Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hi guys.

Ask me!!!


Monday, June 24, 2013


"Don't let today's sorrow brings you down for the next day "

Hi guys, how was your first day of school?
For me, it's a definite crappy day.
Lack of sleep. So damn sick. Bad weather. Longest day!
Does that sums up how shitty my day was?
No, cause i'm not done complaining haha
On the first day of school, we had ICA2 for effective comm.
Which we were supposed to present an informative speech to the class.
Racking my brains, threatening my nerves, that's it - i'm going bonkas.
My english is really lousy and i dread doing every speech.
So i really can't wait for this term to end which is August.
Thankful that i am presenting this speech on Thurs instead of today.
Or else i will be so dead.
Having a bad sore throat, cough & flu.
Argh, so now i should really watch what i eat.
Simply neither heaty food nor cold drinks * :'(
Hopefully, i am able recover by this thursday 
(May the odds be in my favour on thursday :/ )
Oh previously, did i mention to you that i am going for a relay run comp?
Yea, that competition was supposed to be 2 weeks ago but was cancelled due to heavy rain.
So it was postponed to this wed!
Oh my, i'm so excited for it. Can't wait to run!!!!
Pray hard that it will not rain and hopefully get a medal for it.
Hahah *pride @ stake*

One last thing to conclude :
Do you know that half a year has passed just like that ?
And i asked myself " What did i accomplish after 6 months ? "
Apparently, it's nothing. 
In fact, the truth is that I spent half a year wasting my time away.
Honestly, i'm guilt-stricken.
Where's the motivation/determination earlier on before entering poly?
Had been slacking way too much ever since poly starts.
And one more month to my final exam *SHIT*
So it's really time for me to buck up!!!!
And because of this, i've a goal in mind.
I'm very determined to try all ways to improve my ENGLISH .
I know i have been mentioning this for umpteen times.
And apparently, it didn't improve much ; judging from my blog .
But this time, i'm really bent on improving my ENGLISH.
Trust me, you have my words.
The reason behind my resolution?
I shall credit it when my English is up to standard.
It's definitely not a day or two and discover the miraculous improvement.
Give me some time and i will prove it to you.
Prove it to those who want to bring me down, watch me. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time is all i needd

Hi guys, i'm back from BANGKOK!!!!!!!!!!
Right after i reached Bangkok, i started seeing tweets and tweets about


The incessant complaints about the haze made by teenagers like us.
Which i can absolutely understand the reason why.
(Even though i'm not in sg)
And so many holiday plans have to be cancelled due to the haze.
Not forgetting to mention that some people even fall sick because of it.
Real thankful that i'm in Bangkok when this happens. (lol #thatsbad) 
Or else i would commit suicide if i have to stay at home all day.
Quite surprised that Bangkok's weather is not so sunny as what i thought.
Unfortunately, it rained almost every day and we being the genius didn't bring umbrella at all.
In the end, we have to spend most of the time in indoor places.
Shall elaborate more when i have the time to update about my bangkok trip.
So stayed tuned to my bangkok post alright, hehe!

Real thankful that i have free WI-FI in the hotel.
Or else i wouldn't know a single shit that happened to Sg.
When we came back, the condition of the haze is really bad 
In the end, we were lucky enough to get the N95 masks #thankgod
Wore the N95 mask out and people were like literally staring at me.
Obviously, i couldn't give a damn cause I'M SO SICK RIGHT NOW.
Flu. Cough. Sore throat. What's new?
3 more days to school reopen and i fall sick at this timing.
Well done slcq. How weak can you get, lol.
Just hope that i can recover before school reopen (pray hard) 
Okie done, good-do-bye~ 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Will be back on the 20th !
Goodbye peeps 

Friday, June 14, 2013


As promised 3 months ago, i finally get the chance to update about this trip.
Cause i finally received all the photos (Y)
Okay, so basically i went to BANGKOK with my dear secondary classmates! 
It's a 4 days 3 nights trip which is definitely too short for us.
Hahah, it's not a school trip or whatever .
Smth that i'm proud of is because this trip is sponsored solely on my own.
Applause please? Invested almost a $1000 for this trip. :/
It's super duper expensive but i bet it's worth it.
Haha, i actually forgot what we did there *my apologies.
My memory is failing and it happened like 3 months ago. 
Too long for a person like me who can't even remember what  i even eat ytd.
On the first day, it was kinda wasted cause we spent a long time in the airport.
Amusingly, we even played candy crush to satisfy our boredom.
For the 2nd & 3rd day, we spent our time by SHOPPING.
Oh i almost forget to mention that we had our "mini" swimming session in the morning.
Decided to wear dri-fit shirt + fbt instead of swimming costume.
Sadly, the swimming pool is just so ordinary and mundane.
AND I LOST MY FAVOURITE FBT after that swimming session.
Regretted placing my fbt at the balcony to let it dry when i didn't foresee the wind.
Underestimated the strength of the wind #mybad 
As for last day, there's nothing much we can do cause our flight is 7am.
Sigh, really feel that this trip could be longer #pity 
Basically throughout the trip, I AM SO DEPRIVED FOR SLEEP.
Especially for a person like me who sleeps like 10 hours everyday.
Thankful that we went for massage almost everyday, or else i will become a dead zombie by then.
Satisfied cause i tried foot/full body massage and i simply love it!
One bad thing is i became so dark after this trip. #sigh
Overall, i'm extremely satisfied with my hauls (:
L.i.f.e i.s g.o.o.d 
Hope there is trip (II) coming up next ^^ 
Nobody can replace them because they are the best! 5A ftw (Y) 

Swimming pool 
Our "swimming" costume 

Smiling like a retard 

This is way too awesome. 

Both of my double eyelids appeared! HAHA 

 At the poolside acting like some "foreigners"

The 2 jokers! 

Hehe we are quadruplets! 

With pk and yijia on the plane. 

Acting like a tourist when it's actually in changi airport, ROFL. 

I ate something "tasty" that my expression is too readable. 

Because smiling with big eyes is too mainstream (HAHA JKJK~) 


I miss bacons. 
With Yijia, Eugene, Pk, Marvin & CY!
With Yijia & Bernice ^^ 

Last day in the hotel room! 

Eugene's car 

Vanna's fruit store, haha 
Love the scenery~ 

Lovely muffins (: 

Oh dear, look at how deep my eyebags are. 

Our 5 young handsome guys :D

Pretty babes ^^ 

 Ending off with my last candid shot .


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lovely day

Ok, so basically went for SQUASH OUTING on my 1st day of holiday.
Frankly speaking, I didn't get a good sleep on Sunday's night. *sigh*]
Not because i am too excited or whatever,
It just happens once every month #insomnia kills
So when i woke up today in the early morning, i'm like half dead.
Half-dead zombie with panda eyes, what a great sight.
Okay, i shall briefly update what we do for this outing.
We were split into 6 groups and had our individual ice-breaking games.
Afterwards, had a mini "hide&seek" game around the school.
Been to (SIT & SHS) and i'm wide amazed by the facilities/classrooms.
Afterall, i am still a TWO MONTHS freshie. HAHA
Had mac for lunch and i sincerely declared that "I AM SO SICK OF IT"
Enough of eating fast food already though NYP only has mac #pathetic
Then we started the Squash version of "running man" , LOL.
Feels more like an amazing race to me :/
Chiong our way by being the first to reach Raffles place.
And guess what .
WE walked/ran all the way to Marina Bay. POOR LEGS :'(
A round of applause please cause i'm seriously amazed.
The consequence of staying under the sun for the whole day today, BOO...
I think i really become a black roasted pig #nokidding
Ok back to topic.
We were supposed to find the venue and take a group photo for each.
Sounds simple? But it's god damn tiring, LOL.
Haha, i'm so tired because of sleep deprivation.
So i'm gonna stop here.
Basically, we just spent the whole day running around Singapore.
Training our strength and stamina like though we are athletes (just kidding)
Overall, it's fun and obviously I ENJOYED MYSELF TODAY. (:

Pictures taken in evident to the places we toured today~ 

As usual, eyes couldn't be seen while facing the sun. 

 Super nice~~~
Lol wts #epic #moments 


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Be a man

Hello guys.
T.G.I.H (Thank god it's holiday) #myversion
Hahah, today's post will be a special post about my life.
I'm gonna spam pictures like though it's free of charge so pardon me.
Warning : This will be a long and draggy post.
Not flooded with words but photos, hoho (:

Starting with
1. Went for a date with JI WUN last last sat (i guess?)
Hahah, finally satisfied my craving by eating the "KFC DOUBLE MEAT"
One word : AWESOME.
Because of that, my face suffered an awesome pimple outbreak.
Sigh, face condition is worsening when i'm aging day by day...

HAHA, my pumpkin carriage. 

One-eye monster 

Our signature's smile! 

My face really cmi, LOL

Next, a short catch-up session with Yihan on last friday!
Happy that we are meeting more often than usual, (Y)

Thirdly, my #ootd for last Monday!
As you know, FLORAL prints is so POPULAR nowadays
Frankly speaking, i really dislike floral prints :/ 
Which led to the irony of my #ootd , LOL... 
But still, i want to highlight that this skirt is the only exception. 

Coincidental #ootd with Fel & Shi Xian (Y) 

Last but not least,
Last wed was SBM GRADUATION DAY= No school for us.
So we got the chance to give Fifa a decent birthday celebration.

Swensen's ice-cream (: 
So cute right!!! 

Sitting on a fake bench which explains the awkward posture of ours, haha 

Okie done, good bye~~~