Sunday, September 30, 2012

Be right back

HELLO peeps, I'm back~~~
I have a bad news for you guys ):
Going to MIA starting from now.
Until 4 November , I PROMISE I WILL BE BACK.
I realise love blogging to the max.
Especially when i am super sad/happy.
Cause that's the only way i can express my feelings without saying.
You know, sometimes it's just hard to say with words.
So ya, i'm sure i will REAL STRESSED out next month.
But too bad, i can't blog & rant about what i'm thinking.
Must endure! Left 1 more month to chiong for O LEVEL already.
Now i'm going for FULL MUGGING mode.
Real studying without any entertainment already!!!

Will be back on 4 nov.
So stay tuned to my blog 1 month later alright.

The best medicine of being happy is to stay cheerful.
Life's good!
Tomorrow will definitely be better!
Now i shall concentrate fully on my studies.
Nothing else!!!!!!!!

& Not let anyone down , including myself (:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unforgettable memories

ANYEONG everyone, I'm back!!!!
WARNING : This will be a sad post so click the X button if you dun wanna read.
It's just my own feelings that was bottled in my heart.
Hard to say it all out so i shall choose to type out instead.
At least , i don't need to account anyone for anything.
Just wanna be frank and say what i feel x.x

Next friday is our last day~~~
Of class 5A being together as one...
I can't say that we're very very very united,
But definitely the bond/friendship is there & is unforgettable.
I'm actually very very very sad as i will really miss the class BADLY.
5 years of us being together , 5 YEARS...
Is 5 X 365 days together, YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!
I really wanted O LEVEL to end asap .
But at the first thought of knowing that we will all go separate ways,
Just makes me feel 依依不舍 , somehow wish that it will not end.
Still going back to school to meet the same old people.
kidding/joking around with my classmates.
doing funny stuffs/ joking with teachers in class.
sharing the stress/agony/laughter/fun/scolding all together.
We're just like one family ~
Haish, how i wish we can go back to sec 1.
I just can't bear to leave 5A, leave my dear classmates...
I just can't...

PS// i just hope all of my classmates will did well for O' levels!
Meet up regularly even when we are old enough to be parents.
I just hate it when i have to leave my dear ones.
So i really really really hope we can still be that united no matter where we go.
Always remembering the good about 5A.
I will really miss every single person in the class.
& Miss the happy times spent with them.

#Unforgettable memories etched deeply in my mind.
That no other people can replace it.
~ 1A/08 to 5A/12
"One for all, all for one"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life is good #don'tforget

ANYEONG peeps, i'm back after a week.
I think i can only blog once a week #sorryaboutthat
Gotta start chiong-ing for O LEVEL already.
#notime #notime #notime #notime #notime #notime#notime #notime #notime 
Kind of feeling the stress already, LEFT 1 MORE MONTH!
& guess what, i haven't start preparing...
Other than kept on doing what teachers wanted me to do.
Anyone care to tell me how to study for O LEVEL?
I'm quite clueless actually x.x
This point of time , i can only self-comfort myself that LIFE IS GOOD.
Or else i swear i will go crazy due to the homework i have.
Other than study, is still study and study.
Now i rarely have time to relax , chill...
But well, i shall not complain, REMEMBER LIFE'S GOOD!
Endure for 1 more month and i will reach heaven!

As promised, today i'm gonna update you on 15Sep (:
It's my birthday #youdon'tsay , LOL.
Went out with my lovely classmates!!!
Hehe, first we went to marina square for bowling/ pool.
As usual, pool is my one & only option.
Then after that, went to beach road for STEAMBOAT.
It's a thailand shop that is quite famous for their food.
I'm so happy that i ate 3 bowls of rice.
HAHA, so proud of myself eh :P
After that we played some "bonding" games ,
In conclusion , i truly enjoy myself that day!
Reached home around 11 going to 12.
Luckily managed to come back before 12 then my sisters celebrated with me.
Hehe, & it's also the end of the ghost festival!
Had been waiting for that to end for so long x.x
So yup , i'm 17 already, old liao, HAHA.

Only managed to take with some people (:
But oh well, just enjoy ! 
With ber-ni-chi ! 

With jamie! 

With Eugene yong!

With Marvin! 

With PEK! 

With babes! :D 

 With one plus!!

Okie done, tata!
I love all my prezzie very much ya (:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Post-bdae celebration! ^^

 ANYEONG peeps, I'm back again!
Wanna show off to you all my BELOVED FRENS.
That specially asked me out to celebrate with my birthday EARLY.
Really thanks for the heart of wanting to celebrate me (:
All the cards & lovely presents that i have received!
OMG, love it to the max man !!!
Hehe, went to meet Yihan on thursday ^^
Went to AJISEN eat and it costs a bomb x.x
On Friday, my NPCC CLIQUE gave me a big big surprise!!!
As i had night study @ night, they went all the way to school.
& celebrate with me , aww :P
Next on saturday morning, went to meet JiaYun!
Hah, went to pizzahut to eat & thanks many many for the treat! (:
-Shall update more about my actual birthday when i have the time :P

Now , pictures will do the cover-ups!
So that my post will be longer, hehe.
Sorry the pictures spam cause i have too much photos YET
to share with you guys!
So yup, enjoy (:

With Natalie ^^ 
With Jessica (: 

With Jing Ling! ^^ 

 Whose is the fittest ? haha

With 2nd sist!! 

The rest taken with YIHAN!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My most awesome birthday!

ANYEONG peeps, i'm back!!!
It's been a week since i last posted yo!
Really sorry for not updating frequently as i used to.
No more slacking right (:
Anyway today's my 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HEHE, & i spent my morning with Jiayun ^^
Half a year never meet her already,
But we still have tons & tons of things to say.
<3 p="p">
Next, went out with my CLASSMATES!!!
Omg love them to the freaking max yea ^^
Without them, it wouldn't be that fun & awesome!
How i wish today will never end...
I will definitely miss my classmates , 1A'08 to 5A'12
Thanks for all the prezzie, wishes & CARDS!
Love them to the freaking max & i just felt so LOVED.
Hah (: 

Enough of my talkings!
Shall end off with 8 photos of my UNGLAMN photos.
Rather than my zilian photos, haha.
Hope that it will make you guys laugh a little? (:
I love the number 8!!! 

Dun see this @ night.

Cat face! Eyes in one straight line, LOL 

Haha, that qian bian look i always give! 




Hahas, that's all ^^

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awesome friday!

ANYEONG peeps, I'm finally back!
Omg, if i'm not wrong, i neglected for 1 week?!!?
Sorry readers, my schedule is real tight nowadays.
Okay so basically i just kept on mugging and mugging and mugging this whole week.
So its = no holiday!
Monday- i stayed @ home to be a good girl.
Tues,Wed, Thurs went back to sch for remedial classes.
Nothing much actually, just study>eat>sleep.
LOL, like a studious pig only~
Okay yup, so I HAVE OFF DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Went out with 2 sexy ladies - the fat one & skinny one.

Went to town with them LIKE FINALLY.
Had been waiting this TRI-SOME DATE for ages!!!
I remembered the last time we went was sec 4 ?!?!
God damn long right, now finally there's the golden chance.
So yup, actually we spent 3/4 of our time chatting.
& The first time i ate COLDSTONE CREAMERY!
It was quite nice but super duper expensive!
Still prefer Andersen ice-cream afterall :D
So we chat around 4hours together (non-stop? )
Hah, really enjoyed chatting with them ^^
Hope there's still a 3rd,4th, 5th and countless meetup with them <3 p="p">

Ending off with spamming of pictures!
Enjoy (: 

With Ji wun - the fat one! 

With Vanna - the skinny one! 

My eyes is invisible! 

Bye readers!!!