Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today is the RESULT day for NYP students.
Honestly, i'm real satisfied with my results.
Ain't awesome grades but it's considered adequate (to me).
Life is full of little ironies, don't you think so?
Most of the time,
When you expect smth to happen, it usually ends up in the opposite way.
For instance, 
i was over-confident for my previous sem; thinking that
"Since I've A for efforts, i would most likely get As"
I was terribly wrong.
Efforts build up false hopes while results destroyed everything
I've no one to blame except myself.
 Too smart for my own good?
Therefore, i didn't want to have any aims for this sem.
And, i realised i did better without stress.
Moreover, results are really unpredictable.
It's like you might do well this time despite putting little efforts.
However, for next sem; even slogging your guts out wouldn't give you an A.
So lesson learnt : Don't expect anything then you will be fine :)

Back to usual updates,
For these 2 weeks, i will be working like a robot.
Because I've to fulfill my holiday promise- Earn at least $1k
I just cannot take it when i see my bank bal decreasing each day.
Was dismayed to realise that i actually spent $1k from Aug till now.
And look, i still have 1 more month of holiday.
Before i really start crying, I need to buck up and do something.
Which is to control my spending and WORK more, yes that's the way.
Besides, I've to put $100 aside for my new hair makeover.
Time for a new change, shall we? (:
Any recommendations for my new hairstyle?
Please do not recommend bald, i will kill you.

Came up with a blog checklist of the events that i'm going to update:

1. Wedding dinz
2. Colour Run
3. Bird park
4. 19th bdae

As you can see, all of them are overdue events.
But late is better than nothing yo, HAHAH
Will try to cover 2 events today, leaving the remaining 2s for another day.
So remember to stay tuned, especially the 4th post ;)
#1- Wedding Dinz 

As evident from the pic, I went to my cousin's wedding dinz last Friday.
So happy and proud of her as she is the first one to get married in our "generation"

Have a blissful marriage (: 

Honestly, this is the BEST wedding dinner
Though it's carried out traditionally, something is different.
Instead of playing the mainstream wedding videos of how the couple met and all,
This lovely pair specially created a hilarious video of them;
Making the whole crowd roared into laughter (:
It's a pity that i didn't video it down; if not i would've shared it to you. :/
Moreover, the present they gave isn't common stuffs like Keychains, Bottle openers etc..
In fact, it turned out to be 4D !!!
To be honest, i really find it super smart and creative.
I mean it's like if the present is mainstream, some people might not take it.
On the other hand, 4D is D.I.F.F.R.E.N.T.
Whether you are into gambling or not, you will definitely take it.
Because there might be a slight chance to become a millionaire overnight?
So readers, i give you the permission to copy their ideas in the future HAHAH.

So this is my #OOTD for the wedding dinz.

My lovely parents ^^ 

Our cuzzie generation hehe!

With the beautiful bride ((: 

Second round with my little cute cousins :D

With my dearest sisters =]

#2- Colour Run

Hi, this is the colourful me, portraying my extremely white teeth

Right from the start, 
Had this on/off feeling whether i should go for this event or not.
Firstly is because the tickets ain't cheap - $55 to run 5km.
It's like totally wtf, i rather go to the park to run on my own.
Secondly, I'm totally not a fan of running.
In fact, i hate running the most. 
Lastly , getting doused in different colours from head to toe.
What, you paid to become a colourful peacock?!?!? (just for laugh)
Despite ranting all the reasons why i shouldn't go, i went anyway.
But one time is good enough.
If you ask me whether i did regret going, i would say yes. 

What i hate the most is ,
When the colour paints went into your eyes and you can barely open them.
Feeling so uneasy and you can't do anything about it.
So lesson learnt: Bring your own SUNGLASSES to protect your eyes please..
Was told to wear unwanted footwear as the colours are difficult to wash.
The smart me wore something that caused both of my feet with blisters, OH GOSH.
So the sad story is I ended up walking throughout this 5km.
Best irony ever~

Sorry that my comments were all negative for this event,
But, i'm just being honest of how i felt.
Nevertheless, I've to thank my fellow friends for making it a better one!

Photo-bombed LOL 

`1st KM; BLUE ~ 

BTW, `2nd KM- GREEN (sorry, no photos!) 
I was the ORANGE-ST out of all cuz everyone thought that i was too clean
and transformed me into an ORANGE. :/ 

`4th KM - RED 

So before we head to the last km- PURPLE , 
there's a need to have a mini cam-whoring session
(especially when the beach scenery is just too tempting for us to leave)

~Individual shots~

Get a room 

With Vanna ^^

Hahah successfully photo-bombed! 

FYI: I know it's bit too late but it's best not to view my pics during midnight.
I'm afraid that you can't sleep after seeing them HAHAHA.
Eligible enough to film a horror movie thanks to our "thick and horrifying" make-up. 

That's all folks!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hope i'm right

Hey peeps.
I'm glad that I've the time to blog right now.
Please be honored cause i'm sacrificing my sleep for this.
Was supposed to finish blogging at 1130 and head to sleep.
But my itchy finger accidentally press the delete button and god damn it, 
So I've to retype the same thing again ; Alamak -.-

Okay, I've 1 BAD news to share.
Apparently, I've no idea why i'm sharing this when i'm not obliged to.
Feel like i should do it anyway... 

YES, i failed my driving test
It's not like i'm proud of it but i'm not ashamed of it.
At least, i know that I tried my best and that's enough.
Driving is really not E.A.S.Y and choosing Manual simply makes it 100 times tougher. 
Really hope that i can make it on my 2nd attempt as I've already invested >$3k  for it.
To be honest, I'm glad that i didn't shed a single tear after the result.
I guess i sort of expected it coming? (maybe)
However, one failure is not enough to bring me down.
I'm gonna keep trying till one day, i can make it.
I believe i can do it one day. [ HAVE FAITH]

Hah, i guess my previous post is wordy enough.
So now, the overdue photos will do the rest of the talking! (:

Went back to sec sch for Teacher's day!
So lucky to get to see "He Lao Shi" there, YAY.
However, I still didn't get the chance to see some of my fav. teachers ): 

                                             Really miss secondary days especially with my Clique :')

                                                                                                    With Kim ((; 

With Alex ^^


 It's been a while since we had FAMILY OUTING :/
And our favourite place is definitely J.E for the win yo ((: 

What the, my sis's retarded face. 


With Ji Wun :D 

(Our Signature Pose)

With Jia Yun :]

REAL exp.

Out of all, only the photos taken with Yijia are considered recent hehe.
So enjoy the last row of photos before i call it a day (:

Tata ~