Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nothing to do at home.
Cause now no money liaos.
Sadded T_T
Now audition sot sot der.
Can earn alot of dens through bubp.
LOL. I earned 4 million lerh! ;x
But i spend half of them (:
It's kinda bored las cause keep playing de same thing.
LOL, hope audi can change? ><

Kanna saboed by bernice & yijia to do this quiz uh (:

Rule#1 :People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any quesiton that they dislike with a new question.
Rule#2 : Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to another person.

1.Who are your best friend?
Yijia,Sophia, Ayaka,Jacinda, Yihan?

2.How good are them to you?
They are trustworthy & did not betray me b4.

3.What did they do to you when you are sad?
Cheer me up luhs.

4.Do you have stead?
Have, in audi las (:

5.What made you love him/her?

6.How do you feel right now?

7.What are the most in your heart?
My families & Frens.

8.What make you angry?
Misunderstanding mii
Talk behind my back like aunties gossiping & dare not tell me in my face.
when i am waiting for someone.
When some1 threathen me >:(

9.Who is important in your life?

10.What do you want the most right now?
money ><

11.Who do you love most?
My families & monkey ;x

12.Who do you gave away your first kiss?
To my monkey (:

13.Do you miss someone everyday that you can't even sleep?
No, i haven gone until that stage las ;x

14.Which teacher you hate most?
Mr Mohan

15.Did any teacher help you before?

16.Do you have alot money that you can't finish using?
Nope :(

17.Blog and study is the coolest thing?
NOPE. Being happy is cool (:

18.What do you expected to be tomorrow?
I expected that i could see him.

19.Who do you worry in the world?
My family?

20.What do you want the most?
Happiness andd Healthy Forever!

21.What do you hate the most?
Alot sia ;x

22.Who annoys you the most?
KerYang, that ass .-

23.Do you love?

24.What type of person do you hate most?
Proud, Ridiculous, Selfish

25.5 people that I have tag.
I dun plan to, SORRY! ;O

End of post:x

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yihan take der ;x

WE (:

My name (:

Today wake up around 10am.
Ate cough & fever medicine, yucks man!
Btw, my house is having spring- clean (:
LOL, damm happy cuz alot of things will be throw away!
After tat help sister clean some light stuff .
Then i discover my barbie doll house & clothes ;x
LOL, i began to play with it.
I know i am crazy :X
After tat ate lunch then went to lot 1 (:
Meet up with Yihan & Yijia :D
Went to arcade play 2 cred (:
Very fun eh :x
Then went to shop shop
After tat went home liaos (:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday whole day watch tv T.T
LOL, around 5pm meet up with sophia.
Went to bukit view primary with jasmine they all.
At first went to the classroom to find them (:
Then went to canteen ate nasi lemak.
After tat we went to court to settle down.
LOL. Sang alot of kiddish campfire song ;x
Very lame eh.
After tat slack abit then went home ler (:


Nice eh ;x

At the beginning
Zoom in! (:
Today woke up around 8am.
Went to tat primary sch again.
Lols, went to de classroom.
They made cookies for their parents (:
LOL, then play wit them for awhile.
We went to set up games stall for them (:
Soon, alot of ppl started to queue up for our games
LOL, ours is supet duper easy los.
& All de presents are great! (:
Then auntie jane give us 1 pack of toberone each :D
After tat ayake & me went around playing games .
Saw a very cute & shuai boy, LOL.
Then went to canteen to eat buffet lunch.
After tat went back classroom slack (:
Then played with other children.
LOL. I had gone back to the past ;x
Ps i know i am childish :(
Then daniel, a cute boy came! (:
Acutally plan to take photos of him but he refused!):
Not a fulfil trip cuz not alot of pics uh.
Sadded, i miss all my cute little fren uhs ><
I wish that next yr we will come there again.
After tat went lot 1 play ddr 2 cred (:
Then went mac ate small fries.
After tat sophia went home while we go arcade again ;x
Played 1 more creds then went home ler.
While ayaka & jasmine came & watch tv .
LOL, a good day! :)


Maoxian (:

Wayne! :DD

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two cute boy giving post (:

So mani twist behind her (:
My three closest boys (:

Idoilt boy& Cutest boy boy (:

Cute Sharlyn (:

Lianyi draw for me! (:

Say cheese, she's cute!

My brother acting cool .-
Cute seh (:

Jeffrey Lai, my bro (:

Justin, cute (:
Lian Yi, Sensible boy (:

Wayne Fong, naughtiest 1!

This look like zhiyong?
Nicole& Venus (:

Let me introduce something (:
All those photos that u seen is all from that school.
They are cute & adorable, okays!
No criticism of them (:
Hmm, i shall post smth for today (:
Today woke up at 7.45am.
Damm tired & sleepy T.T
After tat went to mac ate breakfast (:
Then set off to bukit view prim school .
When we reach there, the pupils are eating their breakfast.
Lols, then we went to their classroom.
As they did their artworks.
Some of them are very naughty & immature las.
But they are cute (:
Soon, it was lunch time.
We serve them like a maid .-
Lols, then we went back in.
Play with them for awhile (:
Then went with nicole to find the rest.
Cause they are missing! :O
Actually they went for a meeting on this sat carnival.
Lol, & i decided to join (:
After tat we went back there & p1 student are sleeping.
LOL, then slack there with p2 student.
Soon, the sleeping time was over (:
Everyone came out (:
WEEES, i decided to take photos of their cute faces.
& Auntie jane agree that we have de right los.
But got 1 cher shout at us for nothing .-
& Scold us infront of the students!
GRR, damm malu sia ><
Feel like slapping that teacher to make me feel better las (:
After scolding , everyone settle down quickly& quietly.
Cuz they want to watch movie!
LOL! But the show was boring .-
Then we prepared their teabreak (:
LOL, as for ourself we ate alot of biscuits las.
After eating we played with them (:
Then went back to lot 1 to buy smth.

LianYi, Jeffrey, Daniel, Wayne, MaoXian & Justin are my cute little frens that i had made today! (:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Lovely house!

Nice christmas' tree!
Just pai 4 fun ;x

Weird decorations
Yellow christmas' tree!
Red christmas' tree!
White christmas' tree!
Blue christmas' tree!
Star! :}
Diff kinds of christmas' tree!
Nice (:
ME! (:

Today it's not a good day! :(
Woke up around 10 plus.
GOSH, I'm late!
LOL, faster rush to lot 1 mrt station.
And so mani ppl are calling .-
But when i reach there onli gt 2 person -.-
GRR, they are late!
After tat mrt-ed to clementi.
Then take taxi to west coast.
Reached there, we started to play.
But the string is very hard makes my feet pain ;x
After tat the boys started to throw bomb bag at us.-
WTF las, crazy mans.
Stupid sia, keep throwing at us .-
Then hack care them, continue to play :D
We play flying fox ((:
Very fun sial, but indeed scary!
After tat play other things las.
Then the boys went to play other games,
while us conitnue to play flying fox (:
After tat i decided to find bombs to bomb them ;x
Then he saw us las.
& all the boys started coming forward .-
Then tat bastard started to throw bombs at me !!!
Wad the, i am like FUCK OFF LAS.
But lucky i escape from the bombs.
Then i very angry las .-
Tmd, kp so much.
It's they all first guailan us one eh .-
Indeed not a GENTLEMAN yea!
Only noe how to bully ppl, GL PIG.
After tat went to nearby mac.
Then decided to go IMM (:
At first jamie & nicole went to eat lunch.
Then me & yijia went to play (:
After tat jamie& nicole went to join us.
We played yijia volleyball (:
Then gt 2 guy & 1 girl came.
Tat guy said to the girl that
- The fish ... Is as BIG as hers .-
Crazy rite,fish gt ... meh?
After tat went to the playground :X
We played the merry go round ((:
Damm dizzy but i LIKE IT!
Then went to mini toons.
My handphone drop -.-!
After tat went back lot 1 with yijia (:
WE played ddr then went home ler.
When i was walking home, my hp slipped from my hand!
GRR, dropped 2 times at a day :/
Lucky onli gt scratches uh not really dead .-
Then went home (:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hellokitty balloon!

Hellokitty shirt ;x

Pretty dress :)

Decent dressing :}

Cute shirt (:

My hand gt a pimple?!?!!?

Yesterday went to causeway with mummy (:
Went to change for the sunglasses at there.
After tat went to de funfair (:
Damm freaking hot sial ;x
Then went to tom & stefanie shop.
Shop & shop & Shop.
After tat mummy bought 3 packets of shark fins for us!
Then went home ler ;x
Sorry uh, short post.
Pictures will do, kays (:

Today nothing much to say uh ><
Watch tv until 1 smth.
Mummy cook instant noodles for me (:
After tat continue to watch until 3smth.
Then tidy my table (:
Damm clean& tidy now, LOL!
After tat went to lot 1 arcade (:
Play ddr with jasmine :D
Then went shopping with yijia(:
After tat went home around 5 bah!
Tomr going to west coast!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Today i was rotting at home uh T.T
Watch tv until 3 smth.
Finally some1 jio me out (:
Hehe went to causeway to buy mummy sunglasses :}
Bought 1 blue glasses for her (:
Hope she like it!
Then went around shop shop first.
Bought a nokia earpiece for myself ;x
& 1 Keychain & a rubberband .
After tat went to arcade (:
Did not play my usual games cuz no partner ):
Actually plan to play daytona but its pack!
LOL! Then shop around in lot 1.
Saw sis & her fren, seewoon (:
Then went to lot 1 basement to find smth to eat.
Now lot 1 is expanding more & more.
Lol, one day maybe i cannot find my way out :X
After tat went to kfc eat 2 pcs chicken meal with sophia.
Tsk, Dun jealous, We very en ai one, okays!
LOL, after tat went home ler.
Then bathe after tat watch 10 brothers show.
Very nice (:
After tat play audi los.
Play with eugene & xinhui (:
Earn quite alot of dens but lost alot too!
LOL, after tat eugene suddenly DC!
Idk uh, but nvm (:
For helping me to earn so much den yea (:
Anyway, my AUDITION can play ler (:
But some new songs still cannot play :(
Idk, but i will try to solve it!
Thanks those people who helped me in those days!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My cute monkey ;x

Nice scenery :}

Look carefully, ITS COOL! (:

Our volleyball (:

Recommendation for you!
Paiseh, late pictures ;x
Today wake up at 9.30am ;x
Then jamie came to wait 4 me to go.
Lols, when we get there.
Everyone is here, paiseh wor ;x
Then board mrt train to there.
After a long time, we finally reached there.
At first me & jamie went to change while de boys play.
After a while, i am WET.
Specially thanks to LIM PEK KOON hah.
Push me to the sea, PRO LAS YOU!
Grr, then sophia & jasmine came (:
Not a nice place to play uh :x
Cause the water very salty T.T
Then jamie the bracelet drop into the water.
We quicky help her find but still FAIL!
Cause the water is too deep & we did not bring GOGGLES!
Then i took out my mum 's sunglasses hoping to see abit more.
But in the end still cannot see T.T
But, we mush thank Pek koon cuz he help us find (:
While the rest go do their own things, so selfish! >:(
Then find until sians lerh, give up lorh :x
After tat play volleyball with girls.
When the ball approach me, i try to catch los.
But .... go & snatch from me T.T
Then my mum's sunglasses drop out, damm it las -.-
After tat all the girls help me find (:
Jamie got it but i did not catch it T.T
FK LAS, why i so stupid?
Cannot even catch it, sadded T.T
Moodless uh ><><
Then glenn keep throwing stones at us after tat took our ball T.T
Jamie threathen to take his bag & thow it in the sea, then
Glenn plead like a timid mouse ;x
After tat glenn again keep lisiao-ing me.
So i took his bag and put in near the sea, hopin that water will wet his bag ;x
Then after playing for awhile, we went up & get ready to go & bathe.
Before going, i put 1 plastic bag at his bag for souvenir ;x
And i use dirty slippers & stamp on his bag ;x
Hahas, damm freaking FUNNY!
Then went to bathe los.
After tat we ate wad jasmine bought the food.
Then went to lot 1 arcade through bus 188
Actually plan to play ddr but too many creds.
So we played daytona with a group of ah bengs :x
Lol, they keep asking us to play with them.
Cause they win until very shuang mah ;x
After playing for three games then went home ler (:
Tomr going to work for four hours, TOTALLY SIANS!