Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.

HEYYO PEEPOS , i'm so free now :O
Actually should be off to my ahma house for dinner .
But in the end didn't go because of some stupid decisions .
Yup , and i haven't bought my dinner yet .
Sadd , i got a feeling that i will sleep at 2am .
Cause ytd slept at 1am , woke up at 11am .
Good game yea ? Maybe tomr my eyes will become panda eyes .
(We shall see )
LOL , S.I.A.N.S , i still in weekend mood , how ? :/
Yesterday went to timah play pool . *WEETS
Andy saw me but didn't call me . Noob cake .
K so now should start my update .
Around 3 pm went out to meet xiaohui .
Played 2 games of ddr after tat meet up with jamie .
Went lot 1 roam until 5pm like that .
Then went to meet up with vanna & co .
After tat took bus 67 to timah there .
WE ARE SO LUCKY that we got table to play nor .
Thank god man ! LOL ..
Played for 1 h , keep hitting the white ball in . -.-
After tat went to lot 1 , ate dinner .
Then went lam soon for half an hr .
Reached home @ 10pm ..

Dun mind me for being a lousy updater L:
Toodles :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The best mirror is an old friend


HEYHEY ! S.I.E.R.R.A is finally back in action .
I can't believe i could resist the tempt to M.I.A for 7 days .
And guess what ? I'm counting down the days i have mia-ed.
*I'm sick of studying okayy . (like who don't ?)
Got back my SS test , 30/50 .
Lousy score but anyway i deserve it .
Muahahas , exams do sucks alright ..
Somemore need to act guai infront of parents , SO PATHETIC.
Now i just need to pray hard that i pass all of my subjects .
INCLUDING science -.- , my weakest subject ever.
LOL , kk should update about ytd .
I guess you guys are not interested in earlier days when i'm ..
Mugging for exams , too boring for you all right ?
Should have smth new to update , HAHAHS.

Yesterday ..
Had my last exam papers which is A MATHS ..
LOL , i kept on ranting on this line to everyone ..
Recess time , andy finally did his bet .
AHEM , should i say it out ?
Hmm wait till he gl me more , then i shall say .
(So just look forward my latest post ^^)
Hehehs , finally school is over .
Hmm head to home to change & lunch-ed with mum .
After that saw andy & gervan at mrt station .
Kept on lisiao-ing me , so lame sia .
ANDY AHH , when can you grow up ? :/
Hahahs trained to bugis with jamie (:
Went to bugis street , bought a lot of things .
Spent 50 bucks there , goodgame uh ? L:
After that went to iluma ,the highest lvl arcade .
TOTALLY shock cann ! Was so fascinated by their items .
Hahahs played the sport car & basketball all those .
After that vanna & hanrong came & join us together .
Then went to bugis junction while they went to bugis street.
Around 7pm , went lot 1 awhile .
8pm went lamsoon with vanna & hanrong , chit-chat .
LOL , went home at 9pm .
KK done !

Some pictures ^^
Vanna ^^
Cool right ?

Doraemon ! I FOUND YOU AGAIN..

LOL , okie done with wordy post .
Going pool in the late afternoon with vanna & co' .
Tata ! ^^

Friday, February 26, 2010

Will update more tomr ..

Toodles :D
Will update more tomr ..

Toodles :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you have more than five songs that remind you of just one person?
Yes .

How old will you be in three years?
17 , real is 18 .

Do you think you'll be married by then?
No lah , siao ?

Whats the biggest thing that's happening in the next three months?

Who was your last text from?

What are you thinking about RIGHT now?
How am i gg to memorise those key points into my brain .

What are the last two colors you painted your nails?
Light pink & white.

What do you hear?
Music from my blog .

What were you doing at 2am last night?
Sleeping , LOL .

Look behind you. What do you see?
Sofa .

When was the last time you saw your sister/s?
Just now in the study room -.-

What is happening Friday night?
Last ? Hmm, i went my ahma house .

What irritates you the most about girls?
LOL , when they comment too badly on someone else .

Song title and artist of the song your currently listening to?
Into the new world - SNSD.

How many different schools have you been to?
1 in CGM when i'm k2 , 1 in primary , 1 in sec.

Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?
Bare feet .

Are you a social person?
Yes ?

What was the last thing you ate?
My dinner .

What is your favorite ice cream?
Chocolate flavour .

Let me guess, you're thinking about the person that you like?
Hmm errm ya ?

Do you like coffee?
Yes .

Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?
Not sure .

Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?

When's the last time you went to the hospital?
I cannot remember .

Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?

When's the next time you'll dress up?
Depends .

Whats the closest pink object to you?
My hellokitty stripe.

What is your favourite TV show?
Crime show .

Can you roll your tongue?

What did you do today?
Went out with family for half of the day , study for 2h .

Miss anyone?

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
AHS , why you kept on asking sick questions ?

Something's bothering you right?
Yes .

What are you looking forward to?
End of common tests.

Don't tell me lies, so where's your boyfriend?
Home ?

Do you think it's disgusting when girls get really wasted?
What you mean ?

Plans for saturday?
PLAY POOL ! I'm crazy about it .

Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
Reasonable level , loud only when i'm high .

Honestly, who was the last person to tell you they loved you?
Confidential .

Has anyone told you lately that they would always be there for you?
Hmm yes .

Who are your last 5 texts from?
Vaymond , Andy , Sophia , Yijia , Yihan .

Who was the last person to call you?
My 2nd sis .

Do you miss anyone?

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

What are your plans for this weekend?
Mug for exams like crazy , and have fun after that .

Whats irritating you right now?
The time .

Are you listening to music right now?

What was your childhood nickname?
You will laugh at me if i say it out . -Jamie should know .

Is this year the best year of your life?
Nope .

Do you have a best friend?
Yep , i have 3 :D

What were you doing at 8 this morning?
I was trying to get more sleep .

Have you ever passed out?

Do you fall for people easily?

In the past week have you gotten sick?

How many clothes do you have in your closet?
More than enough .

Right now do you want to kiss someone?
No . You're really sick .

What’s your mood?
Bored .

Where were you 1 hour ago?
At home, talking on phone with yihan .

When’s the last time you cried?
Last week.

Did you enjoy your weekend?
NO , only for this weekend .

Can a boy and girl be friends without having feelings for each other?
Duh ? They're not getting into a relationship yea .

Where’d you get the shirt you’re wearing?
Idk .

Who do you currently like?
Like ? You're lame .

Do they like you?
LOL , ask them .

Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunset! :D

Are you cocky?
No -_____-

Have you ever been to Mexico?

Do you make your bed daily?
No , i dun give a damm ^^

Your favorite movie?
Too many to choose .

Your favorite tv show?
You asked this b4 too ?

Is there a tv in your room?
Nope .

How was your day?
Fine ):

Your favorite season?
Winter .

Something you’re looking forward to in the next month?

Last person you gave up on? When?
Ahem , dun wan to tell you :P

Last shirt you wore?
My home clothes .

If your best friend made out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you do?
O.O , asked the reason first .

Who do you know that can make you feel better if you’re not feeling happy?
Anybody who jokes well .

What are you doing besides this?
Nothing .

Are you logged into any instant messanger programs?

Do you have any dishes in your room?

It’s 10am. What are you doing?
Outside , eating breakfast .

1. Handphone
2. MP4
3. Clothes
5. Books
6. Bed
7. Study table.

1. Do You Like Anyone?

2. Does Someone Like You?

3. Last Kiss?
My first kiss is still here ! LOL.

4. Been Lead On?
What u mean ?

5. Been Cheated On?
Yes and i hate that freak .

6. Want A Relationship?

7. Wanna Get Married?

1. Those people who always bicker with me .
2. Friends <3
3. Handphone
4. Computer
5. Clothes
6. Mp4
7. Food

1. Him
2. SS , how to study ? LOL .
3. Bear for a week & i will be free.
4. Save money !
5. I wan POOL!
6. Money please .
7. Hope i'm sick .

1. Believe In God?
Yeah sometimes.

2. Had A Dream Come True?
No -.-

3. Read The Newspaper?
Sometimes .

4. Get Enough Sleep Everyday?

5. Have A Best Friend?
You asked b4 .

6. Take A Bath Daily?
Diao , duhh .

7. Wish On Stars?
No .

1. Fallen In Love?
Duh .

2. Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex?
Hmm no .

3. Hooked Up With Someone Who Had A BF/GF?
Nope .

4. Been To A Bonfire?
No .

5. Ran Away From Home?

6. Played Strip Poker?
Lol no.

7. Pulled An All Nighter?

1. Cried?

2. Had Fun?
Nope ):

3. Been Kissed?
By my cousins , i guess .

4. Felt Stupid?
Definitely .

5. Talked To An Ex?
Nope .

6. Missed Someone?

7. Listened To Music?

1. Are You Currently Mad At Someone?

2. Which Of Your family Members Has The Worst temper?
Me las .

3. Have You Ever Thrown Something At Anyone?

4. Does Your Face Turn Red When You’re Angry?
No ?

5. When You’re Mad Do You Prefer To Stare Angrily Or Yell?
Both .

1. Has Anyone Ever Thrown A Surprise Party For You?
Yep :)

2. Are You Easily Excited?
Yes .

3. What Event Is Coming Up That You Are Looking Forward To?

4. If You Won A Million Dollars, What Will Be Your First Thought?
Spend it like )_(%^$$@^(%#

5. What Would Make You The Happiest Right Now?
If common test was cancelled .

1. Full Name:
Sierra Lai Chien Qin

2. Birthday:
15 sep .

3. What’s Your Main Goal In Life?
GET TOP 6 in class & got a new phone .

4. Do You Want To Have Children?

5. How Do You Want To Die?
Without any pain .

1. When Is The Last Time You Cried?
Last week.

2. What Is The Saddest Thing That Is Happening Right Now?
Nothing ?

3. Do You Usually Cry/Get Depressed When Something Doesn’t Happen Your Way?
Both las . Mixed feelings .

4. Has Anyone Made You Cry In The Last 24 Hours?

5. When You Are Sad, What Do You Do?
Talk to someone or my monkey (:


1. Do You Have A Crush On One Of Ur Friends?
LOL , i got a boyf already .

2. Do You Believe At Love At First Sight?
Yes .

3. When You See Your Crush, Do You Act Differently Around Him/Her?
Not sure , i think it's the same ?

4. Do You Have A Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

5. Do You Believe Everyone Has A Soulmate?
Yes .

P/S kop from Amanda :D
Enjoy reading (:

AHHHS ! I hate common test , i hate memorising things .
But i need to , cause i promised my mum to get good results .
Tsk , shouldn't have open my big mouth to promise her .
Should have just shut up & PLAY ALL DAY -.-
Now i'm finding difficulties in studying SS .
Because i didn't pay attention in class and i dun even know some of th words .
Godblessme kayy , just a pass can liao .
Haishh , now i'm gg to say the SENT that i hate ..

I'm going M.I.A for next week .
Just for the 5 days and IT'LL BE OVER ..
Okayy , but just keep the tags updated .
I will try to reply you all taggs ASAP kayy .
Last thing ;
GOODLUCK to everyone who have common test next week .
Toodles (:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cause my comp is fine now *
Thank god , just a piece of advice from me ;
TREAT UR COMP WELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol , (now i treasure my comp V. MUCH ! )

Today was F.I.N.E again .
I hate school , lessons sucks , TESTS sucks to the max )*($##@*&^*&#!
Got back 3 of tests , failed SS , really siasuey .
LOL , but was quite pleased with my maths & phy ..

*Heng heng arh ;x
Hahahas , ytd almost kanna caught by teacher of using phone .
Cause when i on my phone , my phone was spamm with 5 msg .
Then i was busy replying when i didn't realise teacher is staring at me .
I even jumped when he called my NAME ..
Thank god that he didn't confiscate my phone !* phew

Aww , i think you all are more interested in pics rather than my post .
So i shall stop here ..


HOLY MAMA , my sis 5 inch high heels .
So cute !
CCTV installed in my cousin house , COOL MAN!
Candid shot .
Smile ^^
My big sis & the cute cousin ..
Loves ~
Illegal gathering ?!
LOL , unglamm shot .
The swing (:
LOL , kinda retard .
Three of us .

*Underweight: advised on healthy meals, to take milk drinks and regular excercise. Review in school next year .

-How to grow fat if they eat healthy meals ? (does it do with any help ? )
-Do people really grow fat after drinking milk ? (some don't)
-Do regular excercise (for what freaking reasons, not skinny enough ? )
- Same old line ; UNDERWEIGHT .

Can't they think of a better word rather than UNDERWEIGHT .
I hate it , what's wrong with ppl that are underweight ?
It's definitely not their choice so why bother to laugh at it ?
Isit funny to laugh at ppl that are underweight ?
Some says it's a waste to eat food for underweight ppl.
Cause they dun grow fat after eating , (supper dun helps )
So should they really stop eating ?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heyyyo peepos ! I'M BACK ^^
Sorry for the late update , my comp cmi liao .
But surprisingly when i went into my sis acc , the comp wb okay .
Damm it man , i think my comp dun like my acc ):
Next week is our common test week , SUPER FAST CANN .
And i haven't even start revising a single shit .
Goodluck mann , LOL .
Last thing , sorry no photos today yea .
MY BIG SIS haven upload all the pics so i dun have it with me .
Maybe i will just upload to facebook rather than blogger .
BLOGGER 's such a noob today ..

Woke up at 8 plus in the morning .
Changed into my CNY clothes * weets
Then went to my popo house take angbaos .
After tat went to visit my popo's side uncles/aunties .
SO MANY DELICACIES were served to us BUT ..
My whole family be a half day vegetarian (pathetic )
So too bad , we can't eat it until it is past 12 .
After tat went my ahma house , *woots .
(I have been staring at the clock to see the time pass by )
FINALLY it's 12pm ! First thing ; BA GUA ! $.$
Then play with my little cousins , tired uh x.x
At night , my uncles & aunties came my house .
After tat gamble with my 2 sis , luck no good ):
Around 1pm slept .

Woke up @ 9am in the morning .
Went to my uncle's house , collect angbaos .
LOL , and ate a lot of nice food at there .
( I guess i have gain like 2 kg during CNY ? )
Hahahs , around afternoon went back ahma house .
Slacked awhile then went to my cousin house .
Had a afternoon nap because i was too tired .
Around 5 pm reached back ahma house , have my dinner .
Then around 7pm , went to look for vay & co .
9pm reached home , shocked that cousins were at my house .
Holy mama , LOL , thank god that my floor is clean .
Hahahas , played some childish games with them .
After they went home , gambled with my sisters .
LOSE LIKE SHIT , no luck againn .
(HAISH ,why am i always so suay )
Around 2 pm slept (:

Went out with families in the morning .
Ate lunch at lot 1 & went shopping for awhile .
Actually nothing much cause only some of the shops were opened .
Afternoon , went to meet jiaying & co .
Head to bukit timah , actually wanna go ktv .
But smth cropped up so in the end we went to clementi ktv .
Booked a large room & started our nonsense at there.
LOL , vaymond sang like crazy & his mood is SUPERB.
Didn't really sang a lot of songs cause i dun dare .
Some were forced by Vaymond >:(
It was like damm freaking cold at there & someone is freezing .
LOL , not to death las .. But to the extreme .
(Guess who's the somebody (: )
Sang like 4h in a row ? LOL , throat pain .
After tat went Weide's house bai nian .
Ate steamboat again , then went home around 9pm ..

How i wish everyday could be CNY ..


Sorry for the lack of update .
Will have a proper update for tomr ..
(Please hope that my memory is still fresh )
LOL , good-do-bye .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My new blogskinn .

And i need you all to give me comments !

Do you think this blogskin is nicer or the past ones ?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

HELLO PEEEPOS ! Happy EARLY new year !

LOL , tomr , everyone will be receiving L.O.T.S of HONGBAOS .
I guess everyone is looking forward to tomr . (so do i )
Let's enjoy these 4 days with happiness , alright ?
So woke up @ 10.30am in the morning , kinda late ?
And the first thing i heard was ' The CNY song .
LMAOS , i even thought today is the first day of CNY -.-
I'm that blur okay , perhaps i'm still in my lalaland ?
LOL , after tat i decided to do a small spring cleaning .
( My mum thought i'm sick just because i said i wanted to have a spring clean -__-)
Packed my study table / dressing table & my wardrobe .
Found a lot of rubbish , new clothes / worn clothes .
And OF COURSE , get ready my CNY clothes out .
Actually it's not my new clothes cause i wore them b4 .
(As you know , i bought all my CNY clothes like 2 month b4 CNY )
So it's normal for me to have worn them b4 .
LOL . After that daddy bought lunch for us .
Then afternoon , have maths tution with big sis .
Damm it cause I C.R.I.E.D again , -.-
So in the end i only hav 1h for maths tution . LOL
After tat went to lot with my 2 sisters (requested by me)
Found out that 3/4 of the shops were closed -___-
So shop like half an hr ? Walked to popo house .
Around 5pm reached there , helped to get ready for reunion dinner .
Around 6pm , started our dinner .
One word to describe ; AWESOME (:
After tat played poker cards & monopoly .
Luck was totally C.M.I , ROFL .
9 pm , went home first alone ..

Was rather scared walking alone and smth stupid happen .
Saw 2 bangaladesh behind me , smiling at me .
I quicken my steps and they do the same as me .
HOLY MAMA , and they were getting nearer & nearer to me .
Then they tapped my shoulder and asked me this ;
Girl , do you know where is block 302 ? Can you take me to there ?
And they kept on staring at me , one even wink at me -_-
Doesn't the scene seems familiar to you all ? (crime show)
So my reaction was like ?? , then i decided to do this .
My reply was ;
FUCK you two , disgusting freaks .
Then i run like mad woman back to my home without looking behind .
THANK GOD that the two bangala didn't gave chase .
Holy shit , the scene was like a nightmare to me .
(I'm thinking whether i should bring a penknife out )
In case i met this kind of scenes again ..
LOL , okayy my post is already SUPER LONG ..

So i shall stop here .
PS/ changed my blogsong already , do LISTEN ! (:
toodles !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love won't obey our expectations,
Its mystery is pure and absolute.

H.E.L.L.O everybody ! Sierra is back to blogging again .
OMG CNY is like 2 days later? Thank god man .
I'm counting down every min (just kidding)
But i'm damm excited las ! HOLY MAMA .
Tomr i'm going out after school , F.I.NA.L.L.Y !
I have the time to go out , yknow staying @ home makes me sick .
LOL , plus all the tests coming up makes me -_-
Totally got no mood for sch & CNY .
Finally the nightmare is over & all the tests are gone .
EXCEPT common test which is like next next week ? (so fast can ) :/
Today we have a total of 3 tests ! freak it man .
First test ; A Maths .
I could only say ; I'M DEAD .
I'm gg to flunk it cause i deserve it . (sounds wrong)
LOL , i'm the first to finish de paper but i hope i won't be last in class.
Second test ; Physics .
Studied a little bit but not much so ..
I am prepared to FAIL .
(Take it easy :D)

Third test ; Our last part of promotion test .
Which is theory & camp craft test .
I got quite a numbers of ppl to thank for ;
- 3B girls , thanks for teaching me .
- JingLing & Ziying for helping me the most!
- The sirs that helped me through .
Really thanks for your kind help , hahahas .

Okie shall stick back to my update-ing .
Today was F.I.N.E but i hate today .
Cause today , time passed too slow ! ):
From the first period , i'm starting to count down the time .
Finally now it's OVER! *weets .
I'm so damm excited of tomr CNY's celebration .
Not gg back to pri sch , cause they also won't let us in .
Yea , and I bet sophia is on the way to malaysia now .
BON VOYAGE & Enjoy ur CNY (:
Hahahs kays , i'm random .
Okie , i think nothing much to say le hur .
My blog post is long enough to keep you all entertain .
So toodles ! :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heyhey peepos , i'm back to blogging .
I'm so freaking busy these few days that i even have the time .
Plus my stupid comp is giving me never-ending problems .
So yaaa , i just hate my comp .
And CNY is coming like 3 days later ?
HOLY MAMA !~ I'm so damm excited can * screams.
Okay today had my CPL (sounds like couple) test , LOL .
I'm the first to shout command out to the squad .
Kinda exciting ? LOL , damm nervous cann .
And our squad only have 8 ppl , damm less -.-
Ya , and everyone kept on laughing & laughing .
I think the mams also pekcek with us liao , LOL .
But afterall it's okay thoughh .
After tat went to lam soon , sophia & vanna join us .
Around 8 pm reached home ..

Okie done , seriously dun hab the mood now .
Sorry , bye bye .

Can you stop hurting me ?
Can you ? Can you ? Can you ?
You treat a normal fren even better than me ?
If it's like this , please dun say i'm ur best fren .
You makes me feel so inferior to a normal person .
Okay , just leave me alone .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fcuk , i hate today .

Moodless .

This is how cruel the reality is .
Nobody will gets fair treatment .
Those people who sacrifice are stupid .

Sunday, February 7, 2010

*WEETS, my blog readers increase to a lot more .

MUAHAHAHs , i'm so damm freaking happy man!
But firstly , i wanna apologise to those who have my msn .
As my comp is such a let down , i can't even log in msn .
UNTIL i tried for 6/7 times then can ..
Kinda pathetic right ? I kept on ranting on my dad about the noob comp .
But he turns a deaf ear? (What to do neh ? )

Secondly , this is the F.I.R.S.T time IIIIIIIIIII
Finished my all my weekend homework by today .
I'm so damm happy okayy , cause this is really the first.
Except on revising my coming tests which is like tomr ?
And i didn't even bring any single notes for me to revise .
So just goodluck to me bahh ! ^^

Thirdly , new year is like next week ?
But i dun even feel the mood of CNY nor .
Maybe it's because of the homework/ tests coming up .
Haishh , but luckily i bought all my new year clothes .
And i'm kinda eager to wear , LOL!

Okayy , shall stop all those & continued my update .
Today morning , do my last part of homework .
Watched tv ( doraemon ) , and mobtv , ROFL.
Afternoon , went out with parents to ntuc .
My aim ; Help my parents spend money :P
LOL , bought a lot of CNY goods plus my stuff .
Evening , went to ahma house around 7pm .
On the way there , eugene suddenly text me saying that he saw me.
LOL , at first i tot he stalk me sia . (kidding)
Around 8 plus , leave there cause i had a bad headache .

Kk done with my 450th post !
Gotta go , goodbye !

Friday, February 5, 2010


Today had a great fun @ nicole's house .
Obviously , PICTURES 是少不了的!
Later you will see PICTURES coming up @ the latest post ..
BUT ! Read my post lahh , dun directly skip to pictures .
Anyway didn't cut my hair after much consideration .
Should I YAY? or BOO ?
Next sunday is CHINESE NEW YEAR right ? (or other days ) /O
Ya, and our school teachers are very evil ..
Cause they kept on giving us small tests next week .
In total , i have 4 tests the following week .
Which is like wtf , totally *no mood for CNY .
Some more this weekend , we have tons of homework to do .
Seriously , i think mr choo's really crazy ,
Every lesson gave us 1 exercise to do , SIAO ONE SIa.
Total i have 5 maths homework to do for this week .
Shiok right ? LOL .
(Blame it on the heartless teachers ! )
Jkjk , okay today was F.I.N.E
I was looking forward for the early release in the first lesson .
(Can you sense how boring the lessons are ? )
Every lesson , i feel like i didn't slept for the whole night .
Cause i kept on yawning in every 5 mins .
I just wanna complain that ; ANDY IS A BADDIE .
Kept on hitting my head , no wonder i so stupid .
LOL , but luckily i hit back .
So he was equally stupid as me ( win me abit nia) :P
Here's the fun part ; AFTER SCHOOL .

Was held up by class duty , some classmates were &*$#$()&@ .
Kept on littering the floor when i'm sweeping the floor .
So damm GL right ? And i screamed at them .
Hahhas , i was damm pissed lahh .
I got only myself to clean the whole classroom , yet they are creating a scene.
After that went nicole house ! *WEETS .
Use comp , slacked , ate those junk food for lunch .
Then started baking , got all the ingredients ready .
Before that , claire helped me tie scorpion (sry random )
Then started making the flour , all those things .
After that started our CAM-WHORE session .
Took 50 + photos ? Kisiao right ? LOL .
Yijia & Sophia kept on laughing like crazy woman.
Then Chit-chat , until 6.30 pm .
In a few mintues , we already succeeded making the kitchen floor wet.
Then nicole started carrying out the tools to clean the floor .
Everyone started doing their job in spring cleaning.
DAMM FUN OKAY -.- , esp when the floor is wet .
LOL , did some cam-whore during the time being .
After like 1h ? the floor is finally CLEAN & WHITE.
Got sparkles also , lmaos .
Around 7.45pm , reached home ! :D


LOL , what's jiawen doing ?
A candid one .
Hahhas . smile !
Another nice shot .
WOW, unglamm shot . LOL
Teddy :D
Tongue out !
My hair smells good ! LOL
Spastic smile.
Olden days without smiling .
This is cute (:
Another boring shot .
Face like ?
Wow :O
Bored x.x
LOL , i know it's funny .
Claire dun hab any soft toy ! LOL . .

Group pictures .

P/S , i haven't eat my dinner yet .
I guess it's because i ate too much cookies in the evening :p