Friday, July 27, 2012

A super long post

ANYEONG peeps, I'm back yea!
Omggg, i'm so so so sorry for neglecting my blog for a week.
I really have no time to blog.
Cause it's like my PRELIMS are starting in 3 days time!!!
Next monday will be my ENGLISH exams ):
So yup, i have to dedicate all my time on studying.
The "Joy of Life" had been tempting me like a totally x.x
Spent quite a lot of my time watching the show.
Cause it's simply too nice & ADDICTIVE.
I can say that it's one of the best channel 8 show ever! LOL.

OKAY, so yup PRELIMS exam is very important to me.
I must strive hard to get the desired results, isn't it?

I will stop blogging FOR NOW.
Will be back on 17 August yea.
That means i will stop using comp for 17 days x.x
Let's see whether i can tahan until there or not ,LOL
Hmm, but i have got smth for you.

Hehe, cam-whored a lot during these study days.
You know when boredom strikes, ideally CAM-WHORE is the best resort.
So yup, i really cam-whore quite a lot.
More than 10 over pictures of myself.
LOL, like a first time that i posted so many "zilians" of myself.
Hope you won't find it too offending or revolting after viewing my pics!
Haha, enjoy (:

BYE EVERYBODY, will be back on 17 August!
Stay tuned to my next post okie!
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

" Liking you wasn't the biggest mistake but it's still a mistake afterall" 

Have you experience this before?
Falling in love with someone is super easy.
But falling out, it's hard. Really.
It's a norm to develop false hopes when you like someone.
But you shouldn't let it too carried away.
Because once you got too carried, things will turn nasty.
When you knew that the person you like doesn't like you,
When you knew you're all along living in your self-denial world,
When you knew you're just like a fool,

& you are clueless .
You wouldn't know how to do , what to do.
You just stared blankly @ the walls .
An avalanche of questions buried in your mind.
Suddenly, all the answers became so clear.
So much clear that you managed to figure out everything.
That's when , your heart will start breaking into pieces.
You were confident at first , but in the end ...
All your hopes crashed to the bottom.
You just felt like someone had just stabbed you in the heart.
Is there anything much more worse than this other than death?

Yet what can you do ?
You can't force him/her to like you , isn't it?
If he/she doesn't appreciate, then why bother to hang on?
If she/she has someone in mind already, then give up right now.
Eliminate all the false hopes immediately.
Don't wait until you have already sink in to the deepest,
There's no turning back for you.
Just take it that you & him/her aren't meant to be together.
There will always be someone better to appreciate you better than they do.
Yes, it's definitely hard to find someone that likes you & you like them too.
But don't give up , keep on finding.
There will be if only you believe in it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It will get better, i suppose

ANYEONG peeps, I'm back again.
Hah, i've got a bad news for you all.
I will be blogging less often due to my upcoming PRELIMS!
Within 2 weeks, i will be sitting for the Eng paper.
Ah, & guess what -i haven't start preparing -.-
Totally shit , it's like it's like i always encounter this :
"I've the mentality that there's still time lah"
In the end, when i was brought back to reality, 
There's no time left!!!
Haish, this feeling totally suck ttm.
Who likes examinations anyway :/

30 more days to go!!!!!!!!
So that i can change my phoneyyyy.
Should throw away my lupsup phone as soon i get the new one :P
Damn unhappy with my current phone already.
& I want an ANDROID phone !!!!!!!
Hope i won't get TOO distracted while using the phone.
Hah, the phone is supposed to be a bliss but not a tragedy (:
Getting an android phone also can prevent me from using too much comp, isn't it?
Hope it turns out to be the way i'm thinking ^^ 

Ending off with my failed wink *
Hah ^^

Sunday, July 15, 2012


ANYEONG peeps, I'm back ya.
Frankly, i have got NOTHING to blog about.
So yup, i just came up with random thoughts.
Just changed my bed sheets so i just took the photo for...
My bed is so pinkish & childish yea.
But who cares, i love it anyway ^^
No space to put my soft toys already x.x

From young, my favourite snack is SEA-WEED.
I eat nothing but sea-weed!!!!!!
I can eat tons & tons of it without getting sick of it.
Omgg, now i'm craving for it again...

*Sigh, my $30 earpiece spoiled already.
Damn, it is only 6 months old x.x
I swear i will never buy that stupid brand again.
*Shall not mention it , give the producer some face, LOL.
So so so envy people that have ANDROID phone.
While me, i'm STILL stuck with this LG suck phone.
ONE MORE FREAKING MONTH then i can change it!
It's like so long nor, haish...
Prelims is really round the corner, stress is arriving!
Shall try my best & strive well for O'LEVEL.
I dun want to be a stupid loser :/ 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's like a norm that people judge based on the first impression
But have it ever cross your mind that people judge you too?
It's funny that people like to judge about people
they heard someone judging about them, they complained.
So why can't people judge you when you judge others?
It is fair to get judge when you judged others, isn't it?
Not that i disagree in judging or i do not judge,
It's that if you mind people judging you then DON'T JUDGE.

Frankly speaking, i do judge okay.
Last time, i used to judge based on my first impression.
But now i don't, cause it's stupid.
How can you judge based on the first time you saw him/her?
Are an expert in judging?
Can you immediately point out all the pros & cons ?
Do you even understand/know him /her well?
If you don't, then jolly well just shut up.
It's like you just dislike them BASED ON FIRST IMPRESSION.
Then you immediately sentence them to death?
What is this shit, like seriously?
It just show that you're a narrow-minded person.
That judge without analyzing, getting the facts right.

I'm not saying you can't judge or whatever.
& Your judgement may not be right all the time
So don't be too confident about it.
Judge consciously/ maturely/clearly
Don't start judging when you don't even know them well.

So i'm going to share with your too.
- To focus on people 's good instead of bad.
It's really good because you will dislike less people.
& treat everyone equally :)
I'm currently still learning to be like this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I can't get it

YOYO guys, I'm back yea!YOYO guys, I'm back yea!
Sorry for the lack of update , hehe so lazy~

Almost had a HEART ATTACK just now -_____-
I was using my comp half-way then my whole house suddenly blacked out
Seriously, somemore i was alone @ home.
I was so terrified that i immediately ran out of my house.
Sorry, weakling right? i know.
Went downstairs to find MUM for help!!!
Without my mum, i think i'm gg to camp outside my house.

I'm really scared of the Dark so ya, that's how timid i am.

Ok enough of this stupid incident.
That makes me feel so inferior to others x.x
I wonder one day when can i really stop depending on others?

Shall update about my school life.
Actually nothing much, just one word- S.I.A.N
Reached home around 4++ everyday, ah suck.
then started doing homework until 7pm.
After that , it will be computer time until 10pm.
Hah, i sleep very early, isn't it?
Cause i'm a health-conscious person :P

I'm so so so happy.
Recently, went to Yishun there for Science tuition.
Hehe, i think my science did improve quite a lot ^^
Need to JIAYOU for my English already!
I can do it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family is #1

Anyeong everybody, I'm back!
I'm in an extremely good mood today!!!
Because today i have a special occasion :)
Yay, so happy max. Can get to see most of my cousins/ relatives!
It's been a long time since we get together as one (:
& There's A LOT OF GOOD FOOD prepared for us.
All we need to do is eat. Heheh #luckygirl95
My favourite food is ENOKI :D
Hehe, how i wish we have this every year.
Had a nice chat with my relatives too ^^ 

I really do enjoy every single family gathering very very muchiee ^^ 
& My ah ma held my hand today (:
I'm so freaking happy please.
It's been a long time since my ah ma last held my hand.
I remembered the last time was when i was pri 3?
Her hand is so warm & nice (:

PS// i have always wish to be close with my grandparents.
But i don't live with them so yup it's hard to be close.
Even though it's like this, I AM CONTENTED! 

Okiie shall cut the crap.
Pictures will help me do the rest (:

 Dad & I ^^ 
 Got beehoon, sushi, longgan soup, fried banana! 
 Fruits & Vegeeee


Uncles & Aunties

Dad & sis bf! 

With my parents !!!
I swear my parents are really not good @ cam-whoring.
So i just managed to get a few GOOD shots
after taking for so many pics, lol

My dadddd ^^ 

Okie done! byeeeeee~

Friday, July 6, 2012


ANYEONG everybody,I'm back yea!
Today is a special occasion for " JI WUN" which is my best fren.
Hehe, her actual name is "Jia wen" but i just love calling her the other name.
Yup, she's the one that i can crap for like 3-4hours without stopping?
Always having endless conv with her, LOL!
Okay i'm not very good @ saying romantic things.
But yup, i do mean what i say.
I want us to stay like this forever :)

Though we only started getting close with each other since sec 3,
Time is definitely not a problem.
I can be friends with a person for 10 years but yet i dun understand him/her.
What matters is whether you & him/her click or not, that's imp.*
& You must treasure your fren okie (:
Hah, i getting no link already...
In short, I want to understand her better , haha.

Okieee gtg bye!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

That's life

HELLO readers, I'm back again!
hehe, sorry for the lack of update recently.
Had been busy with school stuffs.
So many mock exams & tests ever since sch reopen.
& It's like a MUST to study for 2 hours a day after school.
So yup, currently I HAVE NO LIFE.
But i'm not going to complain about it.
I shall just endure UNTIL O'LEVEL ends.

I realised i have changed quite a bit this year.
Last time, i used to be a slacker.
That dun even study @ all (except for exams)
& It's like i'm always hugging buddha 's leg forever.
But now, it's different.

I think i'm going to become a study freak soon.
Not to the extent of mugger but going to ...
HAHA, &  i will be an OPEN MUGGER .
Now , i really study more than i used to.
& I'm trying hard to pay FULL ATTENTION during lessons
(which i normally don't )
For the sake of myself & my mum.
I don't want to let her down and i want to prove her wrong.
She always feel that i'm a slacker - ya which is sad.
So yup, i shall prove her with my results instead of my words.
Actions speak louder than words, isn't it?


Today, we have ASSEMBLY ...
Normally, our assembly is just a slack time for us.
But this time is DIFFERENT ; in fact it is really MEANINGFUL.
It talks about the most compassionate group in sg - MERCY RELIEF.
I swear the person who founded is really damn AWESOME!
This group is to help those unfortunates that met with natural disasters
But also to other countries (:

PS// it's just a brief intro cause i know just a little.
But one thing for sure is :

I'm JOINING after my O'levels!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can i trust my own feelings?

A lot of people think that " Life is unfair"
However, i beg to differ that it isn't that case.
Only people that are not contented will think that way.
I believe nobody is perfect because God is fair.
Everyone has their good & bad.
It only depends how you weigh how bad/good it is.
That's fair , isn't it?
You can't expect to have everything benefit only for you.
If you take smth, you will need to return smth
If you lose smth, you will get back smth new.

For me, I'm constantly finding "faults" for myself.
Because #Virgos like to change themselves for the better.
Not that , i want to try to perfect or whatever.
But, i want to become a better person.
A more understanding/caring/mature/patient person.
Before i really do find myself, i need to put myself in people' shoes.
A lot of people have a misconception about changing.
What's wrong with changing after knowing your flaws?
You don't want me to change so that you have more to talk about me ? 
Changing doesn't mean changing your whole character.
Yes i agree that some traits are unchangeable .
But there are many that can be change as long as you do try.
If you don't , you will forever be stuck to the lousy you.
 So cherish everything you have for now.
Stop complaining life is unfair or whatever shit.
Be contented of what you have & you will be happy!