Monday, November 29, 2010

Going to nacli camp tomr !
Will be back on thursday :DDD


Sunday, November 28, 2010

than Computer games :D
I'm so in love with playing ; or should i called it addicted?
Will be going to timah to play next sat (:
Total YAYness (Y)

Friday, November 26, 2010



HIIII my "wander-fool " friend , HAPPY 1 year & 9 Month ! :D
Must remember that i sacrificed my work time for you !

YEA, sorry for lack of update .<
I know that some of my past posts were very emo .
So ya , ok i will try to be happy ? :/

Work is definitely no life manz .
But of course you get to learn/experience a lot of things .
Next week , will be going camp for 3 days .
Hopefully, i can buy my ideal phone by this week (:

As for today , spent my time with Yi Jia; that low educated girl .
Went to science center , admission $5 !
It's been 5 years since i went to science center already .
& It feels weird when i go with friends instead of family :x
Science center is so"high tech" & super cool man :D
AIYAH , pictures will help me to do the touch up (:

In the "fake" bus
Cool staircase :D
Electric chair.
Yi Jia stole my piano ):
In the "hairstylist" shop.
Yi Jia wants to be a maths teacher when she grows up , LOL
Trying to reach to the fake man but failed ):
Oh shit , my hands gave me away! ):
Yi Jia looking at???!!

Okie tata! :]

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life sucks .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miserable ....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Changed my blog song , do listen when you're free ^^

Hiiie , i post this picture because i want to show off the earrings :


Hehehs , i know they are pretty :D

Woke up early SPECIALLY to watch my doraemon show .

Watched GHOST movie with my family :)
Super duper scary (for me) , screamed like crazy.
My parents just stunned when they see the ghost face -.-
In the end we didn't catch the ending , (totally sians)
Kept on pestering daddy to rent the movie for us again :D

Evening ;
Went to Ahma house with mummy .
Played with my cousins as usual .
Went home around 9pm .

As you can see , My life is so plan & boring .
Haish , i want to work manz ):
Going out with Yi Han tomr ..

Candid shot except andy's middle finger -.-

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unsaid words

Morning :
Went to James Tan 's wedding @ dunno which church .
His wedding suit was PINK in colour !
& His wife'wedding dress was so freaking nice.
Ate lunch @ there , looks like only i'm only one that enjoyed the food .

Evening :
Went to Yi Hui's birthday party @ her condo .
Play mahjong with them, super fun man ^^
Spent a lot of time bbq-ing .
Yi Hui's birthday cake was damn big & super nice.
After that played mahjong again.
Reached home around 10.30pm .

Have you ever tried before squeezing 7 ppl in a car?
With 2 ppl @ the infront seat ?
Should try next time ,you will seriously die.

Hahahs okie toodles ^^
Not gonna miss Doraemon tomr morning :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tsk can't wait for tomr's event!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Having mixed feelings now.
Or rather it is anxious feeling man .
Actually got a job during the holidays .
But due to some issues, the job is cancelled.
Now i got a new job & planning to start work tomr.
The pay is awesome .
But now , maybe i can't work again .
Pissed totally x.x

Oh gosh , why am i so unlucky?
I just want to work & earn more money .
Just a simple wish , please just make it work .
I really dun want any more troubles -.-

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


YO everyone , I'm back !!
Sorry for the lack of update .
Went out with my slc peers for the whole day ytd!
Super duper fun & i met 2 of my "good friends"
Idk how to explain but it's just that we do click :D
Even though they are younger than me by 1 years old.

Promised to update about last friday .
Went to town with Jia Wen and Vanna .
Actually we went there to "window shop " .
But in the end we spent most of the time :
Cam-whoring & Chit-chat for 2hours .
Holy mama, can't believe we got so much to talk about.

I got their "secrets" ,HAHAS.

Okie done , goodbye ^^

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hi , I'm


Friday, November 12, 2010

Middle one is our photographer of the daY~

Off to STC .
Will be back on sunday .
Will update about today on sunday .

T00dles ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Went for horse-riding in the morning .
Super duper fun & exciting as it was my first time .
Although the journey was short ,
I really enjoyed the ride .
After that we went for grass ski .
There was a place where we need to walk 3km up the hill .
BARE-FOOTED with the cold weather .
Super duper tired ok , almost died x.x
After that we bade goodbye to our trainers & friends .
My feelings was unexplainable.

The next day !
Went to marina barrage with all my hot babes.
The weather was not very good .
But thankfully it didn't rain .
Had a hard time trying to fly the kite up high but failed.
Vanna they all made sandwiches for us, (Y)
Super duper nice and i ate quite a handful of it.
Went to lot 1 for dinner .
Reached home @ 9pm.



Day 4

Day 4

The night spent at the village was great. In the morning, we went around the village to tour around. Saw different kind of animals’ feces and it was rather cool yea. There is a pig with its head black and body white. It’s a pity that I didn’t manage to take any photos at there due to my camera battery. When we went back , we played Friendship Dance with some of the villagers children . I enjoy the dance very much as I find it even easier to bond with them through dancing. After that , the villagers taught us their culture dance and I find it hard to keep up the pace as it was too fast. After lunch , we went to their plantation and pluck a lot of apples. The apples were all so big and juicy. In the late afternoon, we were taught how to sew. It was a difficult task as I have never sews before.I realize how fortunate I am to wear nice clothes without having to lay a finger on them.After dinner, I was told to wear the village costume. I was worried as I am still unsure about the dance but I am elated as I was given the chance to wear. Soon , it was time for us to go. We bid farewell to them and went back to the campsite.When we were back, we had a small "party" in one of my friend room to celebrate the last day until 3am.

The dinner @ village.

My sister says i look so cheena in this pic -.-







Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3

Day 3

We went to jiu xiang as it was one of the famous places in Kun Ming.There were a lot of caves with a lot of colorful lights inside.Took a lot of pictures in there. After that we headed to Shi Ling . At first my view of Shi Ling , it is just a place filled with many rocks. To my surprise ,it turned out very differently from what I think. The lady driver who was like our tour guide is a responsible and marvelous person. She really helped us a lot through the journey. Though the journey is short , I really enjoyed touring at there. After 3 hours on the bus , we finally reached the minority village. After the heartwarming dinner at there , it was time for campfire. We performed two dance for the villagers and chit-chatted with them. We were also trying our best to learn their culture dance.The villagers were really fit as they can dance continuously for half an hour despite of their age. Under the cold weather, holding the villagers‘s warm hand really makes me feel so blissful and heartwarming.I really enjoyed dancing and singing with them.

COOL to the max man..
At jiu xiang.
Does this look like the back of a Buddha?
My cute trainer.


Day 2

Day 2

Had our breakfast @ the campsite.
Did our morning exercise despite of the cold weather.
It's cool when you speak , there will be smoke coming out.
During lunch time , went to KFC to eat their egg tarts.
Super duper nice manz .
After that we had an interview with the locals .
Most exciting thing is we even get to try their costume on .
Then went to some nice places to take photos .
Around in the late afternoon,
Went to kindergarten for exchanging culture .
Saw many little children running about in there.
My buddy was a 4 year old boy named (i forgot )
A girl named Yoyo , same age like my buddy .
There was once when she got angry because
My friend lied to her that my buddy was hers .
Her cute & angry reaction really makes me laugh .
Then my group perform a dance (which we prepared long ago) to them.
Was satisfied & happy that they all cheered for us .
Happy times always passed quickly .
By the time it was 7 , it was time for them to go ):

The costume we wore.


Group picture with the locals ^^


In the kindergarten ,
The cute stage ^^
The girl that is wearing pink is Yoyo.

My buddy !

Day 1

HEYYYY hiiiiii everyone !
I'm back to post about my China Trip .
I shall take 5 days to talk about this trip .
So stay tuned alright :D

For your info , this trip i went is not a vacation .
So i called it a Service Learning Trip.
The trip is awesome & fun .
I met a lot of new friends from the other side of the SG.

Day 1
Reached China airport in the early morning .
Trainers came to pick us up & we went off to the campsite .
Pair up with Alisha , my room mate as well .
Went to a village restaurant for lunch .
Almost all the dishes were spicy , sians x.x
Then went to city square to shop for souvenirs .
We were only given 2 hours to shop , kinda sad.
Dinner time ~
On the way back to the bus ,saw a very pitiful girl .
She is around 10 years old , wearing only part of an old shirt .
I can even see her entire back filled with bruises .
It is really an cruel side as i'm shocked beyond words.
I was wearing 5 layer of clothes & she was only wearing 1 shirt .
There's a tag on her neck saying :
Please donate money to me .

By then , i feel so indignant for her.
I really regret of not donating money to her! :x
After that went back to the campsite..


Chi Ling & I
Adabelle & I
Xiang Ping & I
Shopping mall : city square
Lovely swing.
The restaurant.
The sumptuous lunch!
My trainers , opps kinda unglamn ;x
The villagers that live at there.