Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1 more month

Hello guys.
Yes, i shall skip the statement of " Sorry for the lack of update"
Okay i have 3 events that i wanna update about.
Hahah with the companion of PICTURES so that it wouldn't be too boring...

First of all : MY OLDEST SISTER- Angela's grad day!!!
After 4 years in NTU, she has successfully graduated (Y)
In a blink of an eye, she is already 20+ &  is on her way to the working society.
Hope she wouldn't meet any tough obstacles & get a job that she likes.
A few years later, she will be getting married...
Wow, time definitely waits for no one..
Sigh, the fact that we can never accept is : We are all getting old~~~

Enjoy the pics! 

Sian, why my mum's eyes is so different from mine!!!! 

Hahah acting like though those flowers are for us. 


Next, MY EFFECTIVE COMM ICA(3) is finally over!
FYI- the module about writing a speech and presenting to the class.
F.yea, i'm over and done with this stupid module.

My formal #ootd 

Last but not least, my poly life...
Whoever says that poly life is so much carefree than secondary days,
I'm dying because of unstoppable and overloads of work. 
Every weekend is supposed to be a relax period for me.
However, for this month of JULY . It's crappy shit.
I feel like i'm racing for time every single day of my life.
Especially for weekends, i swear you just can't wait for it to be over.
Got back almost all of my ICA results and i'm quite satisfied with it.
This catchphrase serves as a good reminder for me : DON'T BE COMPLACENT"
Just needa endure for 1 more month & then
Really can't wait for holidays when exams haven't even started.
Haha, the only thing that keeps me motivated & joyful is 
None other than my dear friends... 
Mananged to take  pics with some of them randomly, haha.
So i shall just post that as well (: 

With Felicia :D 
With Shi Xian and Kimberly :] 

Hahah my cam-whore buddy- SHI XIAN ^^ 

Okie bye guys! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Please no one except yourself

Poly life? I thought it was gonna be awesome but
Looking at the rate that things are going...
I beg to differ.
Things weren't that simple as what i thought.
Too much internal conflict, bitching here and there.
What's new? This is a totally whole new level for me.
I'm just so damn exhausted, sigh.
Everyday without fail, you are worrying about offending someone else.
Afraid that they will bitch about you behind your back.
Taking a long time to choose your words wisely so that everything will be fine.
Finding yourself being so hypocrite who wears a mask to school everyday.
What the hell is this.
Let me tell you this - one fact that is absolutely true.
Everybody has their own flaws and strengths.
It's just depend whether he/she can accept it or not.
Couldn't? Fine, it's alright.
"Those who mind, ignore. Those who don't, care for all you like"

So i'm going to live the way i like.
"Please no one except myself "

Just tell yourself that "  Tomorrow will be better"
Let bygones be bygones.
You can remember how bad the day is for today,
 But forget it when you wake up the next day.
Because it's a brand new day!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My first love

Recently, quite a number of people whom i know suffered from recent break-ups.
And sorry i had to admit that those incessant tweets about love really annoyed me.
I have been through all these so i know the hurt, the pain.
Knowing the fact that "he/she is no longer yours" makes you feel like giving up everything.
And everyday, you are just hoping to bump into him/her coincidentally.
Or maybe, even seeing him/her in your dreams is good enough.
But when you are awake, you found yourself crying unknowingly.
Because all this is just a dream.
Yes, the pain is antagonizing that you just feel like "Fuck, please end my life" 
But do you think it's worth it to ruin your life just because it's over?
If you think yes and you're a guy, YOU COUNT YOURSELF A MAN?!
Losing him/her is not like the end of the world.
Sometimes, what's yours will be yours. what's not, no matter how much you try, it wouldn't be.
So let nature take it's course, time will heal all your sorrow, pain and agony.
Dude, life still goes on. Move on like a man alright? 

This has been my only pillar of support and strength ever since when i first saw it in January. I kept reading and reading and reading and i have to admit that it's the best thing i've ever read. Therefore, i made a pact to myself that if one day, i am able to let you go, i will muster up my courage and post this up. Come to think of it, it's more than half a year since everything ended. But i dragged and dragged and dragged, refusing to get out of my own self-deceiving world. Till now. 

"Time is the best remedy for everything."

Believe me, it does. All you need is just time. 
When time passes,
Those pain that hurt all along, no longer do.
Those memories that haunt all day, no longer appear.
Those misses that are not meant to be, no longer there. 
By saying the truth, it's a painful and heart-wrenching love experience for me.
Cause i really had an extremely hard time letting him go.
And i believe, once is enough.
"Too tired of getting involved anything do with love again"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Everything is gonna be alright

Hi guys, I'M FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY back to posting.
Feel so so so guilty for not blogging for so damn long.
Too occupied with my preparation for my STATS & POA ICA(s) this week.
And thank god that it's over.
Finally, i can take a break to take a deep breath and breathe. Hah jk.
Currently, i'm happy with my ICA results so far.
Got an A for Effective Communication and I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF.
People who despise my English standard, hear that ? 
Don't you ever belittle me if you think it's so easy to score an A.
Hahah, sorry if i sound too fierce just now.
Okayy back to blogging about my life.
Seriously can't wait to work and get my relaxed life back.
And the first sem is coming to an end within a month's time, woohoo~~
(Can see how much i hate this sem)
Final exam is coming soon too so it's time to mug again!
Needa just endure 1 more month and i'm free like a rockstar, haha (:
Okay, time to spam PICTURES taken with my dearest  friends ~~~

  •  Taken in class when we are just too bored to do anything. 

With Kimberly & Shi Xian! 

  • TIO- HENG with usual 5A peeps again!

Marvin so fierce, i scared. haha 

Cheng yang blends into the background, muahaha 
Stupid wen zhen photo-bombed my selfie >:( 

  •  So my elder sister and I decided to organise a mini-birthday 21st celebration for my 2nd sis.

(Proudly presented by : Lai Chien Qin ) 

 The lighting was so bad @ there, argh...
Hope my sister enjoyed her surprise party since it's sponsored by us :P

  • Last but not least, i really miss my 2 best friends dearly~
Hope to meet up with them soon! 

Okay bye~~~ 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tired of school but i must hang on

Hello!!! Omg it's been a week since i last blogged :O
I guess you probably guess the reason why i neglect my blog for a week.
Not because i want to but is due to school work.
Last week was a total torture for me, ;barely had 7 hours of sleep a day.
So stressed and busy that i didn't have a good sleep everyday :'(
Thankful that it's OVER, YES YES YES! 

What am i busy with??

Preparation of my ICAs (common tests)

  • Effective Communication (THE MODULE THAT I HATED MOST)
FYI- this module is about presenting your speech to the whole class.
And my topic was - A healthy diet for weight-conscious people.
Totally regretted choosing this topic, brainless me -.-
It's like my eff comm teacher is a person who is very conscious of her weight/body 
(through my inference)
Which obviously she will know better than i do.
Secondly, not trying to show off but i'm not a weight conscious person.
I just basically eat everything i like because i believe #YOLO.
And then the stupid me chose this topic who didn't know anything about diet.
Well done #slcq.
Apparently as expected, i experienced great difficulties while doing this ICA.
Which never fails to kill every single of my brain cells through the process of doing it.

My formal attire of the day, LOL (p.s i know it's not formal at all)

  •  Internet Web about Dreamweaver 
I swear this is also another nerve-wrecking module.
As you know, i'm a complete idiot when it comes to COMPUTER.
This module is about creating your personal website (smth like blog) using Dreamweaver.
At first, i thought it would be easy as i'm an experienced blogger (in that sense)
However, i was totally stunned when i started doing it.
Dreamweaver is so so so different from Blogger , LOL.
There's basically nothing you can relate similarly to it.
And i took 1 week to chiong finish the whole website by sacrificing my sleep. 
Can't help it because i didn't start early :x

So the result of the front page looks like this.
Finally submitted this to cher today so YAY one burden down!
Shall relax tonight and pamper myself with 10 hours of sleep~
(To recoup the amount of hours of sleep i have sacrificed previously) Jk

In conclusion, i'm really relieved/glad that 2 ICAs were finally over (:
So i am left with 4 more modules...
After today, i'm gg to start battling for my coming ICAs written tests ( POA & stats)
Which i'm certainly not confident of doing well for POA.
So i really needa start chiong-ing like a nerd from tomr onwards (:

Will try to update as often as i can alright, goodbye~

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bangkok trip #2

Sorry for mia-ing for almost a week , guilty much x.x
Finally, i have the time to blog about BANGKOK TRIP!!!
Please be prepared that this will be a long and draggy post!
Okay, i shall start with the introduction.
Went to Bangkok with LAI's family from 15- 20 June.

FIRST DAY - 15th June!

Reached Novotel (the hotel i'm living ) at around 9pm .
Many shopping places were closed so we didn't get a chance to shop.
I shall rate it 9/10 !
Though there are no bathtubs, the hotel room is like WOW.
FYI- It's just a 4 stars hotel and it's located right above "PLATINUM MALL"
You will never regret choosing this hotel *finger cross*

We got the special seats from Scoots , woots. 

Didn't get the window seat but managed to snap a few photos of the scenery secretly :x

Hotel Lobby, "ATAS" please! 

Love this photo, haha.

Second day- 16th June  ! 

Spent the whole day at Chatuchak.
Surprisingly, i didn't buy as much as i thought i would.
Thankfully, it's not as hot as the previous time i went.
I shall credit the Rain which i least expected.

So cute my dad & sis! 

Totally ROFL after seeing my dad's epic face. 

They're ever ready to shop like crazy! 

Third day- 17th June!
Went to those "ATAS" places like Siam paragon, MBK, etc.
Hahah as i'm into cheap stuffs, nothing caught my eye.
Oh ya, something BIG happened on that day.
Lent $2.5 k Baht to an old Singaporean man who claimed that he got robbed.
And in the end, we realised he is a con man.
Basically, we got cheated by a Singaporean, LOL #theirony
Because of that, i was blacklisted from my dad due to my stupidity.

Had KFC for dinner and it's highly not recommended.
Lol judging by the look from my face. :/ 

Fourth Day- 18th June!

Sorry my memory fails me. I can't recall where we went.
LOL, so pictures shall finish my job.
Tell you something.
Our transport depends solely on our feet+ BTS skytrain!
Strictly no taxis,tu-tuk due to money issues after being conned, LOL.
Thankful that LAI's family are filled with strong & healthy people (:

How old liao, LOL 

Lovey-dovey couple~ 

Finally a tri-some shot! 
The brainless me actually wanted to wash my feet but ended up drenching my body.

For 19th June, we went to Union mall which is super far from hotel.
Luckily, it is still accessible using BTS, yay!
Spent half of the day without buying anything.
Why is this so...
Because i realise the things selling @ there are so much more ex than Platinum.
So obviously, the smart me wouldn't risk the chance.
Why bother to spend more on something selling exactly the same?
So in the afternoon, we got sick of the place & went back to Platinum to shop.

Last day - 20th June

This concludes our loots in total, ROFL.

Went for a cool dip in the hotel's swimming pool!
Awesome scenery!!!

This action-pack girl 

Wts, my spastic look. 

So we went into this room when we were definitely over-aged.
Hahah who cares.

Now i'm going to present the most extravagant place!
Guess the venue~ 

Freaking nice *thumbs up*

After the swim, went to Platinum mall to do last minute shopping.
Basically, it's that we were trying to spend every singe cent left.
Haha since it's the last day!
How convenient it was to live directly above a shopping mall, WOOTS  (: 


Okay done!!!
Shall do a blog post about the "FOOD you shouldn't miss" in Bangkok.
Stay tuned to my next post alright (:
Will be uploading the rest of the photos on facebook.
K bye~