Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't lie to me

Hello peeps, i'm back!
15 more days to start of school, OMGGGGGG.
Time really passed in a blink of an eye, isn't it?
I felt like it's only 3 days ago when i have just received my O'level results.
But it's already 2 months ago, TROL.
Okay, time to get ready for my life to start a new beginning.
Need to get myself mentally prepared x.x
Bought all the things that i need for school already, yay!
Love my laptop & bagpack, hehe.
However, i'm quite afraid for Orientation Camp which is only 2 days (lup sup)
Hope it would be fun and enjoyable.
Frankly speaking, i'm really not good @ making friends.
I suck at that like seriously , #sian
Really envy those people who are just so good @ clicking with people.
Idk how i should be when i'm out of my comfort zone.
I know i should "be myself" but it's not easy...
Okay just hope that everything will be fine when the day comes!

Recently, the weather is seriously so hectic -.-
For the first half of the day, it's like so freaking hot.
Hot like sauna that i really cannot stand it x.x
Just feels like hiding in any air-con places & never comes out, trol. 
And then the next half of the day, it changed like 180 degrees.
It will be pouring so heavily like though it has been 10 years since it last rained.
Thankfully, the rain normally only lasted for like 2 hours?

Hahah so my point is :
As i'm already dark enough, it's wise for me to go during the evening.
Which evening is normally the time when it will starts raining.
At first when it rained around 4 today, 
I got so upset as i had to cancel my swimming plan.
So i went for a nap instead, LOL. 
Surprisingly, when i woke up, THE SKY WAS SO CLEAR.
I swear i was really so so so happyyyyyyyy.
I'm dying to go for a swim since long long long ago.
& I finally had the chance to go today, (Y)

Some #ootd that i favours the most...

Finally got myself a RED shirt...

Okie byeee ~ 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sea aquarium

Hello , i'm here for a proper update.
Okay so basically for this week, i only worked for 3 days.
Thankful that my work timing is super duper flexible.
Or else i guess i can't even celebrate Yijia's 18th birthday :'(
On Tuesday, we went to

Admission fee is supposed to be $29.
Luckily, we are still counted as students.
So it became $20 instead, YAY omg!
Haha it's a big difference (to me) ok.
It's a great experience for us but i wouldn't recommend you all to go.
If you all are those type that dun give a shit to nature.
Hahah, it will be a little boring if you stay for too long.
Especially if you dun do anything other than looking...
One day, i wanna go to the Adventure Cove Park!!!!!!!
I think we like spent 3/4 of our time cam-whoring.
And the rest of the time is viewing the scenery.
As it's just a normal day, i guess there will be a little crowd.
But i'm so so so wrong .
The annoying part is when the place has no one there,
& you went forward to see this.
3 seconds later, a big crowd will come after you.
LOL , totally sian to the max ...
So basically, we spent like 4 hours at there roaming like lonely ghosts~~
Luckily, we brought snacks along or else our stomachs are gonna suffer.
Oh ya, we went to the TYPHOON THEATER too.
(next to Sea aquarium which is FOC  !)
Frankly speaking, i think it's very stupid & lame.
If you dun believe me, you can go & try it.
Tired of talking already, pictures shall do the rest!
Oh yea, the pictures' quality sucks totally.
Cause it's like so dark there & everything requires flash.
But my sucky camera can't fill flash so yup, sian totally... 

Spamming pictures like nobody's business, lol. 

My fav. colour!!! 

Like this photo too ^^

LOL our epic face. 

Ok that is retarded. 

Fantastic view behind me, woot

Pathetic cause only one shark came into this picture ): 

My spastic face appeared once again 

What if, there's a hole ... ok i'm so bad, LOL 

Damn cool! 

Any idea what is this? 

Someone is posing for my picture, hehe 

Front view 

Back view, cool shit. 

We get to touch the starfish (s) omgg !!! 

Madly filled with fishes 

Last photo with birthday girl!

Baby sharks, they do bite. 

Scary x.x 

Posing for fun, haha 
Nice shot 

Tata! (: