Friday, June 29, 2012

My most romantic post

HELLO peeps, I'm back again yea!
Before i start spamming my photos , care to hear a story?
Once upon a time, there was a girl lost in the jungle.
She was abandoned & helpless.
When she was about to give up on her life, 2 Angels appeared.
& that's no doubt my bestest frens : Sophia & Yijia.
I knew them since i was sec 1.
& they are the ones that saved me when i was at the lowest point in my life.
Frankly speaking, during sec 1,  i was "famous" for the wrong thing
I was heartbroken ; with no one there for me.
What hurts  most is not what people do to you,
"It's when you have no one to count on."
I tried to be strong alone but i just can't.
When i was about to collapse, these 2 Angels saved me.
They did everything for me selflessly without getting anything.
Thanks to them, 
 I was back with my cheerful self.
Now i don't blame the people who hated me at all.
In fact , i wanted to thank them.
Without them , there wouldn't be the new me.
Though i still have many flaws, at least i've changed for the better.
(not for the worst )
As for the hurt i've been through, i would take it as an experience.
Let's continue back to the angels.
They taught me what is life; what is friendship all about.
thats why they say "Secondary frens are the most unforgettable ones "
Without them, i knew i can't make it.
I will make sure that our friendship will be strong as ever.
Even when we were married, i want our childrens to play together.
I just want our friendship to be eternal! (: 
& I believe it will !!! 

Retarded faces
1 , 2, 3
Random numbers
Fake smiles
Hah, my retarded face ( as usual) 

The most popular sign ^^
Hah, totally funny shit! 
Imitating someone ;x

Yijia & I

Sophia & I 

Like this one though ^^

This is nice too ^^
Funny shit! 

Ending with our "innocent" faces.

Bye peeps~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting nowhere

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO everyone, I'm back!
PS // This is a post full of my RANTS/ complaints!
So yup, click the X button on the right if you dun wanna hear.
  • 2 Mock Exams this week!!!
Ahhh, it's just the first week of school.
(Currently still in holiday mood , lol )
& WTS is we have 2 mock exams this week.
I'm already dozing off almost every lesson during the first day.
Now, this ! WTH, also no time to prepare.
Though i did studied quite a bit during holidays,
They still must inform us earlier about the exams ; isn't it?
I'm also not a memorising machine 
So how am i gonna memorise everything in one day?
Argh, super sian... Tomr still need to study for A MATH exam.
Stress max, i think all my white hairs are growing out already...

  • The most happening thing is : PRELIMS START NEXT MONTH.
I really got a shock of my life after i heard that on the first day of school.
Just 1 month to prepare for prelims?
Oh gosh, kill me please.
I'm seriously not prepared at all z.z
Haish, there's really no time to slack anymore!

TIME TO GET SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regret not going to the charity swimming event today!!!
Actually there's swimming event today @ N.P.
It's a charity event that if you swim 1 lap, they will donate $1.
So it's like if you swim 10laps, you can help to earn $10 for the charity.
So effing good ; isn't it?!
Wanted so badly to go but damn there's school today.
& guess what, my school ends @ 4 plus.
the event ended @ 4pm x.x
Haishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, super sad uh ><
if only there's no school today ):

Okie done with my rants , hah.
Bear with me , readers. 
It's once in a while that i will do this x.x

But still , i prefer school reopen rather than holiday!
Cause i enjoy my companion with my lovely classmates (:
Life's good when your beloved frens are there 
So excited for sat^^ 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


 ANYEONG readers (:
Today's my mm BIRTHDAY!!!
Hehe, bought a small cake for her ^^

PS// I'm not insane okay.
Who says i can't celebrate bdae for a non-living thing?
I do because i want. Not because i'm gg to take account for.

Okayy, life sucks from TOMR onwards x.x
I swear time really passed so quickly!
Just a blink of an eye, half a year had passed already ):
I tot it's only march or smth but it's gg to be JULY!
Haish, prison life will be here tomrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........
Sian max !!! Need to really start mugging already!
O'levels is just like 4 months away ):
Hmm, hope i really can turn into a total nerd after today!
Really need to be serious , NO MORE PLAYING!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting stronger

Hehe, we've been friends for 5 years!
It seemed like we have just met recently, HAHA.
But i'm really gratified to you.
I've learnt A LOT A LOT OF THINGS when i'm with you.
Let's bury the unhappy past & only remember the HAPPY memories okie!
Will always be 24/7 for you (:
& There's no expiry date for that , HAH.

Okieee, so ytd we went to ice-skating @ JCUBE.
With Yijia, Birthday girl & Sophia!!!!!!!!!

Heheh, my individual shot with the skates!!!
Omggg, super duper excited to skate okay.
It's been like 4 years since the last time i went skating.
When i first went into the rink, i started to tremble.
Because the floor is damn slippery !!!
But after that, i managed to adjust to it so yup, everything went well!
Proud to announce that i didn't fall down even once (Y)
Really love ice-skating ttm !
But the skates were really making my feets hurt like mad x.x
So that you will not get blisters like me ): 

An overview of how the ice-skating rink is like.
Awesome-ly big right?!!?
& It's so freaking cold inside okiee.
I really salute those girls who can wear just a tee shirt+ shorts inside x.x
Wonder how they can withstand the coldness !

Shall shut up now & not to keep your waiting!!!
Enjoy the photos okieeeeee ^^
Sorry the photos spam cause it's really a LOT, ROFL.

My face seriously cmi, haha

Trying to cross eye but failed x.x

Clique photo <3
All of us pointing to the main character! haha 
Doing the popular sign with sophie~
Like this one ttm ^^ 

My face is a spoiler to this pic, LOL  

OKIE, here comes my E.P.I.C photos again.
Hope that these photos can bring laughter to your (:
Just wanted to show a different kind of me, hehe

My spastic smile, hehe
With Jiaaaa ^^ 

With Sophiee body fit  :D

With sophia ^^

I swear this 6 year old girl is really brave!
She's skating ALONE for god sake.
Omggg, & she's damn good at skating.
Potential skater yea!
The best thing about her is when she falls, she gets up herself.
Without crying, without getting disappointed.
She just continue nonchalantly!!! How great is she yea (:  
Really thinks she is damn good at her age like that