Monday, April 28, 2014

Day #4, #5


Feel so awfully bad for letting my blog rot for more than a week.
But it's really beyond my league cuz I've no time.
This week is really a hectic one for me, i swear.
Imagine reaching back home only at 11+ consecutively for 5 days...
Plus having outside food for both meals in this week, oh my god.
I'm just so damn sick of outside food. -________-
Not only that, I overspent way too much this week.
Guess where did i spent the whole load of money on ?
Lol, sometimes i really dk whether its' worth it or not.
But don't procrastinate and just spend it like a man .
Hahaha i guess that's why i couldn't be rich for once...
Ok, let's talk about school.
New beginning. New class. New classmates #notcoolatall
As much as I hate my previous class, I'd love to have it back.
At least, there're familiar faces rather than now...
I guess hoping for a better class is really too much to ask for.
-Kkz Done-
Let's talk about the happy moments in Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to update :

#4 in Taiwan; 8th April

FYI- it is located @ Zhong he fu xin mrt station.
Admission fees per pax : >SGD3
Lol i'm not kidding, it's really that cheap :O
Basically, we toured around zoo for almost 5 hours!~
Actually nothing fascinate me cuz I've seen most of the animals in Sg too.
Lol, but of course there're some exceptions.
One thing that i'm seriously annoyed was that
Out of 20 photos, only 2 photos of the animals' faces could be seen.
Pathetic much, you know how i feel from a tourist's point of view...

1. Panda (AKA : Fake kai kai) 

There's even a toy gallery all about PANDAS !

2. Crocodiles 
(The scariest creature alive)

Please don't laugh at my frightened look, i'm not acting.
At that point of time, i'm totally scared out of wits.
What's separating us betw. them is only a pathetic fence, how can i not be afraid?! 

*RINGS A BELL* to Chipmunks Alert ;) 

I'm pretty sure i didn't see this in Sg.
It's called American Bison (American Buffalo) and that's the only thing i know.
Interested parties, please feel free to google it hahah. 

So lucky to snap 1 photo of it before the lights went off (Time for bed)

The feeling you get when it looks at you while you're taking pics #best 

Lol apparently, you can't see anything except for the orange beak

My favourite section hehe! I LOVE PENGUINS ^^
Because they have short legs and fat tummies, hehe! 

All queuing up for a dive #cuteness #overload

Cam-whoring time~

Some pics are meant to be photo-bombed

LOL Eugene's face please mantain la 

Guys being retarded HAHAHA 

Trying my best to push this extra wz away but apparently failed.
Oh well, ok la 勉强可以啦

With Eugene, the mushroom head! hehe

Both were too immersed in the puppet's show.

With Pk, Vanna and Wen Zhen ^^

With Ji Wun (:

LOL pk unknowingly photo-bombed us, tsk...

Though the whole tour is real tiring,
I'm lucky to have these lovely companions with me ^^ 

After zoo, we went to "Hou Shan Pi" station for Raohe night market.
Ok i strongly recommend you to go cuz the food there is really cheap!
Please buy your souvenirs like pineapple tarts, tai yang bing there instead of buying @ airports.
Like 6 boxes for $22!!! If you buy there, it's your loss. 
Airport stuffs ain't cheap and nice, this is one thing that i can assure you! 
Also, there're many cute socks selling at 6 for $4 which is damn freaking cheap.
Buy as many as you can, if not you will regret like me :'( 

#5 in Taiwan ; 9th April

Yes, finally it's a SHOPPING day!!!! 
Went to Wu Fen Pu which is located at "Taipower building" station.
My eyes totally LIGHTED up when i saw countless clothes shops.
And it reminds me of Chatuchak in Bangkok due to the size
But apparently, excitement turned into disappointment .
Only bought 6 pcs of clothes cuz nothing much caught my eye.
FYI- the clothes prices are very similar to Bugis so it makes no diff to buy...
Ohhh, one special thing about Wu Fen Pu is 
"The shops there only open at 1/2 in the afternoon so don't get there too early"
After shopping till around 6pm, we called it a day and went back to our apartment.
Why waste the night when it's still young, right???
So the #YOLO us have decided to visit Taiwan club called MYST.
Beware, it's a high class CLUB so better drink before gg.
Or else you will be broke just by ordering a drink in MYST. 
Location : Taipei City hall station > A 10 mins walking dist to MYST 
Admission Fees : (G) Ladies night hehe [Wed]
                          (B)   SGD 30 per pax 
Apparently, I have no idea why they chose this when the clubbers there are totally not our age.
I bet most of them are in their early or late 20s...
Was totally appalled when there are so many Caucasians and many seriously turned me off.
I can only say that most people are real desperate out there .
And the situation is definitely worst than Zouk so girls, BE EXTRA CAREFUL.
It truly was an eye-opening experience for me and i will never visit MYST again #just #saying
Anyway in case you might be wondering; musics played are all ENGLISH SONGS.
In fact, i really like their music more, rather than Zouk's hahaha 

#OOTD for the night ;) 

With the girls ^^
First, let me take a selfie before signing off. (kayz being lame) 
AHHHH, still have 2 more Taiwan days to blog about ... 
Hopefully, i can get it done by next week. 
See ya~~~ 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day #1 to #3

Hi, since I've the time now ; i shall blog about Taiwan (part I)
As I've mentioned earlier, i spent 3 days in Gaoh Siung before heading to Taipei.
So this blog post will be all about Gaoh Siung.
Honestly, i wouldn't recommend you to visit there cuz there's nothing to shop about.
Felt like it's just a waste of time to visit there except for the theme park ;x

#1 in Taiwan (5th April)
Took a 4h flight to reach Taipei, followed by a 2h train ride travel to Gaoh Siung.
Basically, the first day was wasted as we spent most of the time travelling.
Note : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy a sim card at least.
(so that you can use your phone to find the location you want)
Don't bother asking the residents especially about Hotels .
They wouldn't have a clue because there are so many hotels in the district.
We, ourselves spent 2 hours touring around just to find the god damn hotel.
So, don't forget my advice.

Pics taken on the plane 
With Bernice! 

With Eugene ~ 


 Taiwan's train station.

FYI ; The cool thing about their train station is that you can bring food inside the train.
And because of food, we almost missed our train ride LOL!

 With Ji Wun and Bernice ((:

With Vanna on the bus ^^

 Thank god that we still have some time to go for the famous 夜市 @ Gaoh Siung
Which settled our dinner+supper ^^
The food is so yummy and cheap so it's a must to try! HEHE




 #2 Taiwan (6th April)
I swear this is the most enjoyable day throughout this trip.
All along, Theme Park has always been my favourite place since young.
And I've never regretted coming to this because it's really that awesome!

Location : E-Da WORLD 義大世界

You need to alight at Zuo Ying mrt station then take a 30 mins bus ride from there.
The bus tix is around SGD 1 + per pax so it's counted as cheaper compared to cabs.
Opening hours : 9 am to 5.30 pm
However, the rides will stop sharply at 5pm so it's better to go early unlike us!
Aimed to finish all the rides within its opening hours but failed. ):
Admission fees : SGD 38.80 per pax
Compared to USS, E-da is so much cheaper and enjoyable! ;D
Real sorry that i didn't manage to take much photos of the rides and all.
Because we didn't bring any of our belongings in other than $$$ hahaha.
However, i will be introducing the 3 BEST exciting rides I went so far!

- TOP 1 ; Booster-

I swear this is one of the best rides I've ever came across.
The fact that it is 18th story high is sufficient enough to scare your wits.
And leaving you hanging straight up there to stare at the sky, i almost died.
My heart almost leapt out of my mouth when we turned 360 degrees backwards.
I just kept screaming non-stop because i forced myself to open my coward eyes all the way.
The process alone itself is good enough for you to have a long nightmare.
But if I've a second chance, I'd love to try it once more #YOLO

-Top 2; Big Air ride -

A 7th story freefall ride with seats angled at 45 degrees.
When you've successfully concurred Booster (top 1) ; this is nothing.
Compared to Booster, this ride is so much faster but more predictive.
As it is like a U-shape, it's easier to predict the direction of where it is heading to.

-Top 3; Spinning wild mouse Coaster-
Sorry there're no photos available but a video.
Apparently, i feel dizzy after watching the video cuz the person actually videoed the whole process while riding on it . LOL
So watch it if you're keen!
The ride is located on the roof of Trojan Palace which at first, we thought it wasn't fun at all.
As Trojan palace has more children rides, i assumed that this wouldn't be challenging.
But i'm so so so wrong.
What's terrifying about this ride was that you can see a CLEAR view of the whole theme park.
With the exception of spinning constantly, you may have the tendency to lunge in different directions.
Causing riders to look nearly straight down at the ground, giving you the mindset you're gonna crash.

Well, the highlight of the theme park is this!!!!! 

Feels so much like we are in Santorini, don't you think? 
The cobblestone path makes the whole place so elegant and promising (: 
This is definitely an ideal place for you to cam-whore as much as you can.
Regretted not bringing my camera along, if not I would have posted more photos ;x 

Afterwards, we went to RuiFeng night market located at Kaoh Siung Arena.
It's like 5 times bigger than a normal pasar malam!
Regretted not buying more clothes there cuz it's counted as the cheapest place I've gone to.
On the other hand, we went for fake tattoos all together, HAHA so bonded right!?!?!
After much contemplation, we chose 泡泡龙 to signify us 

#3 in Taiwan ; 7th April!
Yet another wasted day, spent most of the time travelling from Gaoh Siung to Taipei.
Went to Sanduo Shopping District mrt station; stupidly thinking that there will be shopping streets.
Apparently, there is nothing other than a big Metro.
Which we only spend a pathetic 30 mins covering the whole building.
Since we still have so much time to spare, we decided to have a cam-whoring session (Y)

Mai siao siao, we've fake tattoos. HAHAH


Those guys trying out cheer-leading stunts without any experience.
"No pain, no gain" I think ZY fully understand the meaning of this HAHAH. 
And our girls' reaction were like "What the, can you all stop being fools" :P

Ok la, a round of applause since they succeeded in the end (Y)

Some pictures taken @ Dream Mall (Kaisyuan station) 
The mall is so damn huge but nothing caught my eye.
Omggg so boring till Bernice & I decided to shop in their "NTUC" for food.

With Ji Wun in the shuttle bus to Dream mall.

FYI- There's a free shuttle bus @ Kaisyuan mrt to take us to Dream mall.
The bus ride only takes about 10 mins so it's actually quite near from mrt, hoho.

Ending post with my solo pic facing from the back.
Hahaha bye!!!!!!!