Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm really starting to adapt to the fact that
Although now , i still didn't manage to get over it.

I will .
And it will be my turn to NO LONGER
Give a freaking damn to you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HELLO everyone ! :D
I'm back to posting with pictures.
Finally my blog is like not so dead , LOL?
Went to swimming with Yihan last sat.
Now i'm so freaking dark now -.-
Okay , but i feel that i'm more healthy already ^^

Anyway , my taekwondo grading test is this sat!!
OMG, damn anxious sia..
Finally can get a higher belt after 3 months.

I'm so freaking excited on 7 April !
Which is BP day :DD

Doing that retard face. LOL
One candid shot ^^
Spastic faces.

Okie done~~
Bye ^^

Monday, March 28, 2011

HELLO everyone ! :D
I'm finally back to update yea..
Hmm , just couldn't bring myself to update daily nowadays .
How i wish i'm back in sec 1.
The carefree and happy me~~~
Not like now , my present life is like .....

I should really get a life after my O'levels.
Going to school everyday .
Reaching home only after 5pm.
Rushing to finish all my homeworks until 7pm .
3 hours of funtime and there goes my day~~
Lifeless , isn't it ?
That's studying -.-
I should really get adapt to it; if not what am i going to do next year?

Claire & I

Toot jiawen and me :D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You're Beautiful MV - What Should I Do (Jang Geun Suk)

HELLO everyone ! :D
Hmm i want to introduce a handsome star to you guys.

I'm totally obsessed with him manz.
Cause he is ...

  • Handsome
  • Charismatic
  • Cute
  • A good singer
  • Dance well

He is totally a PERFECTIONIST yea :D

Super duper nice song sang by him :)

HELLO everyone ! :D
It's been almost a week since i posted .
Cause i have nothing much to update about x.x


Hehehs, ytd went to watch world invasion with my clique.
Okie , shall rate it 8/10!
Quite a nice show; but just feel abit giddy while watching.
Almost had a heart attack when i tot that causeway doesn't have cinema!
After that chiong back home; wash up .
Meet up with them, had a small celebration with Yijia ^^
After that went to Danielle & Jeremy s' birthday bbq @ keat hong.
Ate a lot of heaty food (hope i will not have pimple)
Everybody kept on wanting to ride bicycle when there is only 3!
LOL , didn't cam-whore with my clique at all ):
Thanks to the twins who helped me put "facial cream" on my face.
Awww, played until 11+ then went home..
A very fun day indeeed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, March 21, 2011

I made a terrible; stupidest; idiotic mistake todayy.
Luckily , i still managed to salvage the situation .
Or else i can say bye to my best friend ler..

Haish , today's definitely not a GOOD day for me .
Was quite emo before recess ..
Wanna thank some of my fellow classmates for showing concern to me.
Hehehs, glad that they know i'm not in my usual self..
Finally , there's no EL lesson today ~~
We had 5 hours of MATHS LESSON.
Okay totally shit manz , spoil my day.
3 hours of TIME PRAC -.-
Almost managed to kill my brain cells, thanks to DIFFERENTIATION.
It's really a VERY DIFFICULT topic ):

Okay, shall go & watch You're beautiful :)
It will definitely made my mood better ..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello everybody , i'm back yea!
Aren't you guys sad?
A blink of an eye, all the happy moments have to come to an end .
& It's time for SCH; STUDIES; HOMEWORK ..
But we count ourselves lucky because we got friends companion :)

Ytd went to play pool with Jia Wen & Co '.
It was really COLD @ IRC, almost freeze to death!
Jia Wen is smart to bring a jacket there without telling me ahh.
Hahahs, okay spent like $10 there *sob..

I'm so excited of BP day!
I wanna watch WORLD INVASION :D

Jia Wen backview :)
You're beautiful !

This is a really AWESOME drama okayy !
I think it is even better than dream high .
Okay frankly speaking , i'm really addicted to this show .
Sadly, it only have 16 eps ):
It is quite identical to Boys Before Flower & equally nice !
He give me a feel of GU JUN PYO.
LOL, he is so freaking handsome cannn~~`


Friday, March 18, 2011

Wishing that there will be a miracle .
Hoping that nothing will happen to you.
Thinking that you will be happy ..

Hii everyone!
I really like this picture to the max (&()&*&%&^$^%#
Actually idk why lah , but i just like it .
This is taken when it is the farewell dinner for kun ming crew in china.
Almost everyone cried .
I was trying to act like i am going to cry .
But i can't ..
I know i'm sad but i just couldn't burst into tears ..

Only until when we reached the airport,
When the trainers send us off .
I started crying -.-
Ok i know i super duper lame..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HEYYO peeps ! I'm back yea ^^
Ok i shall start updating what am i doing these few days .
Had been rather busy going out ~~
Anyway i haven't start doing my homework .
Okay need to seriously buck up..

A long post okie , so do drink coffeee b4 you read it :)

Stayed at home for half a day .
After that went to jurong library with Yihan .
We went there to study okkkkkkkk~~
A huge bunch of teenagers beside us were damn noisy.
One of the couples were even doing some intimates act infront of us-.-

Went to pulau ubin for HIGH ROPE ELEMENTS.
Okayy it's damn damn damn fun manz.
But seriously you really need a lot of courage .
I almost had a heart attack when i am climbing the
MOST DIFFICULT element that i ever seen .
At first i thought it will be easy but ...
Okay , even people that dun have height phobia will start shivering .
Imgaine it~~~
Somemore it started raining when i still got one more element to climb.
You know the acid rain msg??!!?
Ok so i risked my life, & chiong all the way ; not afraid of falling .
Cause i tot that my skin will be burned due to the acid rain lah .
Sians , got cheated -.-

Morning went to NEX with mummy .
It was super duper ULTRA BIG okayy .
Esp if you are the one who have no sense of direction :P
Didn't bought anything cause there isn't much .
There were like so many announcements of lost child; calling parents to pick them up.
Gosh ; i really pity them manz .
After that went swimming with Eunice & Yi Han .
Yi han & I prayed like hell so that the rain will stop :D
& Finally it did...
Had a lot of fun with them~~

Went to lucky plaza to play pool for 2 hrs..
With Claire, Eugene, Zharfan,Andy & Jia Hao.
My skills improved~
Oh yea. Andy is a noob like seriously.
Hehehs, hope i can play tomr tooo ^^
After that went to scape to eat mac.
We kept on looking at those shuai/pretty angmohs out there.
LOL , then went to arcade to play ~
Home sweet home`

Okiie done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As long as you has :

  • Perserverance
  • Determination
  • Courage

You will overcome all your fears.
Bear this in mind :)

Credits to My NPCC Sir!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Friday ;
Oh yea, super duper shiok ~~~
Played 2 rounds of netball games with other class girls .
Ok i was kinda violent during the game, LOL.
After that went to prepare for 100m relay run .
Damn damn damn excited & anxious ..
Was like shivering ; ....
At last we got the 2nd place.
As for class, we got the 2nd place too ~ LOL
After that cabbed back to school .
Okay nothing much, trained my sec 2s with drills ..

Saturday ;
Woke up with panda eyes due to lack of sleep .
AHHHS, kept on falling asleep even when i'm standing !
Pathetic much.
Trained my sec 2s for the whole morning .
After that went to look for my sec 1s~~
Prepare for campfire !
Campfire was awesome , actually wanna take part in the freeze dance.
But haish ..
Hahahs, in the end it was still fun though .
Tired to the Max! & i immediately fall asleep when i lie on the floor.

Sunday ;
We were LATE!!
Everyone rushed down to the study corner without ....
This is called sense of urgency! LOL.
Had pt session with sec 1s .
After breakfast, went to Area Cleaning .
Illy & I kept on wandering around ; trying to slack .
Hahs , at last the camp was finally O.V.E.R!
Went to kfc for lunch with my clique.
& Went home for washup ; all those.
Didn't sleep at all & i even went for taekwondo session.

Okie done`~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm back from camp , YAY.
Finally , i missed my monkey,home & bed!!
& During these 3 days, i'm seriously lack of sleep.
2 days with just 7 hours of sleep in total?!!!
But it's super duper fun yea~~
Esp after knowing all the sec 1s.
Went total high with them during the campfire :D

Hehes, today i saw a VERY VERY VERY cute girl!
She's my friend's younger sister.
Damn freaking cute manz!!
Okok , i admit ; i really love childrens :DDDDDDDDD

Anyway i shall update about my camp tomr yea..
Last friday was my Sports Carnival .
My group won the 2nd place for the baton 4X100m relay run !
But apparently only a few of my friends saw me running .
Ok kinda sad when saw my trophy ; their reaction was :

What? I didn't know you are one of the runner -.-

Thursday, March 10, 2011

HEY YO GUYS ! I'm back yea~~
Okayy , got a bad news for you guys ..

I'm going to npcc camp tomr !!!!
Haish , why does it start right after the sports carnival ?
I wanna enjoy the whole day tomr leh x.x
But nvm , couldn't blame anyone else .
Hmm , will only be back on sunday ^^
So stay tuned to my sunday's post!!!
I will update no matter what even if i'm dead beat alright :)

So damn excited of tomr Sport's carnival .
Will also be one of the main runner for the 100 m relay race.
Hope we will win for red house yea! :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HELLO everyone ! I'm back to posting yea.
Ok firstly ;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vanna & Andy !
They are finally 16 years old , *awww
& I'm SADLY still 15.

Alright , today was a fun day .
At least no boring lessons yea .
But i dread of thursday because it's the most SIAN day!
This friday is SPORTS Carnival, OH YES.
Guess my afterwards event ??

I'm going back to school to report for NPCC camp .
Seriously , SIANS to the max ):
& I'm god damn dark now ..
I think when you switch off the lights,
You can't even see me -.-

The formal dinner with my SLC peeps :)

Hazel, Me, Adabelle.

Hazel & i

Okie , bye~~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

HIIIE EVERYBODY , I'm back yea ^^
Ytd had a lot of fun in Sentosa with my class .
Took an 1 hour bus ride to Harbourfront, god damn long sia.
But seriously the weather was kind of a spoiler.
It started raining like for no reason for just 15 mins ?
Then a lot of my friends went to bathe.
After that it stopped raining, LMAOS.
So in the end only Jiawen & I get to play after the rain ..
Anyway i had really become real DARK now ..
In order to comfort me, my sis says i look better like this -.-
Ok whateva, hahas ..

Excited of next friday SPORTS CARNIVAL.
I'm sure it will be damn fun man .
Bye, going to watch dream high now~

My outfit ytd..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm finally back , yo.
Sorry for the lack of update .
Had been really busy during these days ..

OK got back all my CT results.
Luckily, i didn't fail any subjects .
But i'm really happy with Lit & Phy .
Those are my 2 favourite subjects yea!

Anyway going to sentosa today , WOOTS.
I'm so damn excited man .
I just hope i won't turn into a black woman ,can ler :D
Okiee , will update tomr too

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I hope i'm really thinking too much .

Even though we quarrel a lot,
Even though we claim to hate each other a lot,
Even though we always give each other attitude ,

But i know deep inside you care for me.
When i'm sad/pissed, you will be the first one to ask me.
We used to have so much things to say in the past .

Now , where are you ?
Where's the past you ?
Do you know everytime you called her,
I really really really feel very sad.
I have been asking myself these.
Am i not good enough ?
Am i thinking too much ?

She seems to really have replace me .
Now , you call her to be the messenger instead of yourself.
Are you too lazy or you don't even bother?
Everything happens for a reason .
Now i just need you to tell me .

No more lies.

You can blame me for being sensitive or what .
But now, you didn't even bothered to take the first move.
What do you expect me to say ?
Isit because we have drifted apart?