Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My tears just keep on flowing.

Really ; there are so MUCH problems to handle while living.
Sometimes i rather to die than to live.
Never-ending problems ; all waiting for you to solve.
Everything is decided by fate ; you can't change anything.
If God wants to die @ this age; You must die.
Why can't we choose our own path; our own fate?
Everything has been decided even before you're born.
Aren't you like a prisoner waiting to be sentenced when the time comes?
& All you can do is just accept it "This is life"

As for me ; I want to lead a HAPPY & CAREFREE LIFE.
To me, living sadly is = to a dead person.
But when will i ever be happy for life?
I tried to be happy everyday but my wish did not come true.
Problems come & go whenever there are chances...

  • Friendship/ Love/ Family/ Money/ Studies/ Stress/Homework.

Tired of solving never-ending problems/ troubles.
I just hope one day i can really be free

Now, my grandfather is lying in the hospital due a serious fall.
He is so old already but yet he need to endure these.
& The shitty thing is he need to go for a operation.
HE IS 85 YEARS OLD ALREADY & fuck this.
He is so THIN even thinner than me.
Yet, he need to go through all these.
& Me ; i can only stand by ; doing nothing.
How i wish i can do something to make him feel better.
Seeing him in the ICU ; so weak & can't even speak
Makes me feel so ....
Why is life so unfair??!?!?!?!!
& I swear ICU is really a fucking scary place.
Anytime when the machine makes some sound, it will scare the hell out of you.
You dunno what's going to happen.
You can only sit there ; doing nothing or maybe praying?
I feel so useless that i can't help him.
I'm so HEALTHY , energetic ,strong .
Yet i can't give some to him.
I can only sit back & do nothing.
I don't deserve to be like this .......

Monday, February 27, 2012

You see, i can definitely live without love.

ANYEONG peeps, I'm back yea~
I'm actually half happy; half saddddd...
Just watched finished 步步惊心 after 1 week?
Haishh, the ending really CMI to the max...
Butttt the journey was AWESOME (Y)

  • Sadddd cause the ending SUCKS...
  • Happy cause there's 步步惊心二!!
Buttt idk whether the second part is reliable anot.
Scarly dun even have part two nor )):
Somemore still need to wait for a long time before it's aired ):
Haish, just hope that it's REAL nor!!!
Confirm + chop wan to buy the DVD ; hehes.
It's really a nice & DIE DIE MUST WATCH show (Y)

Hope i can blogg more often (:
Cause i no longer need to watch shows anymore.
& Think i can abide to using 2h comp per day (:

Take a look @ the OLD ME!!!
FYI : It's when i'm in primary 5...
Taken @ China//.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

HELLO peeps, I'm back yea!
Ytd , went to lot 1 to meet up with Jac (:
Went to watch "Dance dance dragon" , followed by a dinner @ kfc.
The movie theater is freaking cold x.x
Went home around 9 +++!
Today, went to meet Eunice @ Jurong point (:
Bought a new pair of shoes @ mondo! (Y)
Simply love it to the max !
Spent like 3 months finding a pair of suitable shoes man..
& Met Haikal @ john little, HAHA !
Saw a lot of my frens today (:
Spent like $50+++ today ? *heart pain !

Okayy, i'm so freaking happy cause :
4 more days to GO & MARCH IS THERE!
Reasons why i'm so freaking excited that march is coming :

  1. Sandcastle building @ EAST COAST on 3/3/11
Omgg, so freaking excited cause it's next sat!
Hope our class can have this as bonding session (:

2. SPORTS DAY on 8/3/12

Will be participating in the relay run! (:
Really hope that i can be the last runner :/

3. BP DAY!
Woots, a day out with my classmates ! <3

Lastly, it's MARCH HOLIDAYS!
HUAT AH, can stay at home relax (:
& Time to meet up with old frens to shopping~

March is the only month i'm looking forward to.
So many FUN & EXCITING EVENTS waiting for me.
Totally awesome (Y)

My dad bought this ionizer machine for thousands dollars.
Use : Prevent people from getting cancer.
I find it a bit unbelievable actually...
But this machine got acid/alkaline/filtered & many alternative water.
So it's quite cool actually but it's still EXPENSIVE!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not to take you for granted.

By saying the factual truth,
People tends to forget the ones that are always there.
However, care too much for the ones that aren't there.

People tends to take people for granted.
Especially friends that stay with them no matter what happens.
It's always like that.
Caring for the wrong people ; Forgetting the good.
That's why i said :
"Don't treat him/her number 1 when they treat you nothing "
It's really not worth it okay.
Instead of forsaking your 24/7 frens cause of just one ;
Do you think it's worth it ?
Let me tell you , in the end you will have NOTHING left.
Cause even your 24/7 frens will leave you all alone.

In order not to let this happen :
Treasure the ones that deserve it (:
I'm also reminding myself on doing this
"Not to take you for granted"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

我要步步惊心 2ND PART!

Really sorry for the lack of update.
I think my blog gg to be dead soon, NOOOOOOOOO~
Hmm nowadays, I'm freaking busy!
Busy watching 步步惊心!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so freaking nice man, so damn addicted to it!
I think i'm going to buy the DVD ; hah.
I'm obsessed to this extent like seriously :/
Hehes, recently i'm also addicted to basketball.
Dun ask me why cause i dunno too, LOL...

Okieee, i shall reco the MAIN CHARACTERS...

Really like them as couples (:


So damn cute right?!?!

He's like TELETUBBY :D

Okie done, goodbye~
Will update soon okie..

Friday, February 17, 2012

I will prove you wrong

ANYEONG everybody, I'm back yea~
Hmm my apology for the late update again ):
Will try to update more okie ^^

Recently, I had been busy watching
Within 2 days, I've finished watching 8 eps already!
Pro right??!?!?! Hah, cause IT'S SO FREAKING NICE.
Really super super duper ADDICTED to it...
Anyway got back my Common Test results already.
As expected, my Science failed again . 45/100
*Sigh , it will be a miracle if i passed LIKE SERIOUSLY.
I fail until i also S.I.A.N already #okcan

From now on , I will restrict myself from using too much comp.
Normally i used around 4-5 hours a day.
But will try to restrict to 2-3 hours bahh :/
Actually it's possible if only i never watch BU BU JING XIN.
But it's so freaking nice, how to stop?!
& I really hate self-study...
The whole morning;afternoon;evening already spent @ sch.
Still need spend time to study @ night
Oh my god, please spare me uh >.<

Okayy shall cut the crap!
Enjoy the photos (:
The cool style~

Love this pic~

Hah, act cute pose is up!

Jiawen & I :D

Okayyy , bye~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stay unaffected.

I know it's really difficult to get over it.
Especially when you need to see the person you dislike
B.U.T just try! One day you can do it!
The more you harp on it, the more sad you are,
Pull yourself up & get over it!
He/she just want you to suffer in their hands but
YOU SHOULDN'T fall for their tricks !!!

I've been through this before for TONS.
I knew how hard it is .
But be strong!
Show them your true willpower ; what you can do!

Hmm got one thing to say ...
Whateva tumblr pics i post ; whateva words i type after that
Is all what i think truthfully.
Not to pin-point/ scold anyone yea (:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Without you, my life wouldn't make a difference

HELLO everybody, I'm back yea!
Hope you guys enjoy WELL today alright!
Well as for me, it's like just a NORMAL tuesday for me.
Hehe, & i didn't receive any guy present :)
But still, i've FRIENDS gift, (Y)
I want to congrats all those who belong to #foreveralone group!
Don't worry, I'M WITH YOU ALL !
Hah, cause now i still couldn't find my Mr Right.
But nvm, love can't be rushed, let fate decide (:
So now , i should jolly well enjoy my S.I.N.G.L.E life yea!

Even though i really envy those ppl who received TONS of presents,
I must be contented of what i have.
So yaaaa, C.H.E.E.R.S~

Anyway today isn't a good day for me.
In fact, it's UNLUCKY DAY >:(
Hymph! Cause today early in the morning ,
I was scolded by my sch DM due to eating during class.
The first time i got shouted by my DM, wow right?
Then after that i hurt my back while bumping into smth sharp -.-
So ya now, i had a BIG blue black...
Hmm quite a suay Valentine day for me!
Okkay enough of the rants ya.
It's supposed to be a happy occasion , *my apologies
Okie, gtg, tata! ^-^

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Once bitten, twice shy

I had been cheated once.
Even cheated twice.
Okay, i swear there won't be a third time.
I won't be deceived so easily again.
Never ever in my life, this is gonna happen again.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

If only you can get what you wish for

HELLO peepos, I'm back yea~
Okk, this is supposed to be a emo post.
B.U.T i've changed my mind.
Shouldn't let just 1 person ruined my mood ~

Went to TOWN with Xiaohui (:
With my SCHOOL SHOES, haha super malu.
Went to Far East plaza to find nice SUITABLE shoes.
But can't find any, sad max ..
After that went to Lucky Plaza to play POOL.
Seriously pool addiction uh >.<
Okk then something FUNNY happened.
There's 1 group of ladies who spent 1 hour @ the toilet.
Doing what?!
Busily doing their make-up for like 1 WHOLE HOUR?
#okcan Really win liao lor.

Went to PULAU UBIN with Np mates :D
Heheh totally FUN TO THE MAX!
High Rope Elements is so damn challenging & exciting!
& It's our last trip to pulau ubin already, kinda sad.
But anyway , FLYING FOX is the best of all!
Hahah, after that went to Scape @ night with Clique ^-^
Bought 2 tops ; both $5 @ flea market.
Hah, super love the tops man! Can't wait to wear them.
Then bought valentines' gift for my love friends (:
Reached home around 11pm...

Realised i had spent too much nowadays.
I think almost to $100 already...
Need to start working & earn back! HAH.
Okie done, tata (:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

If i know you're like this, i wouldn't have go with it.

HELLO dudes & babes ; I'M BACK ALREADY^^
Hmmm, I'm back to actual blogging again~
Ytd was a lovely day because THERE'S NO SCH FOR ME.
H.u.a.t AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Went on a date with mum until afternoon .
Hehehs, after that
we had our class bbq @ YT stagmont park!
Felt quite guilty that i didn't help much in the bbq
Really sorry about that :/
After that played 2 rounds of basketball with classmates.
Hehehs, i could say IT'S SO FREAKING FUN!
But one warning : Don't play basketball barefooted.
I swear you will get blisters right after that .
Which is also why i'm "crippled" now.
Okk, anyway had a fun day jiu shi le (:
Tomr going town+ pool with XIAOHUI!
Hehehs, so longg never go shopping ler~

Shall cut the crap.

Smilling happily with XIAOHUI PHONE (:
Showing off my watch, HEHE.
Love this to the max ^&^
Retarded face.
Our christmas exchange gift~ WE PICKED THE SAME PLASTIC BAG...
Candid shot (:

Okie done , bye~

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you don't mean it, then dun say it.

After all these pain i've been through,
I finally understand the meaning of this phrase.
It's really NOT EASY to find someone like that.
Only they will truly ACCEPT you.
Only they will have complete TRUST in you.
Only they will stay by your side when you need them.
True friends are hard to find, SO PLEASE...

I'm really quite lucky to have some true frens.
Even having 1 is counted LUCKY okie!
For those fake frens, it's better if you just don't have it.
By saying the truth, i rather be friendless than having fake frens.
If i need to live by pretending, i will rather die :)

I've realised something.
When you dislike one person, No matter what he/she do
You will not change the opinion of them.
You will just keep on disliking them.
There's no way things can be solve the way you want it to be.
So nvm, i will take it easy .
It's okay to have haters in your life right ?
I will change for the BENEFITS of myself .
& For the sake of my frens that i truly care.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Proud of myself

HELLO everybody! I'm back yeaaa (:
Hmmm, i'm very happy today because of 2 reasons :

  1. I've have changed my ENTIRE blogskin after ages^^
With N.E.W songs okieee, so better listen hor :D
I spent straight 2 hours editing the whole blog skin.
Seriously, it's been a long time since my blog had a black background...
But anyway, love it to the max!
It's a pity that i can't change the phrase "Sweetness is everything"
Actually want to change it to " Tomorrow will be better! "

Really happy that i passed the paper (:
FYI, it will be a miracle that i can pass my CHEM.
So yup, do feel happy for me *claps
Hahaha, but overall , my Science still fail.
Ironic right? Hmm , but shouldn't dwell about it so much.
At least I PASSED! (Y)

Okie , nothing much already.
Just hope chers will give us our papers back.
I'm so eager to know all my CT results (:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fav. pix :D

Saturday, February 4, 2012

If you have this kind of frens, jolly well unfriend them.

I really despise ppl that are like this ;
Who can forsake their frens just because of love.
No prejudices to who, but just saying what i think.

Come on lah, when you & ur love fall out;
Your love?
NOOO, they are FRENS that truly care about you.
I mean its like though YOUR LOVE is everything,
But doesn't mean your friends ARE NOTHING RIGHT.
If you're still living in your " You& I"world
Then jolly well leave your frens.
Just tell them, "Bye i've found my true love, i dun need you anymore"
It's really better rather than keeping mum.
Acting like you care; giving the slightest concern seriously
"Might as well you don't give" , * roll eyes

  • Ignoring your frens for your love isn't the worst part.
Let me give you a scenario :

When you & your best frens are THE CLOSEST to the max,
Then suddenly the love came into the pic.
Everything changed, no longer the same as before.
You knew that you have been replaced.
That's not the worst part.
It's when you got ignored so many times, you just forget it.
When you decided to give up on the friendship,
Your "best friend" came back because of what ?
Because something happened & he/she treat as a substitute .
First you just brush it off & even got happy that you're treated like this.
You just happily think that you're not forgotten.
Then when everything is resolved, get back to the old situation.
Got ignored again , got "ditched " again , & all those shit just came back.

If you have this kind of frens, just don't get close to them.
Because they dunno the importance of frens.
They're just using you when they need ppl to accompany them.

"Cherish those that cherish you "
& Ditch those that take you for granted (:

Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello everybody, I'm FINALLY BACK YEA!!
As promised, i said i will blog today, MEANS I WILL...
Hah, hmm common test was okay okay .
Although hugging Buddha legs wasn't fun at all,
well at least i think i can make it for CT bah..
Hmmm thanks to my extra revision during holidays *wink
Mr Choo is right, if you revise a bit during holidays,
You will surely miss out a lot of things & unable to catch up.
So yup, i did heed his advice .
Hehe, i've realised i had become much more stronger.
Last time , i used to cry when i've got bad grades.
But now , i don't . I'm quite thankful to what i get.
A good thing? Isn't it ? No longer the crybaby anymore.
Just one opinion of what i think , dun mind me yea.
" If you didn't make any effort of trying then getting bad grades is what you deserved"
That's what i think, dun be the same like me in the past.

Last time when i get bad grades,
I will cry like hell, CURSING WHY THIS HAPPEN TO ME.
But i've never realise why did this happen .
I blame the teachers, school mates & everyone except myself.
I'm jealous of students that did better to me.
Crying that i did try but just didn't get the results that i "deserved"
This is S.T.U.P.I.D okay.
If you really tried your best ,
& What i mean the BEST
  • Is sacrificing MORE TIME than others.
  • Is forsaking all your entertainment purpose
  • Is being serious in everything you did
  • Concentrating & work towards your desire goal.
If you didn't, you failed to do your best .
Even if you get bad grades, dun blame anyone.

Hehehs, i'm done ...
Hmm, going to watch RUNNING MAN already~
Goodbye, have an enjoyable weekend!