Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is impossible to love and be wise.

HELLO PEEPOS, Sierra's in a happy mood now ..
YAY, i love my current blogskin :D
SPECIAL thanks for Eugene Yong for helping me do some parts .
Today , i have good & bad news ^^
Which one you wanna hear first ?

Good/ bad .

Bad news .
I'm currently broke again , (hmm why am i always broke ?)
And somemore this sat going to bugis with Yijia .
So must save save save or else go there also no use.
Yay , anyway GOOD GAME TO ME .
Now i hate maths cause i dun understand a single shit .
And i'm really struggling when it comes to maths homewk ..
AHHHS , i'm despo for tuitions ! ):

Good news for me .

I changed my blogskin to a more pleasant one .
And i love it ttm ! :D

I finished my maths holidays assignment .

I finished my 2.4km and my timing is
12mins 20 s , (i'm showing off right now )
Anyway thanks andy for the push , LOL.

Because of the sakae meal ytd , i gained one kg .
Luckily my height still mantain the same ^^

Hahahs , okie , gtg , tata !
Will put my links back when i'm free (:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I tried to do but i can't .
I didn't give up , it's my soul gave me up .

HELLO everybody ! I'm here to update again .
PS// i shall keep my post short & sweet .
YES! I got the application form of joining SLC ^^
Today is my 500th post of the day !
Lessons were boring today , had lit presentation in the first period .
We were the first and we took half an hr to present -.-
But finally it's over (:
After much delay , went to sakae after school .
Ate until damm freaking FULL & i feel bloated .
Guess what ?!
I went home directly and i slept for 2h !~
WHAT THE HELL las , i'm sure gonna gain weight .
And tomr is 2.4 km run , first period somemore .
I need to do well or else my efforts will be gone to waste .
I need to .
No , i must to .

Pictures , enjoy (:
She's asking for apology , but too bad.
No , dun hit me! >:(
Whose eyes bigger? HAHAS
Eating sushi ;x
Jamie's sis .

Candid shot ^^

Okie done with my post ! :D
Didn't post pictures of food , dun wanna tempt you all :P
Skipped dinner tonight (:
Goodbye !

Sunday, March 28, 2010

HOLY MAMA, I'M Lovesick / Homesick ..
I miss my lovely bed , monkey .
I miss my mum's food .
I miss my toilet .
I miss my HOME ! >:(

Although i only stayed 1 night at the chalet ,
But it seemed like i stayed there for 10 days .
I feel soooooooooo TIRED and Sick ttm x.x
Ton-ing at night is SERIOUSLY suitable for me .

Saturday which is Yesterday ;
Went to dom's chalet , met up with Vanna & Co'
Around 11am reached there , joked around .
Nothing much nor , after that went to arcade !
Thanks to Gabriel for treating me dunno how much .
LOL , played a lot of games , have a lot of fun :P
After that Vaymond they all went escape ..
While Me , Vanna , Bernice, Jiahao & Jamie stayed at the chalet ..
Actually wanna party & dance like mad woman , but then .
Jiahao the only guy there , so i refrained myself nor ;x
LOL , then went for lunch(:
Around 4 plus , Jamie & I went to have a long chat .
After that went back , bbq !
Food was nice , but didn't ate much .
(Expected that i will be eating supper more than once )
Around 7 plus , cut the cake , then sent jamie home .
After that , went to Pasir Ris Beach , *weets,
The scenery was damm nice & the breeze was cool *thumbs up
Then went back chalet , had a bath ..
Around 2 plus , Vaymond & Co' played drinking games .
While me & vanna slacked around there chit-chatting .
Poor hanrong was dead beat & was drunked .
After much delay , around 4am went to the beach again .
Almost going to fall asleep at a couple of times but managed to
BE AWAKE at all times ! LOL .
Then around 5 plus went back -____-
And they went directly to sleep , somemore not enough beds ..
Haishh , so i act like the ghost , walking around shivering with cold .
Actually wanna scared ruben but too bad he's too engrossed in sleeping .
Finally , 7AM , and i SURVIVED !!
(Actually got sleep abit nahh ;x )

Today !
Went for morning walk with Vanna , LOL ..
Seriously , we walked up& down the stairs for more than 10 times already -.-
After that 9am , called Vay & Hanrong up .
Then trained back , reached home @ 12 sharp .
Directly went to my bed and slept for 4 hrs .
After that 5pm , went to meet Yijia .
Had my 2.4km run , fcuking tiring & seriously feel like i'm dying ..
After the run , i was like wobbling & looked like ghost .
A passerby even asked me whether i was okay or not .
LMAOS , around 6 plus reached home ..

Wahh finally done with my long post .
Spent more than 1 h typing all those , ROFL .
Dun let my efforts gone to waste (:


Candid shot ^^
LOL :/


Okie done !
Tata <3

Friday, March 26, 2010


PS// The post is gonna to be long , prepare coffee first ! :}

Hmm , i think you all already guessed who's the one .
Today was normal , i feel so sleep nowadays .
Skipped breakfast today , and guessed what?!~
I managed to concentrate well for the first 2 lessons *thumbs up .
(Next time should skipped more breakfast )
But the 3rd lesson which is b4 recess , i feel so hungry ..
And i can't concentrate because my mind is already full of FOODs .
I know i'm a glutton , dun need to tell me , tyvm L:
Yea , and Mr Choo want us to help to paste smth in the hall .
So drop my idea of doing boring maths qs and stared hardly at the time .
Finally it's 10.30am , (counting down every min )
Went hall paste the names of the candidates for Speech day :) .
After that went for recess , bought my biscuit along ..
Seriously , i feel so fcuking PATHETIC , and i broke down that moment .
I think the whole month , i have been eating biscuit every recess .
Seriously , i dunno what's the whole point of doing it .
Maybe i can lose weight ..
But the main thing i do it is because i want to save money ..
(When can i kick my habit of spending money ? )
And when can i learn how to save money ?!
Grr , shall drop that topic , such a letdown .
After that is English Lesson , boring daoo~~~
And i realise Mr Tan dun like to give direct answers for us ..
Even correction , he still want us to rephrase the answer on our own .
(Then what's the whole point of doing correction ? )
Might as well , do the whole passage question again ?! lol :/
Then mother tongue read , took 15 mins to settle down ..

After school ;
Sophia , Jamie & I carried out our celebration plan.
Went lot 1 without the birthday girl , buy celebration items .
Then meet Yihan for a moment , LOL .
After that went my house downstairs buy cake & etc.
Around 3 pm , called Yijia come down from her block .
Actually wanna give her a BIG surprise .
But she knew it long ago , AWW ):
Cut the cake , luthfiy joined in with us too ^^
After that went Yijia's house , she cooked instant noodles for us .
Around 3 plus , went back school for Speech Day (:
PLEASE , the speech day really dun suits me man .
Sit down there , listen to the mcs talk , really boring .
Feel like sleeping but in the end played phone games .
After like 1h , really cannot tahan , went toilet with Yijia .
Then stayed there for another 1h , finally go back to hall .
And the Speech Day was going to end soon , *LALALALALAS .
LOL , after the presentation , went downstairs , had buffet .
Food was delicious & Fantastic :D
Then reached hom @ 7am .

The cake !

Luthfiy hands ^^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi peepos ..
I'm here for a short post cause there's nothing to post about tdy .
Today was so busy , tomr will be the same ..
And somemore tomr is someone's big day :O
Tomr was forced to go for the speech day thingy ..
Zzz , so boring ..
What's the point of going when we will be sitting down there seeing ppl take the prize ?
Totally -__________________-

Tata :/

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When i encountered difficulties/dispute/setbacks ,
You won't be the one to cheer me up or encourage me .
In fact you will be the first to run away .
(I lost the trust in you ... )

HEY-YO-PEEPOS!Hiiie , i'm back ^^
With pictures to upload , like finally los :/
Hmm , ytd had my NAPFA test except 2.4km run .
Results was okayy , as for sit& reach , i need 1 more points to get A .
Damm it man , curse that machine ! (fake fake . )
But anyway i'm quite satisfied now , cause i completed 2 maths ws ..
Now i only left 2 more ws , and i owe mr choo nothing ^^
And currently now ; I dun hate lessons anymore ..
Cause Andy.Q always entertain us with his lame& cold jokes .
But then he always likes to lisiao ppl , wonder what's wrong with him .
LOL ,okay drop the subject of him :D

Today was fun , i guess ?
Lessons were kinda boring but fun .
Chem class , teacher kept on picking on Sophia , idk why .
LOL , and we were caught talking for so many times -.-
Actually nothing much to say lehh , LOL .
Reached home @ 7 pm ^^

Hahahs , i know i skipped a lot of part .
Aiyah , i dun think you all are interested in it too ..
So ya , here's a conv of me & a crazy woman..

Click it and it will be clearer (:

The woman is crazy yea ?
If you all are interested in the website she gave ,
Then just click on it -______-

Why you want to hurt me again & again ?
I already gave you enough chances .
Does it help to be biased among friends ?
I really dunno what you are thinking .
Seems like you dun know how to cherish our friendship .
You are just interested in making new friends .
Then let me put to an end .
Dun apologise , what's done is done .
Nothing can be undone , neither could i forgive you the second time .

Monday, March 22, 2010

HELLO EVERYONE , i'm back (like finally )!~
Hahahs , my blog readers are increasing successfully !
*Lalalalalalalalalalalalalaallaalalalalalals ..
Today's the first day of school , and guess what .
I'm reported school at 7am sharp with deep eyebags .
Idk why , maybe because i slept too late (aww )
Ohh well , school was boring again !
And somemore today was the longest day ! ):
Teachers are all so sick , gave us plenty of homeworks to do today .
But i'm not going to finish it all up , dun care :P
And i still owe Mr Choo maths holiday assignment , goodluck to me .
Sat with Andy in class today , SUAY AHH ..
Then he kept on telling me ; 'I want to commit suicide just because i'm tired -.-
Lessons were so long & lifeless , almost fall asleep at some part of the lessons.
After school , went home changed .
Had a heavy downpour as i was about to go out .
MY cute mum suddenly stopped me from going out due to the heavy rain .
LOL ,first time in my life , my mum did that . (fake fake~)
Then went amk hub with Sophia Tan .
After that went back , meet up with Jamie & Yijia .
Ganged up bully Chen Yi Jia , hahahahas .
Then went arcade , played ddr .
Got one funny guy said hello to me when i dun even know him :/
Lol, saw Zhida at there too, hahaas.
Reached home @ 7pm .

ATTENTION PLEASE! Pay 100% attention if you haven watch this .

1) Bring tissue paper into the cinema .
2) Bring earpiece/ stuff tissue into ur ear .
3) Dun sit at the first few rows of the cinema !
4) Those who have a phobia of blood , better dun go .
5) Childrens are not really acceptable for this movie .

Kk , all those i have listed up is from my own experience ..
Yeaa , be prepared to cry or faint in the middle of the movie .
LOL , kinda drama right ?!
But this movie is GREAT and very very touching ! (:
Those who loves Christoper Lee should watch this ^^

PS // I'm going to have my 2.4km run & the 5-item fitness test ..
Wish me luck leh ! :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh my god . Oh my gosh . Oh my tian . Oh my mama.
Now is exactly 10pm , and i'm only left with 10 hours .
And then here comes my DOOMS day ! x.x

Youknowwhat ..
I haven even start on my thick stack of maths ws .
And i'm supposed to hand in by tomr ..
Holy shit man , somemore i dun even have the papers now ..
Really good game to me , i really dun know how to face Mr Choo.

Scarly mr choo chase me out of the classroom nehh ! x.x
Awwww , really shouldn't have left those homewk in the locker .
And i'm a bad girl .
Cause i just cheated on my mum that I HAD FINISHED ALL MY HOMEWK ..

Omg , i feel bad right now ):

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello everybody , I'm back with pictures took on wed ..
On wed went to clarke quay , had a cam-whore session with Yihan .
Hahahas , a lot of ppl were looking at us x.x
Yea , shall post about todayy .
Today was all-so-fine , mood went up & down .
Suddenly emo , suddenly happy , HMMMMMMMM .
Not like me , yea , ABSOLUTELY NOT ME TODAY..
Hahahas , woke up @ 9 am in the morning .
Seriously idk why , i slept at 1 plus BUT .
I always woke up around 7 plus like this , LOL .
And then my eyes will become like panda eyes , simple as that ..
After that helped my mum to mop the whole house floors ..
TOTALLY CMI , v. v. v. tiring ..
And my hand become rougher by abit , damm ..
Regret helping :P
(No ,only losers use the word ; Regret )
Ahem i'm not :D
Ate instant noodles for lunch , sobsob T.T
After that around 2plus went to meet jamie .
Actually plan to go beach but in the end we went to J.P .
(Wow , A throughout )
Due to the sickening weather conditions -_____-
Saw a v. funny thing ..
And it happened at JURONG POINT AGAIN ..

  • The first incident was ;
  • I saw two bangalas holding hands together in J.P
    Totally unbelievable , and one even have the intention to kiss the other .
    Please , i almost puke when i saw that scene .
    (P.S. Jurong Point got a lot of "hot" gays)

  • Second incident was ; (MUST READ ! )
  • Jamie & I were on the escalator when there's a couple infront of us .
    The guy was a pervert ( i guess) & he kept on hitting her gf's butt .
    We were like WTF ? What the hell was he doing .
    And the guy was hitting her butt repeatedly with the 'piak sound '.
    After tat i think the girlfriend could not take it .
    So she too slapped her boyfriend butt , dunno for what .
    Eventually they have been hitting each other butt for the past seconds ..
    And i think they hit real hard cause we could hear the 'piak sound '.
    Yeaa , totally disgusted by their act cann .

    Kk , after that went keat hong park ..
    Talked a lot , some interesting stuff ..
    LOL , then went lot 1 find bernice & claire .
    Around 7pm reached home (:

    Pictures time !

    Time shot .
    Whose eyes bigger? HAHS.
    Count the fingers .
    Act cute shot .
    A candid one after hundreds of it .

    Hahahs , kk .
    If you wanna see more , go my facebook profile see bahh .
    Toodles ^^

    加油! 加水!
    Chen Yi Jia & Sophia Tan Xin Er , MUST JIAYOUS for tomr ^^

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Some of us think
    holding on makes us strong;
    but sometimes it is letting go.

    HIHIHIHI peeps , i'm not really in the mood now .
    So just a brief update , cut the crap ..
    Yea , today morning sophia pei me go running .
    But actually she just sit down there , help me time .
    LOL , my timing is 13.31 . X.X
    Haishh , i really hate the teacher las ..
    Sabo me , now i still need train up my stamina again
    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ , how i wish i can die now .
    After that pei her go library , nothing caught my eye .
    Lunched with mummy (:
    Then around evening , went downstairs rebond frinch .
    Took like 2h to finish all the procedure .
    Damm slow can , jamie & sophia also pekcek liao .
    Hahahs , in the end my hair become .

    Or maybe worst than that ..
    Seriously , one word to describe ; GONECASE ):

    Kk , i really hate my hair now .
    Actually i told the hairdresser to cut U shape .
    But in the end it turns out to be a straight cut .
    Wtf las , the hairdresser really got smth with her eyes .
    Somemore i only realise the outcome when i'm back home .
    Yea and now i'm back , it's worst .
    Everyone is like giving me bad comments about my hair again.
    Why everytime i cut hair , the turn out would be bad?
    Now i dread about cutting hair .
    Yea , and the hairdresser trim my fringe .
    My fringe already v. thin liao , she still trim ..
    AHHHHS , how am i going to face everybody ?

    The pic took after cutting my hair ..

    //Edited .

    Kk , i really hate my hair now .
    Actually i told the hairdresser to cut U shape .
    But in the end it turns out to be a straight cut .
    Wtf las , the hairdresser really got smth wrong with her eyes .
    Somemore i only realise the outcome when i'm back home .
    Yea and now i'm back , it's worst .
    Everyone is like giving me bad comments about my hair again.
    Why everytime i cut hair , the turn out would be bad?
    Now i dread about cutting hair .
    Yea , and the hairdresser trim my fringe .
    My fringe already v. thin liao , she still trim ..
    AHHHHS , how am i going to face everybody ?

    I never have this kind of feeling b4 .
    And this is the first time i'm feeling that .
    I really hate myself for thinking so much these days .
    I tried to stop thinking and just carry on with my life .
    But i can't , am i falling in deeper & deeper ?
    就是因为我不是那种, 哭了就会忘记全部 的人,

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Hello everyone , i'm here for early post .
    Cause i'm going out with Yihan ' the pig later on .
    Yea , going somewhere far (maybe marina bay ? )
    Hahahs so i may not be able to post at night ..
    Yeaa , you guys know i got serious stm right .
    This time really goodgame to me cause ... !


    Some more Mr Choo gave us 3 stack of thick ws .
    And i left it in the locker , good game uh ? I:
    And now i haven't even start on my holiday assignment .
    Nvm , i shall chiong only when i 'm free .

    Hahahas , FYI , my big sister took my sim card away .
    Cause she lost her handphone dunno at which island .
    Yea , and i cannot reply to those who msg me .
    Dun blame me , BLAME on my sister ^^

    Kk , going to get ready for later on .
    Toodles ! :D

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    Hmm i am so freaking bored now ..
    But i dun feel like updating , too boring x.x
    Just a brief update about today .
    Have tuition for 1& a half hr , (seems so LONG cann )
    After that went bowling with Ziying they all ..
    Kk back at 7 plus .

    I took this personality quiz from :

    Personality Type Quiz
    Emotional Personality Type You put your heart on your sleeve. When you’re sad, angry, or happy—everyone knows it. You can’t help it! You’re in touch with your emotions and aren’t afraid to share it. You tend to have lots of crushes (celebrities, friends, neighbors, you name it!) and you hope to find true love someday.
    Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo


    Monday, March 15, 2010

    In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends

    HEYYO peeps ^^
    I confirmed this post will not be a wordy post .
    Today went to watch ' Alice in wonderlandat jurong point .
    With vanna & co . (P/s i'm lazy to type out the names )
    The movie was awesome , i will rate it 9/10 .
    Hahahs , luckily we didn't watch the 3D version or else ..
    I'm going to get a BAD nightmare today night ..
    Heh , the "hatter's face was scary las !
    But shocked that the whole cinema were filled with childrens .
    Hmm , wrong age for us ? I:
    After tat went lam soon , saw my cousin on the bus .
    Then homed ! :D

    Tomr going bowling with ziying & co .

    Group pictures .

    P/S ; Hanrong is trying to act cute ? LOl

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    MARCH HOLIDAYS ! Let's party & play hard starting from tomr!
    WOOHOOOOOS~ Finally can sleep well ler ^^
    But i really hope my flu will recover , PLEASE!
    Everyday till now , i have been eating tasteless food .
    Cause i cannot even smell it , pathetic right ?!
    Zzz ,stupid flu faster go away nah ! ):
    Yeaa , this whole week i think i'm booked partially ..

    Monday ' Out with vanna & co .
    Tuesday ' Free
    Wednesday ' Out with Yihan .
    Thursday ' A haircut ( Not cfm )
    Friday ' Out with Yijia .
    Saturday ' Free .

    Hahahs book me now ! Or else too bad (:
    Alamak , i'm broke ttm .
    I need to save up a lot of money cause i wana
    Buy a lot a lot of things ! ARGH ..
    Stupid CNY , useless one cause i can't even spent my hongbaos money!
    (How am i gg to survive in the march holidays ? )

    Please god , i need JOBS! ( important ) *

    Yes , i should stop typing more because ..
    I know you guys are falling asleep ?!
    Hahahs kk .
    Today was F.I.N.E , as per normal laS ?
    Woke up at 11am in the morning , watch mobtv .
    Afternoon , went ntuc with dad & 2nd sis .
    After that went to meet yihan , the pig .
    Headed to amk after much discussion .
    Chit-chatted in the train , too much to talk about .
    Roam around the shopping centre without much seeing .
    Actually we just walked around cause we kept on talking .
    LMAOS , 1 month never meet , too much to say ?
    Yihan bought present for her daddy , so not filial .
    Muahahs , after that cam-whore at the mrt station .
    Missed 2 trains & took 30 photos , LOL .
    Pro bu pro ? :D Hahahs a lot of ppl were looking at us L:
    Yeaa , after that went lot 1 , (yihan was forced )
    Cause she lost to me in scissors paper stone game , noob ^^
    After that went home , had a bad headache .
    So decided to sleep like a pig for once .
    Around 7.30pm , went over to popo house .
    Ate dinner at there , chit-chat with my cousins .
    My pervertic cousin kept on taking my unglamm photos , LOL .
    After saw her bio-data book , saw one funny thing ..

    READ IT ! :D ( i only remember abit)
    The stars were shiny or smth .
    Everyone is unique .
    Next time go your house k ?

    DAMM FUNNY SIA , like totally no link las ?
    And i realise quite a lot of p6 peeps dunno how to spell
    Separate .

    Okie done with my long post ..
    Now is pictures time , more entertaining right ?!
    Hahahs , relax & enjoy (:

    LOL , unknown guy behind ..

    3 !
    Act cute pic .
    Yihan the pig ! :D

    Candid shot ^^

    Yihan says i look nice in this shot .
    But i think it's weird las -.-

    LOL , kk done .
    Toodles ^^