Saturday, February 28, 2009

My eyebag very ZHONG right? x.x

Yijia , show me ur backview for wad .-
Does yjjia eyes looks like someone? ;x
I want eat my monkey! (:
My monkey big eyes ;x
Finally a proper one! (:
I wonder why someone is so HYPOCRITE .-

Hmm, post about today (:
Woke up around 10am , hehes.
Found out 1 thing :O
I got deep eyebags & some pimples on my face.
I dunno that one call pimples or not las.
Soon, my face became mobeng ler, JK ;x
Online for 3 hrs, busy searching blogskins
But nothing caught my eye ;x
After tat meet up with yijia (:
Went to play ddr, fun fun.
Deprove alot, rather nervous uh.
LOL, after tat went cwp .
I was hoping for a grand funfair at there.
But dun hab, sadded ;x
Went shop shop , saw crystal.
LOL, was hoping to see yihan .
But i think she is alone, haish.
After tat went to lot 1 again.
Played ddr again, hehes(:
Saw a ah beng pointing middle finger at another boy.
LOL, very fierce siol.
I think going to have a fight ler.
Cause his gang all looking at him.
LMAOS, long story las.
After tat yijia came my house play.
LOL, cause raining mah (:
Told her alot of secret wor ;x
After tat she went home ler.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rainbow ((:
4 box of cookie! (:
Jamie (:

There are some flour on our face!


Smile . Spastic smile.

We very HARDWORKING de hor! :D

Twist, look at our hands, god :O

LOL, wad are we doing?

Ayaka (:

Random pics :x


I dun wish to post anymore.

Pics will do !(:

Our friendship is driffing more and more. Sometimes i really wonder , do u really cherish our friendship? Or u just treat me like subsitute? I really want to go back to the past but it's obviously not gonna to happen. Remember the times we play together? Happy , that's wad we experience. But now, SAD, idk why. Nowadays, u keep on critcising ur frens, do u think it's good?

I mean like joke it's okay, but u had gone overboard. U were not like this last time but now? I wanted to talk to u trying to help our friendship. But did u? Ya, u just go away without saying a thing with her. I tried to be with you , but wad happen? Not even last for 5 mins, i guess? U just go with her , ya not even a bye. Am i transparent or wad? Now u got better companion , u just leave me out. I had enough, i'm just holding my tears. At music class, someone said my name with CHEEBYE. Ya, wad u did? Laugh and laugh? Ya, very funny .- Can u believe it? My best fren laugh at me with the person that insult me. O.o a best fren did this. And she think she did nothing wrong, nothing WRONG. I'm just holding back my tears , trying not to cry. Everytime i think of this, my heart hurts. Can u just stop hurting me like this?U always criticise people without considering other people feelings not only me. I decided to gave you up, that's my only choice. I accept it, thanks for being my best fren last time. Ily.

I dun wish to say anymore. Just feel like crying now, sorry.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love this pics! (:
My monkey ((:


My face like shyt ;x

Smile (:


My retard sis .-

Cam- whore in the babies room!

My retard big sis, LOL.
Hmm hellos peeps! ((:
Today was a BAD day ):
Assembly talk then kanna write name.
Malu sia, laugh all u wan.
Lessons boring like hell.
Eng Read got a cher very funny .
LOL, he is very DRAMATIC guy canns.
I sleeping halfway , suddenly scream.
I tot wad happen but actually it's nothing las.
LAME one , after tat geog(:
We found out that MS WU is married.
And she is organising her wedding on 6 DEC.
We will be attending, book the seat ler.
Jealous right? Too bad (:
After tat got maths lesson.
Got back our test paper got 26/40 (:
Quite happy with my results las..
One thing i'm very angry of :
I ask his permission to eat sweet.
Then he nodd his head, i ate halfway.
Until eating for 15 mins, he suddenly snatch it away.
Idoilt right? Ppl eating , snatch it away.
WTF? He allow me just now then now disallow.
Stupid right, GRR ):
After school stay back clean classroom.
Clean about HALF AN HR, mr lim finally came.
Complain that we clean not enough, go back again.
Say wad 15 mins come back .
Half an hr also haven come -.-
Finally find him give us a long talk.
Damm him, tomr we got common test,
3.30 then came out of school.
Pathetic yea?
And thanks : Ayaka , Yijia, Sophia, Jamie, Jasmine (:
For waiting for me, thanks lots! (:
After school, went home ler (:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A retarded smile, CAN I GO BACK TO THE PAST?
Hmm a short post will do ):
Cause my parents is right behind me.
Starring at the computer, NOW.
Life is so stress, i hate being alive T.T
No fun, But only stress.
I really miss the past , the carefree life.
I rather being a baby rather than now.
Now life is so boring, i miss the past ):
I'm going berserk liao los.
Lost hope liao, i am just too stupid
Maybe i just flunk all my exams and PLAY?
My mum is gonna kill me if i do that.
Haish stress sia , alot of white hair came out.
LOL, jkjk ;x
Yesterday dun even have mood to study los.
My mum keep forcing me, bo bian .-
But i really hate studying T.T
It sucks especially MATHS.
I dun even understand wad mr quek was saying.
Sians , stress when i am in his class.
Haish god bless me uh (:
Gonna end my post lerr, BYE BYE! (:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Long time never post ler, miss my post mah?
LOL, jkjk (:
Today got science exams & english.
English wrote around 500 words, rubbish laas.
At science exam, andy keep talking to me.
Tsk, people wan concentrate right , HAH.
Got 1 time, his papers flew onto the wall.
Stuck down there , LOL.
Very suay uh, always sit beside him.
Andy was gonna kill me that if he see this ;x
Physcis was quite diff but chem ok las.
I think my chem will pass a few marks more.
Hope las, but my dad never fail to suan me.
Came home , ask me whether need eat 2 zeros or not.
WTH, good los, i told him i wan eat ,
One hotdogs (boys dun xiang wai) , 2 eggs.
Which is 100 marks, hahas.
Ok back to posting uh.
After sch, got a short briefing by mr lim.
Damm naggy uh , sians.
Then clean up my classroom, one word.
Damm freaking dirty las, we spend 30mins cleaning it.
All the books & paper lying around ><
Gave ryan all the leftover newspaper & fullscap.
I hope he won't lack of foolscap anymore! (:
Heard from jasmine that got a bastard point middle finger at 2A.
Idk izzit true or not las.
But when he point, jasmine & him look shocked.
LOL, i'm laughing like siao .
After sch, went lot 1 ate lunch .
Got 1 girl kp yijia sia, keep bad-mouthing us.
GRR, stupid girl , hack care her nah.
Walk abit then went jamie house.
Hmm quite fun las, with her baby sister.
LOL, damm freaking cute los.
AYAKA, i became ur second victim!
Cause jamie's sis keep hitting me ):
But i hit her back , in the end we keep on hitting .
LOL, later ppl say i bully wor ;x
Around 4 smth, went to my house void deck.
Saw jasmine, ayaka & jiaying ((:
Chit- chat & play for 1 hr?
After tat went home le (:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hmm today is my 200th post .
Finally 200 lerr, hahas (:
Today is my last post cuz exam is coming.
And i'm bound to play computer T.T
LOL, hope my common test will pass with flying colours.
Same to you guys, okays ! Good luck (:
Haish tomr have PE.
WTH, tomr need to run 6 rounds.
Damm it man, my stamina really sucks.
And nowadays my stomach was damm painful.
SHYT uh , idk why.
Maybe tomr i'm not running (:
I guess it's muscle cramp or wad las.
Sians now very stress T.T
Cause my dad is gonna confiscate my phone if i fail.
Must pass all the subjects sia ...
So difficult and i hate the physics & art cher los.
The art cher keep staying us back .
Art also no use , still waste our time.
Still need to stay back to 2 days, bloody hell.
Then the physics cher very wad las.
Keep cursing us fail ):
Then compare us with this & that.
GRR , we are not ur puppet right.
Curse us, nvm liao.
Now still compare us with EXPRESS classes.
So what if they are more smart than us?
We also dun care, care so much for ?
GRR, hate both of the teachers las! ):

I'm very happy.
Cause ytd i sent him a lecture msg.
And he now did not call me ... anymore.
But i had long give up on him.
So idc on him lass, just hope that

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The needle that is under my shoe
LOL, like sophia last time .=
More normal , LOL.

Feel like posting this pic, idk .
Today woke up at 8am.
Cannot sleep nah, downstairs very noisy .-
Wash my 2 pair of shoes, hahas.
Long time never wash ler.
Discover a needle under my shoe.
LMAOS like last time sophia shoe.
Hahas, now i m laughing at myself.
After that bathe then went to arcade with yijia (:
Played ddr,damm freaking tired.
Staminar drop like hell but luckily.
I PASSED Sunkiss love drop again! (:
Weets damm happy but i know it's tyco las.
Then rushed down to meet eugene they all.
Sorry eugene for being late wor ;x
Alot of people sia, shock .
Almost the whole kfc is filled with the ppl.
Then went to take 190 to there.
Shock sia, the driver must be wondering.
LOL, why so many ppl going to the same destination.
When we got off, the bus like so few ppl onli.
HAHAS, walked to there.
Made new frens like Christine and another forgot ler ;x
Watched the concert, not bad (:
After tat they sang the christian song.
Walan damm hyper sia, all jumping.
Tio shock again, LOL.
They really love jesus wor (:
I only remember one line :
Jesus love never fails?
Hahas cuz they kept on repeating.
The song also very nice, i'm singing too.
Overall the performance was entertaining.
But they ask us join christian.
OPS, but we all declined.
Cause my mum dun let, SORRY.
After the concert, went to plaza sing.
While yijia & nicole went home ):
Me & jamie shop shop.
Saw a build a bear shop, walan damm nice.
The clothes damm freaking cute, I LOVE IT MAN!
When i got a bf, i will ask him to buy for me.
Hahas, after awhile then went home ler.
Btw saw alot of loving couples, 羡慕leh ):
I wish i got a bf too! (:
But must wait long long los.
MY WISH : I hope next year the valentines day CAN celebrate with my boyfren! (:
Today is my last post until my exams is over.
Got to buck up uh or else i hab to...
Hope everyone will pass ur exams.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today was a suay day! T.T
Went to sch with heavy bags.
Lessons boring sia, sians.
After sch, get ready for npcc.
Bloody hell, the tv say 2.45 assemble.
Then LJS say 2.15pm , stupid sia.
Actually CCA start at 3pm los, cheat us .-
Changed then found out that i never bring my socks.
Suay uh so i wear PT kit.
Then LJS punish us do alot of pushup.
And make us stand for 1hr?
Now i'm super duper tired.
LOL, everyone is scolding LJS los.
Cause he is too overboard ler .
Then got martial arts, sians.
Do the kicks & other lame lame stuffs.
This lesson sucks , still got pushup & situp.
Damm tired uh.
Morning had PE ran 5 rounds.
Afternoon, do almost 30 pushups.
Evening do 30 pushups.
Tomr sure got muscle ache ahs .-
OH YA forgot to say one thing :
I had grown!, LOL.
Height : 1.58 , Weight : 37kg.
I know i very fat & i 'm on a diet, jk ;x
Ok continue my post..
Asked IC some question about LJS.
Called wrong name.
Actually is Mr Lim Jun Sheng.
Then i called, Long John Silver, LMAOS.
Heng LJS never hear ;x
After martial arts, LJS punish us becoz of andy and other fellows.
Sians do 20 pushups again .
Tomr still need to wear full U sia.
Damm it man!
After tat went home ler.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Me & Jocelyn (:
Jasmine wrote this (:
Jocelyn wrote this ,LOL!

Yesterday boring day uh ><
3 smth then release , pek cek .-
After tat went yijia house do project
LOL, we spend not more than half an hr then finish le
WOOTS, then went people blog, see here & there.
LMAOS, then actually jocelyn wan play audi.
Cause her house audi spoil.
Cuz suay , she sudddenly dc.
I saw yijia baby photos.
I laugh continuously for nearly 15 mins man
If u show me the pics now, i still still laugh like siao.
No offence to yijia hor ;x
Got take some pics at her house.
But not nice so never put uh, sorry (:
Then went to lot 1 wtih jocelyn.
Slack for awhile then went home ler.

Ok let's talk about today.
Nothing much to comment.
But it's a long day too.
At the morning, apologise to someone.
Her fren say i no sincere.
Wad u expect me to apologise?
Kneel down? -.-
Finally i am at ease, after apologising.
Thanks eugene for arranging it (:
Then got form class.
Blah listen to mrs toh made me wanna sleep.
Alvin gave us biscuits to eat.
Cause jocelyn recess never eat uh.
She was trying to eat but the mr mohan.
Keep standing around us, LOL.
Then i say : jocelyn, 你吃着个饼干吃到好辛苦哦!
The lesson was boring like hell, finally music!
I love music class man, damm nice (:
Cause ruben very funny.
As he keep singing at the wrong time.
LMAOS another time is mr mohan.
Cause the music room got a big mirror.
Mr mohan is posing himself infront of it.
LOLS, funny uh
After tat geog, SIANS.
Jocelyn suddenly cry, IDK why.
Maybe emo bah .
Stay in class, bored uh.
After tat maths lesson.
Got test, damm it.
At chinese lesson got learn abit.
But forget everything ler , shyt man.
Luckily ayaka, sophia & jamie help me with some sums.
That's not called cheating, that's called :
HELPING, lols.
After tat went home le.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trying out on jocelyn straightener ;x
Jasmine (:
Nice mah? Jocelyn did it .
Love letter, JK!
Today is a idoilt day, spoilt by ...
Asshole, keep influencing people.
Haven even got the facts then malign ppl.
-.- Hack care the bastards.
Hate then hate las, like i care.
I already apologise ler, still keep scolding.
GRR, so petty.
Hack care him nah (:
Last sat, went to rebond frinch.
The cream very smelly uh ><
Told yijia about smth on that bitch.
I scold fking bitch.
She scold CB siol!
LOL , i shall end here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hmm, long time never post ler! (:

Yesterday school very sians uh.
Exams is coming super fast.
Haven even revise a single thing.
Sure fail uh, no hope.
Born to be stupid in my life.
No matter how hard i revise, still the same.
Given up hope ;x
I was given a name called :LJS
Jocelyn & Deric & Marvin also got a name.
LOL, lame uh.
Mrs toh teach CME, bloody slow.
1 whole period teach sai , jk ;x
Lol after sch, played volleyball.
Then wait for jamie & sophia to finish up their project.
After tat went home ler (:

Today went school as usual.
Boring lessons uh, nearly sleep.
At dnt, gossip about NN, LOL.
Bad bad ah ;x
Told jocelyn smth , she was so damm shock.
LOL, eugene ahs.
Yesterday cough so much, cannot sleep.
So today very sleepy ya (:
DNT damm diff, i dun even understand a single thing.
I just act act , LOLs.
After tat school , got NP.
MORE SIAN, i feel like quiting sia.
Haish got campcraft test , lame 1.
Got 1 sir very tall, so we compliment him.
& He help us with the test answer, GOOD RIGHT!
So it's good to compliment other people (:
Then got martial arts, walan -.-
Boring like hell , did stretchup.
OMG, the mam keep choosing me , GRR
I guess i need to exercise more uh.
After tat got ceramony, boring like hell.
Then went home straight, tired sia T.T

Today was a tired day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our movie tickets! (:
Bestie! (:
Me & Ayaka! (:
Nice, my hairs looks funny ;x
Today woke up 8am, early right (:
Now sick caught by alvin.
He passed his flu & cough to me T.T
Today was a funny day.
LOL, went to lot 1 with my frens.
Played ddr with jasmine (:
After tat bowen actually played the 6 keys ddr.
But too bad too noob, gave up ;x
I extra go play , LOL.
But fail , HAHAHAHS!
Saw eugene & andy in lot 1.
Then went jurong point (:
Damm cold, lucky i brought my jacket (:
After tat watched the wedding game at 1.45pm.
But the advert was too long, around 2.10 then start.
In the middle of the show, my clip drop off.
Damm find until very hard still cannot find.
Until the end of the movie then yijia found it.
LOL, thanks everyone for helping me to find (:
Then went arcade ((:
Played ddr with yijia.
Saw zhenghui, javern & deric, suay ah ;x
COOL!I passed sun kiss love drop expert(:
Zh come kajiao me then i step his foot.
Then played drum with ayaka.
She damm pro los, hahas.
After tat went shop awhile.
Then went lot 1 again, LOL.
Went popular saw javern they all again.
LOL, so coincidental .
Cause the 3 boys plus sophia wearing black skinnies.
Then i go extra say they looks like a cpl with sophia ;x
Toot javern go kik my skinnies to make mine become black like them
LMAOS, after tat deric go pull javern shirt.
Sexy seh ;x Joking nah.
Then went home ler (:
Today saw alot of frens wor :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

We did it! Nice mah?

Oh man, i guess i'm down with serioud flu.
God, i keep sneezing non-stop T.T
Hmm today was a bad day ):
I guess everyday is my bad day uh ;x
Cause school sucks, CA1 is coming.
So many subject i dun even understand a single thing.
CA1 sure fail with flying colours uh.
Today got 2 periods science, sibeh sians.
At school cry because of smth.
Got home cry again because i lost my $30 T.T
I really got SERIOUS STM, dun even know where i put.
God, damm sad.
After sch, play volleyball (:
Then went jamie's house.
Saw her sister damm cute!
After school went lot 1 stop awile.
Then went home (:

Yesterday 1/2/09
Went to jurong point with mummy & big sis.
Fun fun VERY fun .
Decided to decorate a piglet pics.
Until ok las, quite nice.
Thanks to their help (:
Then went other places shop.
Damm freaking long.
After tat went home ler.
Hmm i will update tomr outings! (:


I really want to change.
Please forgive me for being bad to u all.
My character is like tat, i dun like entertaining ppl.

& i'm very straightforward.
And because of that, many ppl hate me.
Sorry for my rudeness & childishness all these years.
I know u all had tolerate me enough.
I will try to change to be a nice girl.
A fren that u all wan (:
I won't scold anyone anymore for no reason.
I won't speak vulgar languages.
I promise to be gentle and dun be like a bitch.
Uh, i promise to nice to all of them.
But one thing i wan to say ;
I hate people who come lisiao me, when i did'nt even do anything to them,
Please dun do this to me by doing those acts.
Thanks lots!
Sorry glenn, andy, merrick for scolding u all the time (:
I'm really sorry for my acts.