Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All is well

Hi guys, i'm back.
Hehe, can't imagine i'm blogging while having my lunch break.
I swear this job is really the best man!
I'm really enjoying it very very very much (:
Though i had to stand for 7 straight hours, i dun feel tired at all.
All the people there really treat me super duper well (Y)
Love them totally ^^
It's a pity that i can only work there for 3 weeks.
It's really a good experience working @ there & nonetheless 
But one thing bad is i saw a lot of the people i know.
Like neighbours/teachers/relatives/friends and many more.
The funny thing is when you see your distant relatives.
And you dunno how to address them by name .
Some don't even remember you, ROFL.
Awkward like a totally cause you know them :/
Wondering whether they will realise it's me during CNY 

Anyway, i just calculated the amount i have earned from 
- $2000 :O
A lot right?!?!?!!?
But that didn't include my other expenses like food/travel.
Yea, now i'm really like fending on my own.
LOL, at an age of 17, holy shit.
My family has this trend that if you are working, you can't get any money.
So yup, kind of sad cause i really need to watch my expenses.
Still have to save money for POLY.
gosh, i really hope i can save $1k at least for this year.
REALLY MUST or else i'm deaddddd...
I think i'm even going to work during POLY days/ holidays.

Omgggg, tomr is the dayyyy.
Argh, so anxious and excited for the result!
May god bless me and 
Also, not forgetting the people that are receiving the results tomr -


goodbyeeee ~

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Isn't it great that we can do this for time? 
When you're sad, you can go rewind <<<<<
When you're happy, you can pause for the moment.
When you're excited, you can forward >>>>>
When you're just tired of everything, you can stop to take a break.
G.R.E.A.T yea...
But snap back to reality cause it's not gonna happen.
Whatever the case, you gotta move on.
You have to accept everything and stay cool.
Life still goes on no matter how hard life could be!
But one thing you might be able to do is CONTROL YOUR MIND.
For example, i'm a person that always overthinks/worry too much.
So everytime when i encounter those negative thoughts flooding in my whole mind,
By doing stuffs or the best way is EXERCISING.
prolly go a run/swim/cycle .
whatever the case that can make you better after doing it.
This works for me especially when i'm sad/vexed!

Ever wonder one of your remarks can make someone cry badly  ?
Ever wonder that sentence you said lightly makes someone think deeply?
Ever wonder that joke you made actually pierce through someone's heart?

don't underestimate the power of words.
sometimes, some words are just not meant to be said.
because right after you said, there is NO TURNING BACK.
You had officially hurt that person's heart/feeling
Do you think by apologising helps? 
If you think it is, you must be stupid.
Mind heals but heart don't.
Your words will be etched eternally in someone's heart.
And i truly hope that it's positive instead of negative.

Last time, i'm really a DAMN straightforward person
before i say smth.
And i think thanks to that , i've hurt quite a number of frens .
Some left me, some were still angry with me, some hated me.
Frankly speaking, i don't blame them.
(maybe last time i do )
I take words too lightly, i tot words are just words.
I was too insensitive to others' feelings ; hurting them indirectly without knowing.
I didn't know that sometimes people treat words that seriously.
So yup, i decided to change.
I need to stop hurting others' feelings before i start to regret.


i'm still straightforward.
(definitely better than the past)
Sometimes, i still make the same mistake of saying wrong things.
Don't mind me cause it's actually my nature.
At least now , i will think first before i say smth .
Especially it's might be sensitive to someone or whatever.
Just be alert !
Though i'm like this, i still firmly believe in honesty.
If there're circumstances when i have to choose between lie or truth ,
I will take the second one.
Cause i don't want to lie.
Learning the truth might hurt at the point of time but
Being exposed of LYING hurts that person eternally.
Even worse is that the trust will be gone.
just like that.

Best way is to THINK BEFORE YOU SAY 

don't worry; be happy~

Hi guys, i'm back yea.
Ahhhh, 4 more days later then i will know the posting result.
Whatever the case, i'm just prepared to face it.
Really wanna go SP instead but if i'm really not fated, forget it.
Life still goes on right?
Real anxious and worried for the result :/
And also that too...
I really dunno how to react if that really happens.
Sigh, sigh , sigh...
Sometimes i really hope i can empty my mind.
From all those negative thoughts that is stuck inside.
I just wanna live happily without worrying/caring/bothering.
How great that will be .
Thats why i'm trying not to overthink anything.
And lead my life the way i want it to be.
Argh, somehow i really dun wish the result day to arrive.
Cause i'm too afraid to know ...

kk enough of my rantings yea.
Uploaded the pictures taken with JIA YUN!
It's been a long time since i last met up with her.
As usual, we talked like eternity ^^
Then went to play pool with her, YIPEEE...


 ok bye~~~

Friday, January 25, 2013

to protect myself ?

Hello peeps, i'm back after a week.
Really sorry for the lack of update.
Had been rather busy this whole week .
And yea, finally had the time to blogggg only now.
My current job is fine now and i really love the location.
Cause it's like directly under my house which i take 5 mins to reach?
Hahah ENVY MUCH?!?!
The best thing is i can save on my travel & food fees *BONUS
I know i had repeat this line all over again for so so many times.
Be jealous , thanks thanks ^-^
Actually , i also learn to be patient and listen attentively.
"Customer is always right" so yup , DON'T TALK BACK.
unless you wan to be fired.
So the only thing you can do is T.O.L.E.RA.T.E
Though it's a bit tiring to stand 7h continuously, i kind of love this job.
Cause for every lunch break, i get to go back home & slack...
I think i'm really getting fatter and fatter each day.
Haha, cause i kept on eating > sleeping .
Bad habit huh ? 
Oh ya, one more resolution to make actually!
I want to exercise at least once a week :D
Cause i want to be a healthy girl ^^ 

Hmm, after 3 weeks, i will be jobless once again.
Real contemplating whether i should go back to my previous job.
Cause my boss/ manager are really awesome people!
However, i really dun like the idea of doing the same old routine each day.
Either using comp to update the same old thing that never ends 
OR call endlessly.
Sounds dreading ; isn't it?
Especially, i'm going to work alone from now on.
Argh, i will be a lonely girl~~~
So i am thinking and thinking and thinking.
Should i go back???
It's a good pay actually.
Except that it's too mundane and boring...
If only they can hire one more person , that will be so great.
At least i wouldn't fear lonesome, LOLOL...
Aim to earn at least $2k for this long holiday till APRIL.
Really hope i can reach my target, must cut down on my spending already!

Ending off with my fav. line
#lifeisgood if you clear your mind ~~~ 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friends are the best!

Hello readers!
I have officially ended my telemarketer job after 1 month!
Hah, realised i have been changing job like every month?
Good or bad? LOL.
Next week, i'm going to start my bank work .
Guess where is my workplace?!?!
Just directly under my house, YEA MAN.
Can save a lot of money on travel/food , (Y)
Guess i will only spend like max $20 next week? HAHA.
Anyway got my pay already, yipee #lifeisgood

Recently , went to my favourite place with my clique!
Pictures will do the rest ^^

With YIJIA @ sembawang park !

Hah i look so cocky here ;x 

 HAHA yijia is so cute!! ^^

Like this pic the best (:


Okie done!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Be the real me

Hey peeps!
I think i'm going to blog everyday.
Nahh, just kidding, I WHERE GOT SO FREE.
Okay but since i'm free now .
I shall make a GOAL LIST for 2013!

Sounds meaningful right? hehe.

  1. Able to communicate in English with confidence and accuracy 
  2. Save my first $1000 into my work bank acc
  3. Exercise at least once a week
  4. Learn to be more mature/understanding
  5. Last long with :)
  6. Get 3.9 for GPA in poly year 1
  7. Lead a happy life without worries
  8. Not to drift away from my loved ones 

#shall stop at 8 cause it's my lucky number!
Hope i can achieve all of this in 2013.

(Hi, i'm cat's sister)

Nah, just joking~
My main aim now is to BE THE REAL ME.
I don't want to act like i don't when i do.
Stop all those meaningless acts, you aren't an actress.
I want to lead a honest & true life.
I want people to see the real me instead of hiding my trueself.
Like what do you get from hiding?
So that people will not hate you?
But how do you know that they won't hate the "real" you?!
I tell you.
Nobody is PERFECT alright.
Just be friends with those that can accept who you really are .
There is no point when ppl stick to you because of the "fake" you.
Why not; open your heart & be truthful ?

Trust me, only true friends will stay despite knowing the real you.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Have faith

Anyeong peeps, i'm back yea.
Sorry for the lack of update recently.
Had been rather busy CHOOSING all the courses.
As expected, i'm going to POLY...
Frankly speaking, i really really really wanna go to SP badly.
And the only school i'm interested is BUSINESS.
Which my agg score is too high compared to theirs.
So yup, admitting to SP BUSINESS is really challenging though.
But still , i'm gonna give it a try!
If i really can't get to SP, my next option is NYP.
Undoubtedly ; i chose business !
It's not that i didn't think of other options like Science/ Engineering.
But it's like i really dun have any interest at all.
If only i am then i wouldn't need to fret so much...
Still , i trust my own instinct.
And i had successfully signed up for JAE already (Y)
Gonna try signing up for JPSAE too , just trying of luck though!
Hope i really can get into SP *sigh, sigh, sigh

My off week is already over )':
So i need to head back to work tomr, OH NO!!
Sian to the max but this friday is my last day already!
Idk whether i should be happy or not.
Cause i'm scared that my next job will be worse.
Next week , i will be working at DBS bank which is directly under my house.
The work timing 8.30 - 4.30pm , not bad right?
I'm  planning  to go out after work, hehe.
The best thing is I CAN SAVE TRAVEL TIME/FEES!
And i can also save $$$ , woohoo...
Hahah lupsup to the top level already
I hope the job is not as boring as what i think & hopefully i can learn smth.
Btw, this job is only $7 per hour which is lesser than my current one.
Aiya, if you +/- ; it's around the same i earned everyday.
Hopefully, this job is really better, I DUN WAN TO REGRET
*PLEASEEE , tyvm

One thing i'm sad of is...
Argh, so angry @ myself  :@
Why am i so muddled?!?!?!?!
Then now i need to use adult card = adult fare.
I swear it's so costly and not worth it man.
The worst thing is that i wanna buy concession!
But the problem is i don't have a student card , SIAN.
Haish i think i will spend like <$50 every month in travelling ?
I think i will be broke due to this ):

Thursday, January 10, 2013

crying doesn't help , moving on do

 Hi guys, i'm back.
So yup, it's obvious that i came back with bad news?
FYI - it's bad news for me.
But somehow, it's a little good for me too.

Okay basically, if you happen to be able to zoom in...
Freak man, 
fml please...
I wonder if this is a curse or what?
Like so zun, after 5 years ,i manage to get back the same grades
mugging like shit for like x1000 times
At first when i get back my o level results , I'm like WTS.
Why the grades seem so familiar ?!?!
Okay and i realise 5 years ago , i got the same grades -.-

Honestly, i'm seriously disappointed in my Eng...
Cause that is my most confident subject of getting a B.
but in the end ; i ended up getting a C6 which I EVEN DEPROVED.
wts please, that means i retake english for a year without improving?
Like what the hell man, i'm totally STUNNED...
When i put much more effort this time ; ended up getting worst.
So yup, it's really a major disappointment for me.

So no regrets.
The only thing i'm proud of is my Science.
At least i improved from getting a C6 to B3 ...

Anyway i realised Math is really not my good fren,
i got A2s for both math.
Wts man, can't even let me get A1 *sigh, sigh, sigh
Aiya , heck it la, life still goes on without the 1.

Thought it over and over again...
Though i'm disappointed over my results,
i can't do anything except to accept
must be contented of what i get .
Cause i know that i have tried my best (Y)

O level points after deduction...

L1R4 - 11
L1R5 - 17

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi guys, i'm back.
I'm just so freaking anxious for tomr.
FYI- Tomr is the release of O'level results...
Idk but i just dun feel good/positive.
I really got a gut feeling that i wouldn't do well for O'level.
At first , i'm actually confident of doing well.
But now,

oh gosh, i really hate the uneasy/ mysterious feeling.
It's like you are dying to know but you are just so afraid.
Afraid that it's turns out to be what you didn't want it to be.
& You just keep thinking (obviously to the bad side)
No matter how hard you tried not to overthink, nothing works.

What if i really didn't do well?
I swear that i will not cry no matter what.
But what if i can't take it?
Am i going to cry out loud or silently ?!
Damn, how to face your peers?
Especially to those that do so much better than you.
I guess i can't even force myself to give a fake smile by then.
people are rejoicing while you are mourning ?
ok, that's when i will say - FML...

I really really really
think that i can't sleep tonight.
sigh sigh sigh
the higher your expectations, the greater you fall right?
I wish that i can get 4 distinctions.
But i hope that i can get 3 at least.
Is that possible?
Haish, IDK la -_____________-

Will blog about my results tomr.
i really hope it's good news.
please do

Monday, January 7, 2013

Believe. Trust. Faith

With Sophie body fit @ work !
Haha, was slacking when both of our managers weren't there :P
Still got 2 more weeks to endure ...
But i will really miss the people there ):
Haish, if only i'm not working as telemarketer , i will stay.
Anyway, i will go back to work after studying.
Because that will be my first trial job when i enter the work society.

 For the first time, my eyes can enlarge till this big *achievement

Ending off with my constipated look :D

Next, went out with JING LING on last sat!
OMGG, so long never meet her already ):
Remember the last time i met her was june? #memories 
Had a long long long chat with her.
Also, went to SP open house together !
Spent like 4 hours there, LOL..
Then went to JCUBE to shop shop around ...

Goodbye! (: