Thursday, April 30, 2009

Special thanks to yijia & sophia.
This whole chunk of words that i'm writing later on,
Is dedicated to them (:
Thanks for staying beside me all along.
Thanks for cheering me up when i am sad.
Thanks for helping me but not leaving me in the lurch.
Thanks for being with me when i need you.
Thanks for tolerating me for so long.
Thanks for cherishing our friendship.
Thanks for encouraging me not to give up.
Thanks for being my bestest fren .
Thanks for the time when i am v.sad , and u all cheer me up.
Thanks for everything you did to me..
Though all many things , problem had came out between us.
I'm very scared that i will lose you two.
Really , the scary feelings , is not one or two words that can be describe.
The bond between us will always stay like this.
I dun wish to lose you two , and if anyone wannt to break us up.
I will make sure i will kick their butts real hard.
And kick them fly away (:
Through so many quarrels with you all , we still patch.
By saying the truth , i am scared that u all will hate me.
Really , and if u all really hate me , i think i might as well die.
Cause u two are the ones that give me happiness and encouragement.
I dun wish to lose you all , but really a BIG thanks to you all.
Thanks for staying by my side (:

Cute bo?
I almost wannt to tear off this pic then take home , HAH.
Joking , hehes , (:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

112 messages spamm by jiahao -.-

Editted , LOL.

Just a short post will do (:
Today went school as usual.
Forgot bring thermometer -.- , damm it.
Lucky just kanna scolded by dm awhile , LOL.
First period : Eng , i think :O
Went mp1 , we have going air-cons room for continuously 4 lesson liao.
LOL , lucky right , but very cold ,nearly freeze to death.
No LAS ,just joking , drama abit ;x
Did not much things las , then lesson over ler.
After tat geog lesson , got back our test papers.
I got 22.5/30 for geog , OMG.
So freaking lan cans , somemore is open book test.
Damm it , even jamie win me ):
Haish must buck up liao or else die ler .
Kk fast forward , recess blah blah blah.
Then form class , actually did nothing las.
Hahas , after tat maths lesson.
Cher keep picking on me los , i never talk .
She also scold me , call my name 4 times leh -.-
I never talk sia , then she malign me , GR
Haish after tat chinese lesson.
Quite slack cause just go through papers.
I got 31/50 , very lan cans ):
OMG , and the si andy win me by 4 marks.
Damm him , improve alot , ok las , dun say i bad.
*Clap* For him , hahas .
In the middle of lesson , jiahao keep spamming me -.-
Spam until 111 siol , the other msg is brendon send der.
LOL , i open the msg to 100 times leh -.-
Crazy ass , see las , now my hand pain ;x
After school , went to yijia house.
Slack , she cooked maggie mi for me *touched leh *
HAHAS , she cooked quite well.
I think if me , sure die , maybe the maggie mii chao da ;x
OPS , LOL , hahas.
Around 4pm , went down play badminton.
Soon claire & co came and jamie they all came too.
Played with them , happy but tired.
I think jiawen & claire were damm freaking horny los.
GOD , lols (:
Gtg le bye bye :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hahas , me & yija cam-whoring , dun laugh at us ((:
Talk about today las (:
Today had eng paper 1 and 2 , i hope i will not fail , heehs.
After school , form cher hold us back again.
Sians everyday so naggy , like auntie -.-
Talk for 30 mins , GRR
I keep give him the bueysong look ;p
HAHAS After tat went to lot 1 eat lunch.
On the way there where we walked past a tree , and suddenly the wind blow.
Because just rain , then all the water splashed at us.
Jasmine immediately screamed like hell , LMAOS.
I tot what happend, rain nia -.-
LOL , shh dun tell her later she kill me :DD
Eat kfc , saw ian they all.
Ian went to buy handbag , lmaos.
After that went to jasmine house.
Before that wasted quite a lot of time uh ><
Reached there watched incredible tales through mobtv.
The person cheat us luhs , GRR,
I hope i have mobtv again )):
Very scary sia , i was hugging her mickey mouse ((:
Suddenly got 1 part very scary , i immediately screamed.
Then her brother shocked then also screamed , LMAOS.
After tat went to pack jasmine's drawer ( it's a project las)
I not maid hor ;x, LOL
After awhile , watched another ghost movie again -.-
LOL , i very funny one .
I like to watch ghost stories but will scared , LOL.
Me , Jasmine, Yijia, Sophia , Jas's bro went into their room and watched.
LOL , scary sia , me & yijia keep avoiding to see the ghost ;x
Was text-ing brendon then suddenly bo batt.
Paiseh uh , brendon )):
Previously jasmine come scare me when i watching incredible tales.
And their bed is double deck so me , yijia , sophia went up there.
Then when exciting part , we throw pillow down scare jasmine.
Like pillow fight sia , LOL , in the middle of the show somemore.
LOL, around 6 smth went home.
Then yijia e-z link card like got problem , cannot tap.
So me & sophia like smugger her into lrt station.
LOL , after tat went cck station , check the card.
After tat went home ler ((:

你不喜欢我就说, 为什么要自欺欺人?
你根本就讨厌我, 是猪都知道.
我不想在说了, 我只知道我已经失去你了.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hellos BABES & DUDES , i am back (:
I think this pictures is cute , haahs.
Just put for fun , hehes.
Today went to school as usual.
1st period : Chemistry .
Ok las , did correction on wb , nothing else ler ;p
2nd period : Maths.
Got scolded by her for two times for talking ;x
But one time i never talk then she still scold me.
Nvm , suan ler , after tat recess time.
Stayed back to eng summ , got one auntie chase us out.
So bobian , do outside classroom.
After recess , assembly, had a talk about drug.
I think its cool , i very serious one hor ;x
But javern keep laughing like hell , so noisy ):
After assembly , had EL lesson.
Went AVA , shiok , but very cold , LOL.
After EL , went for physics.
Waited for cher for 30 mins -.- , LMAOS.
After tat went mp5 , the room got aircon ^^
But still very cold lols , sit with gervan and yungchin again.
Andy purposely sit infront of me , act act , LOL.
Cher keep saying andy very guai , LMAOS.
Got one joke to tell you all.
Today at phy lesson , idk why deric suddenly act cute.
Give the act cute pose , then suddenly he slip , i think.
Then his butt landed on the floor , LMAOS.
Very funny canns , and javern was like SIAO?
LOL, after tat around 2.45pm , went for dnt lesson.
We are supposed to finish our product at the end of lesson.
At first , we were supposed to saw the metal.
Me & jocelyn were like ..... , very guniang.
Cause we dun even know what to do ;x
Lucky jasmine helped us , she very strong kays (:
Forward abit , after tat need to use the machine.
So need to put on mask and glasses.
When i put on , i went pass mr tan and he looking at me.
Then i tell him to guess who am i .
And he say : U so skinny , so short and a pony tail behind , of course can identify u las -.-
WTH , our class got so many skinny girl los , LOL
Kk cut the craps las, hahas.
At 5pm , cher released us then me & jamie headed home.
Later still need go tution , haish ):
Tomr still got exams, jialat leh ;x
Ohh ya ,To those people who have exams for tomr , GOOD LUCKS GUYS ^^ , hope u all can get good results , hahas (:

Saturday, April 25, 2009


My new frinch , i know it is short.
AHS , and it looks like bangs -.-
I told the person to cut slants , but he cut until like that.
%^&$*^$#^@ , zhu one , LOL.
That from today onwads , i can wear any colours of clothes ler.
HEEHS , happy sia and now i'm wearing red shors& shirt.
And today is me & yijia 1 month aniversary , woots (:

Just now went to my popo house bai bai.
Then eat at there after tat went for haircut.
My sis cut bobs , i think?
Looks nice (better than last time ) :DD
Kays i shall stop here , bye (:
I gonna MIA soon , maybe next week bah.
HAHAS , dun miss me hor ;x

I gotta let things go.
I won't give a damm to what u all say about me.
I wanna be a good girl , i will not gossip anymore.
Ur motive will fail , i will make sure u will.
But u will never know that i hate u all.
Cause i gonna act infront of u all , i will,
BECOME A HYPOCRITE from now on (:


Now my mood is like this ><
Haish totally pissed off by my blogskins.
Just now got some problems , GRR
And now nuffang still got some problems with it.
*Sigh* Hope tomr will be a good day , LOL.
Tomr will the last day where i wore all those dark coloured shirt.
Red , Pink, Yellow , Purple, Orange .
But i am not really happy cause tomr will be the last day where i see my popo ):
Times passes so fast , 100 days had passed.
Everything is solved but i still miss my popo even she is not here.
But she will be forever in my heart ((:
Got some words to say *Behind got a story de las*

Friday, April 24, 2009

HAHAS , i think my blog is so boring without puting pics.
LOL, just now was chatting with my long time china fren..
Hahas , i am happy leh cause she still remember my name.
黎芊庈, hahas , jamie she had the qin word correct ^^ ...
HAHS , got one thing makes me very angry ><
I wanna sign up for nuffang , but CANNOT.
GRR, i hate it T.T
Talk about today ! (:
Today woke up at 6.30 , bathe and wash my hair.
Waiting for it to dry , ahs..
KK , fast forward , too boring .
LOL , at IPW lesson , went to comp lab ^^
Very cold las , but quite fun.
Busy doing powerpoints slide with jasmine , yijia , jocelyn.
After lesson , went to dnt workshop.
Stay outside for 10 mins , delay alot leh.
After tat listen to cher's talking then went for NPCC.
Woots pon lesson , haahs,
Went classroom take bag , call ian come take his& darren phone.
Everybody look at me in their class , LOL.
The darren copy me , use the same phone as me, haahs]
Jk , after tat change to full u then went to unity primary school.
Its a voluntering work for npcc , got cip point.
But regret going there , cause very tired neh T.T
Stand the whole day , and NPCC is starving us man..
St john is slack der los , they just sit down there.
Help for casualties , and most important is that ,
Unfair sia )i*&*(t&$%^$^### #& , but got a boy very cute.
He call pretty policewoman , cause he dunno my name.
Makes me feel so happy , LOL.
And special thanks to GRETEL , she save me from hunger.
Cause she bought a packet of frend fries for me & jy ((:
Touched sia , when i am munching the fries , sitting down enjoying,
I spotted sir looking at me , UH OH.
LOL , i quickly get back to places , act act.
Lucky he never scold me , HAAHS.
Around 5smth , then went home.
Gonna end here le las , bye bye :DD
OH GOSH, i am addicted to VANNA'S BLOG SONG, lol.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hope u all dun mind my this photo , hohos :D
Talk about today! :DD
Today went school as usual...
Played badminton during PE lesson, heehs.
Freaking tired eh , goddd.
After tat HMT lesson , was late .
Cause went downstairs buy drinks , hahs.
Got HMT test , omg i did not learn at all.
But lucky i still remember abit ;x
After tat recess , me & sophia were busy spreading yijia & gabriel.
HAHAS , now the whole class knows about it ;p
At HMT read , read newspaper , alvin sit beside me.
And he is sleeping like a pig , HAHS.
But i keep disturbing him , heehs.
Gabriel bushuang , then come disturb me , GRR
ZHUDABIAN , he slap my face leh.
GL , ahs , so i use alvin bottles and pour at him.
He was drenched and after tat he use his pencilbox come hit me.
Then hit my teeth , GRR , !@#$%^&*&%#^*$
Damm him , then i cry , LOL.
I'm such a weakling (sigh) ):
Dunno my teeth got wai or not , LOL.
After tat physics , quite fun las.
Sit beside yungchin & gervan , ( cher assign der ) -.-
I was copying answer from yungchin ;x
Cause idk how to do , LOL.
KK , after tat went home liaoo ....
Went home study geog , guai right ((:

I dun like u anymore , get lost (:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feel like putting some emo pics up.
Haish forget it , no mood at all -.-


I miss you badly.
But i can't do anything.
Everyday i only get to see u not more than 1 time?
I tried all means to see you but in vain.
Looks like we are really not fated.
No point loving a person that dun love you.
I decided to give u up , my last promise....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I edit this myself leh , LOl ;x
Paiseh for not updating always ;x
Ytd had tution so did not use comp , LOl.

Talk about today , today seems like a long long day.
Well , i did not really enjoy today , hahas
In fact i hate today ):
Today morning went to sch , raining heavily .-
Forgot to bring umbrella and jamie was like super diao.
She was covering her bag like siao -.-
LOl, damm freaking funny , i was laughing like hell ;x
Kk continue , went hall for assembly .
Although its raining but i could not sense any wind in the hall.
LOl, after tat lesson ; MUSIC.
The comp that i'm using noob like hell ...
Cannot even play the music , how to do -.-
So went on internet , update plurk :DD
Suddenly cher came in , and saw half of what i m doing.
But lucky i bluff her that i searching things on9.
Forward las , nothing to say =="
Overall today was very very very boring ...
Today like time past very slow uh ><
Sians nah after school went to ___ , not supposed to say ;x
Played badminton , now my hand is aching.
Short post nia , gtg le.
Red, Pink , Yellow, Purple, Light Green , Orange ....
AHHS! I see all the colours make me wanna faint liao.
LOL, 7 more days and i will be able to wear coloured clothes!
I AM WAITING! I miss all my bright coloured clothes.
And u know that my CNY clothes , i have not even got a chance to wear it.
DAMM , 7 more days and i will dress like christmas tress , LOL.
Joking las, haahs . But i confirm i will wear light coloured shirt ...
HEEHS , (:

Kays today was really a suay day las ><
Morning ate chao mi fen , and idk that packet had chilli .-
And i ate it , i was like keep drinking water.
LOL, watched small little kids show , heehs.
After tat went to room & revise for chem
Guai right? LOL , finished 3 chap notes ler.
Will continue next time , haahs.
The weather was damm freaking hot , argh.
Lucky my dad bought 2 box of ice cream.
And we finished it TODAY , LOLS.
Because we keep eating las to cool down ;x
Around 3 plus , went down find jamie.
She went for a haircut , saw eugene.
Nearly cannot regonise him , LOL.
Cause he close his eyes and the door was quite unclear.
So cannot really see his face , so yaa.
After tat went to yijia house there , played badminton (:
With sophia , yijia , jamie , hahas.
WE enjoy alot yea, but very hot leh.
And my shoe was doing "a great job " cause i nearly fall down -.-
SIANS , played around 6 plus then went home ler..
Haish haven finish doing my ENG , hack care las ;x
No mood study now , LOL.
Shall stop here , gonna update my PRIVATE BLOG (:
Hahs , bye peeps :}

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When i looked into the mirror , i realised i had grown up .

Reflection, i like my dressup today! :}


Yijia always like to act being shy ;x

HELLOS EVERYBODY , i promise that i will update today right :DD
Ya wanna tell u all something.
Actually the contest voting , u can put any number for nric.
LOL, fake nric and hotmail also cann.
HAHAS , but its quite unfair to do that though ;x
Haiya talk about today.
Morning went to market with mummy , v.guai hor ((:
Afternoon went to rochor centre with jas, yijia , sophia.
Took 960 from jocelyn house there.
Waited for 30mins but the bus haven come .-
Actually wanna take taxi but no taxi available , LOL.
Around 2.30 took the bus there , finally found the place.
Call Mr Jamil , his wife say that he is having a haircut.
LMAOS , so long sia , bought a 30 dollars timer.
Split to 4 person las , haahs.
After tat walked to bugis for awhile , then took train to raffles place.
Actually wan buy nicole's that kind of cute paper but wrong place.
Its should be at city hall , so decided to stay at raffles.
Went to UOB place there for MAC.
There the mac very nice , haahs bought fries & mcflurry.
Jasmine go liao , left me, yijia & sophia :D
Chit-chatted , playing some games , haahs.
After tat went to the singapore river , actually wan watch the scenery.
But the weather is damm freaking hot uh ><
Passed by UOB bank , saw ZOEY TAY & ZHENG BIN HUI.
OMG, they are acting the new show , damm freaking shiok.
LOL, paiseh i am over-reactingg ;x.
Cause when i grow up , i wanna be a actress :}
Heehs , i think acting is cool , HAHS.
Ok back here , after tat trained back to lot 1.
Tie up my hair cause too hot and discover something.
MY HAIR HAD GROW LONG , LOL , i am just being lame (:
Went lot 1 played ddr , cam-whored abit.
After tat went home , reached home around 6 plus bah :D

About the pageant contest , paiseh uh.
Yesterday got some error so can't vote.
But today ok ler, please vote thanks :D

Instruction , listen thanks (:
When u get to this website -
Click contestants on the top , centre there.
The words are quite small las.
After tat click F14 which the name is call ANGELA.
Ya , then u click vote for me.
U just need to fill in ur last three letter of nric plus apha
And ur hotmail, fake hotmail also can.Others thing , no need to fill in , haahs . And this voting contest is FOC, remember. U can even vote everyday using ur nric and ur families.
Hahhas , thanks uh (:
For more enquries : U can ask me and one more thing ....

Heehs thanks lots! :D
I am truly very disappointed by u .
Very , alot of ppl tell me alot of bad thing about u.
But i dun believe , i wan to believe that u are a good girl.
But ur attitude towards .... , its truly disgusted by me.
I tot we could be even better than best fren.
Sua ler , anyway i started to hate u because of ur attitude.
Maybe i should try to believe what they say about u .
Maybe its true .
Idk , but i really hope its fake .

Friday, April 17, 2009

Okays that's my big sister .

My sister took part in some pageant,her FIRST pageant. XD
And the first stage is online voting!
Top 12 proceed to the finals. ^^


Go find her under "contestants"
She's F14 , dun vote for other ppl hor.
By ur info , the voting contest is free.
Thanks lots! (:

Hahas , she really need supporters, THANKS (:

PS : My big sis is crying cause actually today is my 2nd sis's birthday and had a cake to celebrate. But my sister dun hab so she cry luh , LOL.

I miss the times where me & my sisters had together ):

I want a TIME MACHINE although it will never happen las.

Haish , if only the time could stop when i am still a baby ;x.

Where we play, cry , smile, cam-whore together.
Where whole families went out and play.
Why didn't i cherish the time spend with them when i am small?
I guess that's also what my parents want.
Because we long time never go out together ler )):
Never cam-whore , play anymore , me & my siblings had grown up.
If only , i could still be like a kid , T.T
If only , i could turn back the time.

If only miracle could happen to me ):
If only , a deity will come and help me to rewind the past ):

I know u dun love me , u dun even love me at the first place. I will stop carrying false hope (:

Haish , just finish playing petsociety ^^
Later gonna play audi, hahas.
Today was quite sians las.
After school played badminton around 3 hrs?
Time passed too slow , sians.
Aiyah , i wan play audi ler , haahs.
Tomr then update more , kays (:
Cause i going to xin ming tower with jocelyn, her fren , yijia & jas (:
HAHAAHAS , bye (:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a random pics , heehs.
Long time never put my photo ler ;x
Hope u all dun mind, hahs :D
Wish upon a star ♥
Today was quite a slack day .
1st lesson : Chinese.
Go through some ws , sians diao.
2nd lesson : Chem.
Free period , but was given papers to do.
MT read : Read newspaper nia , LOL.
2 period DNT : Actually did nothing , slacking uh.
Me &YJ were just walking around , hahas.
Super tired cause ytd sleep at 11pm.
Then 2am wake up , after tat 3am sleep again ):
Lucky dun have dark rings , wahahaha ;x
After tat ENG : FREE PERIOD :D
Cause cher never come , did comprehension.
After school , ate lunch after tat went out sch.
Eat ice-cream , half choco , half peppermint.
HAAHS, damm freaking nice ((:
After tat went back sch , slack uh.
Cause Mr Jamil tell us stay back do dnt.
YAY, can skip npcc, hehes :D
After waiting for 2h, went genral office find him.
And shock that he went out of sch and he is not coming back.
Damm him , told us stay back .
In the end went off , GRR.
Lucky we met Mr Tan , he open the workshop for us (:
Did some work after tat left at 4pm.
Then report for npcc los ):
Did drills , quite SLACK , then have break.
Have some talk with NCOs after tat went for rehearsal .
Dunno for what shit , waste our time.
GRR , around 6.30 then went home.
Sians everytime so late reached home.
NPCC punctuality really sucks man ):
Can u stop looking/staring at me in class?
It makes me feel disgusted and irritating.
I hate ppl looking at me with pervert eyes.
Aiyah , dunno how to say , just stop LOOKING at me.
Please thanks , and give up on me.
I will never ever love you , so pls dun wait for me ANYMORE.
Can't we just be classmates?
Why u wan to go into a relationship when i dun even love u.
PLease give up on me , thanks (:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

These days very stress , dun feel like going to sch.
Feel like quiting sch , AWW
Just now was writing notes for my geog.
My hand damm freaking pain uh !
Sians , plus just now play badminton.
Now my whole arm is aching , haahs
Later still need to continue writing my notes.
After tat going to tution , very kelian right? ):
All my frens had STARTED TO revise for MYE.
And me leh? Still stuck down here , doing nothing ):
Seriously, i really have no interest in studying except maths.
Show u all some kiddish pics , hope u all dun laugh at me ):
My mum had just change my bedsheet to pink.
HAHS , my favourite colour & cartoon.






Remember dun laugh at me hor.



HAHS , all my soft toys ;x

My monkey , she just change her clothes :S

Her old clothes (:


Gtg le , next time then post my pics , heehs .
I dunno if i really regret making this decision ytd.
I really feel like telling u , can u treat nothing as happen?
I know i couldn't do that , i must perserve.
So that she will be with her , yes , i need to ren (:
Today u did not even dare talk to me , i was sad.
I tot we could be just normal frens.
But u dun looks like u wan .
Haish T.T.
Today i saw u slashing ur own hand .
Why are u so foolish to do those thingS?
U think by hurting urself , i will feel good?
Wad the fuck , last time she did this , i scolded her like hell.
And now u are following her foolish acts?
Do u think that SLASHING URSELF can ease the pain?
U are no longer a kid , think maturely please.
I really dun want u to hurt urself because of me.
Do u know when u hurt urself , i will feel sad?
Please stop doing this act.
Omg i scolded the f word T.T
I am really very stress now .

Monday, April 13, 2009

The deep cut on my leg ><
Decided to post cause someone miss my post ^^
Hahas , i put the pics to to show off my wound.
NO LAS, i where gt so evil ;x
U know how i get this big big scar?
A long story , i think after i said.
Everyone will laugh at me and say i deserve it.
Hehes but its true las, jamie they all should know what happen.
Today School boring as usual .
Sians nothing much to talk about las.
1st period : Chem , quite slack , did ws nia (:
2nd period : Maths, cher never come.
WOOTS , damm freaking happy.
Was busy talking to jamie in maths lesson :D
After recess , got a boring talk by principal.
Nearly slept but the enviroment didn't let me succeed :O
After tat boring talk , had ENG.
Went to AVA room , at first was chased out by cher.
Cause did not finish eng homewk.
Actually have las , but act act haahs.
After ENG , physics lesson , sians diao.
Was half-day dreaming , cher caught me.
Shoot me infront of whole class , GRR.
After tat cher conduct a experiment at the table.
The si andy keep blocking my view , zhu one.
Then wen zhen behind him & you know what andy did?
Wth , totally er xin , lucky haven eat lunch ;p
Haahs , after sch went to lot 1 with nicole.
Fast forward abit , around 4 plus went yijia house there.
Played volleyball , got 2 boys damm funny.
Keep joking with us , LOL.
Another still wan my number , i told him my number is.
999 , hahas (:
After tat played volleyball until 6smth.
Then went home ler, woots.
Bye bye :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nice bo?

Another loving scenery :D

Me retarded face, hahas ;x

The cool staircase :O

My sister acting .- LOL.

Ok ignore this pic , LOL.

My mum (:

The nice scenery (:
Wish upon a star ♥
Hope i can sleep early tonight ;p

Finally i have finished my !@%#%^&*) english compo.
Damm freaking difficult , GRR
Now my mummy is helping me edit the grammar mistakes that i had made.
Hhahas thanks mummy :D (dun call me noob thanks)
Ok gonna post about today.
Today was totally a busy & tiring day T.T
I regret for not finishing my homewk before going out ;p
Haish sians , today watched tv in the morning.
After tat around afternoon , went to marsling there.
Walked a long way then reached.
Damm freaking smelly ahs , AWW.
Walked past woodlands garden? (dunno what is that garden called)
LOL , that was when my mummy & my father dating place.
My dad was very enivroment free , pei fu ^^
Finally reached there , went shop shop.
Finding slippers uh , cause now my slippers really sucks.
At first went kfc , eat lunch.
Saw 1 fren , dunno whether its him or not.
Hahas , very qiao los , here also can him
Ate kfc until very full uh, ):
Went to CD shop , my father spent 50 bucks on those useless CD.
Ok las , dun so bad , but i really feel its a waste of money .
Nvm, hack care , its my father money mah ,HAHS :D
After tat went sheng siong( ps dunno how spell)
My daddy was like shopping king like that.
Everything also buy, LOL.
There was a free checking bone system for adults.
My mum went to try and her bone was not good.
But my daddy was very good , lmaos.
Aiyah , dunno how to say , forget it.
Skip that part , ok after that went basement.
Shop awhile , then went back to the park.
Cam-whored abit , went to the top of the view.
AWWS , damm freaking nice ^^
When i am old , i will go there with my laogong.
LOL, after tat went home ler (:
Reached home around 4 plus , then slept for 2 hr.
GOSH , how am i going to sleep at night?!?!?!?!
Wish me good luck that i will not have dark ring tomr , LOL.
Okays done with my blogging.
Going to play petsociety le las, hahas.
Bye (:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wish upon a star ♥

Woootss , hellos readers (:
How was today ? (:
About yesterday the pics , i delete ler, hahas.
Cause me & him problem solve.
Ya the marginal thinker is a guy .
Idk him las , he came my blog through bloghopping.
Yesterday we talk around 1hr?
Cause at first 2 person add me on msn and both of them
But actually the other is his fren , LOL.
Ok forget it , just problem solve liao.
HAHAHAHAHAS , he promise not to come my blog lisiao again.
(: And and do u all mind i put this photos?
Cause actually i like this pic , but dunno what u all think.
If its ugly , then sorry for seeing , LOL?
Enough of my craps las , later going out (:
With Yihan , my zhupigu , LOL.
Hope it will be fun , okays.
That's all , bye everyone (:

Edited (:
I wan to add this .
To vanna & nicole : Ya , please stop arguing with each other , i guess everyone will be upset to see u all quarrel . We are frens right? Even though u all dun like each other but try to tolerate each other kays . And Vanna : U got say b4 nicole bad things right? And Nicole : U also got say b4 bad things of Vanna right? So u all will be quit canns. We are all from same class , if u all continue like this .
到最后两败俱伤, 你们要吗? I really hope u all will become frens again :}

Friday, April 10, 2009

HELLOS, actually dun feel like blogging der.
But forget it , just a short post (:
To MARGINAL THINKER : Sorry uh today did not post my zilian pics. But rest assured , i will put if i have canns. The most DISGUSTING pic specially for u to see ^^ So remember to bring ur PLASTIC BAG HOR :D

Continue with my post.
Today i think not going out.
Yesterday was not very fun las , ):
Cause did not get to swim , GRR.
Next week going to swim , hohos :D
Hope i won't become bangala.
Later going to popo house (:
Counted as go out right?
LOL, now chatting with Ian.
He was damm freaking funny ,lol.
I told him my weight and he was like WTF?
LOL, he thought my weight is around 42-45 kg -.-
I am less than that , haahs .
Maybe because whenever he see me , i'm always eating.
HAHAHAHAS , ok las.
Nothing to say las , bye bye (:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am very very very sick now.
Caught my sister' 's fever , flu & sore throat.
I feel like sleeping again.

Believe me i will change.
I will not become like last time.
I will not wilful again.
I will not gossip anymore.
I will not hurt anyone again.
I will not say any vulgar anymore.
I will not complain a single thing.
I will not be a bad girl again.

If i did any of those on my blog or anywhere.
Please remind me or slap me real hard.
I won't be angry , thanks! (:
I promise i will be a 100% good girl.
To my frens : Please believe me.
Give me 1 last chance & i will prove it to you.
I will study hard and strive for my best.
Thanks for tolerating for me for so long.
I love you all , really THANKS!

Through all these things , i realise my attitude , my wrong doings.
I should have change long ago.
But i did not take it seriously.
I am sorry , i wont do it again.
Please believe me the last time readers.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let u see , how nerd i AM NOW :D

HELLOS EVERYONE , i'm back to blogging , hohos.
Tomr i am excited of our outings (:
Now i'm at YiJia's house , she wan say smth.
I'm YiJia; her stupid Gay
Okayy i know i talk alot of crapp {:
Andd sierra is now like chiong-ing me :o
I AM MORE EXCITED OKAY?!?!^$&^$**&*&
Okayy get back to the sierra liao :o
Nahhs! Hello i'm back :))
Very Happy eh, tomr going swimming :D
LOL, those girls that going .
Please meet 2pm outside cck LRT station , thanks (:
Just a short post las , hahas/

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Retarded face, LOL.

I guess it's the nicest one , hahs.

Long time never put twist liao , LOL .

Jw head kanna block , lols.

I looks weird.


Today morning went sch as usual.
1st lesson : Music.
Sing sing sing , lame lame one.
After music , i think i caught flu.
A serious one , i keep sneezing continuously.
GRR , my sister all caught it too.
Lols , they say there is a sort of virus spreading around.
Cause now almost everyone got sore throat , fever , flu , etc...
After tat chinese , busy eating baby's biscuit.
Very nice , cher never see at all.
LOL, after recess , el read.
All the express classes el presentation , not bad uh.
Quite funny , hahas.
After tat lit , slacky lesson.
Nothing to write haahs.
Fast forward maths lesson.
Got maths test , actually not counted.
Cause quite alot of ppl asking each other , LOL.
Did it within half an hour , after some delay .
Went to canteen , actually plann to wait for yijia& jasmine for art.
But waited for 1 and a half hr , haven come out.
Bueytahan then went with claire & jamie to lot 1.
Ate mac after tat went library , did homewk (:
Still left abit , later gonna do , hahs.
Gonna end here , bye (:
I am indeed very stress now.
Everytime i see her , i feel pissed.
Idk why , but i really hate her attitude.
Helped her and in the end kanna scolded.
Forget it , next time i dun even give a damm to her.
Since she didn't even feel grateful ya .
Does she really treat me like her best fren?
I really dun think so , but now i dislike her.
And MYE is coming soon.
Maths , i dun even know a single thing of chap 3&4.
Chinese , not sure at all.
Science , no need to say , a question mark here.
Geog , dun know alot of things.
Really had to buck up , AHS T.T

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just quarrel with my big sis , she is damm SELFISH.
Can't stand her , hope her laptop faster spoil.
Bleah , now i am using the other comp again.
So sad , lag like siao , this comp T.T
I miss my the other comp which my sister is using now ):
Ok forget it, tomr then update pics (:
Let's talk about yesterday first!
Yesterday morning msned with marcus for 2 hrs?
Guessing something , LOL.
After tat went to popular bought my horoscope book.
Need to wear specs see , cause too small the words, LOL.
Tomr see me wear specs , dun cua tio hor ! (:
KK, then went ah ma house slack.
Found out that ah gong hurt his arm , kelian T.T
Helped him sweep the floor cause he cannot move like that.
Lols , he was quite happy :}My little cousins all come , *happy* (:
Played with them , so cute uh them.
Took some pics with them , hahas.
Then went home around 9pm.
Joke of the day : My sister hate hotdogs , and you know what is the reason?It's because when my sister is small, she was chased by a dog and now she got a KONG JU GAN.To eat hotdogs ,LOL. I know its lame , but dunno why my whole family is laughing like siao.
Ok talk about today :D
Today was quite a fine day .
Lessons boring as usual , nearly sleep (:
Fast forward abit cause forgot infront liao ,LOL.
2nd lesson art, cher released us at 10am for recess.
Rush to eat then went indoor stadium see they all play.
Some sec 1 boys always play catching at there.
One nearly bang into me ,LOL.
3rd lesson : Maths.Nothing much las, not really listening to cher ;p
Last lesson : Physics.Went to comp lab, woots
.Bloghopping , nearly sai kang see it.
Heng , lols.After tat because of some reason , she was angry with us.
Dunno why , suddenly feel like arguing with her.
Started arguing , in the end she pekcek then dun wan teach us.
Just nice lesson end , HAHS.But saikang really very unreasonable los.
Weird is she never scold me or wad.
After tat was held up by her nice talk.Blah , blah , blah , sibeh sians.
I think she is waiting for me to say sorry uh.
After i apologise , she immediately let me go.
LOL, should had just apologise earlier then can go home faster.
HAHAS , but her whole talk is just to tell me
Simple as that , haish.But now i wont go kp her unless she wont do that to me ((:
After her naggy talk , went to lot 1 with yijia.
Saw audre 'co .After tat she went my house , on comp.
Play audi , her beatup so pro las.GRR, dun wan fren her ler ,LOL.
Kays cut all the craps , gonna end here.BYE , GOODNIGHT :D
Today was quite disappointing with her & her.