Saturday, September 26, 2015

The big 2

Hi guys..

I'm finally back after such a long hiatus. 
The reason being is that poly year 3 is really not easy.

When you thought that O'level is hard enough, trust me
POLY LIFE IS X1000000000000 TIMES harder. No joke

For the past 6 months, i felt like shit.
You don't even have enough time to rest.
And basically, you don't even have a proper life.
Trust me, i felt like giving up every second and tell myself - JUST FUCK THIS SHIT
But i can't, i have no choice.
Since I've already worked so hard for the past 2 years; how can i just give up?!
Honestly, i don't wanna regret just because of a moment of folly.
I'm gonna TRY EVERYTHING I COULD to pull up my grades.
People might say that i'm trying too hard, way too hard.. 
But seriously, what's wrong in trying?!
At least i'm not a sore loser who gives up in the midst of fighting?

To be honest, I hate my poly life.
I fucking hate it.
Right from the start, when i first entered NYP; i regretted it to the core.
Everything seems like a lie and i'm always out of luck.
Be it - Friends, Grades, CCA and even TEP. 
It just saddens me that it's just so hard to find true friends in poly.
Don't you think so?
I've plenty of friends but most of them are hi-bye friends.
Or should i call them acquaintance instead?
Whatever the case, you know that you won't see them anymore after poly.
And that's how life is.
Some people are here for a reason, period of time or maybe a lifetime.

Yea, some people would say that I've no rights to complain cuz my GPA is good enough.
But i beg to differ.
My current GPA is not even good enough to enter into local university.
And that's the worst because i worked so fucking hard.
If my end result is SIM then ALL MY EFFORTS WILL GO TO WASTE.
You don't get it.
I'd rather give in ALL or Nothing.

Now i'm left with my LAST SEM in the final year.
And i really want to do well. So badly. 
Because that's the only hope i could cling on. 
I've always thought that its easy to score A for intern & tep.
And now i totally regret that brainless thought.
It's even harder to score than normal academic semesters
But i'm not going to give up.
I believe that if you really give in your all, hard work will pay off :') 

I'm sorry guys.
My blog post is so mundane that seriously even I cannot take it.
Enough of ranting..
Let's talk about happy things!!!

I'M FINALLY 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohh wait, that's not really a good news because i just hit the BIG 2 ):
Hahah but anyways, i'm happy that all of my close friends wished me.
Really appreciated that as some even wished me on the dot :')


My squash clique + 1  

My BFF for life 


With my Tall Jia Yun ^^ 

My lovely hamster hehe 

My longest BFF :D 

My cutie Ji Wun ^-^ 

Thankful to be part of Lai's family, thank you PAPA, MAMA (I will do you proud too) 

                                                I love you bb, Forever & Always,