Monday, May 27, 2013

Live while we are young

Many friends of mine told me that I'm a happy-go-lucky person.
Which i kind of agree but disagrees secretly in my heart.
Yea, i might be smiling even at the slightest bit.
But that doesn't mean every of my smiles are genuine.
Sometimes, i smile because i had to.
Sometimes, i smile because things are awkward.
Sometimes, i smile because it's funny.
I might be smiling happily but i could be tearing inside.
So my point is I'm just showing the side that i want people to know.
And obviously without doubt, you wouldn't be able to see my weak side.
To be exact, i'm not even certain who i really am.
I often question myself " Is it really the real me? "
So which is the real me? All these questions just came across my mind.
Am i really a happy-go-lucky person or i'm just faking to be?
Lol, i sincerely have no idea.
#just #being #truthful

But one thing i'm certain is :
"I just want to lead a happy life "
Why makes life difficult for you when you only live once ?
"Treat everyday like your last day, Cherish all those happy moments and Abandon those unhappy thoughts"

Bear this in mind. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Carefree and easy

Hello everybody!
I really really really love this week.
Because we have a long weekend, YAY!!!!!!
So any idea how i spent my Vesak Day ?
Haha, basically i slept my whole morning away with my 10 hours of sleep.
Normally, a public holiday= family day = going out together
But this time round is different cause both of my sisters aren't free, sigh.
So yea, spent my whole afternoon rotting @ home.
Thankful that i spent my time wisely by doing my POA tutorial.
It's really satisfying to go out and enjoy after completing what you need to do.
So yup during the night, went for a movie date with Sophia Tan (Y)
Went to catch FAST & FURIOUS 6 , #lifeisgood.
Frankly speaking, i have no idea what this movie was about .
But everyone is complimenting how great it is so i wanted to check it out myself.
(To make sure that it's not overrated)
And i have only one sentence to comment :
"This movie is the best action movie that i have ever seen!"

It will be your loss if you choose not to watch it, your choice.
Haha so i really enjoyed  myself ytd though it's like a "stay-home-day"
And todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I spend my whole 6 hours in the library with Chen YiJia (Y)
Holy shit, 6 hours of studying!!!!!!!!
It's been a long time since i last studied for so long
The last time was during O'level period? 
I'm glad to say that it's super duper productive (Y)
So curious of what's the event tonight? Hoho
Going to X physique event @ Seng Kang (godly far) with Sis! 
Hope it will be fun being helpers, LOL.
Needa ton tonight till 6pm tomr, oh my god.
Body : #please #be #strong
Hahah and yea, there goes my Sunday~~~~ 

Okay, i think it's enough to flood with one large chunk of words.
In order to be fair, uploading photos is a must. 
Here's the photos taken @ Last A square session with my dearest classmates!
Basically my eyes couldn't be seen for 3/4 of the photos. T.T

A ghost is dancing behind me, LOL 

Time to be serious, young man. 

Pk's long hair 

Was trying to hit Zheng Hui (the photo bomber) 

LOL, i look like i'm so in love with Vanna Kuah. 

Our constipated face with our eyes cannot be seen. 

Apparently, i tried my best to open my eyes to the biggest. #still #small #like #never


LOL, sincerely retarded us 

Auntie Sierra here~ 
LOL look at ZHENG HUI'S EXPRESSION after pushing my head. #badass 

Nobody wanted to salute with me ): 

Good night peeps (: 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy 7~

Remember that i came up with this " To-do-list"  previously? 

Shall do a blog post about 
  1. Squash 
  2. Poly Friends
  3. L.o.v.e


So stay tuned yea (: 

So the first one is done.
And i'm going to do the next one which is to talk about my Poly friends.
Okay firstly, i want to thank GOD for giving me the chance to meet them.
I'm really really really lucky to have friends like them.
When i first entered into poly, i thought that i couldn't make it.
In a sense that i thought i couldn't find friends whom i can click .
But ended up, i got worried for nothing.
One thing that i'm sure about is :
They are DEFINITELY not friends with benefits.
Though we are only friends for a month, i really feel comfortable with them.
It's like you just say whatever you want without being afraid of getting judged.
And if you need their help, they will always be up on your back supporting you.
All those endless topics we have despite having so much time together.
Making every single of my poly days happy like never. 
That's how i feel uh #just #being #truthful
Previously, i almost had a mental breakdown due to my ECONS & POA.
Those 2 modules that i kept revising and revising but i still dun get a shit.
When i am thinking of just giving up and flunk them,
My dear friends came to my rescue and encouraged me not to give up.
I really thought nobody will care about my business except me, myself and i.
But i have never expected them to spend their precious time just to stay back to teach me.
Indeed, i'm really grateful to them for helping me genuinely.
You should know that in poly, the competition is just so freaking high.
Who will want other people to score better than them, isn't it?
Unless you really treat them as your true frens & You just genuinely want them to do well.
That's why my poly frens chose to help me instead of leaving me in the lurch.

Though our class is not very bonded, 
I feel a strong bond in my clique that nobody can break.
The saddest part is we can only be together for just ONE pathetic year.
Because when we reach poly year 2, we will be split once again.
And here comes the " Trying to make friends " process which i hated the most.
Can't believe how i will feel without my clique.
So empty. So lonely. So helpless ...
And all the insecurities problems will surface once again, damn.
How i wish we can still be in the same class for year 2 & 3.
I swear i will really miss them like mad :'( 

Time is limited and precious to me.
Since i can't change the fact, i shall just cherish the happy moments spent with them.
Adding on, i'm going to share with you ------- my sexy ladies :D 

Okie done, goodbye!!! ^^ 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

No regrets

Hi, i'm back again.
Hahah realised i'm always blogging during weekends .
But when it comes to weekdays, it's totally dead~~~
Feeling so satisfied because this weekend is definitely a productive one.
Finished all my tutorials that i'm supposed to #goodgirl95
However, because of that, i have to sacrifice my computer time.
Actually, i really have no idea why our course need us to buy laptops.
I mean it's like we didn't even have the chance to use it.
The only time i brought my laptop to school is because of laptop configuration.
And that's it.
Even though i have my personal laptop, i still prefer my comp.
So much easier and convenient to use, hoho.
Leaving my laptop to just rot and rot
But please don't die until 3 years later.

Okay, so to kill my boredom and able to join in the fun,



It's alright if you don't have an account, you can still ask questions.
And i wouldn't know who are you unless you're willing to tell me. 
Hahah, super convenient right?!?!?! 

Okie tata! ^^

I'm not the right one

Hi peeps.
Sorry for neglecting my blog for days & days.
Kept reminding myself to blog but always fail .
LOL, needa quit the mentality of " Shall blog tomr night instead"
Okay, so my life is great so far?
So today, i'm going to blog about 2 events .

First of all, SQUASH TRAINING!!!!

Currently, i enjoy most of the training cause it's fun.
And stress free.
Hahah releasing all my stress & anger on that poor ball, LOL.
Kinda disappointed that i have no talent in squash :/
Adding on is being a left-hander which is such a burden.
Sigh, why am i born being a left-hander?
Disadvantages here and there, sighpie 95 ):
Just hope that i can learn my basics well! *finger cross* 

Next, last monday was our "FORMAL-ATTIRE" day!
Not that we all agree on, we must wear like this for our presentation.
It's like a norm in business school so yea must wear until like business women/men.
So glad & relieved that my presentation is finally over!
It's like i am so nervous that i can't even sleep before the presentation day.
But i think i screwed my presentation because of my nervousness.
Aiya, it's alright. " One's failure doesn't determine anything "
Hahah, so i shall take it easy and work hard for the next presentation (Y) 

With classmates :D

With my little bro, haha .
Don't you feel that we really look alike?

Okie done, bye peeps! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Delayed post

This post is actually a delayed/overdue post which happened decades ago.
Didn't have the chance & time to blog about it .
So yup, since i have the time now, i shall share it here.
Last last friday, my poly friends and i went to Harveen's bdae party!
The party is held in one of the bungalows in Changi which is freaking huge!
The place is like 3 storeys high with countless rooms.
Frankly speaking, it's really retro but creepy at times.
LOL, cause it's really big that when you shout, you can hear your echo.
It's a pity that i didn't get to take the picture of how the place looks like.
Sorry, my bad.
Notice that i'm the only one wearing ORANGE dress? 

HEY, just wanna clarify that the bdae theme is "ORANGE & BLACK"
And i didn't have black dress, lol i'm serious.
So yup, in the end i wore this orange dress (my fav. one actually) 

Okay i think i said enough, TIME FOR PHOTOS (:

With Harveen (bdae girl) (: 

With Felicia ^^ 

With Kimberly :D 

With Shixian :] 

With Abby xD 

Hahah shi xian so cute! 

Lol retard to the next level. 

Group photo (:

Went to Kimberly's house before going to harveen's party.
And i fall in love with her dog.

Cute right?!!? This is the only decent photo that i can barely take.
Cause she kept moving her head non-stop ):
Hope to see her again, haha! 

Shall do a blog post about 
  1. Squash 
  2. Poly Friends
  3. L.o.v.e


So stay tuned yea (: 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Though i know that you wouldn't be reading this,
Mum, this post is dedicated specially for you.

Yes, today is a special occasion .
For us, to appreciate how great our mothers' love are.
But not, to treat her especially special today.
Why do i say so ?
You should treat her nice every single day instead of just occasions.
Just like our mothers, do they dote on you only for occasions?
The answer is no
I know that not every single one of you celebrate mother's day.
Or maybe some of you don't even know it's today.
And i'm not going to rant on people who take their mums for granted.

Just one thing i learnt today.
While some of us are celebrating happily for this special occasion, others might be grieving for someone's death. 
While we are taking our loved ones for granted, others might be regretting for not cherishing them before they left this world.

My point is -

Cherish what you have because you never know when you will lose it.

Thanks mummy for making my breakfast everyday without fail.
Thanks mummy for brewing coffee for me when i complained that i am tired.
Thanks mummy for treating me like a princess for 18 years.

Though i'm not a romantic person,
And i have not uttered those 3 words since years ago,
You know that i love you.
You are the best mum in my heart and always do.
Please take good care of your health and stop worrying about me.
I will do my best to study as hard as i can & do you proud like my sisters did.
I promised. 

You only live once

 Hello guys, i'm back for a short & sweet post.
Haish, had been sleeping lesser and lesser each day.
And it's always because of one reason :
No time to chiong my tutorials
So i need to sacrifice my bed time, sigh :/
I used to be like a pig who sleeps all day but i guess i can't anymore.
To be exact, i only started school a month ago?
But why do i feel like 3 months have passed already...
And guess what.
3 weeks later, ICA ( common test ) will officially start.
Not to exaggerate or what, i guess i will become a real panda by then.
And i'm not kidding.
It's only a month of school & i'm just so sick of it.
Really really really can't wait for June holiday, YES.
I just need a break.
POLY LIFE  is even tougher than sec 5 life, oh god.
Ok, i shall stop complaining. Bad habit finding trouble again, lol.
Just a good news to share with you.


Tried 2 trainings already and i totally love it.
Lol, ok i'm just kidding.
OF COURSE NOT LA, i where got so despo/ boliao -.-
Hahah, but i really really really like my coach!
Fyi- he's married.
Hahah, in short, he's so damn nice and funny (:
Shall tell you more when i have the time, lol

Look at how deep my eyebags are, arghhhhhhhh