Friday, August 30, 2013


Hmm it's been ages since i last blogged about my life.
Okay, FYI- currently i'm having school holidays .
Hahah for as long as i would like to. Kidding.
Till mid oct which is not a very long break, i suppose.
Sigh, but at least better than nothing, isn't it?
Okay, had been fretting over finding jobs recently.
& Yes, i found one which is working @ Magnum cafe ( Vivocity )
Apparently, i'm not very interested in the job but the pay. :P
Aside from that, i went to Awfully chocolate's interview today.
Frankly speaking, i'm really keen to join Awfully choco.
And if i have to choose between AC or Magnum, obviously it will be AC.
Why is this so?
Cause in AC, i get to learn more things and gain more experience than  magnum.
Though the pay is so much lesser than Magnum.
However, i think i shall drop the idea of being able to work in AC.
Went to Awfully choco's interview today and i swear :
It's like there are 30++ strangers joining you in the interview.
And what? You have to act like super hyper/ chatty in front of them.
The atmosphere there is totally bizarre and awkward.
Totally underestimated how hard the interview will be .
Felt so inferior because of my standard. Yea, just my low-esteem acting up again.
Great, another motivation to make me strive hard to improve my command of english... 
Ok previously, i have been rejected simultaneously because of my looks.
Which i'm still feeling indignant about it. Till now.
I mean like what's wrong with people not looking like their age?
Shouldn't only the required age matters?
I'm seriously done with people who didn't give me a chance judging by my looks.
Wtf man, if you rejected me because i'm ugly.
Okay fine, i accept my fate. 
But looking young? So is there a problem?
Why do you judge my ability according to my looks? Fair much? 
I think the majority still has the perspective that 
"the older you look, the more experienced he/she is"

So i tried my best to look mature today for this interview.
Apparently, putting make-up on is certainly not my forte. 
Plan failed because i'm still mistaken at the age of 16. 
Guess i can't do anything to make me look more mature.

I should jolly well concentrate on working hard for Magnum.
Fat hope to enter AC alright... 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Would you be there

Hi guys.
Okay this shall be a short post, i promise.
Hmm, just an ordinary post showing tons & tons of pictures.
With my dearest two, Yijia & Yi Han...

Last Sat, went to town with @ Yi Han :D
Oh my, i think i didn't visit town for 3 months already.
But it felt like years , haha exaggerating much.
So we went to usual places like 313, H&M, Forever21, & NewLook.
As usual, i didn't spot anything that i like.
So clearly, i'm not a big fan of visiting those promising shops.
I swear i'm the dumbest person on earth, like seriously.
Idk why the heck did i ever wore heels when i knew that we were going shopping.
Must be mad or smth cause i overestimated my heels.
And my heels broke in the middle of walking around town.
Wow, what a magnificent scene it was to be witnessed by other people.
So we quickly made our way to Far East plaza.
Thankful that i found a pair of black flats which i'm satisfied of.
Bought it without further hesitation cause i know my heels cannot make it. 
On a side note, i only have one piece of advice in mind/
"Don't wear heels unless you're confident that you will be fine"
Hahaha... ok here goes the pictures spam!  

This Yi Han specially screenshot my epic face for me. LOL should i honored or smth? :/

Awesome scenery ahead, the place shall stay anonymous. 

 Next, went to SP to find Yijia during the exam period :]
Really envy that SP have pool, karoke and so many eating places!!!
Gahhh, how i wish NYP can be like this too.
Sighhhhh, SP - my dream school :'(
Went to SP library to study and i totally fall in love with the environment.
Certainly satisfied with the tranquil atmosphere, awesome~
Also, had a great catch-up session with her (:
Pictures will do the touch-up alright.

Cannot tolerate our retard-ness 

Lol, my spastic face. 


Sunday, August 25, 2013


Since there's a current trend about doing facts about myself,
I have decided to join in the fun.
Previously, i did it using instagram.
For this time, i'm doing it again but it's not exactly the same.
Cause it's gonna be UGLY facts , interesting hah? 
Guess the number of facts i'm gonna do judging from my photos.
Hahah, ok i'm lame~~~


#1 I'm a very straightforward person. So if i dislike you, you will know it.
#2 I do have brains. But sometimes, i don't think before i speak/do
#3 I have a monkey soft toy whom is with me for almost 10 years. I believe that she has feelings too.
#4 I'm a crybaby when i was young
#5 I know nothing about the world cause i don't read the newspaper.
#6 I stole my parents' money before when i was primary 6. The guilt-conscious me decided to confess to them and returned them the money there after 
#7 I used to be a two-faced bitch
#8 I had five ex-boyfriends but i wasn't serious about them except the last.
#9 I'm a lazy texter who don't put smiley faces all the time
#10 I'm still using prepaid at the age of turning 18. 
#11 Forever in love with ponds cause i couldn't help but fall into it umpteen times. 
#12 Was a bad ass when i was young. So all of my friends' mother dislike me.
#13 When i was 6, i acted like a rockstar and unfortunately fell from the bed, hurt my left hand & couldn't write for months 
#14 I'm a sucker for horror movies. I can't watch cause my eyes will be shut 24/7
#15 I talk a lot when i'm happy. So worry when i'm not.
#16 I have very low self-esteem 
#17 I can't sing, dance or draw. Absolutely no talent.
#18 I love listening to music but i couldn't remember the lyrics. 
#19 I'm not ROMANTIC at all
#20 I'm afraid of falling in love cause i don't believe "love is everlasting." 

Okie, hope you know more about me after reading.
Haha (: 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't matter anymore

I don't care a hoot about how important friendship is.
Yes, last time i used to think that i'm so blessed with so many friends.
But now, i sincerely beg to differ.
Totally amused because of my stupidity.
So what if you have so many friends?
Best friends? How many do you have?
Last time, i can proudly list out almost a dozen of them.
But now, i'm no longer confident.
Because when i thought that if i fall, somebody will be there to catch. 
Nobody will.
Nobody does.
Nobody gives a shit to you.
Comes to the term that there's no eternal friendship just like love.
It's like many of us are just like " Hi, bye" friends.
You can be so close with someone for a moment of time.
But a min later, everything has changed.
He/she just stopped contacting you but you still try your very best to salvage it.
Stupid enough cause it's just one-sided.
And the fact is that you're no longer needed, that's the cruel reality.
I'm sick of it, trust me.
Last time, i used to make effort to catch up with every single of them.
No matter how busy i am, i will.
Now, i blame it on my stupidity for being like this.
I mean like why do you care when they don't?

#i'm not referring to all of my frens 

Now, can anyone answer me this? 
Who can i truly count on?!?!?! 
Can't help it but i feel that one day, you will be all alone. 
It's just a matter of time, just wait for it.

"Those who care, stay. Those who don't, the door is open" 

I don't expect anything anymore.
Reality taught me that "it's better to be alone"


Hello guys, I'm finally finally finally back to blogging.
YES, finally freedom is within my reach after million years.
Had been studying like a creepy mugger since 22 days ago.
Having to study for at least 8 hours a day, 22 X 8 = 176 hours.
LOL, i don't even recall studying this hard for my O'levels #nojoke
Out of the 4 modules tested, the least confident will be POM...
Sighh, i hate this module to the core like seriously i'm not kidding.
It's all about memorising those stupid points that were repetitive in every single chap.
Besides reading those, there's only one question that came into your mind.
"Dafug, why do i need to know this? " 
Got so fed up because i hate memorising the most.
But i didn't quit, i'm a fighter (self-praising myself)
Ok but enough is enough, i'm over & done with this stupid module.
So in order to celebrate our freedom, we decided to catch a movie right after the paper #YOLO 

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

"If you didn't watch this, you will regret it forever. "
Cause it's really really really so freaking awesome.
For the first time, i didn't even look at my phone but stared at the theater screen for 2 hours solely.
Yes, it's that thrilling or should i call it unexpected ...
Ahh whatever, just don't forget to catch this alright!!!
Trust me, you wouldn't regret it (: 
I want to watch this again~~~ 

No offence but i mistook him as Zac Efron , haha.

Lily Collins (Clary), she's the most beautiful lady on earth. 
At first, i thought that she is around my age, judging from her looks.
Little did i expect that she is actually 24 this year!!!
Holy shit, totally agrees with the saying " Don't judge the book by it's cover" 

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell is the best matching couple ever! <3 b="">
One is so beautiful and another is so charming.
Oh my god, how perfect can this be ...
After stalking, i realised they are real-life couples too! Holy shit.
Sadly, they parted ways after the movie #sigh #i #am #so #sad
Nvm it's alright, they are the best perfect match in my heart.
Haha, hope there's 2nd series coming up just like HUNGER GAMES.

 Sweetness overload~

Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 more days!

Hi there. 
Gotta MIA till Thurs... 
Stay tuned to Thurs' post alright (:

Thursday, August 15, 2013


The fourth consecutive night of not being able to sleep.
I really dunno what is wrong with me.
Is it because of stress or what?
I have never feel so terrible before.
It's like you really want to sleep but you just can't fucking sleep!
Argh, so damn irritating and fed up -_________-
Now all i ever wish is just a decent rest to stop my mind from racing.
This friday is my first exam paper - Stats.
I really can't afford to have no ample rest and go to the exam hall like this.
Fuck, already so worried of not scoring well.
Now adding up is the stupid insomnia.
I'm just so screwed right from the start.
So how am i going to sleep with this heavy heart?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Haji Lane

Hi there, this is actually an overdue post.
Haha, anybody heard of Haji Lane?
Ok, i think i'm the only country bumpkin.
So basically Last Fri, my poly clique decided to visit there.
It's like a 5-10 mins walk from Bugis to there.
Hmm, it's a great experience for me though.
And i was like super fascinated by the place, my first try yo.
To me, Haji Lane looks a bit edgy and obsolete .
Thinking that nobody will visit there however i really underestimated it. 
During the night, the crowd is so packed with people!
So i can infer that the night life there is WOW. 
Quite surprised that there're a lot of shops which provide Seasha. 
Idk why but i'm really against Seasha.
So i will never ever try it no matter how YOLO i am. 


Lol pardon me for saying this but
Woohoo ^^ 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bangkok's food

Hi there.

Ok, previously i promise to post a BANGKOK trip (II)
About the "FOOD you shouldn't miss in Bangkok"
Remember? Hmm, so i am here to blog about it.
Real sorry for the delayed post after 2 months, haha.
So basically, i'm going to introduce these 5 foods that you should try!

1. Coconut ice-cream. 

Yes, this might look like it's ordinary and unappealing.
But don't be deceived by just the cover itself!

Starting from the top, there are ginko nuts, cashew nuts, red beans & peanuts.
The middle part is vanilla ice-cream.
As for the last part, it's obviously COCONUT meat.
So these 3 combinations are specially ideal for hot weather!
If i'm not wrong, it is only worth 25 Baht which is SGD1 :OOOO 

2. Crepes

There are 2 kinds of crepes -Cold and Hot.
I've tried Cold crepes before but i don't really like it very much.
However, if you're a fan of CREAM base, 
You will be in favor of the cold type.
As for hot type, i would recommend CHOCOLATE BANANA!!!
Yayyy, i ate this almost everyday. Hahah
And it's quite cheap actually, it costs around 75 Baht.
Which is around SGD3 , definitely cheaper than Sg. Woots~ 

3. 燕窝 Bird Nest 

If you want to eat this, Chinatown is the ideal place for it.
Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to try it there.
So we tried it in Platinum's mall, the highest level "Food court"
Hmm, not that bad actually!
It costs around 200 Baht which is around 8++SGD.

4. Red Rubi
Looking at the pic is really tempting enough to wish for it.
This is so damn nice !!!!
It's similar to ice-kachang except that it is short and is pink in colour.
Haha, it's so cool because you get to choose what you want to put inside.
My favourite is the one which i held it using the spoon.
Idk what is that called but it's something like "tangyuan"
And it's damn crunchy when you chew it. (Y) 

5. Roadside Stalls 
You might think that it's gonna be dirty or in fact a low class dining place.
But nope, you're absolutely wrong.
All these roadside stalls are extremely popular among tourists.
It's something like Tze Char in Sg because you get to choose the dishes you like.
Obviously, when you visit Bangkok, TOMYAM SEAFOOD is a must!
Though i'm not a fan of spicy food, i couldn't resist the temptation of it.
It's a pity that i didn't get the chance to take a photo of the Tom Yam.
Sigh, as you know ...
When you see good food, would you take photos or eat first?
Haha, a glutton like me will definitely choose the second option yo :P 

Eating 2 plates of rice for each meal is like a norm to me!
Because the reason is simple- The food there is awesome (: 
Anyway,(in case you might be interested) it's opposite Big C .
If you're walking from Novotel (my previous hotel),
You just need to walk past Novotel, not in the direction towards Platinum, 
Walk straight down which it's just a 5-10 mins journey. 
Also, don't be dismayed if there's bad weather.
Because it can be indoors too, CHEERS! 
It's a little bit costly but i bet it's worth it (: 

Okay, so i'm done with introducing all the foods that i like/tried before.
OH MY, I LOVE everything in BANGKOK man!!!!

If possible, i hope to visit there every once a year~
Thus, able to stock up my wardrobe yearly with NEW CLOTHES.
Somemore, the clothes are budgetary and a cheaper version of BUGIS.
And since i'm a fan of Bugis clothes, why not ya?
Well, it's not that dangerous than what you think if you travel in big groups.
Just beware of swindlers and thieves, that's it!
If i have the chance to visit again, I WILL DEFINITELY RIDE TU-TUK AGAIN!
So damn fun even though it's much more expensive than taxis.
Ending the post with some of the food pics taken in Bangkok.
(which i didn't posted it up previously , fearing of spamming too much) 

Bangkok KFC 's fried chicken ; hmm still prefer Sg's one though :/ 
While eating those spicy & heaty food, don't forget FRUITS. 

 At Chatuchak, the 100 Baht satisfying LIME drink, ROFL.

 Kay, bye ^^