Sunday, September 29, 2013

Starts with a kindled flame

As usual, i'm busy with the old stuffs.
Work nor, what else?
Haha, so yup i made my mind.
1. Not gonna to cut my fringe for the time being.
Cause 我好舍不得 ...
2. Decided to work even if school starts.
But most prolly just max 2 days per week.
Simply because Studies is more important than anything else.
3. Postpone my car license 
Ain't got any time to do this shit, unless i'm rich haha.
Just calculated my pay and YAY, i reached my aim!
Finally get to save at least $1k for this longgg holiday, woohoo..

So my sec class decided to visit USS for Halloween this year.
Frankly speaking, i'm a scaredy cat.
So i have no idea why i agree to go.
And i'm regretting for going cause i just visited the TRIAL @ Cine.
Lol, guess what?
I kept my eyes closed for the whole 5 mins journey.
Wts, cause i'm too afraid to open my eyes...


There's a pathway where you need to pass through a lot of "fake" hands.
I got so freaked out when i know i had to pass through them.
So i had to clarify that i'm really not thinking straight @ that point of time.
When i felt that someone was pulling my bag, I SCREAMED.
"OMG, save me! Someone's pulling my bag!!!! "
And it turned out to be my fren-Yijia who was right behind me.
So she immediately replied back " IT'S ME LA"
My sense came back and my reaction was "Oh ya"
Lol, totally *face palm* x Infinity 

So the question is - Do you think i can make it for such things?
This is only the trial version and i'm already so terrified.
How about the real one?
I guess i would be dead by then...
Now, i sincerely dread the arrival of 19 Oct x.x 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leave your options free

Hey September,
It's gonna be over in 5 more days.
And two more weeks to the end of my holiday.
Though it's just one month, it's already happening enough...
Lol, i never once thought that i would have endless things to update.
Feel sorry enough for not being able to update in time :/
GAHHHH, time is running out for me!
Still contemplating whether i should work when school starts.
Should i? Should i ? Should i?
Ahhhhhhh, hate myself for being so indecisive x.x
Dad's pestering me to sign up for car license, shit.
So is either going for car / work?? LOL.
Tough choice because i can't get any further even if you give me time to think.
One more thing which i have been procrastinating since June.
Should i cut bangs?!?!!?!?!?!
Kind of sick & tired with my long fringe 
I'm afraid that i will regret after cutting.
Yea, this is a typical& common encounter for girls like us.
And i really HATE being so indecisive cause i'm not like that. 
Usually. haha 
Despite being a workaholic, i had to emphasize that i still have my life.
Yes, = enjoying with friends & family.
So for my bdae, sweet Yijia decided to celebrate with me!!
Thanks for making my day enjoyable for me (: 
No words could be able to express my gratitude, corny much. 
Shall stop the thank you speech and PICTURES will do the rest.
The place shall remain as anonymous alright... 
(P.S for the spam of pics recently, haha ) 

Hi, i know you must be bored looking @ all my selfies.
When all my smiles look the same, sick already right?
Okayyyy, here comes my "glamorous" pictures ! (:


Sunday, September 22, 2013


Couldn't bear to look @ the $$$ i'm left with in my bank account.
Too depressing...
Had been spending way too much this month.
Partly thanks to work, LOL?
Cause if i work, i don't get any allowance.
= I have to pay for every single thing on my own.
I get so pissed off when people tell me this- 
"Holiday is for you to rest, not to be a workaholic" 
Yea, easier said than to be done. 
If you're me, you can't even take a break. 
There're so many many many things that i need to buy.
Portable charger, waterbottle, goggles, slippers, watch and many more.
FML, is this counted as a problem of scarcity?
Why do i feel that i'm spending more even though i'm working ?
Sighhhh, now i think i got the "workaholic" syndrome.
And i am not kidding.
Cause it's like i feel uneasy if i didn't work = no $$$.
Bet no one can save me from it.
Lol, i guess i'm still gonna work even while studying...
Hardcore to the max yo, rofl. 


As promised, went out with my dear BFF- Ms Lim on last sat!
Hehe so sweet of her to ask me out for a mini bdae celebration for me.
Totally love her birthday card & present, yay #happygirl95
She was complaining about how hard it was to find my bdae present.
Actually, i will like it no matter what she buy uh x.x 
"It's the thought that counts, isn't it ? "
Though i hate to admit, she's really an ULTRA artistic person.
Never fails to make me feel inferior of what she has done for my bdae, haha.
Apparently, we actually wanted to sing karoke @ Tio Heng. 
But the plan failed because THE PLACE IS ULTRA WULU.
And the best thing is you need to climb a 5 storey high of stairs.
-.- With my burden muscle aches, i clearly know that i can't make it.
So in the end we went to Star Vista to cam-whore like crazy ladies.
Little did i expect that the scenery @ Star Vista is so amazing!!
Found another perfect place to cam-whore, hehe. 
Judge later after you see the pictures (: 

Lol FYI- the green thing is the leaf WTS. 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Find your own happiness

Hi peeps.
I'm here to blog about last week.
As I've mentioned earlier, it was indeed a hectic week for me.
  • Chalet 

Was totally packed every single day last week, argh.
So for the first 3 days, had class chalet!
Had been waiting for this since the start of July, haha.
Just so heartwarming to meet those people whom you missed them so much.
It's no longer about friendship, we became a big family now.
Say bye to awkwardness cause we are that awesome.
Forgot what we did for the first day.
As for the second day, we went to WILD WILD WET.
Thankful that i'm a girl cause i get to sleep on the bed.
While all the guys' beds = floor ; kinda pathetic .
Nothing much to talk about so pictures will do the talking (: 

With Ji wun & Vanna ^^

Guys mantain pls 

Scary pk

The small kitchen 

Jeremy & Pk (: 

LOL 5A's creation

PS: jokers everywhere (sorry for the quality of photos)

LOL my face... 

I think this is the most "unglam" photo ever! 

The "act serious" look which everyone find it hard to do it. LOL endless laughter 


Times like this, i had to accept that my eyes is smaller than Alvin's one. haha 

The "EMMMMM" look 

Confident that the only people i can be comfortable with will be
5A ~ no matter what 
Nobody can replace them, our friendship stays forever (: 

  • SQUASH camp 
Right after my chalet, i had squash camp for the next 3 days.
Lol i bet i only stayed at home in less than 48 hours for that week.
Sincerely no break at all & i'm glad that i've survived.
Or else who is the one talking here, CHEHHHH .
FYI- it's my first time joining a sports CCA so yup it's my first camp!
Haha, i only have one thing to say.
It's SO SO SO much different from my previous camps (NPCC)
Though i think that this is just like any ordinary camps,
I had to admit that this is one of the best camp ever! :D
This is the first time when i can actually feel the bond between us .
However, there's one thing i hate in this camp.
Due to that, i cannot actually run freely or should i say my usual speed.
And it totally hurts my pride cause i couldn't run ; LOL.
Sadly to say, this camp REVOLVES ALL ABOUT RUNNING.
Totally sian to the max when i even have problems walking, PATHETIC.
Happy that it brings to an end to my hectic week but sad that it's over.
Mixed feelings much, haha.
Hope that there's more upcoming camps , weets! :D 

With the squash girls ^^
With Shermaine (: 

Group (3) for the win!!! 

Though we didn't win the best group award, i believe that we have the best team spirit.
"One for all , all for one" 

kay byez!