Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is a bad day for me! ):
Morning yihan & Jac went my house (:
Yihan help me took photos of the clothes.
After tat went to north point.
LOL, walk awhile then went to amk.
Planned to eat kfc but could'nt find.
But we decided to find it, HAHAS.
Went a long long long way, finally found it.
Walked around half an hour sia .-
After eating went to causeway.
LOL, went to so many place ;x
When we trained to causeway, we walked throughout the train.
Lawls, we are crazy! (:
Then got 1 stupid uncle come bueysong us -.-
Stupid dumb ass.
Still diao us somemore! ):
When we reached, i diao him but he never see.
HAHAHAS, but i have my revenge (:
After taking my phone back, went to arcade.
LOL, if i'm not wrong, saw chude.
At first played 2 creds of drr.
Wth las, saw that bitch there.
Then we played other games.
Got 1 is throw balls at the screen.
LOL, we are like siao charbos ;x
After tat went back to lot 1!
HAHAS, went to arcade! (:
Saw jasmine, sophia & Yijia, LOL
So coincidence sia..
Played 2 creds of ddr again.
Lawls, i'm crazy about ddr liao los.
Hahs, then went shop abit.
After tat went home ler.
then discover my handphone memory can't detect.
WTF LAS, stupid phone so NOOB.
So many problems, fking mad! ):
GRRR, lan de yao si .-
Sians my audition still cannot LOAD.
WTH, my computer like sot liao.
Everything cannot download.
& Still delete everything.
Sai las, so freaking KP.
Sians everything is not right.
Ok forget about that.
School is reopening ler ):
Homewk haven finish ;x
Left all this :
X 6 more lit chapters.
X 1 chinese compo
X Do 1 maths test online
X Read the compo book- hack cares las .-
X Memorise chengyu ws.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sorry for not updating for quite a long time.
Nothing much to post earlier uh ;x
On 26/12/08
Went to lot 1 with sophia (:
Watched twilight at 3pm.
By saying the truth, i dun really think it's nice uh.
I prefers the books, more exciting.
Anw, the main characters also not shuai ;x
Paiseh to those people who likes them.
LOL, watched until 5 somthing.
Then went home luhs ;x

Whole day rott at home nah ):
Did some homewk :D
Sians, i'm dead uh T.T
I think i will not be able to finish in time ;x
& I hurt my leg ;x
Sians, like cannot walk sia ;x
Actually the computer person will come today.
But he suddenly said never come.
Around evening, went to faez plaza with sis.
LOL, reached there around 8pm.
So late, some of the shops already closed ler.
Walked, Shop, Walked.
Boring! ):
My leg freaking painful T.T
Around 10pm, planned to take 190 home.
But all the bus are full of ppl ):
Sadded so we took mrt.
After tat 2 of my sis fren joined us.
Lols, had a long chat with those elders ;x
HAHAHAS, but it was nice (:
Then went home :DDD

X 1 Chinese compo
X Memorise de 35 chengyu
X Read the compo book
O Finish whole maths tb ler.
X Haven go on hey maths. com- hack care
X Literature 13 chap summary T.T
O English compo
O Chinese compo

I'm dead! T.T

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reflection :D

Yihan bought for me (:

Me :/
Cute wor :O

* I kope yihan der ;x

Hahas today went out with yihan ((:
Woke up from my mum around 10am .
So early, i still wan sleep neh! ;x
After tat mum operate my monkey T.T
So small still need operation, pathetic.
Vaccumm her until fat fat!
Now she damm freaking fat & hard ):
Not nice to hug liao ;x
But i will still cherish her or else i become a ugly pig!
Lols, after tat mend the hole on monkey body.
After tat went to toa payoh with yihan ((:
Shop , Shop , Shop.
Tired sia ;x
Bought 2 purple dress for CNY.
Hoping to buy more when i found the best ones (:
Then trained back to bugis.
So many people sia ;x
Actually planned to bought slippers.
But after much ..., decided not to buy ler :/
After tat went back to lot 1.
LOL, shop for awhile.
Then went to cck park (:
Had a great fun there :DD
Played alot of things.
Just like when i'm like a kid.
Lols, i seems like i had gone back to the past.
But i really want to go back when i'm K2!
LOLs, played with small children.
Tired but FUN! (:
After tat went home ler :DD

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nice ((:
I looks stupid-.-
Me & claire :D
Everyone cheese!!! :D
LOL, cute (:
Nice (:
Sian, i miss my phone! ):
De toopid ass say will be next week then can get back my phone T.T
GRR, cheat me.
At first say 2 days, now 1 week -,-
Haish & my comp still cant use.
My audi standard sure deprove until like lvl 6 standard uh.
Haish, sadd, can't be help las T.T
SIANS, i'm dying without my phone& audition ):
Back here, i shall talk about today!~
Today morning went to meet some frens for clothes.
But she did not come -.-!
GRR, waited her for 15 mins like retard.
Stupid, i hate waiting okays!
Damm freaking pissed off...
After tat prepare & went to meet yijia they all.
Went to eat pizzahut.
Yijia blunja nah (:
After tat went to mayspring :DD
LOL, when we reach there, we quickly went to swim
Hahas, cause very hot mah.
Swam for 2 hrs?
Siao uh, so tired & so black T.T
But it was FUN!
6 ppl swam & only got 2 goggles.
Lols, took turn to swim.
Took alot of photos uh ;x
Sorry my handphone repair so i cope claire ones :/
Paiseh wor, hope u all dun mind.
After tat went to bpp, bought ljs.
We very suay los, when we went out.
It's was raining -.-
Ran& Ran& Ran, finally reached ;x
After tat gift exchange (:
Got sophia present& Yj got mine.
Lols, ps wor, my present very ugly ;x
Then went to a room played pingpong balls.
All so pro, bully me.
But i love playing with nicole :D
Cause we played very high, make me so HIGH! ;x
After tat went to the toilet make water bomb.
Then got 1 auntie go complain -.-
Stupid ass, so kaypo for wad, still laugh at us.
Evil sia ;x
But lucky we make some luhs.
Lols, then got some disagreements with the water bomb.
But after tat solve, but
i got some thing to say.
Sorry ayaka, i never care about ur feelings that time, I'M SORRY!
Hope you forgive me hor ;x ):
We make water bombs secretly downstairs.
Cuz there got free water which is rainwater.
So they have no rights to disallow us to make (:
While making, got a small boy damm freaking ass.
We doing then come kaypo ask here& that.
Who do u think you are?
Police huh?
Question us like criminals like that.
Still stand there look at us like wad.-
GRR, then jw say we us
e that to bathe.
LOL, damm funny.
I think that boy believe us las, lol.
We make like at least 100 packs?
But after awhile, we finish all.
After playing, i'm like partially wet?
Then went to lot 1 with yijia, claire & jw.
Ps jw& claire, we never tell u all we go first.
After tat went home ler (:
Tired but HAPPY! :DD

Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is me in march?
This is me in sep?

*I put those photos to let you see. I changed as in my face? LOL, i 'm lame(:


Later going to my ahma house celebrate (:
Ok back to posting! (:
First thing : My living room comp spoil T.T
So now i could not play audi & i cant upload pics.
That's real stupid.
But daddy already asked someone to come repair.
In the few days time so i still need to wait ):
So for the time being, i 'm using the other comp.
Which have only internet T.T
Ok las, rather than nothing uh ;x
Haish & Another thing is me& ... patch.
Lols, u all sure think we crazy hah?
But it's true.
Idk how we patch de las.
Maybe our friendship is too long that we can't bear to end?
Idk & I dun care.
LOL, But nvm.
Hope she won't gossip of me animore.
Problem solve (:
The other things is : I have not finish my homewk!
& School is reopening very SOON!
Oh gosh , time pass so fast.
But i'm excited to meet my frens& new classmates (:
I wonder how they are like uh? ><

Friday, December 19, 2008

Today went to ayaka house around 11am.
Prepare all the things ;x
LOL. After tat slack at the living room.
Then wait for sophia& Jas to come.
Around 2pm went to bpp buy chicken wings ;x
After tat saw sophia & jas on the way.
Lol, then went up prepare for awhile.
When ayaka came in, we scare her until like siao los ;x
After tat played haunted house.
Soon, went downstairs play waterbomb!
It's was fun.
& Jas keep aiming me >:(
Lols, soon we started to play with water.
Fun fun fun.
Soon, all of them got wet las.
After tat went playground play (:
I fall down 3 times from the slide.
Wth las -.-
The last time, sophia saw me falling.
But she did not help me, so bad.
Still stay there laugh laugh laugh ):
After tat went up.
Change clothes then pack things.
Celebrate ayaka's birthday! (((:
Bought a cake for her.
It's was pretty nice las.
After tat ayaka opened presents.
Sorry ah, my presents very lame 1 ;x.
Then went home ler (:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hello Peeps! (:
Sorry for not updating often.
Had been kinda busy these day ;x

Happy birthday to daddy! (:
For his Chinese birthday las :D

Today went to work with jamie & sophia.
Damm freaking tiring, i regret going sia T.T
Woke up at 8am, prepare awhile.
Then went to market with mum & sis (:
Went there shop for things las.
After tat meet up with jamie& sophia.
Trained to toa payoh, -.-
Reached the centre then see boss.
He had a long speech with us uh .-
So naggy las! >:(
After tat took taxi to the place we need to distribute.
We started on blk 66.
I was totally shocked las, it was so damm OLD there.
Almost of the resident are elders people.
& Their place were damm dirty & plain ;x
Very creepy sia !
So me& jamie walked together.
Lol, gt 1 time is we happen to see a dog.
OMG, it was damm fierce can.
Bark until whole blk can hear ler .-
Stupid ass scared us until we run away.
LOL, after doing about 6 blks.
We went to the coffee shop & eat.
The price is cheap & reasonable las.
Then marvin & his fren came.
We gave him 1k flyers & they still wan more -.-
So we pei them go find the blks .
& guess what?
They distribute new flats that is clean & tidy.
While we distribute is ....
WTH las, so unfair T.T
So we also distribute ours.
Really alot & very troublesome.
I swore never to go distribute ever again.-
We spent like 5hrs & onli distribute 1500.
Wtf? & Got 1 blk have 40 storeys.
Siao las, me & jamie were like shocked sia.
LOL. Walk & Walk then finally finish.
Lucky that blk not alot of dogs or else we sure die .-
But the scenery is damm nice& is super windy.
Damm shiok ;x
Lol after tat went to centre collect money.
Sians, only earn very less amount .-
The person still nag at us.
Go hell las, so stingy 1 ;x
Sadded T.T
After tat went home ler.
Sians tomr my legs sure got cramp le ):
Ps, tomr then i update pics cuz i using other comp ;x
Goodbye! Sweet dreams (:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday woke up at 8am.
So early T.T
After tat went to temple with families.
Then dad drive us to my aunt house (:
Long journey!
Suddenly i got fever & flu T.T
Reached there, very tiring sia.
Slack there awhile.
Then went to the nearby shopping cut hair
I regret going los T.T
Cut my hair & now i'm like shyt ):
Damm freaking curly.
The stupid hairstylist bluff me.
GRR, now my hair even shorter T.T
Sadded, I miss my hair ):
While sis & mum went to dye hair.
LOL, me & kaiyun went home first.
Slept at her home for like 2h?
Very tired T.T
After tat went home around 4 plus.
Then went to my grandma house.
Whole day packed! ):
When i reached there,
My uncles are helping to barbeque the food.
LOL. While me & my cousins played swing (:
Around 8pm reached home.
Bathe then went to sleep liao.
LOL, sians.
Now i'm sick.
Cannot eat alot of things T.T

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jiaying's hair (:
My monkey with my sis's dress! :D
She is sick! ):
My new hoodies (:

From now on, i will be updating my blog every 2 days.
Unless exams okays? :D
Ok back to posting ya(:
Today mum still sick!):
Haish, but she dun wan see doctor.
Cause she no energy to walk ler, lols.
So she rest on bed while i watch tv ;x
Around 1pm, sister cooked noodles for mummy (:
I'm spared from cooking :x
After tat i went down to meet jiaying.
Pei her go haircut.
LOL, her hairstyle really very nice sia.
Haish but too bad, my hair not long enough ):
Sadded, after tat went causeway with her.
Shop shop shop, then she went my house.
Slack until 6 smth then went home lerh.
Bought my nasi lemak for dinner! (:
About the rebonding decision,
I decided to have a haircut first.
If i think it's very curly, i decided to rebond.
LOL, i know i'm lame.
Just a short post & I'm done.
Ps gtg, i need to have my dinner.
Goodbye peeps! (:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I really really feel very sians ):
Do u think i should rebond my hair?
Do you think i should have a haircut?
I really dunch know.
If i have a haircut, my hair will be like crazy women .-
If i rebond my hair, it will be too common rite.
Almost every girl rebond her hair .-
Sadded, i really have no idea uh.
My hair is still so fking short.
I have no idea when will it grow .-
GRRRRRRR, i regret cutting my hair.
But i'm satisfied with my fringe, it's okays :D
But my hair is curly at the end, L0L.
Because it's at shoulder length.
GRRRRR, i want my hair to grow uh !
Sadded, now i have no idea wad i should do with my hair.
Should i cut my hair or rebond?
Sians, can some1 give me some ideas? ):

Ok, just forget that.
Back here.
Today mum sick! ):
Sorry mum for not pei-ing by ur side ):
Very sorry but i promise u i won't go out again.
OPS, it's when u are sick!
Then afternoon went city hall.
With jamie & yijia (:
We walked 4 shops but i dun like anyone.
LOL, until we came upon a shop.
But the design not very nice uh ):
The owner very overboard luhs.
Attitude sucks las.
Our money right, no need u to control luh.
Still threaten us, GRRRR.
Felt like slapping him! -*
Find find find until me & jamie found the perfect 1 (:
Is a rainbow hoodies, WEEES!
But its quite big luhs ;x
I bought that one while jamie bought the star hoodies.
Quite nice uh (:
After tat went to lot 1 arcade (:
Played 2 creds, LOL.
Saw a guy wearing star hoodies that i plan to buy at first.
LOL, lucky never buy or else same as him ;x
After playing then went home luhs.
LMAOS, today is the most funniest day that i had!
Yijia & I were crazy.-
Kept laughing like hell, lols.
Gtg le, byes (:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

ShiQi (:

Shi Pei (:

You Chang, smallest one (:
What is she doing?
L0L, three cute children (:
The 2 siblings are running away!
Everyone want a pics (:

Shiqi, her pig face,HAHS!
Me & Shi Pei

Me & ShiQi (:
We threes (:
Do they look alike :O
50 hearts , done by me! :}
I do one hor ;x

Lols. Woke up at 10am.
Miss my doraemon show T.T
Watch Love Blossoms Show until 1pm ><>Saboed by yihan! :(

You can't send this to the person who sent you. Continue this by sending to 8 people.
Send this to 8 people:
1) Jacinda
2) Yijia
3) Sophia
4) Eugene
5) Claire
6) Ayaka
7) Jiawen
8) Bernice

1.What have you been doing recently?
Packing up my room

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
Duh .-

3.What happened at 10am today?
Sleeping like a pig ;x

4.When did u last cry?

5.Believe in fate/destiny?

6.What do you want in your life now?

7.Do you carry a umbrella when it rains or just put up ur hood?

8.Whats your favourite thing to have on ur bed?
My monkey & pillow.

9.What bottoms are you wearing now?
Blue shorts

10.Whats the nicest thing in your inbox?
I dunch know.

11.Do you tend to make a relationship complicated?

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
No las .-

13.What was the last movie you caught?
High School Musical 3 ;x

14.What are u proud of?
Dunno leh

15.What does your oldest text msg in ur inbox says?
Did you call me, L0L.

16.What was the last song u sang out loud?
The day you went away ;x

17.Do you have any nicknames?

18.What does ur last text msg says?
Did you call me? - by jamie. .

19.What time did u go to bed last night?

20.Are you currently happy?
No, cuz bo money T.T

21.Who gives u the best advice?
My monkey, that's me! :S

22.Do u eat whipped cream straight from can?
Eeek, no.

23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?

24.Is something bugging you now?

25.What/who was the last person to make you laugh?
My cousin, her funny moves.

26.Do you wear toe socks?
LOL,no .-

27.Who was the last person you missed a call from?
I forgot ler..

28.Have you ever had your heart broken?
Duh .-

29.What annoys you most in a person?
When she is selfish, petty & thick-skinned.

30.Do you have a crush on someone?

31.Have you ever done cocaine?

32.What is the colour of your room?
Blue& Pink.

33.Would you kill someone you hate for a billion bucks?

34.Do you believe in the saying,talk is cheap?

35.Who was the last person to lie in your bed?
Me luhs.

36.Who was the last person to hug you?
My mum .-

37.Did you see the last person you kissed recently?
I dun kiss but my mum do ;x

38.Do you have a life?

39.Have you ever thought someone died,when they didnt?
Yea, ps i'm just being pessismist if i think of that.

40.What is the reason behind yr profile song?
Because its nice? LOL

41.Who was the last person you saw in yr dreams ?
Forgot ler las

42.Last time you smiled?
Today, just now.

43.Have you changed this year?
Ya, i become more stupid.

44.What are you listening to rite now?

45.Are you talking to someone while doing this?

46.Do you walk with your eyes closed or open?
Open las .-

47.Is there a quote you live by?
明天会跟好, hahas.

48.Do you want someone you can never have?
duh .-

49.Have you ever played an instrument?

50.What was the worst idea you had this week?
Thought of ....

51.What were you doing last night at 11pm?
err, i 'm watching love blossom 2.

52.Are you happy with your love life now?

53.What song best describes your love life?
Pretty Boy.

54.Does the person know you like him/her?

55.Who always makes you laugh?
My sister .-

56.Do you speak other languages other than english?
Ya, chinese (:

57.Favourite websites?

58.Whats yr middle name?

60.What do you think you are like?
I am like a ? - Idk

61.Who will you choose to die with?

62.Where have you been today?
At my grandma house.

63.What game do you play often?

64.Who are you missing now?

65.If you had to choose between your friend or your lover which will you choose?
I dunnno

66.What are you doing right now?

67.Which primary school are you from?
Kranji Primary School .

68.Name 3 colours that you like?
Pink,Purple, White

69.What emotion do you like to show?

70.What is your life to you ?


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today i stayed at home & slack ;x
Cause no1 pei me go out T.T
Sians, I suppose this is my 1st time not going out.
Woke up at 12pm.
Oh man, that's my greatest record.
& Now i am wondering how am i going to sleep tonight?
Anyone knows? Lols, after tat on comp (:
I decided to do my chinese compo.
The title is my thoughts of year 2008.
Nothing to talk about las.
Lame 1, ROFL.
After thinking about 1hr, i gave up! :D
& I played audition with yijia.
Sadded T_T
But my beatup IMPROVED.
Yesterday got 1 person asked me if i am sierra lai?
LOL. I tried to reply but he block whisper.
Stupid las, how i reply if u block it .-
I hope its not him or else i will flare up ><><
After off comp then watched tv until now!
LOL. I think electricity bills sure gone up.
Cause after i off comp, i will watch tv,
After watch tv will on comp ;x
Sians, life is so boring.
I rather go to school, LOL.

I am thinking about this and i decided to write this.
When u are popular, everyone will be like a dog following u & there. But when u are hated by someone, they will treat u like an enemies & did not talk to you & insult you. While ur other frens will be like them even ur BEST frens scold you bad words. Will you be hurt if ur bestie scold you? I know you will be sad either. And last time the someone was hated by everyone, Everyone insulted her including ... & they said that they will never want to stay with her saying how great & good they were. That's real stupid. Who will be there when u need help? Yep, only some frens. When my frens is hated by someone, all her frens did not talk to her & insult her alot of hurtful things. Is that the right way? Should'nt frens be good to each other? Idk. But still got some fren did talk to her& you know wad? Those fren that talk to her is once my frens hate. & In the end, those good frens did not like the rest. That shows wad? That means that they did care about her & did not treat her like an enemies. If i am my fren, i will be very grateful to them because i realise that they are my true frens but not her closest frens beside her.

PS; I am not implying to anyone okays! Get this clear, i just felt sad about my fren & her frens.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sorry for not updating earlier ;x
Today was boring :}
Whole day rotting at home :(
Watched a show act by raine yang (:
But the ending very BAD!
Cause rainie yang in the end never go with jsl T.T
Haish, sadded .
Soon, daddy came bak.
He was sick :O
& He slept almost a day, please! ;x
LOL, watched tv :)
God, i haven done my homewk :/
I know i'm bad (:
Just now came across a few blogshop .
One shop, i saw my sis wearing a dress but not her face.
LMAOS, the person cop my sis pics :O
I feel like telling tat person sial!
Saw a blogshop and de tees is REAL cheap!
LOL, and i decided to buy it for ....
Now christmas is coming ler & I'm broke!
Die ;x
I need a job badly!
Ps going to 1am ler.
Gonna sleep, bye! (:

Monday, December 1, 2008

PS: I thought of writing this because someone asked me this question.
Friendship is fragile ?
By saying the truth i answered yes?
If it is not fragile, why all those unhappy things happen?
Why my best frens could do this to me?
It is my retibution or wad?
I just need an answer, please.
I just want ... to speak de truth.
Is that so difficult?
I tried to be good to .... but i still get betray?
What is all this?
My best fren betray me & expose all my secrets?!
Can u forgive her?
Sorry i wont, i am not that good.
I may look good infront of u but it wont last long.
Someone ask me to forgive & forget.
But can i?
Ur best fren insult u like a dog, insult u until like a bitch, talk bad about u until u like a slut, treat u like an angel infront of u but treat u like a devil behind u, expose ur secrets to strangers, make my other fren to hate me, create a useless ***** to make me feel hurt, put my ugly pics on blog, treat me so good like hypocrite, DO YOU THINK I CAN FORGET EVERYTHING?

Sorry i cannot be so absent-minded until i could forget those things. I act to be strong but i am not, u all can treat it as nothing happen and tried to treat me good but all those things you all had done had really disappoint me. No matter how hard you all tried, i could only say thanks alot.

But can I really forget all those things? Imagine you are me, can you really forget? All those frens who actually are those ppl that hate you & yet they treat me so good. Crazy hah?

Sorry for saying all this. All this words is came from my true minds :}

If you all told me earlier that u all hate me, i will stay away from u all & all these won't happen yea? :x

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nothing to do at home.
Cause now no money liaos.
Sadded T_T
Now audition sot sot der.
Can earn alot of dens through bubp.
LOL. I earned 4 million lerh! ;x
But i spend half of them (:
It's kinda bored las cause keep playing de same thing.
LOL, hope audi can change? ><

Kanna saboed by bernice & yijia to do this quiz uh (:

Rule#1 :People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any quesiton that they dislike with a new question.
Rule#2 : Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to another person.

1.Who are your best friend?
Yijia,Sophia, Ayaka,Jacinda, Yihan?

2.How good are them to you?
They are trustworthy & did not betray me b4.

3.What did they do to you when you are sad?
Cheer me up luhs.

4.Do you have stead?
Have, in audi las (:

5.What made you love him/her?

6.How do you feel right now?

7.What are the most in your heart?
My families & Frens.

8.What make you angry?
Misunderstanding mii
Talk behind my back like aunties gossiping & dare not tell me in my face.
when i am waiting for someone.
When some1 threathen me >:(

9.Who is important in your life?

10.What do you want the most right now?
money ><

11.Who do you love most?
My families & monkey ;x

12.Who do you gave away your first kiss?
To my monkey (:

13.Do you miss someone everyday that you can't even sleep?
No, i haven gone until that stage las ;x

14.Which teacher you hate most?
Mr Mohan

15.Did any teacher help you before?

16.Do you have alot money that you can't finish using?
Nope :(

17.Blog and study is the coolest thing?
NOPE. Being happy is cool (:

18.What do you expected to be tomorrow?
I expected that i could see him.

19.Who do you worry in the world?
My family?

20.What do you want the most?
Happiness andd Healthy Forever!

21.What do you hate the most?
Alot sia ;x

22.Who annoys you the most?
KerYang, that ass .-

23.Do you love?

24.What type of person do you hate most?
Proud, Ridiculous, Selfish

25.5 people that I have tag.
I dun plan to, SORRY! ;O

End of post:x

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yihan take der ;x

WE (:

My name (:

Today wake up around 10am.
Ate cough & fever medicine, yucks man!
Btw, my house is having spring- clean (:
LOL, damm happy cuz alot of things will be throw away!
After tat help sister clean some light stuff .
Then i discover my barbie doll house & clothes ;x
LOL, i began to play with it.
I know i am crazy :X
After tat ate lunch then went to lot 1 (:
Meet up with Yihan & Yijia :D
Went to arcade play 2 cred (:
Very fun eh :x
Then went to shop shop
After tat went home liaos (:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday whole day watch tv T.T
LOL, around 5pm meet up with sophia.
Went to bukit view primary with jasmine they all.
At first went to the classroom to find them (:
Then went to canteen ate nasi lemak.
After tat we went to court to settle down.
LOL. Sang alot of kiddish campfire song ;x
Very lame eh.
After tat slack abit then went home ler (:


Nice eh ;x

At the beginning
Zoom in! (:
Today woke up around 8am.
Went to tat primary sch again.
Lols, went to de classroom.
They made cookies for their parents (:
LOL, then play wit them for awhile.
We went to set up games stall for them (:
Soon, alot of ppl started to queue up for our games
LOL, ours is supet duper easy los.
& All de presents are great! (:
Then auntie jane give us 1 pack of toberone each :D
After tat ayake & me went around playing games .
Saw a very cute & shuai boy, LOL.
Then went to canteen to eat buffet lunch.
After tat went back classroom slack (:
Then played with other children.
LOL. I had gone back to the past ;x
Ps i know i am childish :(
Then daniel, a cute boy came! (:
Acutally plan to take photos of him but he refused!):
Not a fulfil trip cuz not alot of pics uh.
Sadded, i miss all my cute little fren uhs ><
I wish that next yr we will come there again.
After tat went lot 1 play ddr 2 cred (:
Then went mac ate small fries.
After tat sophia went home while we go arcade again ;x
Played 1 more creds then went home ler.
While ayaka & jasmine came & watch tv .
LOL, a good day! :)


Maoxian (:

Wayne! :DD

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two cute boy giving post (:

So mani twist behind her (:
My three closest boys (:

Idoilt boy& Cutest boy boy (:

Cute Sharlyn (:

Lianyi draw for me! (:

Say cheese, she's cute!

My brother acting cool .-
Cute seh (:

Jeffrey Lai, my bro (:

Justin, cute (:
Lian Yi, Sensible boy (:

Wayne Fong, naughtiest 1!

This look like zhiyong?
Nicole& Venus (:

Let me introduce something (:
All those photos that u seen is all from that school.
They are cute & adorable, okays!
No criticism of them (:
Hmm, i shall post smth for today (:
Today woke up at 7.45am.
Damm tired & sleepy T.T
After tat went to mac ate breakfast (:
Then set off to bukit view prim school .
When we reach there, the pupils are eating their breakfast.
Lols, then we went to their classroom.
As they did their artworks.
Some of them are very naughty & immature las.
But they are cute (:
Soon, it was lunch time.
We serve them like a maid .-
Lols, then we went back in.
Play with them for awhile (:
Then went with nicole to find the rest.
Cause they are missing! :O
Actually they went for a meeting on this sat carnival.
Lol, & i decided to join (:
After tat we went back there & p1 student are sleeping.
LOL, then slack there with p2 student.
Soon, the sleeping time was over (:
Everyone came out (:
WEEES, i decided to take photos of their cute faces.
& Auntie jane agree that we have de right los.
But got 1 cher shout at us for nothing .-
& Scold us infront of the students!
GRR, damm malu sia ><
Feel like slapping that teacher to make me feel better las (:
After scolding , everyone settle down quickly& quietly.
Cuz they want to watch movie!
LOL! But the show was boring .-
Then we prepared their teabreak (:
LOL, as for ourself we ate alot of biscuits las.
After eating we played with them (:
Then went back to lot 1 to buy smth.

LianYi, Jeffrey, Daniel, Wayne, MaoXian & Justin are my cute little frens that i had made today! (: