Saturday, August 23, 2014

Next to You

Hello readers, can't believe I went missing for almost a month.
But no worries, i'm finally back in ACTION hahah.
To me, this sem seemed extremely short.
Honestly, i only had 1.5 weeks to mug for exams -___-
The most DAUG thing is when
you've to impart all your knowledge to exams within the 3 mths studying period.
LOL seriously, what's the difference between POLY; JC man?
Either way, you still have to sacrifice your sleep for work.
That explains why Sg is rated as the 3rd sleep-deprived country.
Apparently, i'm surprised why Sg isn't the first, HAH.
But what to do? If you have no qualification then you can't survive.
Simple enough, the world is cruel

Honestly, i'm pretty sure that my GPA would drop this time round.
Reason being is firstly, I've no time to prepare beforehand.
Secondly, i couldn't push myself as much as before
Thirdly, i'm just so sick of studying when i still have years to go.
Really dk how long more i can survive being like this. :/
The more i study, the more i feel that i cannot make it.
I guess all this pretty sums up to one major reason : Lack of Motivation.
When you've already tried your fucking best, and your best wasn't good enough;
Who would ever want to try that hard again?
Well perhaps no one, except Albert Einstein. 

On a second thought after listening to all my rants, 
I'm just so done and over with POLY LIFE for now.
Time to take a break, have a kit kat hahah.
Gonna make full use of this long holiday to do something useful!
Ohh great, I've a good news to share to you'all :DDDDDD

Hmm, wondering where should i start from.
NYP offered me a job and the pay is 
It's really a rare opportunity for me because it's something cool that I've never tried before.
Job scope : "Acting"
And it's like tons and tons of people applied for this job.
Thus, chances for me getting in are really slim.
Moreover, i sort of screwed my interview by being late+ did smth real stupid.
So i never thought that i could get in.

*pop champagne*
The best news are the ones you never saw coming, yes baby.
Still couldn't forget my epic answer when the interviewer asked me :
"Why did you apply for this job? "
To be honest, i almost replied " Because of the fantastic pay"
Obviously, i held back. If not, i'm sure that i couldn't get this job.
Lost in the train of thoughts, I've to find one answer that is different from the rest.
So i replied :
"I've always wanted to be an actress since young, thus this job is a golden opportunity for me to build up my portfolio"

HAHAAHAHAHAAHAH, please i know all of your responses would be like

Okay i know that answer is totally hilarious and ridiculous;
And I've no freaking idea why i said that.
Hahaha, I can't believe i shared this embarrassing shit to you'all.
Okay, don't laugh, don't judge..

Till then! (: