Saturday, January 30, 2010

On friday ;

Lesson was boring like hell (%#@@)&$%@.
Had 2 MATHS lesson straight , WLR ?
What does WLR mean ? (Guess urself)
Mr Choo gave us TONS of homework for us to finish .
*Forgot some scenes already , LOL .
After sch , went for shooting course (cost us 35 bucks each)
Wth las , FYI , it's only for 3 hrs and it's cost a bomb .
Learned how to shoot , and i'm in group 4 .
First trial was totally :O , really SS .
Second trial was slightly better las , IMPROVE liao lehh.
LOL , guess what's my score for both ?
The answer is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First trial ; 10 ?
Second trial ; 63 .

Improve right ? LOL , thanks to the lady who guide me .
Really TYVM sehh , or else my 35 bucks will be wasted man .
After tat joked around with ziying & jessica .
And the FUNNY ziying , requested a very funny idea .
Cause we saw basket ballers running around the school .
So ziying requested to join them one round .
As we goes "running" with them , many ppl were looking at us .
Because they tot we were crazy las ..
I ask you guys a question ... *only for girls.
(Who will run around with their sch uniforms on? ) .
It's seriously F>U>N>N>Y , laugh my ass out .
After running , i guess my brains is not working very well ..
SO .

Tell you all a joke . (random )
Cause every group took different turns to shoot .
And the person called GROUP 3 las .
But i'm blur like sotong so i tot i was group 3 .
Then i run to the classrom & called jamie to go in already .
Andddd after that i realised that I'M IN GROUP 4 NOT 3.
(i was already outside the classroom door)
It was super malu okayy , somemore my expression was like ..
Cause i was very excited for the last trial and you know .....
(Not to be continued )
Hmmmm do you guys even understand the joke ?
If you all dunno then too bad . (blame it on my poor english )
Okie then the shooting course ends at 6pm ..
Kk done with my post !

*Weets , i posted twice todayy .
LOL , i'm freaking hyper now :P
God bless me that i will not grow fat today .
(I just ate 2 sets of dinner )
Good-do-bye !


OMGOMGOMG , i'm only left with 10 mins to update .
So just a quick post will do .
Today spent around 30 bucks like that ..
Saw many familiar faces around ,ROFL.
Actually planned to buy (more) CNY clothes .
In the end i just bought a short , LOL .
The first shopping spree without buying a dress *weets
Afternoon , meet up with vaymond , his sis, jiaying , xavier.
Went lot 1 shop shop around , then dominic came .
Spent 1 hr @ arcade , nice right!?
After tat vaymond bought smth for his sister , Jovonne .
She was damm happy las , LOL .
(how i wish i have a sister like her)
Then saw ANDY at lot (first time) .
Around 2pm , bused to faez plaza , long journey .
Saw zhenghui & eugene in the bus , suay ah! :P
Reached there , shop shop around , nothing nice actually.
LOL , then saw ANDY again @ there ..
After tat went to bugis *lalalalalalalas.
Bought smth for Yijia ( wonder whether she's reading it now)
If she is , she will be delighted cause i finally fulfilled her wants .
Okay then , saw ANDY @ bugis street again (third time)
Then walked around , vaymond kept on complaining the weather was hot .
He's the tallest among there and can breathe the most air .
Now he's complaining ... How about us leh? LOL.
Saw those dress (really tempted to buy okayy )
After that went iluma to have some fresh air .
Saw Andy the last time when he's shopping down there.
Then went a lot of places , AIYAH!
Lazy to type all out , fun jiu shi liao .
LOL , reached home @ 9pm ..

Tata , my sumptuous dinner today.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Never be sad for what is over,
just be glad that it was once yours.

HELLOs my dear readers , i'm backie!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay , quite a number of people say i looks ugly with specs .
(Maybe it's true las )
BUT! That's not my specs , anywayyy .
Ytd had P.E lesson and i'm the first girl in class .
JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT , cause i won sophia & claire .(fake)
But what makes me mad is that ; (you're gg to laugh ur ass out)
Both of them stopped running long ago when i'm still beaming that i'm first .
S.T.U.P.I.D right ?! And i didn't even look behind , FOR HEAVEN SAKE .
Darn it , So still i didn't managed to win Claire & Sophia .
Haishhh , blame it on my noob-ness T_T
And today i got smth "good" back from P.E
Which is MUSCLE ACHES! * chills .
Now i feel like my legs are swelling like pig leg , LOL .
Okayy today was not fun at all ...
Lessons still boring as usual , (what more do you expect?)
LMAOS , i'm just kidding , current mood ; HYPER.
First lesson ; English .
Hmm , played games again (lame games)
But it's kinda fun though , laugh a lot .
Second lesson ; Chinese .
Teacher told us a ghost story , CREEPY man .
Third lesson ; Chem .
Was playing shooting paper with ANDY . Q .
He's so lame .
After tat recess .
Played badminton (tomr muscle aches again -__-)
Then form class , DAMM S>I>A>N>S .
Bored like shit , )*(&#%# (_&$
After that A maths , nothing much las .
Doing sums with brains cells dying one by one .

AFTER school , stayed back played badminton .
Then went groove it course until 4pm .
Went to find vaymond they all , LOL .
Around 5pm , went home ..

Okie done ! *WEETS .
PS/ rushing cause i wanna play audition .

Goodbye ! :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Caught In a dilemma ...

HEYYO PEEPOS , actually wanna post ytd .
But the dumb internet disconnected multiple times , comp hang .
I guess i really need to send this comp to hospital .
For a THOROUGH check-up to make sure it's alright .
Okayy ytd , nothing GREAT happened , so ya .
A few lines will cover the story of ytd .
Finished my homewk ytd , CAN'T BELIEVE IT .
I was like so tempted to go out rather than staying @ home .
But unfortunately i couldn't find a partner .
So in the end i stayed at home and be a good girl :}
Today went to sch as usual ..
Was excited to hear comments from frens about my new hairstyle .
In the end 90% people says it's no DIFFERENCE -_____-
Damm it man , really regret cutting my hair .
And now my fringe went haywire , ...
HYMPH , shall drop this subject , making me madd man .
School was indeed borng , have 2 lessons of maths .
Luckily we were given tedious & difficult questions to make me feel alive.
LOL , after that recess ; played a bit of badminton .
Then SS lesson , teacher never come *weets
And it became a "hairstyle shop " when jocelyn & claire are the hairstylist .
Helped us style our hair into diff hairstyle *LMAOS .
After that mt lesson , nothing much ..
Then dismiss early only for npcc-ians , went for lunch .
Went to the police home academy (forget the real name le) .
LOL , practised the techniques to shoot the 2.2 revolver gun .
Kinda stupid las -_________________-
Hand went red and I NEED TO TRAIN MY index FINERS .
Or else i'm gg to get zero the second time :/
Around 6pm , dimissed ! :D

Okie done ..
Forgive me for not elaborating more about smth issues .
I'm too lazy to do that .
Tata 0,0

I really dunno what you're thinking .
From last week , your attitude is totally different from the past years .
What really happen to you ?
My heart is not stone and my feelings is not fake .
It really hurts when you treat me that way , when you insult me .
Where is your old self ? The nice & talkative fren that i need .


Saturday, January 23, 2010

MUMMY/ 妈妈/ MAA/妈眯/ MUM .

Andd Xavier's dad & Kok Yang ! :D

Hahahs , today is a good day ?
A lot of ppl birthday falls on today , that's is fantastic :D
Today i be a part time filal daughter , (at least better than nothing right)
LOL , morning have tution with big sis ...
Wtf las , damm pekcek , cried A.G.A.I.N
(Okay i admit that i'm a crybaby )
But who cares , muahahahas .
After tat went ntuc with mummy + shopping .
Saw a short @ bhg * eyes $$$ , I'M GG GET IT no matter what :D
Now then i feels that CHINESE NEW YEAR is really coming !
OMGOMG , LOL , i bought all my clothes .
But i want buy more man ! -_____________-
After tat helped mum do house chores , :D
Then 4pm , meet up with Jiaying , went sunshine place .
Actually we want to go there for a haircut , but
In the end , i'm only one that cut . *ROFL
Cut short my hair , hmm , the hairstyle was not v. ideal .
Somemore they say NO diff after i cut -.-
WTH las , then my 14 dollars bye bye liao .
LOL , i really hope someone could tell me it's nice .
So that my heart won't hurt so much .
Lmaos , and now my hair is curl up again because of layer .
(Honestly , regret of cutting my hair & tot of cutting bangs)
Cause now my hairstyle suits bangs , should i go ? ...
After tat went home changed clothes .
Then went to meet vaymond they all , went to KokYang bdae party .
(I think the cleaner will quit his job )
Guess what i mean , LOL ..
9pm reached home ! AND NOW I'M BACK.
Around 11pm , we will start mum's bdae celebration .
Tot of 1 surprise plan, but my 2nd sis doesn't want .
Toot nor , i spent my time racking my brains to think eh ;/.
In the end she want be a honest / LKK girl & destroy my plan .
Then F.I.N.E , LOL, i shall still continue my plann .
Okayy i'm hungry now , SUPPER HERE I COME ..

Good-do-bye ! *winks

Thursday, January 21, 2010

MY MONKEY IS CUTE ! (This is a fact )
Hahahs , i'm just being random for this minute .
Todayy , i suffered muscle aches at my legs , hand , shoulders .
KILLING me man ! -_____- I Feel like i'm a old lady now .
Big thanks for VANNA for helping me to massage .
Hahahs , i think i need to apply muscle cream ASAP .
LOL , or else tomr ( i cannot imagine it ) .
Anddd tomr i'm gg to play badminton after school .
Trust me ,i'm really crazyy .

Lol , today lesson was indeed boring daoooooooooooo.
Shall not elaborate furthermore ,it's too sleepy for you all .
Talk about npcc time <:
T.O.T.A.L.L.Y slack ! Love today the most .
Didn't wear full u , *shiok :D (hope nabilah won't see this :P )
Spent part of the time copying NYAA notes .
Was listen to Wen Zhen's great jokes , funny though .
Laugh like shit -_______________-
After tat went to do "rifle drills" using a pole .
LOL , i guess those juniors were laughing their ass out .
Then Li Ting 's mam told us to do a alphabetical order .
Managed to slip through while doing the last few ones .
After tat listened to Mr Ng 's lecture , took around half a hr .
Damm long cann , almost dozed off -___________-
After tat went to take our belongings , found out that my hp went missing .
In the end it was hidden in my bagg , ROFL .
I'm always scaring myself cause i'm too blur to even remember .
That's kinda sadd >:(
After tat went to the parade square for dismissal .
A new command was made and everyone was like ??
But it still end with a successful fullstop .

Okie done ! Tata >

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


YOOHOO ! H.E.L.L.O peepos , i'm back yea .

Sorry for the late update , has been busy these few days .
Especially TODAY , damm busy mann -____-
And now i need to chiong for the NYAA notes (over 11 pages) .
And a chinese compo to be done too , awesome :}
Good luck to me yea .. :/
Andd my blood is so sweet that i got 4 ant bites on my legg .
Damm it , now i'm feeling itchy everywhere -___-
Shall cut the crap and just focus on my day today .
LOL , first lesson ' P.E
Ran like tortoise like that , i'm weird todayy ..
Ran 4 rounds , actually wanna stop half way because i feel like ...
Called teacher like 3 times , he didn't even answer .
Still ask me run faster , ROFL las .
(Wonder whether he need a ear check-up )
Then played basketball for the rest of the P.E
S>I>A>N>S cannn , now i hate basketball . :O
Second lesson 'E Maths .
Had a (quite diff ) test today , can pass 就够了.
Third lesson ' EL .
Quite fun norr , but i bet i didn't learn anything from it .
LOL , love the song ( Misunderstood) or smth ..
Then recess , played badminton YAY*
Fourth lesson ' Form Class.
Nothing much uhh , listen to teachers's (&^#@%^)&^% # talk .
Last lesson ' Chinese .
Had a test againn , totally cmi -___-
Left 2 blanks , the rest all tikam , LOL .
Hope i dun flunk it , really don't ! O.O

AFTER tat , went to good news cafe , ate a sandwich & ice cream .
Now officially broke because i spent 7 bucks in the day .
Then went to play badminton, *weets .
Quite fun las , now my hand is aching and shivering .
IDK why , LOL .
Then went to find jiaying , delayed quite a lot of time .
Went yijia's house settle some stuffs , went back sch there .
Find jiaying they all , then smth ...
Shall not elaborate the scenes , it's boring :D
7pm , went home !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

H.E.L.L.O, i'm bored ! Seriously what can i do except blogging .
So sick of other online games , haishh .
And my computer is crazy , one day need to restart for 10 times.
Can't find anything meaningful to do except drawing .
Tomr have schools again , SO SIANNS !
Heard that sophia & yijia have st john on mon & tues .
Haishh , i guess i will go home after school bahh .
These days ate a lot of fried food and small pimples are finding me.
OH GOSH man , i really hate pimples .
But I like to eat fried food , what to do neh ? :/
Today the whole morning sat down there facing the comp .
Meaningless man ! -___________-
After that did maths homework for half an hr .
And I'M GONNA BE CRAZY , you know ?!
Maths homework always cause me headaches .
Yea , continue my update .
Late afternoon , went to lot 1 with Sophia Tan .
Actually wanted to do the art thingy but in the end ..
We just sat at one of the library seats and chit-chatted .
LOL , brought homework there also didn't do .
Then went to IMM , shop shop around
Smth real embarrassing happened and really laugh my ass out .
If you wan to know , you can ask Sophia .
Hahahas , bought a file & some rubber bands for sch .
Around 6pm , reached home ! :D

Okie doen ! Gotta do my homework already .
Goodbye ! ^8^

Friday, January 15, 2010

YOO PEEPOS . I'm backie ! :D

Currently ; B>O>R>E>D
I'm so tempted to cut short my hair man , dun ask me why .
Next week , 7 more days , and there goes my hair .
But still quite 舍不得 my long hair ):
Today was totally a shit day to me .
Lessons was damm boring , but I GOT JAMIE .
Thanks for being there for me .
Thanks for making me laugh like hell .
Thanks for encouraging & comforting me .
Thanks for lending ur shoulder/ tissue when i need you.
Thanks for being a great mum ! :D

First lesson ; Lit .
Sat with vanna & jamie.
B.o.r.e.d like hell .
Totally cmi , 100% not paying attention to teacher .

Second lesson ; A maths .
Busy doing the maths sums that teacher gave .
I guess quite a lot of my brain cells are gone .
Ms Ngo help to teach us too :D

Third lesson ; E maths .
Sat with Jamie , ROFL .
Some old jokes & past makes us laugh like ...
Until teacher looked at us and ask about our names .
LOL , at first i tot he want us to change places
Cause we too noisy liao , lmaos .

Last lesson ; English .
Nothing .

Then chinese read , went to toilet .
LOL , after tat got one LONG briefing .
Then school ends , steady ehh .
Went for lunch , 1.30pm assemble in mp5 i think .
FYI , went there to copy NYAA notes , stupid one.
Waited for 1h , in the end the thing is still not done .
Cheat our feelings sia ! >:(
Then went home without telling them , hahas bad hor ? :/
After tat went to my mum's fren's husband funeral , quite a big gap .
Just mere chatting , then around 5pm reached home .

Okie done ! :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today is really ,not a good day .
Ziying ' It's not a good day to bet 4D.
LOL , a lot of unlucky thing happen .
Firstly ;
My mum woke me up @ 6.45am in the early morning .
And i was actually supposed to meet jamie @ 6.50 downstairs .
Good game uh ? Rushed like hell -_________-
Thanks to my mum ,( should have got up myself)

Secondly ;
Brought along a 1.5litre water bottle for npcc, but in the end .
The bottle is actually for next week , congrats to me .

Thirdly ;
Got spotted by SS teacher for playing in class .
Then was asked to stand up to answer question .
Obviously , i didn't listen to what teacher's said right .
So i was like gong -_____- , totally ss . (not social studies)

Fourthly ;
Lost my wallet ! (Because of my carelessness)
But lucky i got it back , thanks to Rui Feng (a kind guy) .
And thanks Jiaying :] for running around the sch with me .

Lastly ;
Eraser spoilt ! Idk what happen nahhh .
Sadd , T.T
And just hurt my ankle , damm it .

Okie , so it shows how unlucky am i (to me)
Today lessons was not that boring , idk why .
Maybe it's because i laugh too much .
First lesson ' SS
Part of the lesson was playing with CHEN YI JIA .
The rest of the lesson was listening to teacher .
Dun forget ' I am a very good girl .

Seond lesson ' EL
Played bingo game , F.U.N
Got a prize from Mr Paul , *weets .

Third lesson ' Maths .
Busy figuring out how to the maths sum , struggle quite a lot.
But at least i understand what's gg on .
That's enough alright .

Pause ! Actually was supposed to save money .
By bringing biscuits to sch , in the end forgot bring .
(I'm that forgetful ): )

Next lesson ' Lit .
Chengyang dropped his book beside the dustbin unknowingly .
So i took it and went off .
After tat saw him finding like mad man , gave him back the book.
He was like #$$#()&($# las , hahahas .
(I know i'm mean ) :P
Went to air-con room , change teacher , weets .
Actually the whole lesson was playing though .
Hahahs , kept on hiding Cy's things , made him go pissed .
Me & Sophia are a team , LOL!

Next next lesson ' Science .
Suay , cause sat right behind Andy.Q 's table .
Kept on lisiao-ing me , -_____________-
But overall lessons was FINE.

Last lesson ' English .
Totally moodless , idk why .
Bad mood i guess , LOL .

Finally SCHOOL ENDS , went for lunch .
Was complaining that i was hungry like hell ._./
Ate Japanese food , adding jelly , nice nice .
Actually was struggling abit when eating the jelly .
Then get ready for NPCC , sians .
CHEN YI JIA helped me tie the dunno what hair , LOL .
After tat everyone was already there for npcc , so fast -_-
Then went to take the 4 bucks for npcc funds .
Smth funny happen and i'm laughing like $%#%^()&*(
Seriously damm funny sehh , laugh like madwoman -.-
Do rifle drills , 2 words ; Complicated but COOL .
Hahahs, after tat have IT lesson , followed by sir'briefing .
At 6pm released , wait for jiaying to finished hers too .
Then went to meet vaymond they all , in the end went back sch .
Take my stupid wallet , around 7.30pm reached home ..


Gotta go , must chiong my homewk .
Or else i'm dead tomr .
Tata ! :S

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HEYHEY peepos ! I'm bored .
Hahahas , currently watching ' Bai Jia Le .
I bet Mark Lee will win , ( ANDY, remember our bet ?)
Tomr hahh ............................ * winks
Today school was alright , went home straight after sch .
Afterall i still can't deny that i'm a guaikia !
ROFL . But in the end i went home sleep -.-
HOLY mama ! My sister said that i grow fatter than before .
Esp my arms , wtf las -_________-
But eventually i didn't gain any weight so i dun understand why .
Maybe it's because of the pushups & the hanging thing done everyday .
Sadd sia , ahhhs . MY ARMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suddenly , i'm tempted to play ddr & eat fried food .
Seriously idk why , just want it man .
LOL , today have P.E lessons , ZZZZZ .
Have to run 4 rounds plus a couple of push-ups & sit ups sets .
Damm it man , nearly died during the running process.
Just kidding , i'm not that weak , LOL.
After running , played basketball , S.I.A.N.S
And i think next time a person will stand there to look out for TST .
If he comes , we immediately start our game .
If he is far away from us , we will sit down there SLACK !
Hehehs nice idea right ?
Okayy , i think i'm done .
I wanan eat my ice-cream :D

Toodles ! <3>

Monday, January 11, 2010

Holding back my tears because i knew it's not worth it .

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo readers (:
I'm back yea with a lot of complaints .
Hahahas , school is really bored and lessons too .
The only thing i'm awaiting for is CANTEEN food (which means recess)
I rather face the food than the textbooks , agree? :D
Everyday , teachers gave us plenty of homewk to do .
Andd had the feeling that we must finished it by next day .
Today had quite a number of bored lessons that makes me :I
Wanna asked a question truthfully ;
Why teachers likes to tell us about those formats & chapters that will be tested
Only when i'm in sec 5 ,taking O' level .
Hello ? It's 2 years apart , you know?!
And my cher sounds like we're gg to take our O level NEXT MONTH .
Is that exaggerating las. -_____________-

And now , i'm starting to hate maths .
Cause i kept on getting the wrong answers while doing the sums .
It's so freaking tricky and compliated las , zzzz.
Andd today my soul is not with me las .
Cannot concentrate well & i'm not listening to teacher.
But seriously i'm trying damm hard to listen but failed T.T
Some more we have 2 maths lesson continuously ehh:/

Okayy i better stop ranting more & more .
If not , i'm not gg to complete my post by the end of the day .

KK , yesterday was my AH MA's birthday .
Morning slacked at home , do nothing , LOL .
Afternoon , went ntuc with parents .
Bought ice-cream , (must remember to eat ) L:
After tat off to ahma house .
Then went playground played catching with my cousins .
(I'm still young ):P
Around 7pm , went up , ate steamboat .
Woots nice nice ^&^ , had deserts after on .
TIME to...

Sang birthday song - Wish - Cut cake
EAT ! :S
Took a lot of pics , pictures next time !

Okayy , today dun need to say , it's boring .
Just skip to after school .
Stayed back to do homework , finished 2 maths ws .
Actually wanna play volleyball but no suitable place for us .
So in the end we went to the carpark to play .
Quite embarrassing las >.< , (esp when u hit the ball too hard or wadeva)
After tat went to sunshine place , to buy bubble tea .
Then went Yijia's house P.L.A.Y
Joke around , chit-chat , laugh our ass out .
Not leaving out CAM- WHORE TIME .
But only me & yijia joins in the fun , sophia is shy .
So she be our camera woman ! ROFL .
After tat went lot 1 with sophia for half an hr .
Reached home @ 7pm .


I'm really famished now , so off for dinner .
Tata ! <3>

Saturday, January 9, 2010

HELLO ! Proudly present my monkey's back view pic.
Too bad you could only see the man face but not my monkey !
Muahahahahas , I'm so freaking bored now ..
I had so much homework now and i haven't start a single one.
Goodluck to me , really . Thanks .
Morning , went to google to do some research about hairstyle .
(Trying to figure out more hairstyle that can be used in school)
I want to learn how to tie FRENCH Braid .
But firstly i need a model that could help me practise .
Too bad there isn't one , god is not helping me man):
Yknowww what my mum tells me to do ?
She calls me to practise with a doll's hair ! -____-
Actually i'm okay with it las ,
The only doll i'm left with , the hair is totally cmi nahh .
Stiff like ()*&$^#$%@#.
Anyway this is the website i found .

Yeaa, what's wrong with the internet man .
Can't seems to upload a simple video or whateva .
Pissed ! -__________________-
Today the whole morning & afternoon stayed at home .
Using comp & spending time watching tv.
After tat chiong to meet Yijia , the noob.
Went lot 1 , played ddr 2 creds .
The keys got serious prob and it's always my side with that prob .
Freak it man, if this continues , i'm really gg to quit playing.
After tat went causeway , shop shop .
Actually we only did much in talking but not shop .
YiJia the noob found a cute pooh in the kiddy palace .
And was crazy about it , i thinks she's crazy las .
LOL , after that went home liao .

Kk done .
Off to eat my dinner , tata !

Friday, January 8, 2010

HEYYO peepos ! I'm here to update yeaa .
Hahahas , school is B.O.R.I.N.G righhttt.
And now i'm having muscle aches , leggs stiff -______-
BIG thanks to P.E lessons.
Anyway wanna thanks Yijia & Vaymond for lending their ears ytd.

Yesterday ;
Went sch as usual .
SKIP the lessons part , it's boring okayy .
Ate claypot noodles for lunch , got scalded by the soup .
Whole thumb went red cann , wtf .
After tat changed full uni , get ready for training .
IN THE END , the whole training we spent time in a classroom .
COPYING notes which is 5 pages long , pro right ?!
LOL , shouldn't have wear full u ytd :/
After tat Mr Robin Ng came to intro himself as he is taking over our unit .
Hahahs he looks much better in police tees .
Around 6pm , they released us .(SHIOK man !)
First time released us so early man ! :D
K done .

Today ;
Reached sch @ 7am , need to report for npcc.
Went to fitness corner to do pumpings ; etc.
Did girls style pumping with knees kneeling onto the ground .
Knees went red like -________- , damm it man .
Some lucky girls' skirt are much longer so they get to cover it .
After that went for assembly , was late a little .
First lesson ' E maths .
Was day-dreaming in class , sleepy as well.
Second lesson ' Science (PHY)
Went phy labs , was supposed to do experiments .
In the end due to teacher's lecture , (you should know what)
Third lesson ' English
Did some lame activities , but fun though .
-Shall skip recess.
Last lesson ' Chinese
Was supposed to finish a chinese compo by the end of the lesson .
But obviously i cannot make it.
Because the NOOB andy kept on disturbing me ! --______--

(Next time must sit 3 seats away from him )
After tat mt read , left 15 mins for lessons.
Muahahahas , then went for lunch .
Homed after that , rest awhile .
Around 3pm meet jamie , went jurong point .
Shop shop around , bought ice-cream to eat *yummy
After tat trained back .
On the way up to the escalator , my bag got stuck .
Luckily , i immediately pulled back or else BYE BYE to my bag.
LOL , then went lot 1 awhile .
6pm reached home !

Toodles ! :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


H.E.L.L.O peeps! Didn't have the chance to blog ytd .
Andddd i got so much to update norr ( hope i won't forget )

Firstly ;
I'm gg to cut short my hair to shoulder length there .
Hope it would be nice :P
Although i love my long hair , my frens said that i shorter hair better .
Yeaa , will be cutting after CNY .
Cause need to wait for my bob to grow longer yea .
Should i really cut shorter my hair ?


School life is really very S.I.A.N.S cann , bored to hell !>.<
All the subjects are all so ...... , i wish i'm sec 1 now .
And those subject teachers also very sucky , dun like them .
So see their face also doesn't want to study anymore .
I think now only recess & after sch makes me excited .
LOl , pathetic hor ? ):

Thirdly ;
I haven't got my WORK pay yet ! ><
Darn it man . Wonder when my uncle will give me.
Hope they will remember giving me okayy , i hate liars .
Especially those who cheat my feelings , eg ; Andy .
Hahahs :D

Fourthly ;
Tomr will be ANDY's doom day ! (Send him regards)
Hahahs because he promise he will do what i tell him to do .
COOL right ? (I got my tactics to settle him nah)
Hahahas , tomr he will be dead ! :S

Lastly ;
Sadly & Stupidly , all my subject teachers from sec 2 are all changed .
So for maths, the new teacher DID NOT COLLECT HOLIDAY HOMEWK.
ARGH , waste my time for doing those assessments .
Swear that i will never do their holiday homewk ever again .
Cheat my feelings so many times las -______________-

Okayy how about today ?
Today was fine/ boring because we got P.E (L)! :D
Finally yea , but TST tell us to run 4 rounds sia !
First period , then tell us run like so many freaking rounds .
And my rubberband was damm loose las , kept on coming out .
In short , i looks like i'm a mad woman running about .
LOL , and something funny happen but shall not say .
It's concerns a girl''s face , you knowwww?!! :D
After running , feels like vomiting , nearly fainted -.-
Trust me i'm that weak las ... ):
Okayy then finally over , maths lesson .
Totally BORING , nearly sleep cann ..
Next english lesson , was told to write a long essay .
In the end only complete half , hahahaahs .
RINGGGGGGGGGGGG. recess time !
Ate already , went indoor sports hall .
Then form class , nothing much, teacher kept on talking & talking .
After tat chinese , go through tb .
Wa seriously i dun want to continue blogging le las.
Nothing much to say le , ):

Goodbye ! <3>

我很苦恼, 真的很苦恼.
很想知道, 但却很怕.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love is so easy to feel, But the hardest thing to say

HELLO ! Today is the first day of school .
I bet everyone is damm excited about today right ?
Yesterday , didn't have enough sleep (as i said b4)
And today morning is damm cooling cann -.-
Really hope to sleep more , just a little more .
HAHS , do you have the feeling ? :D
First day of the school & i was late .
WOW ,that's a bad omen , you know?!
But a lot of people were much later than us because of the rain .
My first time to stand on the stairs to sing the national anthem .
Ridiculous hur ? A lot of ppl were also joining me too :P
Today was much boring-er than i thought .
Totally S.I.A.N.S cann , dun ask me why .
But i was not very used to it when i saw the guys.
They were wearing LONG PANTS already :O
Yea and andy sat RIGHT infront of me , -___-
Kept on bickering with me , claiming that he miss the time when we bicker .
That's obviously SICK mann ! LOL C:
(Hmm curently out of words)
Mrs Neo is my form teacher now while Mr Paul is my co form .
And stupidly , mr paul asked me about the bangle i'm wearing .
My god nah -_- , he asked me almost 50 times over these years.
And my best fren , Sophia had become the vice chairman .
Congrats to her ! And goodluck too L:
Tomr will boring again , AHHHS , miss holidays !


Kk , toodles! <3

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chinese Paladin 3 .

These two pretties (:

Hahahas this is the show that i'm catching earlier in mobtv .
Damm nice , (i tell you) !
Anyway rest well for tomr ! Muahahahahs .

Saturday, January 2, 2010

HEYYOO readers , i'm happy that i could blog everyday .
God save me man ! I still haven finished my homewk ):
I'm still left with maths paper (last page) , actually 3 heymath test .
But the heymath tests due date already over , so sadly
I was unable to do the tests , (I'm ready for scolding)
So now , i think i will just chiong the maths paper bahh.
Hope that mrs toh will collect holidays homewk not like last time .
Did already but didn't collect , & let it rot for years.
Hope this year won't be the same or else i swear i wont do anymore.
(Wont fall into her tricks the third time ) *winks .
Time passed real fast and now holidays is ending in 1 day time .
This is not the time to count down for sch reopening , oh yea.
I confirmed that A LOT of students will have panda eyes on the first day .
Or maybe caught them sleeping in one of the benches .
Hahahas , but i'm sure they won't have enough sleep like me ! :P
Now i slept at 12 , woke up at 10am .
Tell me how am i gg to adapt to sch life in one/ two day times .
That's obviously not possible right , so that's it .
On monday , my eyes will be red(maybe) or have panda eyes .
(Hah , see i can predict my own life :/ )
Anyway i guess most of them gained weight & grown taller this holiday .
And i think i gained 2 more kg plus a few cms taller .
Seriously to me , i'm really excited about class boys wearing long pants .
It's really that excited to see them wearing long pants .
(I think i'm sick) but i really can't imagine they wore it .
Monday i shall see @.@ , god bless them that they will grow tall .
Hahahs , cause it's best to be taller when u wore long pants , isn't it ?

OKkay , i shall really stop my crapping .
But one thing which finds me irritated is MY BLOG SONG .
Yea is like wtf , because it's seriously not working .
Tried it umpteen times trying to work this thing out , but
FAILED -______________________-

Zzz , will tried it when i'm free again .
LOL , today morning , spent my time on the tv .
Was chiong-ing a taiwan series drama , damm nice .
Can't seem to stop myself from watching , hahahas .
Afternoon , went out with my sister(S) .
Trained to bugis , went to bugis street first .
But actually nothing really caught my eye .
Cause i already bought my CNY clothes andddd .
I had forgotten to bring money out , wth T.T
And during working , i already walked around there for HUNDRED times.
Seriously , cause during working , i do shop alot.
After tat went iluma , dun suit me .
So went to bugis junction awhile , then went home .

So that's how boring i am today .

Okay, done with my post .
Bye bye !

Imagine falling in love a guy that dunno you .
Imagine you trying to make frens with him but failed .
Imagine trying to confess to him but no courage .
Imagine going out , hoping that you could see him .
Imagine keeping those false hopes to keep you gg .
Imagine you loving him for a year but u dun even know him .
Imagine after all this , you still love him deeply .

I dun wish to imagine those anymore , i want to stop .

Friday, January 1, 2010

HELLO peeepos ! I'm here to post because of this girl down here .
Today is her birthday , you know .
But sadly she still didn't grow up so the age doesn't matter .
In my heart she is only 12 , i guess .
HAHAHAHS , i know i am mean .
But she is much mean-er than me , (confirmed).

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis
Happy new year !
I think this picture is the nicest among the thousands of hers .

Okayy , today is her big day so she's out with her bf & frens .
Don't want us lerr , how sad wor ):
But at least she spent time with us in the morning (at least not that heartless)
Walked to keat hong market , have lunch .
Shop shop around, after tat went home .
Around 2pm , went to meet yijia & sophia .
After waiting for a long time , played ddr .
Then trained to jurong point .
Have a nice shopping spree there , bought quite a lot of things .
Ate anderson ice cream as usual , awesome ! :)
Around 6 plus , went home .

PS / this post is damm short cann .

Okie done , toodles ! <3

Really hate to see your face & everything .
And lastly , your attitude really sucks .