Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Retarded faces~~


Hehehs HELLo everyone, I'm back yea ^^
Readers are decreasing, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ):
It's been a long time since i last post my epic face ler~~
Now i post 2, happy mah?

Hah, today was the worst day ever..
Got 2 maths period & english all the way!
Omggg, somemore today's weather CMI!
Kept on having headache -_____-
So in the end clipped my fringe then someone say about my forehead.
Aiyahh as usual~~
Tata ^^

Monday, September 26, 2011


I realised once you made the wrong step, there's no turning back.
Yes, reality is cruel.
Only a few will give you the chance to "change" again.
Others will just be critical about it ; swearing that you will never change.
It's ironic that ppl always remember the bad things of yours.
Every bad thing you did will be recorded in other ppl mind.
As for the good things, no one remembers.

So take it seriously & don't take the wrong step.
Just a small step will change your life .
It may also ruin your friendship ; kinship & relationship.
So dun underestimate that small step alright (:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It isn't right

Hehehs, sorry this event happened a long ago..
But well, at least there's some pics ^^
Soooo i remembered it's on FRIDAY :D
Went to my sis school for some formal ceremony.
Nanyang scholarship thing, ahh whateva.
Luckily the ceremony was short & sweet ^^
Skipped my night study due to this, haha..

Kk, i shall shut the crap..
Enjoy yea :)
PICTURES taken @ NTU ^^
Me, Mum, Sis.

Do we look alike? Hmmm..
Blur shot but nice ^^
Okkayy myself with the AWESOME background behind :o


Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Short Day

HELLO everybody, I'm back ^^
Hehes, today is AN AWESOME day for me!
Guess why?
Because it's friday, FINALLY.
I survived during the truncated lifeless timetable, woots :D
I'm so proud of myself, hah (Y)

Anyway going to watch JOHNNY English Reborn movie today!
Double happiness manz, awesome (Y)
With my classmates, yay!
& I'm going to MR BEAN, my favourite idol ^^
How awesome could it be :)
After that gg night study , lala~

Tata ^^

Long steps~~
@ NTU, nice building yea?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is like this

You can do it in message.
You can do it in compos.
You can do it in email.
You can do it in anything except SPEAKING..

Cause you can't undo what you just said.
Isn't that sadd ?
Ppl that tends to be frank like me, always
REGRET what i sayy all the time..
*Sigh , if only i can easily backspace what i say.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A boring day ahead!
Ahh, freaking hate the current school life.
Truncated timetable is seriously killing me..
Now everyday is 很难过。
): How i wish i'm still in sec 1/2 ..
The life is so carefree & S.H.I.O.K !!
Tomr is totally SIANN for me..
Ahhh totally sucks sia!

Just hope everything will be fine..

Monday, September 19, 2011

NUA all dayy

Sunday, September 18, 2011


ANYEONG everyone, I'm back ^^
Hehehs, finally i upload all these pics ..
It took long hours to upload okkk.
Thanks to blogger which doesn't allow me to upload all.
Need to upload one @ a time -______-
Some pics even forbid me to post, siannn ....

Alright, ytd was a very busy day for me!
Morning went to meet up with Jiayun
Had a long & awesome chat with her :D
After that went to arcade to take neo-prints.
YAY much ,surprisingly the effect is damn nice ^^
Afternoon meet up with Xiaohui
Went to J.P to shop..
Around 4++ went home back to lot, PLAYED DDR.
Happyme, super shiok man xD
After that home sweet home ^^
Evening went to taekwondo training ..
As usual, tiring much but fun :)

With Jiayun ^^
The neo-print, cool effects right?
HEHES, centre-parting!

With Xiaohui ^^
Act cute face ;x

The heart!
Candid shot.

Tata :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

Be nobody but yourself

My fav one ^^

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 16th birthday to me!!

HEY hello! Everyone ^^
As you know, today is my BIG day xD
Thanks to my clique who made many surprise for me!
Omgg, super touched by everything they do.
Love them to the max
I'm so happy that i'm finally SIXTEEN!!
Woots, damn freaking happy man !
I can go play pool, watch NC16 movie & many more.
Shiok to the max!
Finally can use my IC to show off already :P
Jealous right? :x

I want to thank all my friends for the wishes
ON facebook/twitter/ via msg.
Thank you very much ^^
& My clique - Sophia, Jia, Jamie for organising everything today!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


HEY peeps, I'm back to introduce
2 MOVIEs to you ! ^^
Must W.A.T.C.H it for sure or else you'll regret it!

1st movie : SMURFS.
Although its cartoon version, it's really CUTE ^^
Enjoy watching the movie okieee..

S.M.U.R.F this movie, ROFL ^^

Main characters , SO KAWAII!!

Next movie : A crazy thing called LOVE...
This is also awesome-ly nice okayy..
Actually i dislike watching love story .
But this movie is different in a special way ..
So dun hesitate & WATCH IT !!
I'm sure you won't regret after watching it.

FYI, it's a thai movie ^^

Main character named Mario Maurer!
My heart melts already, ROFL..



Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hello! Sorry guys for the lack of update.
Had been rather busy with a lot of things.
Okiie, here's the pictures!

Enjoy okie ^^

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boring day!

Hmm ,today's a seriously BORING DAY for me!!
Went to work @ queenstown for the whole dayy .
From morning to night -____________-
It's super sian because there is no customer!!
& The constant raining seriously pissed me off.
Luckily i did bring my jacket along :)
Or else i will not be able to attend sch on mon already..
However , it's really a slack day for me!
Did nothing but earned around $50 , nice job ?

Okkie gtg , tata!
Will upload all the photos tomr.
Stay tuned alright

I tried but i can't

Friday, September 9, 2011


ANYEONG peeps , I'm back to update daily.
Thanks to you all , I'm addicted to blogging.
Nothing better to do ,also update ^^
Today went to Simei with Jia ..
Was shocked that the shopping centre was like -___-
I think that the centre is too old already .
Haish, 1h ride without buying anything ? LOL
Shopped less than 1 hour went to J.P!
it's much better than Simei one :)
Ate my fav. ANDERSON 'S ice-cream , YAY!
Cam-whore @ the toilet, hahas.
Will update the pics soon okie ^^
After that went to taekwondo training ..
Tired to the max !

Goodbye :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday BLUEs!

HELLO peeps! Omg i'm so happy, my viewers is coming back~~
LALAALA, so i shall blog ever more! ^^
Hehehs, today is not really a good day for me...
Morning went back to school for math mock exam .
Okk , totally cui , i'm tired to the max.
I even overslept & tot that my alarm is lullaby song.
OK seriously FUNNY shit ...
Finally , it ended @ 2 plus, ;)
Rushed to NTU to visit sis @ her hall .
Actually was supposed to have tuition,
In the end i forgot to bring the most impt thing -.-
So i just slacked / nua there until 5 plus.
Went to canteen 2 for dinner, the yogurt is awesome!
After that went to play SOFT ball with sis friends.
Hmm super fun but tiring uh >.<
Hope tomr dun have muscle aches.
Overall it's great to try a different kind of playing ball ^^
Looking forward to play it again, hehes.

Okiee , gtg, TATA!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everyday is a bright new day!

By doing something good everyday ,
You will feel even more happy !
Ohh yeaa, this sept holiday is quite a slack week for me.
Hmm spent like 2h study everyday ?
Very good already wor ^^
Mum is chanting to me everyday to STUDY!!
Ahhs, can't stand her manz ..
This sat going to work for the whole day!
Shiok to the max okayy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Although i have O'levels on oct, seriously i dun give a damn .
It's not like next year i'm not gg to take it again .
Isn't it ? Hmm let's stop the STUDY topic.
So frustrating to think about that~~!

What i want to say is ENJOY FULLY FOR THIS WEEK..
Starting from next week , it will be full torture for me.
So i jolly well enjoy this week right ^^
Hahah , later gg play pool ~~~
Tata ^^
I tried but i can't

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye my best friend

I had enough of all those shit!
Unhappy matters keep on occurring for this 2 days.
But thanks to this, I have grown accustomed to some things.
I have learnt how to differentiate fake & true friends.
You're not definitely not worth for my tears or whateva.
& I'm glad that you choose your sec frens instead of me.
At first , i can't get over this stupid thing & cry like pathetic shit.
But now no, i'm so happy that i realise what is your trueself.
You have changed , no longer the innocent girl.
No longer the one that i longed to be with .

Utterly disappointed in you.
& I'm not gg to bother you anymore.
Bye friend , god bless you :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

ANYEONG peeps! I'm like updating everyday ..
Hahahas cause i'm bored ....
Ahh , i'm broke like seriously, need money!
Any job intro ?
I'm more keen on working than studying yea :P
Later going to meet Jacinda <3 later on!
Woots :)

Gtg ,tata

I tried but i can't

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trying to....

I post this picture because i realise this problem

HAPPENS to almost everyone of us here.

Everyone only has themselves as the 1st priority.

Everyone tends to forget what other people feel

Because they only care for themselves.

That's life, reality is cruel, mankind is selfish ..

So i put this up to remind my readers & also myself! :D