Saturday, October 31, 2009

Found this idoilt picture of mine ytd .
*Sigh , i am feeling very very very frustrated now .
My mum kept on nagging on me , everything also nagg .
Zzz , so pissed off cann -.-
Then keep comparing results with my 2nd sister .
Awww , dun feel like staying at home , totally sians T.T
Just finished cooking a egg for my breakfast .
My mum refused to make for me , neither she allowed me to buy .
Zzz , so diao right -.- In the end , i cooked myself .
Pekcek sia >:< Dunno what is wrong with my mum today .

Sorry for typing all my rantings down .
I know i shouldn't have post it here .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello everyone ! SIERRA is back in action :]
Today went to school as usual .
We have a long briefing at hall , so stuffy there .
After tat went for our post exam activity , went for golf (:
Quite fun nahh , got a packet of sweets as a reward .
*Weets , then went back sch around 1pm .
After settling some stupid stuffs , went for my lunch with jy .
Ate noodles , then rushed to lot 1 .
Changed to home clothes after tat meet up with jiahao they all .
We went for a job interview at DOBBY GHAUT there , so far -.-
Actually the interview is 2.30 , then change to 3 , then to 5.
LOL , we went to The Cathay for lunch .
After tat took bus to Ions , the boss cheat our feeling sia.
LOL , keep changing destination , Zzzz .
In the end went to lido , mac cafe for a interview.
Actually not counted las , cause he just gave us a brief talk .
From what i know ,
If we sell 3 cards , we can get 20 bucks .
If we sell more than 10 cards , can get 65 bucks.
Quite worth it nahh , LOL , but need work everyday sia ):
11-4 pm , from monday to friday .
Although the pay is v. good but i dun wan to spend everyday working.
That will be damm boring , isn't it ?
Shall negoiate with boss further las , LOL .
Around 7 pm , went home with eugene .
Raining very heavily , runn back home .
Hahahs , now i am backie ' safe and sound ^&^

Okie done with my lonnnggg post .
Goodnight peepos , & sweet dreams .

You are going from bad to worst .
Seriously now i really hate ur attitude .
Your discrimination to some of them is really RUBBISH .
No one 's perfect alright , you have no right to say others .
Unless you think you are damm great alright -.-
Change ur sucky attitude before it came to worse .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tell me how can i forget you .
Firstly ,
I "quited" KFC , and decided to find for another job .
Tomr gg to jiahao 's job for interview at dobby ghaut there .
Hope my interview could pass ! ^&^
Secondly ,
My post exam activity changed to GOLF .
At first it should be archery but now is golf .
I 'm still wonderign how on earth could i go archery .
Because i didn't even choose archey at all .
Luckily i went into golf , i am so damm freaking happy .
Thirdly ,
I got back my result slip , disappointed nah .
Got 14/44 class position , haish T.T
Dnt & Science fail , aiyah my Science cmi one ><
Haish , totally sadness T.T
My parents scold me until like wtf x.x
After tat my mum saw that i underweight then she screamed.
Seriously , LOL , i think my mum is crazy .
Then scold me for being skinny , DIAO =.=""
Fourthly ,
Now i am damm freaking dark & tanned .
Can't even regonise me when i look into the mirror .
Hahahs , actually not that kua zhang but really v. dark .
Especially my neck , face & hand , totally diff from my legs .
And i had a lot of ant bites or whateva bites .
Damm itchy nehh , but cannot scratch , ZZzz .
Lastly ,
My frinch is damm freaking long .
So later on , i'm gg for a haircut .
Hahahs , hope it will be nice
好了, 说完我要说的东西了.
Hahahs , update about yesterday first ^&^
Ytd went to sembawang golf club .
Fun fun , have a great fun there (:
After tat went nicole house play .
Around 7 pm , reached home :D
Today ;
Went to sch as usual .
Today have ccm & cross cultral program , lame .
Someone stole my water bottle, in the end put back .
Which idoilt did this? -.-lll
Today smth grave happened to me , LOL .
Flared up a big tantrum , thanks to MR ANDY .
I dunno when will he really grow up , god bless him.
LOL , after tat went home .
Today is my off day cause there is no NP training .
Damm freaking happy , *cheers ^&^
*My father just pao a cup of chocolate milk .
I almost vomitted everything , zzz really cannot stand the smell .
But must drink sia , or else when i grow up , i will be dead .
Okie done with my long essay .
Pictures time ! ^&^

Nice shot ^&^

I love this the most :]


I like this too , candid shot ^^

HAAHS , distorted pics .
Tata .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hello peepos ! Sierraaaaaaa is back in action :D
Hymph >:( I have two big ulcer on my gums .
It hurts alright ! Zzzz , kinda pissed with it .
Had much difficulties when talking , sadded T.T
And my stupid DAD keep calling me a bangala !
Zzzz , do i really looked tanned now ?
My dad is so badd but he promise to pay for my whitener .
Hahahas , who ask him bully me ;x
Hmm , currently msn-ing with that zhuuu yijia !
See las ,she delayed my posting time :P
Hahahs just kidding nah , later she kill me :/
Today is a boring day for me okay .
Morning do IPP exercise , damm lame -.-
Waste my time & effort sia, dots ....
After tat went hall played some games , somehow fun abit .
But overall still boring , LOL , R.R
After sch , went to canteen to eat my lunch .
Then went to zoo with vanna .
We went there to visit animals ! :O (Just kidding)
Who will visit the animals in weekdays ? LOL .
We went there for job interview , in the end we met the manager.
He just keep chit-chat with us , so lame ;x
Finally after 1h of chatting , we got in .
He say ' 我很会说话, LOL .
Tomr gg there again , for serious training .
After tat went lot 1 , saw nicholas , LOL .
Then went home , saw daddy eating a box of ice-cream .
Almost finising , then i faster snatch away .
Cause i have not even eat my portion yet !
In the end, we eat together , LOl ..

One question to ask !

Hmm , i am still puzzling whether should i go or not .
Cause when sch reopen , i still need to work .
A week a day lehh , x.x
Idk lehh , but looks like we sure in liao .
So it's too late to back out right ?
How how how ? Not really keen to join .
AFTER my mum words , her naggy words .
LOL , but her words make sense nahh .
Dunno lehh , how ? ):
Give me some suggestions peeps ! :D

Bootlickers .
How about bootlicking ur own butt ?
Aww , i despise bootlickers just like you .

Monday, October 26, 2009

I believe in fate.

Hello everyone ! i'm back for a short update.
Today was quite a busy day for me .
Had been spending my precious time in SengKang .
It's a nice place because we like travel to the other of Sg .
When i grow up , i wan to live near there .
I believe it will be a great experience to spend another lifestyle yea..
Hahahs , today was actually a holiday for us .
But sadly , we have npcc course .
Luckily it's quite fun & entertaing or else i sure pissed off .
Imagine a holiday spend on such lame course ?
That will be definetely not advisabe & encourageable to do .
Hahahas , their lunch was very nice & ex ..
I think Npcc people are rich man ! x.x
LOL , evening that time , went to lam soon .
Played until 7 plus , went home liao .
Finally i went to visit COMPASS POINT , * woots.
That was sort of my dreams to go there las , finally its fufiled .
Quite fun today ! :D

Okie bye bye ^&^

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm now having a big big big HEADACHE .
Not a good temper too , so just a pic will do .
My whole comp is lagging like sai (*)&%^$%#@$@_*(
I think its gonna spoil SOON , goodluck to me (:
Just came back from PULAU UBIN , tired like shit x.x
My whole body is aching , motionless .
Tomr is supposed to be a holiday for us , BUT.
We were supposed to for NPCC training , Zzzzz.
Whole body pain like hell , still need to go tomr ):

Update about friday first .
Friday , bazaar day ! We were supposed to sell hotdogs & drinks .
Quite fun las , but abit tiring .
After tat went walk walk with bernice.
Actually wanna play the flour game at 3A , but no one pei me.
So forget it nor , wanna play haunted house.
But it was packed with people , so didn't play .
In the end , i didnt play any games , boring =="
After tat went to fall in and headed to pulau ubin .
Long journey , slept through in the bus , took boat to there.
Quite scary , i got sea phobia , and the boat was like unstable .
Luckily jiaying stretched out her hand to give me a hand :D
Then walked plus run (5km) to the actual destination.
I dun feel really tired , was quite hyper , LOL.
After tat was distributed to diff group , nth else.

Saturday !
Morning , went rock climbing , all those rough activities.
There was a maze which we were needed to walk through it.
And darn it , we couldn't make it through , SS ;x
The weather is so damm freaking hot , nearly die .
Around afternoon , went kayaking , ZZzZ.
I got sea sickness , feeling terrible .
So i fall out , took a rest , after tat then fall in bak.
Have campfire at night , cool but tired .
After tat went back to sleep , super duper hot .
Somemore we sleep in tent and under us got ants home .
Darn it , we told the sir & mam , but they didn't care.
In the end , morning i ended up with alot of ant bites everywhere.
And i had neck stiff , T.T

Last day !( Today)
Woke up , do PT traings .
Clean up tents and other things until 12am .
Walked back to the jetty which is 5km apart.
Had a "great" time walking -.- , damm pissed.
Why can't we took a bus to the jetty ? Are we that poor ?
Zzz , very tired & hungry .
After tat went mac , ate a delicious meal .
Then saw bpians selling out sunflowers for charity.
Me & Jiaying were kinda interested in it , so we help out .
Sold around 12 like that , went home change first.
Aftert at went back lot 1 to help to sell .
Weird thing is ' I dun feel tired at that time.
But now i'm back , everything seems to change.
My whole body is aching like shit ...

Overall i'm quite happy with this ATC despite the complains .
But i'm now really tanned , not sunburn .
I wonder why i am the only girl that did not get sunburn.
LOL , i hope next year will be more fun .
But not forgetting to bring the most importatn thing which is '

FAN !!!!! @.@

Lol , okie done with my long post .
Bb .

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's really hard to stay happy .

My exams result was indeed tragic .
Wasted my brain cells & time to study for this freaking exams.
In the end i get disappointing result .
And parent's scoldings , plus my precious tears .
I swear i wasted a lot of tears for my papers .
Okay forget about papers , totally sucks .

Tomr i'm gg to camp from friday to sunday .
So dun miss me kay ? :D
I'm gg to pulau ubin for NPCC camp .
I hope it would be fun nahh .
And i sure will be tanned like bangala , seriously .
I hope i wont be that tanned nahhh .
And this saturday , LEE MIN HO IS COMING TO SG.
Wtf , i got CAMP ): And i will miss his event.
Aww , why so suay sia ? Zzzz , *heartache.
I hope someone could picture some of his candid shots LIVE .

Okie gtg le , bye bye ! ^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forget you is the best i can do .
Hello peepos ! *Wave , miss me ? :D
Hahahs , today got back 3 exams papers .
Science , Maths , Chinese --- Disappointed.
Truly disappotined , i dun wanna mention my result.
Because it's too lousy , *sigh .
Today is a lousy day too , with all those bad results .
I'm wondering how am i supposed to face my parents ?
Frankly speaking ,i did practise & study for my EOY.
But i dunno why it happens like this , seriously HOPELESS.
Feel like banging my head onto the wall , throwing my papers into bins .
But when i came back , i saw a paper written by my mum .
She put the marks on top plus the amount i get if i get the marks .
And if i get 60marks , i can get $8 .
I am shocked beyond words , i can't believe its so much .
I felt guilty but yet happy that achieving 60 marks , i get that much .
Thanks mum , really thanks .
Her paper means a lot to me , and indeed built up my confidence .
I'm sorry that i let you down .
*Sigh , this is indeed a emo post.
Sorry * Because i can't help but feeling sadd .
Bye bye ,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not meant to be mine .

Hello peepos ! ^&^ I'm back (:
Currently rotting at home now , so bored ! ):
Feel like changing my current blogskin , seems so weird .
Haish , i am broke ! (Sry for complaining so much ! )
I want to WORK , WORK ,WORK ! Zzzzzz
好了, back to blogging bahh :]
Today went to lot 1 to watch movie with jamie & dennie 's co .
We watched ' Meatballs at 10.20 am , nice show .
Will rate 4/5 nahh , hahas , if only its 3D , :I
After tat meet up with mum , went for lunch .
And now i'm back ! ^^
Around evening , going to yjiia house .
Followed by lam soon , gg to play sports again .
These day keep playing sports , cause i cant go shopping .
I am broke alright , without money , how to shop ?
LOL , going off le , bye bye ! ^^

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love ya , sounds mushy .
Hey i spent a long time editing okay !
A quick update about today (:
Cause i also left 30 mins to update , sorry .
Today went to fareast plaza with yijia ^^
Found a new job , one day $52.40 , BELIEVE IT ?
OMG , it's so unbelieveable but its true .
But not confirm las , and the job is confirm tough alright .
Bought a tees for my dear sophia and now i'm broke !
Haish cannot blame anyone cause i owe her one ):
Okayy , after tat walked to a nearby hotel .
We tot is shopping centre -.- , stupid us .
Lucky never go in , or else sure malu alright ><
Then we walked to IONS , had a great fun there.
Although its only adults shops , but we enjoy chatting .
Hahahs , we kept walking up and down like total ...
Around 3 plus , i suggest to go lam soon play sports .
Cause too sians liao , YIJIA IMMEDIATELY AGREED.
LOL , so enthu in this (:
After tat went my house , changed to a sporty clothes ^^
Then head to yijia house to wait for her to change.
Around 5 , went down to play for almost 2h .
We played basketball , a match with yijia & cliques .
Fun nahh , but too bad , time pass too fast .
Hahahs around 7pm , went home liao (:
Okie done with my post !
Bye bye (:
Pictures will do the talkings alright .

Me lahh dey ! :D

See so guai ! :P

Introduce this new book to you .

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello peepos ! I'm here to update due to boredness.
I'm so bored down here , any games to intro me?
Somehow , i missed my mum naggyness .
Hahahs , before exams , she always nags me to study .
Now , she got nothing to nagg about .
Isn't that great ? (: Hahahs , today i woke up at 10.
Ytd too tired liao so today i woke up late .
My father hid my monkey in his drawer for like 3hr .
That's what my mum said . Zzz , poor monkey .
Now my monkey become a dirty monkey liao .
*Sighh , later gg to my ah ma house .
Haish , dun feel like going sia , dunno why -.-
Everyday seems so boring without money , LOL.
Paiseh random abit , but seriously boring .

Haish , anyway i changed my blogsong ^^
Do listen & Comment , thanks loads .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fickled mind .
Say YO ! :D Hey guys , i'm backie .
Now everyday seems like a fairytale , so happily after.
I just ate finish durians , *Yum Yum
My father made a mess on the floor and you know what he did ?
Instead of sweeping the floor , he use newspaper to swept away the mess.
LOL , pro right ? *Laughs
I'm really broke this few days ! ' God , save me !
I'm going crazy without money , ZZZZ .
Talk about today bahh .
Today was a great day las , bought a lot of things .
Me & Yihan met up at mrt station & headed to bugis.
She is a 迟到 QUEEN , more hiong than me .
LOL , went there , shop shop .
Bought a vest & a set , nice nice ^^
Haahahs , we walked like 3h continuously.
Went to the new centre , the top floor .
DISCOVER a new arcade at there , so damm freaking COOL.
Ahhhs ! Me & Yihan were like wow ._.
Hahahs after tat around 5 plus went home liao .
Next monday & Tuesday is a holiday for us .
And i'm fully booked by my dear frens .
Hahahs , dun jealous hor :P
Okie done with my long post ...
Pictures (:
You all will never know i felt .
I can't believe you two say those things .
Utterly disappointed , nvm , gossip as much as u can .
If you're not please with me , just tell me instead.

Friday, October 16, 2009

' I hope i could kick you out of my mind .

Hello my dear readers, SIERRA IS BACK IN ACTION !
Hahahs , I MISS MY BLOGGG !!!.
I have got so much to update about my lifes .
And i'm happy that i still remembered some .
So there's smth to blog yea? :D
I have grown fatter , maybe gg to 40kg ?
Idk , but my tummy is growing bigger & bigger.
Not pregnant hor -.- Not that kua zhang .
These few *weels (Use weeks lahh , i v. guai ) :D
I have been mugging & mugging like shit .
Check how many of my brains cells are gone :?
Lucky my parents gave me moral support by buying food for me.
Hahahs , now my house became a food storage.
Finally exams is over ,the nightmare is halfway gone .
Dun forget , result time will be back in few days .
So we need to play as much as we cann , right ? :D
A brief update on ytd & today ...
Went sentosa after exams ! Shiok ^^
Masinly play with the water , kinda fun (:
But one thing ; I AM TANNED .
Zzzz , i dun wan to look tanned sia .
But now i really believe i look tanned , *cries .
Hope my original skin will come back & find me!
LOL , after tat went vivo city shop shop .
Reached home around 10pm .
Today ;
Went to school as usual , boring .
We had leadership course for the whole AFTERNOON .
Thank god man , no should thanks principal instead .
For giving us this boring course ! LOL.
I know i'm mean , but its indeed B.O.R.I.N.G!
Zzz , sec 3 played outdoor games , AHHS .
So good sia , not like us , nothing to do .
After sch , went home eat lunch .
Then meet up with vanna , took bus 927 to zoo .
Went for job interview nahh , not see animals -.- .
LOL , they just asked us fill in data then can go liao .
Wasted trip sia , Hahahas .
Then went lot 1 awhile , after tat went lam soon .
Played volleyball & basketball with sophia they all.
6 plus , went home liao ! ^^
A lot of jokes for me to laugh today ! :D
Okie now pictures now , awaiting ? :]

Me & jamie

Me & Nicole =]

Me & Claire , sophia's hand extra nah x.x

My stupid noob ass ! :P

Her again , hahas , i think this is nice .

We climb up from this route , scary right-.-

No people seh , except the couple .

Wow nice , nicole planned to walk the route , LOL.

Nice scenery ! ^^

Hello ! Saw us ? :D

This is nice , i feel like we are on a ship or smth.

LOL , me & jw were kinda scared that we will fall off.


Okie done with my post .
Will update tomr bahh ! ^^
Stay tuned to my post ! *Laughs .
It's not only you that's going through all this .
Everyone gone through this kind of things b4.
you're not the only one that get hurt easily .
I get hurt easily too , it's just that i dun say out .
I can only go home , find a place , and cry .
But can you stop giving me ur pissing attiude ?
I try to make more times with you , i try to talk to you .
Can you at least makes some move ? We're driffing !
Do you even realise the drastic changes ?
Heartbroken of what i saw , but i cannot do anything .

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello peepos ! It's been decades that i update my blog .
Hahaas , as you know i only hav 30 mins online .
So it would be a miracle to update once in a while .
From tomr onwards ,i wont be able to online anymore .
So my blog will be STRICTLY dead without usual post .
I will be back in action after 15 october .
AHHHS , i am so tempted to go out after that day .
Hope that day faster go ! Hahahahs .
LOL , ytd went to lam soon to play sports .
Played basketball & volleyball , had a great fun .
Almost all the 2A girls came , *weets .
Hope there will a second outing again , hahaahs .
Ytd my slipper was spoilt , so 'Lucky right ? :D
LOL , borrowed yijia's slipper to wear.
But didn't wear it to play sports , cause its very 不方便.
In the end i got 2 BIG blister on my left/right toe .
Zzz , i regret of wearign that slipper out .
And yesterday was a unlucky day for me.
I got a great infinity with ball that i got hit by 4 times .
LOL , now i had a phobia of balls.
Hahahs just kidding .... :x
On thursday , after school went to pizzahut .
Had a sumptuous feast , damm freaking full .
I ate finish everything ! :D
Hahahs done with my wordy post .
I'm gonna miss my dear comp ^^
LOL , keep the taggs going alright .
I will reply to you all tags after exams .
So dun miss me ! :?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I will only remember.

HMM , hello ! Long time never update liao.
Currently having ITSK lesson , so decided to update .
Sunday ;
Went to my ahgong house ..
To celebrate my ahgong birthday ! :D
Hahahs had a great fun , and the pictures were taken there .
Enjoy the funny pictures from them ^^

Monday & Tuesday ;
Nothing special las , went to sch to study nor ..
Hmm , these day after sch , i went home study one hor .
Very guai right ? :D

Wenesday ;
Went to sakae sushi with jamie ^^
Ate a very very very heavy meal okie .
Zzz , eat until my stomach went bloated .
Now i had a phobia of eating rice .
LOl , seriously sia.. Eat too much sushi liao ):
Went homr around 5 plus ...
Haish , these day i got a lot of ant bites on my legg .
So damm freaking itchy nor , i scared got scar ):
Ahhs ,How ? LOL .

Today ;

Zzzz , *heart pain . Haish , i tried to find .
But failed ! Where my earring fly to ? :/
I hope i can find it in school nor , scarly it fly back :D
Today is a rainy day !
Lesson was damm freaking slack .
Tomr will the last day of school !
After tomr , there will no more lesson .
*Everyone , come on , let's party ! @.@
Hahahs , after school , went pizzahut .
Ate until damm freaking full , claire v. bad.
Keep taking ppl unglamm photos , LOL.
Lucky i managed to catch some of hers ! ^^
Hahahs , after tat went home liao ...

Now i'm broke like shit !):
And i am bored like hell .
Haish , save me from studying ! :]
Gtg le , bb ! ^^

Pictures here .

LOL , they are trying to act like rabbits.

Hmm , i dunno what they're doing .


Hahahs !

Gg to cry liao , ):

Shiqi , the eldest sis :D

LOL , throwing a tantrum .

Our ahgong's birthday ~ *weets .

The birthday cake <3>
Currently having ITSK lesson , so decided to update .

Sunday ;

Went to my ahgong house ..

To celebrate my ahgong birthday ! :D

Hahahs had a great fun , and the pictures were taken there .

Enjoy the funny pictures from them ^^

Monday & Tuesday ;

Nothing special las , went to sch to study nor ..

Hmm , these day after sch , i went home study one hor .

Very guai right ? :D

Wenesday ;

Went to sakae sushi with jamie ^^

Ate a very very very heavy meal okie .

Zzz , eat until my stomach went bloated .

Now i had a phobia of eating rice .

LOl , seriously sia.. Eat too much sushi liao ):

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hmm ! Hello peepos (: I'm backie ...
Today is my last day using computer * cries
How pathetic is that ! ): I'm hugging my comp now.
*Edited .
My mum allows me to use half an hr a day !
Provided i study for 4hrs a day , wow ._.
LOL , I'm gg to mug real hard for my EOY .
Cause i'm aiming for top 5 , then i could threaten my dad.
MUAHAHAHAS , wish me good luck (:
Today morning , when my parents are watching tv,
Cause everytime when my dad come back , he will scold me
FOR TURNING ON THE LIGHTS which is v. ridiculous .
So today , i purposely go off , LOL .
Hahahs i hope exams times faster end !
Haish , keep study study study , until my brains also went sot .
Same with my second sis , i think she need to see doctor.
When she is studying , she will keep singing songs .
In order to memorise her notes , she will keep singing .
So do u think she need to see doctor? :D
Hmm update about YESTERDAY bahh .
Yesterday , the whole morning, afternoon , evening ,
Guai right ? Thank you thank you :D
Hahas ignore my bhb-ness , ROFL.
But actually i spent 3/4 watching tv , LOL .
At night , went to celebrate 中秋节 * woots.
Meet up with Yijia they all at Keat Hong Tower .
Saw Ruben they all playing candles too , join them.
After playing candles / sparkles , went to play catching .
LOL , ruben they all keep cheating sia Zzzz .
Bully girls ,LOL , met a lot of new frens .
Hahahs reached home at 11pm .*Tired
12pm , went to sleep ^^

Pictures (:

Friday, October 2, 2009

One minute you 're here and the next minute you're gone .
Don't leave me alone .

Hello , i am backie ! Miss me? :D
'Edited !~
Hey i change my blog song to a nicer ones , i guess ;/
Hmm do listen readers ! :D
Hahahas , today was a "lucky" day ?
Hmm , i went to the indoor stadium with a lot of balls
FLYING AROUND within seconds , when i went in.
A ball just fly pass me and landed infront of me .
Shocked beyond words sia , so lucky that it didn't land on my head
LOL , when me & yijia walked out , same situation happened -.-
But we were lucky that it didn't hit us at all .
Today had my chinese paper 1 &2 , Zzzz.
Totally flunk my paper 2 okay , damm freaking diff.
Paper 1 was still okay , wrote a lot canns.
Zzz , now my hand still hurts ):
Paper 2 , it was easy at first but after that its totally shyt.
I tot there is only 1 comprehension but in the end got 2.
Wad the hell -.- And i only got half an hr to finish .
Cause at first i was relaxing as i tot only got 1 compre -.-
Stupid right? Zzz , ahhs , *bang head .
But in the end i still managed to complete finish .
With stupid & ridiculous answer , seriously dun understand.
The paper is super duper D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T!
After school , went lot 1 macc .
Only one handicap man , he was struggling to get into the door .
I wanted to help him but yijia say he could manage .
And he really did ! LOL , i think he dun wan ppl to help him.
Actually i was showing sympathy on him , sorry to say that .
After eating , went back home change .
Then went to yijia house downstair , played basketball.
So hot sia ZZzz , play with ruben fren they all too .
Very funny , keep laughing non-stop wor ._.
After tat 5plus , bernice came , play awhile.
Then went home liao ! :D
Hahahs show you smth nice .


NICE? But it's not mine , too bad ):

I know i shouldn't be greedy .
I know i am not worth to have 3 best frens .
But seems like me & you are driffing .
And i know soon , you will leave me .
But I really couldn't bear to let any of you to leave me .
对不起, 我知道我很自私 .