Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey peeepos ! :)
I'm here to tell you guys a "good news".
Hmm starting from today onwards, i'm going to MIA!
As MYE starts tomr, i'm going to start mugging ya.
So i will only be back 2 weeks later.
Don't miss me alright :)

Hmm , here's a crazy idea of mine.
Recently, so many of my classmates started to cut short hair.
Actually i wanted to cut short hair too .
Hmm it's just that i'm afraid that short hair don't suits me.
But i think i may consider the idea during june holidays
Should i ? Should i ? Should i ?


This is what i will look like in short hair.
Errm obviously it will be shorter than this .

Monday, April 25, 2011

Agree it totally.
I haven't touch my diary for ages.
LOL, hate monday blues~
MYE coming , yet there are still so much homework.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello everyone , I'm back yea ^^
Okay shall update about yesterday...
Ytd went to bugis temple for bai bai .
Super duper crowded ; almost suffocate -.-
Then my dad made an impulsive mistake .
He bought a $218 statue that can get me to...
"Study well, 开巧 and pass my results with flying colours" .
Although i dunno whether it is real or true or not ,
Hmm i still believe in it.
Hahahs , after that we went for lunch @ Iluma ; called Manhattan.
It was super duper cool and i think we were the earliest.
Hmm i shall rate the food 8/10 .
But i really detest the cheese smell x.x
After that went to drink KOI, yay!
Then went around bugis street to shop awhile.
Home sweet home :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hihi people ..
Hah, i wanna show OFF to you guys smth.

Woots , i drank KOI today .
Finally my wish had been fulfilled.
Ever since i drank KOI the first time ,
I have totally fall in love with it.
Especially the pearls are like half a cup of it.
Super duper duper duper NICE okayy~~
& I went all the way to Bugis just to drink it -.-
Hah, actually it's also coincidence , but..
after pestering my family for many days to drink koi,
I finally get the chance to drink KOI today ^^


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tomr is good friday - A PUBLIC HOLIDAY!
I really hope tomr will be an AWESOME day for me :)
After tomr, i'm going to stay at home to
Okay going to transform into a GOOD GIRL .
So i need to cherish TOMR!
Going to Bugis with my family, OH YES.
& Bugis has KOI, hooray~~~
Hah , i swear i'm going to buy the drink okayy ~

Wanna introduce this song to you -

Monday, April 18, 2011

HELLO everyone ! I'm in a good now today .
Hmm basically today is awesome !

  1. There is no ENGLISH lessons!
  2. A happy secret ____*
  3. Ended sch early @ 3pm!
  4. P.E was super duper fun despite the small space given.
  5. The super duper cold weather :D

YAY, Okayyy i'm so freaking high & happy now.
Finally , finally , finally!
Anyway this friday is GOOD FRIDAY ^^
Hmm , hope that we will have a family outing.
It's been a long long long time since we went out :)
I wanna go marina barrage but my dad DW!!
ZZz until sians, dunno where he wanna go ..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This weekend sucks to the max .
Stayed at home all day~~
Going to rot soon !
Ahhs, freaking hate exams man .
No freedom , STUDY NON - STOP.
But nothing goes into my head , freak man ):

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello everyone :)
Hmm frankly my mood today wasn't that great .
These days had a lot of quarrels with my families.
I dunno what's wrong with me nowadays.
Like trying to pick up a fight with someone; being immature.
Angry @ little things ; easily pissed off
JUST NOT A GOOD WEEK ,thats all .
But now i finally realise smth ..
From next week onwards , we will be super stressed & tense up.
Cause MYE is like really soon , & we need a lot of catching up.
My A maths & Chem seriously CMI !

Haish , nothing to say ler..
Goodbye ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HELLO everyone !
I'm back yea~~~
Okayy these 3 days in sch were alright .
Get to slack for some lessons ^^
I'm totally enjoying it~~
For Thursday & Friday , it will be best for us!
Thursday -- Going to Ngee Ann poly for some course.
Friday -- Going to Science Center .

Awesome isn't?
Hah, i'm practically trying to make you guys jealous ;x
But i really love APRIL! :D
My best holiday month ever.
I think it is even better than June yea (:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hii everybody !
I'm back yea, did you guys enjoy the pics ? :)

Hmm , i got a bad news for you guys .
I may not be updating so often recently.
Cause i'm going to focus on my studies.
Okayy , i think i'm going to set my own curfew.
To only play comp for 2 just pathetic 2 hours!

I was inspired by some of my friends .
Who were mugging like crazy ~~~
I think they will be happy for me too .
Cause i'm going to quit being the name of being a slacker yea!
I'm going to buck up~
No blank words, no empty promise, no being a lazy person :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

HELLO everyone ! :D
Basically i had already summarise my awesome BP DAY!
Right after BP day, i went to Decodest Cafe @ clementi.
It was rather similar to minds cafe.
With my 3 little pigs ; Sophia; YiJia & Jamie.
Hehehs, had a lot of fun and was super high there.
Played a lot of games like 100 factsaboutme ;100 really dumb things.
Hah, but i'm broke after that .
Okayy, I really enjoyed 7 APRIL!!! :D

Us with Mr Choo ^^
Toot YiJia.
Making funny faces.
Jiawen & I ^^
Love this pic ttm , thanks to claire :D

Us with Mrs Neo, glenn is extra character :P

Awesome pic ^^

Wenzy's favourite line.

Retarded face
Jamie & I :O
That dumb gravity game! LOL

Sophia and i :]

Okie done~
Hope you guys do enjoy the pics ^^

Our class photo! Love my class 4A!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm here to update about TODAY.
Hmm , today is an AWESOME day for 4A!!!
I really enjoyed today a lot manz.
How i wish the time will stop today ):

Anyway, shall get back to the topic .
I'm here to update/show off how fun today is for our class :))
Woke up at 4+ , meet with Eugene & Jiawen @ 5am.
Went to lanshop to find Wenzy & Andy.
After that went to sch together, we were late -____-
K, then we have our MAC breakfast with 4A!
Sponsored by Mr Paul & Mrs Neo :)
After that play volleyball with Sophia & Co'.
Then board the bus to SNOW CITY!
Firstly, we have our ice-cream making .
Okayy i admit it is really very cool ^^
But i detest the milky smell x.x
After that prepare ourselves for SNOW CITY.
YAY, i think choosing the style of your own winter wear is the best part :)
When we get inside , it is damn damn damn COLD.
I keep on shivering & Luthfiy even tot i cried.
It is my siasuey day ever cause you know ermm smth happened.
Okayy ; i just feel damn paiseh lahh x.x
Overall it's still fun & enjoyable~~
Shall continue my update tomr ^^

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HELLO everybody , how's life?
HAHs, ok i so happy ttm !!
Tomr is BP DAY! & My class will be gg to Snow City.
I'm sure it will be damn damn damn fun manz.
Okayy so freaking excited that i can't sleep -.-

Anyway , tomr morning gg to meet Jiawen & Eugene around 5am.
Will be going to lanshop to meet Andy & Wenzy.
Hah , i bet all of us will be like pandas!
Okayy going to sleep now~~~
Will update tomr with pics ya!

Monday, April 4, 2011

All about you.
HELLO EVERYONE , I'm back yo !
Oh my , i simply love this week to the max man.
Thursday & Friday NO SCHOOL :D
Today was an awesome day for me except for the MOE quiz.
Mr choo totally made my day yea!
The MOE quiz was totally crap, almost died x.x
The questions were so difficult that it killed 3/4 of my brain cells man-.-
If i'm given a chance, i rather dun go man!

Nowadays , our P.E lessons were so damn slack .
No running required at all but i'm worried .
I'm sure our stamina will drop next year wor.
I wish MR TAN ST will come back & teach us man ):
Anyway i grew 1 more cm & heavier by 1kg.
Awesome yea?! , that proves that i'm still growing~~~

Went to QUEENSWAY with 2nd sis on last friday .
Hehehs , my sister spent like almost $100 at there?
Crazy ass, she even bought 4 FBTs which idk what's the use of so much.
Hahs, but i still love her of course. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

HIIIE everyone ! I like this pic a thousands!
Cause of my epic face+ that shirt ..
Hmm , i think a lot of ppl are envious of my shirt :)
Anyway today was fun ^^.
Went to school for SLC orientation .
It's planned by juniors including me :)
At first i really tot everything was screwed & we were dead.
But afterall, it's still successful indeed !

Anyway, went to taekwondo grading test today :)
Finally changed to YELLOW belt, YAY.
Happy me~~~
Awesome day ! ^^