sales yea, awwww~
Btw, I'm really like a lost child in town area.
I dun even know the directions at all ):
So going work alone in town is quite a diff task for me.

Anyway gtg , tata ^^

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nerd me


Hello everyone, I'm here to update again...
Ytd went to meet Xiaohui!
So long never meet her already :/
Hmm went to lucky plaza to play 1h of pool.
Damn fun man, my pool skills IMPROVED ^^
Tempted to play pool man -_______-
Then went to far east plaza walk walk.
Hmm, didn't find anything that i like = spent $0
Woots, can save more money :P

As my forward track ends tomr,
I'm like so freaking happy!
Actually i'm already in a holiday mood ler~!
Need to faster find a good job soon :)
All the best for their Chinese O'level papers! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ironic isn't?

Had been finding job recently!
Hope i can find one to keep me company for my holidays.
Also, to fulfill my aim of earning $1000!!
& Treating my whole family for dinner using my 1st payyy..
Hehehs, so eager for FORWARD TRACK TO end!
&Time for work yea :)

People are ironic, isn't it?
When they chose to be alone,
They suddenly tot of having companion .
When they complain of smth else,
they still continue to do it..
That proves that no one can be satisfied so easily..
Absolutely none.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanks for letting me know your ugly side.

HIIE peeps, I'm back :)
Don't really have the mood to blog n0wadays.
Maybe it's because of my problem bahh.
But i promise i will be fine asap okkk! ^^
Today went to Chinatown for a Lit trip..
Hmm ain't nice at all, in fact it's a waste of time.
Just walked around like for nothing -.-
Didn't learn anything at all nor, haish..
Got so excited for this trip but in the end it suck..

KK enough of all those rants.
Tomr gg town with Xiaohui (: