Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today is damm tiring and damm pissed off by some of de passerby.
Went to lot 1 mac to meet all th babes xD
I am de odd one out sia cause i m wearing slippers!
Hahas, then went to city hall.
Went to buy skinnies, thanks to eugene instruction xD
Then saw one of th boys in 1B, he bought a caRD from us.
Thanks xD
Then went to suntec city, SO FARRRR O.O
There is so damm squeeze canns.
After tat went around like a retard selling all th cards .
And i saw 2 police officer, wad do u tink i did?
I persuade to buy from me cuz i am from npcc :D
LOL, then in the end.
I had sold out 25 cards!
So freaking happy :D
Unfortunately, they said tat we must sell finish.
So i still left 25 more!
Can some1 jio me out? PLEASE?!?!?!
I can't believe you are so shameless, go hell las :x PLS, dun make me puke !

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Haish today is damm BORING.
Went to tution at 12.20
HaHas, i succeeded to be late.
Lawls, then went home watch tv.
On comp, slack.
Then went to sleep ;D
Sleep until 4 then andy call me.
GRR, si andy wake me up >:(
Then watch tv again.
Boring siol =.=
But tomr going to city hall, buy skinnies.
Then after tat going orchard with my frens to sell de cards.
I can predict its going to be very SUPER DUPER DIFFICULT!
Haish x.x

Friday, August 29, 2008


WOOTS! It is fun XD
But I did not get a chance to see my shuai ge.
Haish T.T
Sooner or later,I m going to be a fat pig!
Hahas, cause i am eating NON-stop :x
Paiseh uh ><>I know i pissed u off.
BUT, its not me tat suggested to bring to her house do.
I know you are angry with us.
It's my fault that take away the job from you.
I am sorry.
It's not tat she is my fren then i let her do.
I already told ___ tat you will do de job.
But she never listen wad, then wad u expect me to do?
U expect me to call her dun come extra as it is ur job?
Cannot rite? i know its unfair to u.
And its not entirely my fault, please.
It's not I that want ur job, its not tat I treat u as an outsider.
ITS that more people can do more quickly.
And I also dun want to do that job los
I am not good at drawing siol.
And i am sorry that i kinda pangseh you.
There are some reasons behind ***
Once again, i am sorry too.

I also get pissed off by ___ too =.=
And jamie, if you change, i will forgive you and treat u as my good fren :D

SORRY, I am just being straightforward.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today was indeed fun uh ><
Lesson are so BORING!
LOL, then went to bukit timah plaza.
IT WAS damm ghastly and creepy uh.
So scary siol.
Then after a long time shopping, we went to merrick house.
We play volleyball and thats was the funniest time!
De person plan to surf de ball but hit her head.
Then after tat went home.
I agree with ayaka. U always tink that u are right and never even admit that u are wrong. Everytime we tell you, u always change the subject or say other people but not urself. And for your info, alot of ppl hate you, I tink you should CHANGE!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Went to fetch daddy this afternoon.
Took a long ride there, had a nice nap there.
When i got there, i saw on guy about my age and his 1 brother and sis.
OMG, their eyes look exactly the same.
DAMM CUTE canns.
The girl is SUPER DUPER pretty and CUTE!!
Hahas, reach there around 2.30
Then wait for daddy until 3.30
SO LONG, i take a short nap there.
LOLS. I know i am a pig but the weather is so damm good siol.
It had been raining all the time .
Wakakas. And de memory had 1G, WEEEEES!
But daddy say if i study hard then can get =.=
Diaos, everytime say de same old line.
If you get good result, i will give u hp, take to anywhere u wan, and blah blah blah.
ZZZZZZZZZZ, i am so stress!
Sians, then went home sleep again :D
Hehes, i like SLEEPING!
Later around 8pm going funfair :D
I m going to buy a pink watch xD

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sians, i am damm sadd now uh ><
I super duper hate 1A boys!
I HATE THEM except those boys tat comfort me.
Thanks :D
I am very tired right now, i realli want to give xup.
No matter how good i treat them , wad will they return to me?
Grattitude? Please, NO WAY!
If you tink so, i tink u are retard kays.
They will bully me, tease me and even hit me.
I realli couldn't bear this animore!
To: Simon, Eugene, Andy, Luthfiy, Cheng yang and Ruben ~ Am i realli tat detestable to you all? That you need to do this to me? Why can't you all just leave me alone? Can u just give me a break? Stop making me pissed off, PLEASE. I BEG YOU! I realli hate tis but can i do anithing? NO, I CAN'T. You all onli noe how to tease ppl , laugh at ppl and bully ppl. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Can't you just be a gentleman? STOP HUMILIATING ME, CANN? Everything you do never ever TINK OF DE CONSEQUENCES, u onli wan ppl to be sad and cry becoz of u then u HAPPY?
Izzit? why can you all just stop ur childish thinking and stop all ur nonsense? WHY CAN'T? If you all keep on doing this,I won't cry over u ANIMORE! I am not retard okays, i will not care about you animore. And think, when u all get bullied, did i help you? DID I? SIMON, DID I HELP YOU?
I m going to stop all these nonsense! If you still want to carry on to do this to me, BY ALL MEANS.But next time when u need help, i DUN GIVE A DAMM. And anithing tat involve you all, i will treat tat you are DEAD. Get this? I HATE YOU ALL!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I finally get my maths, science and chinese :D
Maths passed! 25/40
Chinese passed! 30/50
Science fail :(((
Hope tat daddy could give me back handphone sooonnn.
Tomr have np :C
Grrr, i wish i could quit NP.
Haish T_T
Tis sat going swimming with xiao hui :D
I plan to train until i sot liao :D
Hehes xD
This sunday, daddy coming back lerh!
Going to fetch him from airport.
Aww wad a long way there :xx
OMG, so mani people know who i like lerh.
Andy, u better make sure not a second one tell me that de person i like.
And stop threatening me , u BAKA!
If you tell anybody , i will rip your mouth.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I finally gt a handphone that onli can be used within 5 days.
My temporary no : 98969158.
Anw i heard from jacinda say tat i spam Jovi or wadeva blog.
LMAOS, i not so free hor =.=
If she dun believe, i shall post a comment in her blog
To prove tat i never spam her blog.
Lame los, dunno which idoilt wrote my name n spam her blog =="
Heck care, non my business, i oso never spam :D
Today had a great fun with jasmine, sophia, ayaka and yijia :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today was sians as usual.
Then form class, we had some sort of IT lessons?
Boring siah must write to de person u want to compliment or wadeva.
Super lame der, then suay las.
Write to andy GOOD points about him.
And i quoted one thing :不要说一些没有建设性的话, ITS NO GOOD :D
Hahas, nice saying yea?
Sians T_T Tomr had alot of boring subjects.
BIO, EL, DNT> It sucks cannn./.
Draw, draw, draw, make me wan to die :x

I simply love ur smile, U are just so cute! :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello peeps!! I am bak ^^
Lawls, have been kinda busy these days.
And tomr going with jasmine they all to
WOW, finally i get to play.
I miss DDR badly ..
Sians, i wan HANDPHONE UH!
GRRRRRR, my dad dun wan give me.
Stupid las he gt 3 handphone, dun even want give me ONE!
RAWR, why my dad like this der?
So stubborn, SIANS.
Lucky he tis wed going overseas.
Then i can PLAY without his nagging.
WOOTS! x33
Sorry nowadays have been very busy luhs.
Dun be sad las.
Just give him up, without guys
Hahas, i m being ridiculous :xx
Anyway tis sat wan go out?
I long time neber liao :xx
If wan, tell mi in asap.

Love you 4eva.
Take cares x33

Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally can online liaos, WEEEEEEEEEEES!
And i had CHANGE my blogskins on my own.
Three cheers for me!
Bleahs, i took 3 hrs to finish tat x.x
Hahas, i shall talk abit of de recent days.

Haish, my science is so freaking LAN,cans.
Fail by 1 and a half mark, GRR.
Dad surely won't give me handphone der T.T
Hope my maths can pull me up, MUST!
I have given up on my science liao, really.
What is so great about science?
Haiya dun care, i dun give a DAMM.
Now my leg pain again , sadddd. :(
Cause today gt kek qiang swim until like this T_T
And sorry yijia, for giving eu false info.
But de taxi driver super DUPER retard uh.
Stupid, give me his attitude, feel like giving him a
Damm freaking pissed off by hym
But we had a great fun at there, yea?
Hahas, sorry gtg le.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sorry for not posting any post recently.
Have been kinda busy these days.
Erm and i m not going to online from now until 18 August.
LOL cause i am studying at home, guai hor? :x
I am sorry that my blog de skins like sot sot der.
Will be changing after exam bah.
So sians at home, everyday study
Until i so .................
Thanks yijia and sohpia from ur reminder and TAGG!
Sians mum and sis nagging and nagging!
Anw, good luck for de coming exam!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Should i treat her more good or remain bad?
I realli dunch know ><
Some tell mi to hate her, some tell mi to treat her better.
I am feeling miserable too!
I realli dun like it.
But i wan say one thing.
Don't treat a moment of folly as an excuse of betraying me.
I know u will change but do you think we can be as close as last time?
It's over, no point thinking of it animore.
And u had betrayed me MILLIONS time, and
U expect mi to forgive u so easily?
I also wan to forgive you but can I?
Did you say this : Chien qin fuck doraemon dick(wrong spell bah)?
You do all stuffs ot hurt me and now u are REGRETTING.
Tell me, wad is da use?
U already done and yet you are ___________
Do you tink it's fair to mi?
Why don't i did this to u.
And how would i noe if you are going to betray mi ONE MORE TIME?
I am just de ones that is being gullible, stupid!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hope my sis never see this.
I was super pissed off by tat retarded bitch
She is damm fking acting innocent uh.
And IF u wan to act pity, i will think u are a idoitic bitch...
If u wan die, i won't care. 
And if u buay song then say lah
no nid act act bitchy lorh ok.
Which is stop giving tat pathetic face, PLEASE.
U are just de stupid ones tat has been backstabbing me
As well as stop pushing de blame to others if u are at fault!
Oh ya, i forgt u onli tink tat u are RIGHT and never think tat u are wrong...
You are self-centred and ROUGH.
I realli veri STUPID to know eu los.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Wish Jia Hao could recover soon!
OMG, he is damm pathetic uh!** No offence hor :x**
He got hit by de goal post, i tink.
And alot of blood stain there!!!
Super duper SCARY!
I was super freak out luhs.
Can't stand it, it's too horrifying las.
And i discover i had a phobia to blood, T.T
Then went to lot 1 with ayaka :D
We went almost every place uh!
LOLs. Alvin u good.
Pangseh me! GOOD!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Everyday is so boring.
Blog X Friendster X Audition X Msn
Super duper SIANS! T_T
After installing de mobtv, comp
Freaking lag uh ><
GRR, i rather de old ones :(
I wish i can trust you, i wish all these wouldn't happen.
U promise mi not to lie mi again but u DID.
You backstab me, u spam my blog, u hurt me deeply.
I tot you are de only one tat i can trust, but I AM VERY VERY WRONG!
I am just a veri detestable stupid girl in your heart.
Sorry you have broke de trust within us, I HATE YOU!
You are just de evil ones tat has been BACKSTABBING me again and again.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I hate Npcc, RAWR!
It sucks!
Everytime do drills, freaking boring.
Then stand until my leg damm tired!
GRR, i wish i joined GIRL GUIDES!
It's freaking slack de los.
At least better than npcc las T.T
Sians, i finally found out ur true colours?
I realli damm confused las T.T
I dunno who i should believe to.
Every of my frens seems lying to mi?
I realli dunno wad to do?
What should i do?
Are these all an act or a trap to let mi fall in?
I realli dunch noe.
Can some1 tell miie?

I really really regret wad have i done that day tat i broke de relationship of urs. I am sorry, I should have believe eu ><>