Friday, August 31, 2012

When we were young

ANYEONG peeps, i'm back yea!
Hah, i'm here to for a LAME purpose.
Hah, if you dun wanna see, kindly click the right X button (:
I actually wanna show you all ages ago but my past phone camera wasn't that good.
Hehe, now my new phone camera is awesome!!! 
So ya, shall shut the crap, ENJOY ^^ 

Look at my mouth, LOL

Bye peeps (:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caring too much hurts my pride

I truly/ sincerely agree with this.
Some people are just so selfish and only care about themselves.
No matter how good you treat them, they will just treat you for granted.
For me, i don't mind helping people.
But please APPRECIATE what i did.
Without a thank you/ hug/ thankful words , it's fine.
Just keep in your heart, easy?
When a fren of yours totally didn't appreciate what you do,
Treat you like a substitute,
Attitude you anytime they want,
This is the time when you need to break the friendship.
Losing this kind of fren is nothing but a blessing to you.
Trust me. you will be more happy.
At least you wouldn't have to worry about them .
At least you wouldn't need to care about their feelings anymore.
At least there's no more quarrels.
Sorry, but i will be a selfish person from now on if you turn me into one.
Likewise if you don't care, i will not too.

It's like what is the point of holding on to this friendship when the other refuse to care?
No point . no point.
I'm not that stupid compared to last time.
Now, i'm the one that i swear i am not going to care anymore.
Bye dickhead. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



ANYEONG peeps, i'm back to blogging again!
Hehe, sorry for the lack of update .
Had been REAL BUSY recently & i really gotta buck up.
Got back all my PRELIM results and it was atrocious.
Didn't get any As or Bs -________________-
Totally screwed results and DEMORALIZED once again.
The worst thing is I really did worked VERY hard this time.
At first, i was totally disappointed and felt like it's the end of the world.
Can you imagine that your efforts weren't paid off??!?!
And you just felt that you're the stupidest person in the whole world.
But does it help scolding yourself with hurtful remarks?
No, it just makes you worse.
So what you can do now IS WORK ULTRA HARD.
No more slacking, SLCQ, I CANNOT ALREADY.
So i limit myself to use just 2 hours of computer games.
(It's quite a lot actually )
Will try to minimise as the time goes by.
A real leader shouldn't be despair despite 100 failures.
So yup, i should learn to be resilient instead of complaining like a kid.

Anyway i've changed to side fringe now.
Hopefully, it looks nicer on me ^^ 

Pictures taken with Yijia~
Went to westmall to study with her on one of the days.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Secret Garden

Hello guys, i think i did make a brief introduction about this show before.
But, i'm here again for a DETAILED introduction.
I really really really like the plot of the story.
Wonder which GENIUS came up with this plot.
This show not only showed kinship/ friendship but how GREAT LOVE CAN BE.
I'm really amazed and touched by their love.
Though they were both love @ first sight,
they were willing to give up their life for the other.
I can say that this KOREAN DRAMA is the best i had ever seen!
Though i dun really like to watch love drama,
This one is the best & most MEANINGFUL show ever!!!

I shall not spill the beans & tell you all the plot now
Hah, i'm a bad ass :P
It's really really really NICE SHOW.
& I promise that you will not regret watching it.

Will watch it again after MY O LEVEL!!!
This will be the last drama that i'm gg to watch before O levels.

Some pictures~
If only they can be real life couple too ):

This is my favourite korean actor : HYUN BIN!
His acting/ singing skill is TOTALLY DAEBAK!!!
If i have the opportunity to meet 1 korean star,
It's NO DOUBT will be him <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Photoshop ? Big deal?

With EDITS (credits : Photoscape )                                             Without EDITS .

Hah, you guys might be wondering what the hell am i doing over here.
Just wanna show you guys the effects of editing and vice versa.
Frankly speaking, many people photoshop by making themselves better.
I don't see a reason why it is wrong to do that.
Why do people have so many nasty comments about photoshop?
Is photoshop a crime ? to you?
For me, i beg to differ. I do photoshop.
IF my picture quality is not that good then i will make it clearer.
Wouldn't it be a turn off to see blur/ bad quality pictures?
And also to make me look better, i do .
PHOTOSHOP = Fake/ Unreal.
Come on guys, what kind of logic is that ? LOL
Does that mean your entire ugly face changes to smth pleasant
Just admit it that you're jealous ; isn't it?

Got a sudden urge of blogging that since ages ago,
But just because i dun have enough time to blog.
My apologies , if i'm really neglecting my blog.
(Hah , like there are a lot of people who will be reading my blog )
Okay but still , i will try my best to blog OFTEN okie.

My #OOTD on Last Sunday :D 
One of my favourite dress actually.
Went out with LAILAI FAMILY to S.U.N.T.E.C city.
It's been a long time since we went out together (:
Went to the FOOD FAIR at the convention centre, & I dislike it.
The food there ( no offence ) out of 100% , i only rate it 20%?
It was much worse that i thought it would be.
Nevertheless, it was fun because it's family bonding session!
HAH ^^ 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friends are not just part of my life but eternally stay

Did i tell you guys that i went to work at Clarke Quay?
Yea, i'm that crazy girl that went out to work directly AFTER MY PRELIMS.
Hah, everyone went to relax except me.
Hardcore-money-maker :/
But oh well, i did shop a bit okay .
& I enjoyed watching handsome & pretty people there :D
Luckily it didn't rain that day or else ...
Hah, bought a blue bag, SUPER LOVE IT (Y)
Cause it's damn worth it, like my best buy ever!
Cause it's big enough to put my waterbottle inside!
& It costs $12 only after bargaining :P
I'm good at it , isn't it? hah

The afternoon scenery~ 

Took it exactly at the same place PURPOSELY.
Nah , just kidding, it's coincidence actually :P
Awesome scenery , isn't it?
Best ideal romantic place yea, next time i also wanna go with my ...
Haha, future bf / husband,  i guess? 
LOL, thinking so far when i'm still young, #typicalgirl

On monday, went out with my girls!!!
As usual, TOWN like always~
Hah, got kind of sick going there as i went there on Sat.
Somemore, we visited CINE & Scape again !!!
Went to 9th floor at Cineleisure to book a movie room!
Next time i shall take pics of there & showed it to you guys okay!
(If you're interested)
Hah, we watched "127 hours" and i dare to say that 
" I watched only half of the movie "
Cause the other half,  i spent my time closing my eyes .
Simply because it was too gross/ gruesome?
I was ranting that this movie should be M18 but in fact it's PG -.-
Wts?! Sorry i'm really a timid girl.
Gore/ Horror movie totally dun suits me please.
Took some pics inside the room too! 

The best one , i guess? 

After that, went to meet Bernice & Jiawen!
Also not forgetting to include the guys - Wei Jian, Cheng Yang & Pek koon (: 

We ate the 1 for 1 , i forgot the name.
But they called it A frap with a p and an e with an hanyu pingyin. :-D

Some pictures taken with them (:
Sorry the condition isn't very good, cause i use my front camera.
And it sucks, haha.

See ya~ 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Depicts my feeling totally

ANYEONG peeps, I'm back to blogging again.
Love it to the freaking max ^^
On Friday - Went to work @ CQ , bought a bag too.
Though i didn't earn much , i didn't spend much either.
Luckily, it's enough for me to shop for the next day!
On Sat- Went to TOWN with Eunice!!!
This idiot pig dun wan to take pic with me >:(
Next time confirm must force her to take with me, haha.
Went to cineleisure & scape as usual, :/
Bought a pair of shoes, 1 mango long sleeve , 1 belt all under 
Cheap isn't it?! Including dinner too (:
I am such a budget queen, hoho ^^
For Sunday & Today , i shall update you next time! 

MY fav. sports :D
I love to roller-blade alone, #foreveralone.
But i dun care, it's good to skate alone yea!
So carefree and fun (Y) 

I swear you won't get tired from listening to it okie.
Anyway it's sang by TIFFANY ALVORD.
Really love her singing voice (:

Saturday, August 18, 2012


ANYEONG peeps, I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
Do you guys miss my post? Haha :/
I have some good news to share with you all!

  1. Just changed my phone into an ANDROID phone!
& Guess what , I BOUGHT IT @ $51 onlyyyy!!!
(Y) right? Hah, this plan save quite a lot of money for me ^^
No more using LKK phone already , haha
Anyway FYI- i changed to XPERIA P.
It's quite a nice phone & not laggy at all.
So why consider it? :D

        2. Prelim was finally over!!!
Just let me celebrate for these 3 days.
Then i will start mugging again (:
This prelim is so so so long man , )))):
If can , i want to show you my dark rings to prove how sad life i have.
Hah, but i can endure this because
I do have my entertainment life okay...

        3. Going Suntec City with LAILAI family tomr!!!
Hehe, so happy (Y)
It's been a long time since we went out esp to far places!
Thinking of it thrills me a lot a lot.
It's better than anything else okie ^^

Enough of my shity crap.
Hah, just came back town with Eunice.
Met so many familiar people @ town, haha.
Bought a lot of things also, SATISFIED MUCH ^^

Shall spare you from my naggy talk already~~~
I shall flood you with TONS & TONS OF PICS.


Retarded shots 

My stupid face 

Yijia stole my jacket>:(

Sophia & I :D 

Four of us 


See my qian bian face, haha! 

I look so fake here... 

Prize presentation with jamie ^^ 

hoping that smth will fly into my mouth ?! 
With Jamie & Sophia 
I tried to be serious

Sunflower of Jamie's!!! 

Like this to the max ^^

Spastic Queens ^^ 
Like this too ^^


Unglamn ? 

In case you miss my face :P