Friday, February 28, 2014

Awful Feb

Miss blogging so so much x.x
Imagine facing your book every single day, kill me please..
My holidays supposing starts today which marks the end of my agony.
But nope, life sucks,  I'VE 1 MORE BURDEN EXAM NEXT WED.
Not everyone because it only apply to me.
Why is this so ???
FYI- I missed my god damn exam on Mon because i mixed up the exam timings.
Actually if i take cab, i will be able to reach in time.
But guess what ? There was a mrt breakdown at that time.
SO i couldn't get a single cab, everything was screwed , really.
Was totally at a loss and definitely in a frantic state so i just started crying.
LOL, the useless me kept on crying when everybody are staring at me.
Idgaf of what people think of me cuz i just need to vent my anger by doing smth.
The exam i was supposed to take is POM & it's all about MEMORISING.
So my efforts of trying to stuff everything into my head the day before ,WASTED IN VAIN.
How can i not be angry at myself for being ultimately stupid?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
It stings me everyday to get to the fact that i need to re-memorise every single thing.
And guess what? I've a lot more to study cuz it's an ALTERNATIVE EXAM.
Tell me how to get an A when it's so much harder than the usuals.
I've got nothing to say but one word : FML

Ohh god, i'm really sorry for ranting so much about this issue.
I just need a platform to type out my thoughts whether it is good or bad.
So how's my life going ?
It's kinda hectic this whole month due to exams and all.
Thankfully, February is ending in a few more days.
Let's hope that March will be a better month ((:
Any job recommendation?!?!!!?!?  I NEEDA WORK !!!!!!!!!!
Wanna earn as much $$$ as i can in this coming March.
So that i can enjoy in April which i'm going to TAIWAN, (Y)
Honestly, i can't wait for April to arrive but noooo,
I need to enjoy my holidays first HAHAHA . 

Okay,just a to-do-blog list I came up with during the exam period.
  1. My ideal type 
  2. Text Buddy
  3. Stay/ Walk away
PS// just wanna share something more about myself.
Or you could clear your doubts here


Sunday, February 16, 2014


I guess this will be my last post in consideration of  my coming exams.
Yes, exams is coming within 5 days and i'm  just so behind time.
So many things undone , yet i'm not feeling anxious.
I have no idea why but i'm really not motivated to study.
Had migraines for the whole day, totally ruined my study plan.
AHHHH, i swear i hate migraines more than anything else >:(
I strongly feel that i'm really not meant for studying, i swear.
It's like migraines only occurs when i'm studying .
But when i use comp for recreational use, i miraculously recovered.
What the shit is wrong with my body, -.-
Real worried that my GPA will drop this sem, i really can't afford to. :'(
Ok i better stop whining, time to buck up starting from tomr!
Note to self : Complacency kills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, before i flood my post with only pics, i shall update a little bit of my life.
Basically, it's still as mundane as it is.
I received the B.E.S.T valentine's gift - MY PHONE DIED.
Yes, i guess my phone just wanna saddens me more by giving up on me when i need it the most.
Let me take this chance to recall what happened on that lonely day.
PS : My phone died right after i went out (nice timing)
I was on way back from Boat Quay, alone in the mrt train.
Every single one of them is using phone, - checking instagram/twitter/bla bla bla
And i'm like staring at my phone, wishing that PLEASE REVIVE.
But it didn't, making me stared into spaces for the whole journey back.

At that point of time, frankly speaking, 
I really feel so damn depressed.
It's like OUT OF ALL DAYS, this happened on Valentine's day.
Wow, what a nice timing oh yea.
And guess what happened?
Wtf seriously, is that even a joke or smth?!
Totally amused and i had to conclude that "My phone's pattern 多过 badminton"
#just #for #laugh

Okayy guys, forgives me for ranting so much like an old grandma.
I shall get back to updating.

\\PHOTOS TAKEN @ My distant relative's wedding dinner 

PS : not very close with them so this is the only pathetic photo i have. 
So only get to cam-whore with my eldest sister (: 

// BAINIAN'S gathering

Well, if you're a frequent reader of my blog, you will know how close i am
~With my secondary classmates <3 p="">
Until now, i'm nonetheless still grateful and thankful that i met them.
Those bunch of jokers who give me the reason to smile everyday :')
Real happy that i could join them this year, YAY #happygirl95

With Ji Wun & Bernice ^^ 

 Looks so fat here ): 
With Zhi yong, haha my face is so epic 
Handsome guys ((: 


 Heh, i look so happy here (Y)
Zhiyong's dog - Queenie 

                                                                   Zhenghui's dog- Sugar 
(Both so cute, i cannot) 

With Vanna & Ji Wun (: 

With all the pretty girls (bhb a little) :P

With Ji wun ^^ 

 My EXTREMELY SERIOUS LOOK when it comes to car racing games.
Apparently, i suck at it hahahaha.
And everyone was like "CQ, just drop your car license la"
So mean right!?!?!?!?!?!
Reputation @ stake for posting so many unglamn photos but who cares? 
Hahaha, sometimes being unglamn is better than glam #just #saying 
Credits : Pek Koon (best photographer) 

H.a.p.p.y  F.a.m.i.l.y :D 

Friday, February 14, 2014


Just a very short update before i hit the sack.
Well, so i just self-declared my official last day of school.
Which means i'm giving school a miss #tgif
Rather spend time studying @ home than attending a pathetic 2h lecture.
I guess, this is just one of the shortcomings that I've yet to accept.
Having to stay like 1000000000000 miles away from my school, FML.
It's like if i'm attending a 2h lesson = my travelling time back and fro.
Just so damn freaking far that you really don't have the mood to travel at all.
Especially when the debarment period is over now, YAY.
Exams is coming/ending in 2 weeks now, YES YES YES.
I'm just god damn excited for this sem to be over.
Yes, endure for 14 days more and I'M FREED!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to work and earn at least $2k for this holiday.
Yay, so many happening events will be held in March, GAHHH.
I'm pretty sure that i couldn't sleep before the last day of exams.
Too eggcited, what's sleep? JUST #YOLO hahaha

PS : Might be mia-ing without notice.
Will try to update my blog when i'm free!

Kind enough,
I'm gonna wish those attached peeps "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"
On a side note, those #forever #alone #peeps, don't be despaired. (:
One day, you will find the special one whom you have been looking for!
It's just a matter of time, just tell yourself -

Embedded image permalink

Valentine's day is really no big deal for me. (forever alone)
Honestly, I've never celebrated any Valentine's day in my entire life!
Yes, i'm not kidding.. My love life is such a disappointment.
But who cares? Life still goes on no matter whether you're single or attached.

Come, let's embrace the loneliness all together, CHEERS (:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What is love

Wanna blog about this since ages ago but,
As usual, i didn't have the time.

So my topic today is : WHAT IS TRUE LOVE?
Did some research online and here's what i got.

True love isn't about passion or lust or attraction or common interests and personalities. It's something altogether different. It's about learning to complement each other, learning to grow with each other. It's about doing love-things, even when you don't feel like it, even when life drives you to insanity, even if you think you've lost love. It's about commitment and perseverance and thinking and feeling and happiness. -- TimKing 

A part of me only agree to a certain extent.
Because of what i've witnessed/experienced in my 18 years of life.
"Seeing people who claimed that they are truly in love till eternity,
In the end seeing them fall apart,
But each finding another partner within minutes"
Wow, that's what is called TRUE LOVE
So where did all the happy memories go ?
How about commitments? Promises?
All those " I LOVE YOU" sweet-talking words were just bull shits, aren't they?

I really feel that nowadays, people tend to overstate the word "LOVE"
It's like it became a word that could come out from a person's mouth so easily.
When the word gets overly abused, it's no longer significant anymore.

"Love is like a evil trap. At first, it makes you believe that it's gonna be long-lasting. So it taunts you further, making you fall into it unknowingly. Little did you know, it turned out to be a nightmare. The greater you fall, the deeper your pain. And it didn't stop just like that. Every single day, it haunts you again and again with memories"

I fell into this shit once and trust me,
"Once bitten, twice shy" - you wouldn't want to try it again.
(Unless someone could prove to me that it's not gonna happen again)
Blissful heart>broken heart>cold heart...
You can forgive but you can never forget the pain .

\\The heart-wrenching pain you get when you woke up every single morning,
  Knowing that it's just a dream, never getting back to reality.

\\The sudden thought of crying when memories hit back like a wrecking ball. 

\\The sense of nostalgia you get when you happened to visit familiar places, 
 Bringing back all those painful memories, making you break down all again.

\\The wishes you make every single day, hoping that fate will bring us back together again. 

\\The predicament of wanting to sleep but memories haunt you without a break.
And you managed to fall asleep with tears in your eyes.

Yes, that's basically what I've gone through.
After umpteen times of falling and getting up on my  feet without ANY help,
I managed to survive from this painful experience. (Y)
I'm just so over and done with this crazy thing called Love.

For people who have been finding ways to cure a broken heart,
The best way is to give yourself TIME.
As the time passes, the lesser pain you experience.
The pain is ongoing but doesn't means that  it's permanent.
No matter how long it takes, it's only temporary.
And you will realise that the time you wasted is worth it afterall.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CNY 2014

A brief update of what's going on in my life ,
before i start bombarding millions of pictures..
Basically for me, CNY was okay/so so/alright/normal/neutral.
(Sucks to be me with limited vocab words)
And guess what, something is different this year.
What do i mean by DIFFERENT?
Because i'm 18 and that makes a HUGE difference.
Nah, just kidding. Hahaha forgive me for being lame even at this age.
Surprisingly for this year, i'm not AT LEAST interested in the red packets I've collected.
Came to terms that i don't give a damn of how much $$ I've received.
Weird much? Let me tell you why (i shall begin my old-grandma story)
[For me]
As the years goes, you cherish Kinship more than Money.
Because time don't wait for anyone.
The older you get, the lesser time you spend with your relatives/family.
Isn't that true?
"It's not about the amount of money you collected, but the amount of time you spent with your family members"
You can earn $$$ anytime but time is priceless.
Thus, I'm glad that CNY brought all of us back together. 
CNY is the best time for you to catch up, bond and socialise with your family members.
Cherish it , and you could die without regrets (:

I shall cut the crap of talking about visiting whoever's house cuz
(even if i mention, you wouldn't know who exactly i'm talking about)
So, i shall not beat around the bush.
Basically, i almost died BIG thanks to my killer heels.
Idk how high my heels are but seriously it hurts like mad.

A mundane #ootd

A sum up of my 1st day ; 
Visiting different houses, eating the typical CNY snack and collecting red packets.
Nothing is new yo, LOL
Luckily, we have poker cards to the rescue!!!
Bad luck chu yi cuz i kept losing -.- 

Ok, i stall start off with my shameless selfie :D

With my CUTIE PIE :D
Note: He cam make countless funny faces.

So i decided to try smth new on my face.
Yes, notice the BIG difference in my eyes???
"The wonders of make-up" ; don't you ever dare to underestimate.

Not forgetting, my dear parents :')

With 2nd sis.


Pardon me for spamming my #ootd for the second time.
Once in a lifetime hor, HAHAHAHAH 

All the tallies~ (shamelessly including me)
I know the truth hurts but still, i had to admit that
PS: the shortest one is pri 4 and she is already 1.6 m tall  #well #done

(finally a family photo but I'M NOT LOOKING AT THE CAMERA)
Can someone just bang my head to the wall?? 

Aiyo, my eyes HAHAHAH . Can you even see?? Ahem

Real thick make-up which only looks good in pictures, HAHA
But in real life, omg don't ever come near me. You will definitely freak out! 
#don't #judge cuz it's my freaking first attempt :/ 

Didn't bother to head out to bainian cuz we had more interesting stuff to do!
Visited all the shopping centers in Jurong East and IMM is still our fav.
Hahah, oh yea, we had our lunch @

Located in WESTGATE ; B1.
Shall rate it 8/10 cuz it's not bad and definitely worth it! 
Selling at $1.60 per plate which is cheaper than Sakae Sushi(ops)
However, one of the shortcomings is that there aren't many varieties of food compared to Sakae.
So i would recommend "ONE TRY IS GOOD ENOUGH" hahaha ok i am so bad :/
Or maybe, visit like once in a month or you will certainly get sick of the food.
Sorry, didn't take many photos cuz i'm too busy easy!
That clearly showed how hungry i am to a great extent. 


Trust me, you wouldn't be satisfied with just one. hahahaha

Had a mini cooking session with my dear sisters. :D

Embedded image permalink
Looks yummy, isn't it? (bleh, self-praise)
Hey, but it really tastes surprisingly great ok!!! #not #kidding
Joke - I found my talent. HAHAH ok just for laugh.

Finally done, hope you guys enjoy the post. (: