Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good things come to wait

Fri : Yes, time to enjoy
Sun : Huh, back to sch tmr?!?! So fast 

Sadly, my precious weekends is coming to an end.
Thankful that this weekend is a good one except Fri.
I hate it when there's no plans/ plans ruined especially on FRIDAY!
Argh, ultimate turn-off when it's #TGIF
Luckily, my computer is there to accompany me for the lonely night.
So i didn't feel like a emo nemo in the end, haha. 
Shall update the Halloween & S.I.T event when i'm free so stay tuned~
Anyway, i had been spending WAY too much this month.
I guess i had already spent $200+ on shopping, OH MY GOSH.
Really needa stop being a shopaholic if not ;
My pay will be long gone by then.
So I've calculated my Oct pay and i'm so so so glad that 
MY PAY FINALLY hit $1K , (Y)
Thus, i'm going to take a break from work.
After the next week... 
Not gonna chiong for work anymore cause Studies is way more impt.
Really can't afford to be complacent & get humiliated further.
Words are nothing but Results meant something.
So i'm gonna prove those mockers wrong #yesthat'stheway
Idk why but i'm really a very SLEEP-CONSCIOUS person.
Lol good or bad?
Because i just hate not having adequate sleep.
So i always make sure that i sleep AT LEAST 7hours a day.
And my average sleeping hours is 8-9 hours daily.
Some people called me a pig or whatever but i don't give a damn.

"Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?"


Friday, October 25, 2013

Prove me right

Can you believe that it's friday already??!!?
I couldn't but i'm glad that weekends is finally coming!
Great, just one more week nearer to the end of 2013.
I just can't wait for the arrival of 2014 (Y)
So i'm here to SPAM my blog with plenty of photos .
(As compensation for not updating regularly )
Bear with me, just 1 more week and i will be back!

Who says, the beach only belongs to the couple?!?!?!?
I spent my last day of holiday with my BESTEST friend- Ms Lim.
Madly desiring to visit this place SO BADLY since the start of holiday.
But i was too busy working that i don't even have the time to do so.
Thus, i'm really thankful that i came & conclude my last day of holiday.
Before the beach date, we went for SAKAE SUSHI BUFFET.
And managed to stuff ourselves with 20 plates *self-pat*
Life's good yea!
Shall shut the crap cause the photos will do the rest!

Eyes difference, WALAO...

Lol wts am i trying to do ?!?!! 

Next, Sophia's 18th surprise bdae party!!!! (Y)
Glad that it's a success even though Yijia & I are bad planner.
The most absurd thing is -
When we were trying to light up the candles for the cake
We have no freaking IDEA of how to use the lighter.
Oh my god, ultimate siasuey when we are already 18!
Hahah luckily we sought help from her neighbours LOL .

The failed planners~ 

Okie tata!!! 

Monday, October 21, 2013


Today's post will be something different from others.
So i promised to talk about what's gg to happen when this sem ends right?!
Yup, that's right. I have decided to go for a makeover.
Actually it's nothing fascinating but i'm going to do smth to my

Though obviously these 2 pics doesn't belong to my hair,
Yes, my hair's really damaged to that EXTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And i really have no idea why is this so.
First of all, i didn't DYE my hair B.E.F.O.R.E
Next, i didn't straighten/curl NOT EVEN FOR ONCE.
(except my fringe which i straightened twice)
Sighhh, and my hair condition is really at this FML stage.
The sole reason which i can think of is none other than Swimming.
Sadly, i really love swimming and i have been restraining myself because of my hair.
Honestly, i do feel inferior especially when i see ladies with healthy & nourished hair.
Totally unlike mine- awfully dry and disgusting.
How i wish i can just shave botak and i'm done worrying.
The hard truth of being a girl depressed me even further. 
Many friends have comforted me saying that my condition isn't that bad.
However, i have a question.
What if your hair is like mine- Will you still say the exact same thing to me?
Honestly, i'm really that tempted to shave botak for the sake of better hair.
But i shall not let my rashness turns into smth that i will regret for LIFE.

So in order to stop me from getting depression, smth needs to be done.

Just a brief introduction of what i use for Remedy previously...
For clarification purposes, i'm not trying to condemn anyone not to buy these products.
It's just my own opinions that those i have mentioned didn't work for me. 

1. Loreal Anti Frizz Serum 
In my case, after apply for more than a year, it didn't works at all.
I apply it diligently everyday and the effect can only last me 3 hours.
And then, my shield is over. That's it, my frizzy hair finds me again. 

2. Essential Premier Hair Mask 
Which is apparently recommended by many famous artists.
I've tried this product for almost a year and yes no improvement at all.
Despite applying twice per week, the effect only last on my hair for a day.

3. Ellips Hair Vitamin
There are 4 different types as follows:-

[Purple - Nutri Colour] : NUTRI COLOUR with triple care formulation helps to nourish your colored hair, treat dull hair caused by sunray, and preserve healthy shine of colored hair.

[Pink - Hair Treatment] : The combination of Jojoba Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A,C,E helps treat damaged hair structure & reduced split end caused by hair blow-drying, curling, colouring, rebonding. Hair looks healtier, manageable and shiny.

[Black - Black, Soft & Shiny] : SHINY BLACK for your black hair. Formulated with the combination of Candle Nut & Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protectant, Vitamin A&E & Pro Vitamin B5 nourishes, protect hair from sunray & helps nurture the healthy shine of your black hair. Enjoy the beauty of shiny looking, smooth and manageable black hair.

[Yellow - Smooth & Shiny] : The combination of Aloe Vera Oil, UV Protection, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A&E to moisturise, to provide nutrition and to make your hair smooth, manageable and shiny.

Credits : Halla Walla 

Unlike other products, i'm quite satisfied about this.
Though this product does not produce a permanent effect, 
it manages to keep my hair nourished, smooth and manageable for the entire day!
A bottle consists of 50 capsules so i will recommend a cheaper packaging- 6 capsules.
Which costs around $1.50- $2 for 6 capsules. Cheap, isn't it? 
Highly recommended for daily use by applying it after washing your hair.

Hopefully to achieve a permanent effect, i have decided to try "Castor Oil" for experimentation.
Since my hair is already so damaging, i have nothing to lose.
I shall give this a try and sees whether there's improvement for my hair.
If there's none after 3 mths, i will go for a makeover.
Which is most probably going for hair straightening .
That will be my last resort and i sincerely hope i wouldn't have to do it.
Though i didn't do it before, I TRULY KNOW the aftereffects left behind.
It's like once you start straightening, you COULDN'T stop.
I really don't want this to happen to me.
But if i'm left with no choice, i will have to do it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Real sorry for the lack of update recently..
So my first day of school turned out fine & i'm satisfied with my timetable.
Thankful that i have only 1 '8am class & 1 '6pm class (Y)
Oh yea, i'm so glad that i didn't get NMH for Econs already!!!!
Sorry but i had to admit that he is the worst teacher ever!!! 
Or else i'm pretty sure i couldn't survive for next sem.
Unfortunately, i'm still unable to get used to school life.
Sleeping only like 6-7 hours a day is really a TORTURE to me..
That's why my dark circles are surfacing like nobody's business.
Noooooooooooooooooooooo, i need to start sleeping early already! 
Planning to work only once or twice per week.. 
Haish, kinda sick of working because of the people there.
I mean it's like so different now, so many new comers...
Sigh, those people whom i am comfortable working are no longer there.
The ultimate SIAN thing is when new comers are not being initiative enough.
Then you have to do everything for them, it's really like -.-
Ok shall stop ranting about unhappy stuffs. 
Yes, the day has arrived! 
Omgg omgg can't wait for HALLOWEEN event !!!
Honestly, i have never been to USS before so later- it will be my 1st time.
I'm really really really afraid that my heart couldn't take it.
How how how? I think i cannot sleep already :'(
Really hope it's worth it & fun cause the tix costs me a BOMB!
Shall blog about it once i have visited the place okie *PINKY PROMISE*

So what's happening to this week?
Yes, we only have school for 3 days, OH YEA.
Didn't have sch for Tues & Wed, guess what?!
The HARDCORE me has decided to go to work instead.
Lol, i should stop being such a workaholic esp when sch has started.
Time to focus on my studies instead of work, right?!

Can't believe time really passed in a blink of an eye.
How i wish i could fast forward the time immediately to March.
Oh ya, for the next post, i will be talking about what's gonna happen in March,
So stay tuned to the next post okie ^^ 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Today's the last day of my holidays.

And i'm starting to regret for not enjoying enough before sch starts.
On a sadder note, i spent more than half of my holidays WORKING.
Yes, slogging so hard that i have no idea why my bank acc didn't increase any $$$.
So damn sad that i didn't get to hit my $1k.
I've decided to work while studying in order to hit my $1k by end of Oct.
(Hopefully, i can) If i promised to be thrifty...
Thankful that when sch starts, my allowance will be back (Y)

Outdated pics taken with Jia Yun! (:
Though we only meet like ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, we are still close like ever!
Love talking to her because we are very very very ALIKE.
If only we live near each other then i will be able to see her more often, haha.

So i have a problem with the couple sitting beside us, HAH. 
Retard to the next level.

A random note... 

Actually, FYI.

At the age of turning 18, it might be a great deal to you.
Yes, you get to club/ visit pubs.
Yes, you are able to watch M18 movies.
Yes, you can get married legally.
Yes, you are turning to an adult in 3 years time.
But so ???
Once you turned 18, it's no BIG deal to you anymore.
Idk why but for me, i feel this way.
The awful truth is "You are just one year older & nearer to A.D.U.L.T life"
Since young, i have always yearned to be an adult instead of being a child.
Now, i beg to differ.
Seriously, i will do whatever it takes to be a child again.
Because work society slowly divulges how cruel reality is.
It's like you will never know whether the smile is genuine or not.
And you have to be constantly worried of stuffs that you don't even care when you were young.
Once you're no longer contributing anything, out you go.
Get my point?
Thinking that poly's life is just a platform for you to get used to the nether world.
Sigh, how i WISH i can never grow up .
I hate work society because it's so freaking complicated.
And it's never peaceful.
So my point is ; Just mind your own business and do your job. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

End it before it kindles fire


Hi, today's post will be something special.
Shall skip the usual updates since it's kinda boring.
Since young, i'm really an ultra tom-boy.
Yes, i do wear skirts.
Yes, i yearn to have long hair.
Yes, i do dress up sometimes.
However, i have 10 "girly" stuffs that girls will normally do. (But i don't) 

  1. Apply nail polish
  2. Use colour contacts
  3. Visit accessories shops 
  4. Afraid of own unglamns being exposed 
  5. Care about their image cautiously
  6. Basic make-up
  7. Edit their photos to perfection
  9. Smitten to sweet honeyed words
  10. Enjoy watching romance movies/ dramas

Not saying that all girls will do these but i'm sure there's at least one.
For me, there's none.
Just simply hate doing stuffs that girls are likely to do.
Weird much but yea that's me.
Not surprising that guys remind me to be more feminine, i get it all the time. 
And i guess i have always BRO-zone all my guy friends.

A lot of guys think that girls need companion wherever they go.
Lol, sorry but i have to prove them wrong.
I'm one good example because i don't.
Ironically, i prefer to be alone all the time.
What's wrong with being alone? LOL.
I totally enjoy the times being alone because there's peace.
Peace in my mind and so does my brains.
They call it "Lonely/ emo nemo" but i prefer a better term (INDEPENDENT)
Hahahah, ok i shall stop here right now.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Forever and always

Oh god, i have no idea why the weather is so hot nowadays?!
Seriously, i feel like i'm in sauna even during the night.
Why oh why?!?! The weather is really driving me crazy.
One last week of freedom and i'm no longer a free bird anymore.
Some self thoughts for school reopen?
Kinda excited yet afraid. 
Having mixed feelings though, lol #fickle-minded
However, i think i'm ready for school!

Just a quick update of what's happening recently.
Went out with my 2 dearest BFFs , like FINALLY!!
Nothing beats than spending real quality time with them (: 

"Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts. "

Acting "innocent" LOL 

So thankful to have them in my life <3 nbsp="" p="">From strangers>classmates>friends>Best friends.
Little did i expect that we can stay like this throughout the 5 years.
Honestly, i really miss secondary school times.
And the biggest reason why is because of THEM.
Without them, school will be boring like ordinary.
We used to skip classes together just to have h2h talks.
We used to sit together and do stupid stuffs together.
We used to sneak into the hall to play the piano, acting like some pro.
Whenever i'm sad, i don't need to say anything & they will be there.
My ugly side?
They have seen it through but they chose to stay.
Because we are and will be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (: 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Solo player

Hey readers,
I got my PAY!!! Happy x Infinity (Y)
After working for a mth in magnum, i finally receive $$$.
Nothing is comparable to the feeling of getting your own hard-earned money. 
Though i didn't reach my target ($1k), it's not a problem actually.
I still have 2 more weeks to chiong before school starts.
Starting to think whether it is worth it or not.
Cause i'm going to work for 5 days next week.
Choosing $$$ over enjoyment , which idiot will do that? Me la.
Lol i think i must be mad ...
Looking @ my next sem timetable, i only have one word to say - Contented. 
First of all, i only have one 8am class (HUAT AH)
Next, wed is my favourite day ever! (: 
Having to start sch at 9am and ending at 12pm .
Lol how shiok can this be, i shall leave this day to work!
Nonetheless, i will set aside for Thurs to stay @ home & be a nerd.
Earning $$$ might be essential but Studying is my FIRST priority.
Hehe, promised myself to work even harder for next sem , *finger cross* 

Oh anyway, one side confession to make : I HATE RETAIL JOBS.
Cause it sucks totally to the m-a-x ..
Tried Yihan's job for 3 days and i almost died LOL.
I have always thought that i hate F&B jobs, not until Magnum came into the picture.
But now, i have only one thing in mind.
I'm never going to work for Retail jobs again cause it's so damn BORING.
It's like you just get paid for sitting down there, doing NOTHING.
The worst thing is 1hour = 1 day , totally shaggg.
I feel even more tiresome working this rather than Magnum.
When you have to stand all day instead of sitting down. #theirony
I think i'm just so used to Magnum that slack jobs are definitely not up to my liking now.

Okayy bye~~

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't fall in love

Hey October, Bye September.
I know that it's mainstream but i still have to say this.
Also, a gentle reminder that we still have 2 more weeks of freedom.
So enjoy your life to the fullest for the remaining days.
Sounds so much like "you're going to die" haha jkjk.
Today, i'm going to blog about "HENDERSON WAVES"...
Okay, have anybody visited there before?
Honestly, i really think i have been living in a well for the past 18 years.
First, i didn't know there's a place called Haji Lane.
And now it's Henderson waves.
Thankful that Shi Xian is my tour guide/photographer of the day~
I have to admit that this place is a perfect location for cam-whoring!
Not only that, this place consists of 5 trekking places.
Sadly, we only get to cover 3 places cause it's too much to handle(for me) HAHA.
Try walking such a long journey under the hot sun for an hour.
I almost died there, undoubtedly becoming more tanned right after that.
So we took tons & tons of pictures like though it's free.
Enjoy (:

This monkey is damn scary pls! 

Hehe Shi Xian is so cute! 

 I swear i wouldn't get tired of looking at this everyday

Ang ang... 

Acting like a rich tai tai, haha