Friday, November 30, 2012

7 more days

Anyeong peeps, i'm finally back to update.
Sorry  was too busy working everyday -.-
Worked long hours for continuous 6 days, #nolife
Especially the 3 days spent in raffles is really HELL.
Thankfully, luckily , fortunately ...
I started working @ BPP from today till sunday.
My boss is really such an ass.
He  must eye on me everyday, SIAN TTM.x.x
Do i really like a slacker that does nothing but talking??
& Actually, i really have no idea how long will i work for this job.
Compared to working @ raffles.
How i wish everyday is like this, HEAVEN please.
Haish, but i know my mean boss wouldn't allow this.
He will make sure that i will not slack at all, argh...

Okay enough of my rants about work.
1 more week to go!!!
Can't wait to see ...

Okie enjoy the pictures taken @ bpp during work!
Hehe, slack till like no tomr.
My face ,hah. 

Good night (: 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

first day

Hi guys, i'm back yea.
Today's really not a good day for me.
So click the X button if you don't want to hear my rants.

Woke up because of bad dreams , totally sian.
Then my whole body is aching , my legs even went numb for awhile.
Idk what is happening to my body .
Went to work but was late due to the train -.-
As expected, things didn't went according to what it meant to.
Was supposed to work from thursday to sat @ bpp .
But ended up, i'm gg to be STUCK @ RAFFLES place for 1 whole week.
Can someone please kill me?!?!?!?!
My boss agreed to let me work @bpp then suddenly forgot about the agreement.
FYI - i really hate ppl that didn't mean what they say.
Why bother saying if you don't mean it? 
Got super pissed but had no one to talk to.
Still had to put a FAKE SMILEY face infront of customers.
Hate it, today sucks ttm.
Especially thanks to my boss who totally ruined my day.
The most ANNOYING thing is i had to rot at Raffles...
&I bet i will lose even more weight -.-
Cause the food there is totally CMI ...
I swear you will really get sick of the food after working at there for 2 days.
The food is super super super limited & expensive.
Now i really dunno how to survive.
Haish, i really really really hope for a miracle.
Hope that my boss will let me work at bpp for 2 days at least.
So that i only need to work at raffles for 2 days.
Is that possible? I really hope it is.

i really hope that i can work at least days at bpp.

Please make it possible , please , please , please.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Don't think then you will be fine

 Anyeong guys.
Hah, haven't been blogging much recently.
Actually, my life is quite mainstream uh ><
Work for 2 days from 9.30am to 10 pm!!!
Total - round up 13 hours = standing continuously for 13 h
Luckily wore sports shoes the other day or else goodbye to my legs.
Actually wanted to skip to do others job cause selling perfume
IS TOO BORING -___________-
&&&&& Super super tiring.
Haish, went to a job interview for selling coach bags.
But i guess i didn't get shortlisted *sigh.
PS// i wanted to find promoter jobs actually.
So sian nor, seems like i got to carry on this perfume job for 1 more month.
*Sigh ... idk how to survive x.x
But my main aim is still - EARN AS MUCH MONEY AS I CAN.
Actually last time wanted to work in A&F .
But they didn't want to enlist packers already, sad max...
Hope i can work for that next year ^^
This whole week will be a boring week once again.
Work work work ...
What's life ?

Hah, enough of my rants already.

Anyway found this photo super cute.
It's also a good motivation quote for all of us.
Especially to people that tend to care too much.
The best is DON'T EVEN THINK then you will be fine.

Why bother to think of all those possibilities that may surface?
Instead of wasting time procrastinating ,
Spend time doing smth productive (: 


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Awesome night

I'm back with tons & tons of pictures ^^
My prom night is held @ Raffles Town Club.
Quite a nice place eventually, food was nice though.
Didn't win any lucky draw, no luck D:
Ytd was really an awesome night with classmates!
Saddd that it's over but at least the memories stay.
Think this is the last time meeting together as a class?
Hmm, really really hope that we will have class outing in the future!
Surprisingly, my 4 inch high heels didn't give me a big problem.
Felt actually quite comfortable with the heels except that it's too high.
Hah, it's a worth buy anyway!
Okie enough of my craps (bet you guys didn't even read)


time (
A bit blur though... 

Our #ootd for prom, haha

With Wei Jian (: 

With class girls <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Like this picture though :D

Class jokers :P


With Alvin ^^

With BFF! :DD 

With clique ^^ 

With jocelyn (: 

with yijia :D

with marvin :]

Our class clown ^^ 

With sophie body fit ^^

With mr tan!!! 

With pek ^^ 

 Like this the most :D 

With zheng hui !! ( 10 years fren )
With vanna!!! (: 
Class guys ^^ 

With cheng yang :]

Class 5A 

Bye (: 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prom night

Today is the day which i have been waiting for ages .
Hehe, so freaking excited yea.
Had been anticipating this since the very start of the year.
And it's finally TODAY :o
Idk but i really like going to this kind of event.
Dolling myself up with pretty dress/shoes/ OMG EVERYTHING.
Haha, i remembered the last time i went was when i'm in primary 6?
Still remembered the outfit i wore during graduation night.
And time flies , i became old already.
I'm 17 now & i have graduated from my sec school.
5 years just passed like this in a blink of an eye.
Actually i really can't bear to leave this school, my class.
But oh well, what can i do?
Can't possibly retain one more year ; isn't it?
Can only continue with my life & move on.
Memories will be etched forever in my heart, that's enough.
Just hope that nothing goes wrong tonight.
& Hope we can enjoy ourselves AS MUCH AS WE CAN .
Will take a lot a lot a lot of pictures & blog about it someday , k?
Hehe, i'm so excitED ; can't wait to see all my classmates too ^^

Monday, November 19, 2012

Let's stay like this forever

 ANYEONG peeps, i'm back!!!
Time for some real update, shall we?
Recently, i had been too busy ENJOYING MY LIFE.
Sorry for neglecting my blog, my bad :/
Hah, but I'M BACK with pictures!!!

All these pictures were taken during my class chalet.
It's a 3 days 2 night chalet @ NSRCC sponsored by Mr Choo.
He's really an awesome teacher that guides us along real well.
Without him, we wouldn't make it far.
Really thanks for everything you did :)
Back to updating...

First day : 14/11/12
A long journey to there.
Finally reached there around 3 plus.
Really regretted for not swimming at all.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sad to the max :'(
If i get a chance to go there again , i will definitely go !!!
In the evening, we had BBQ for dinner!
Really big thanks to " Yap Jin , Zheng Hui and Simon"
for helping us to make a successful bbq.
Without them, i think we can't even eat anything -.-
Played mahjong with classmates, quite fun actually.
Now i really know how to play mahjong (:
& kind of addicted too ...

Second day : 15/11/12
Night fishing @ the coastal jetty.
Super cool please, HEHE.
This is my first time fishing , teehee.
Okay in the end like what blackie said, we spent
95% talking crap ; 5% real fishing.
But it was a good experience cause i gained smth fruitful.
Anyway it was fun (:
Counted as ton the whole night actually.
Cause we only stopped fishing till 6 in the morning.
Was supposed to view the sunrise but we were all too tired.
Such a waste actually :/
The journey back to chalet was extremely tiring.
Almost dozed off while walking.
The funny thing is when i went back to room, i can't get myself to sleep!!!
So in the end forced myself to sleep for 2 hours.
The second day was quite boring eventually.
The girls made breakfast for part of the class.
Lucky guys right, sit there watch tv only :P
Hehe, after that some ppl went to play soccer/pool/bowling.
As usual, i will obviously choose pool instead.
Then after that went back to chalet to sleep.
OK most stupid decision ever -.-
In the end slept for 1 hour then woke up already, just can't sleep any longer.
Think i can't get used to the atmosphere.
After i woke up , went to the beach ALONE.
Omgg, sorry i think i'm a sadist but i enjoy being alone (:
The scenery is AWESOME !
Wrote smth along the beach route about ..., teehee.
After that , went to some nearby restaurant to eat TZI CHAR.
Is it supposed to spell like this?
Aiya, idk since it's the first time i eat this anyway.
-My first time-
Quite nice actually, ate until super full.
So i guess it's worth it still (:
Then went back chalet to play mahjong again.
So happy that i won 2 rounds by " zi muo " 
Around 9 plus, went back home already.

Okie that's all of my updates.
With class babes :DDD 

Our room!!!

It's supposed to be a girl's room but Glenn intruded!!! 

 Wanted to compliment this place SUPER BADLY.
This resting area is super awesome!!
There are comfortable sofas and tables for ppl to use.
Super good please, i even took a short nap @ there.

Ironically, i wasn't looking @ camera. It's the back of KARAOKE room. 

COOL RIGHT? It's like PUB x.x 

Love this mirror, an ideal place for #ootd pictures, HAH

ending off with my scenery pictures.
Of course it was taken @ my favourite place.

goodbye (: