Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HELLO everyone ! I'm back yo!!
Finally the "mugging session" is finally over!
Unfortunately, i still need to go to school until 6 June.
Everyday is study study study , normal timetable!~
Haishhh , sadd right ?!

OKayy , let's talk about happy things!
Today Sophia, Yi Jia & I went to Nicole's house today.
To BAKE COOKIES, hehes my fav. hobby :)
& I sort of learnt a bit of playing 1/4 of the song using the piano.
Hah, now i am addicted to piano yea~~
I really envy those ppl who know to play the piano ):
Anyway the cookies was (Y)
Hehes , okiiie gtg now, bye~
I'm going to watch SECRET GARDEN! :D

Monday, May 30, 2011

Chinese O'level Exams is finally over!

& I hope i can get a B3 at least , hmm .
Will update tomr :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

HELLO everyone, I'm back yea !
Sorry for the lack of update yea.
Next monday is O'LEVEL CHINESE EXAM.
So i need to mug like crazy man x.x
Haish june holidays is round the corner.
But for the first 2 weeks, had extra supp lessons.
I can't even find a job sia x.x

Any job intro ? :)

Okayy i shall update only after next monday!
Await for the new post okie :)
Bye peepos :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello everyone , I'm back (:
Hmm , i really regret not enjoying myself ENOUGH in the past!
Now i really missed the happy times during sec 1&2.
If only there is a time machine, LOL.

Now my life is totally LIFELESS.
Holidays still need to come back to sch for study .
Now everyday we will be ending school at 4pm!
OMG, intensive study program, can you believe it?!
Nvm, this is SEC 4 LIFE.
Must definitely get used to it ya ):

YAY! Finally there is a class chalet for us after 4 years.
I'm so freaking excited of 13 june! :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Start afresh

我, 黎芊庈 要从新开始, 积极地面对一切。
What's done , cannot be undone.
Since you can't forgive me, I got nothing much more to say .

8Days starting from now~
Oh my tian , i haven't really start revising yet .
Need to buck up already ):
Hmm , i really hope this june chalet will a success for us ):
I hope many of my classmates can make it to this chalet.
Actually i'm thinking, what's with the banned classmates?
They are still our classmates , isn't it ?
Haishh , i'm just expressing my thoughts down here.
Not trying to imply to anything, dun misunderstand k.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The last day.

Today is the last day of NPCC training for Sec 4.
Although i'm not graduating but i'm really upset about it.
When i was only a junior, i always wished that there will be no NP trainings.
Every week hoping without failed.
But till today , i realised that i dread today's arrival.
Although i'm excited that i can have a break without NP,
I'm super duper sad that i will leave my NP friends.
Especially Natalie, Jessica & Jing Ling .
They are really my good friends/ company in NP.
Without them , my NP trainings would be cmi .

I remember that we met @ the 50th Anniversary.
We started to be close only at that time.
It's a pity that we didn't have much time together.
But i really cherish the moments shared with them.
How i wish they would stay with me even after NP.
I really hope we will stay in contact forever :)

Lovely moments (:

Also , i want to thank the person for giving me a chance.
Although i'm not confident of becoming it,
I will try my best and meet up your expectations .
Thanks for giving me the chance, really thank you!!! :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Move on

HELLO everyone , i'm back (:
I'm sorry for the lack of update & emo posts .
Many unhappy things happened earlier so ya.
Hmm , i shall talk about happy things now (:
Got back almost all my MYE results .
Was quite happy for it, hahas ;x
But still i hope that i can get back my LIT & PHY!
Although i knew the results will be booo~~~

Oh well, tomr is POP!
Super duper happy + excited much .
I'm really surprised by the results ya :)

How's my new blogskin ?
I spent like 3h re- editing it x.x

Monday, May 16, 2011

Everything seemed to change within a night .
I can't change anything .
I'm so confused & i really didn't know what to do.
All the W word seemed to be on my mind 24/7.
I'm just so tired;afraid and lost.
I really wonder when is this going to end?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We used to be best friends.
We used to call each other to catch up with each other.
We used to quarrel with each other endlessly.

I really hope this is not my wishful thinking.
You're important to me in my life.
You plays a part in it, without you, nothing is right.
I had tried my very best to explain to you.
I had tried my very best to put away my pride and take the initiative.
I had tried my very best to talk to you.

But all you did is ignore me.
Do you know that it hurts me really a lot ?
Can you stop being so ego for the sake of our friendship ?
If you really cherish our friendship ,
please do smth instead of acting that you're happy.

All you need to do is just finish the move.
Just this , will you?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

HELLO everyone, i'm back yea ^^
Hmm actually i wanna blog ytd, but blogger had some problems.
Anyway i wanna find a decent blogskin .
Cause i'm kinda sick of this because there's no music!
Hah, btw i'm going to find a job during june holidays.
Determined to find one, so readers , any reco ? :)
If have, please tell me okie!! ^^

Pictures for the early 2 days after i regained
my LIVELY life :D
Enjoy! (:

Super unglamn face, hahas
Claire & I
Jamie & I wearing yellow! :D
My clique, hehes
Claire & I :D
Awesome pic ^^
Jiawen & I (:

Spastic faces..

Okiie on wednesday, POOL day :]
Hahahs, claire epic face

Bernice & I :)

Jiawen & i =]

Okie done, sorry for the spamming of photos!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Finally after 1 month of agony , i'm back in action.
Seriously, hate exams ttm!!
Not only did it kill all my brain cells &
Made me so tensed up ; sleepless nights.
Haish sad life for me ):
Shall update my LIVELY LIFE after MYE :)

After my chem paper, went back home.
Around 12 ++ , met up with JW, Andy,Bernice,Claire,Eugene :)
Went to lucky plaza for POOL!
Aww yea~ Played for 2 hours .
Then went to cine leisure to rent a movie to watch.
It was the 4th kind, ok quite a nice show.
Not v. scary though .
Then walked around town area, reached home @ 9 ++.

Went to EAST COAST PARK for class outing!
One word to describe : AWESOMENESS!
Really enjoyed today's outing, thanks to the planner of course.
& the weather today was totally COOL :D
No sun at all, shiok to the max :/
Had a hard time teaching andy how to .... ,
& Finally he did it, so touching, hahas.
Ok smth hilarious happened but secret yea :x
Reached home around 9 :D
I'm looking forward to more class outings ^^

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


After 3 weeks & 3 days of mugging .
Ohhh yea~~
Ytd i can't sleep cause i'm too excited for the last paper.
Not because i'm scared for chem paper.
But it's because MYE IS ENDING!!!

Let's party now yea ^^
Going to town later on :)