Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm back with the pictures taken @ welfare home.
It's a pity that i'm not able to post the pics of them.
So there were only photos that taken with my crew.
Had a lot of fun with my crew members & the ppl there during the weekends !
At first , i kinda regretted coming to that event .
But after that , i feel so much different.
In fact , i was really sad when we need to leave ..
I'm absolutely sure that i will miss that place ):
So contradicting, isn't it?

Had huge deep eyebags now..
Due to lack of sleep .
I slept 2am in the morning & woke up @ 7 ..
Pro hur? -_____-

Pictures :)
Li Xian & I ..

Okie ! Gtg for my tuition , bye :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm back yea...
Today had a long day @ HOME , near bedok..
Will be heading back tomr :)
That's the place where many muslim teenagers stay @.
The reason of staying there remains as a secret :)
Hahahs , i really had a lot of fun with them ya!

Enjoy the pics !~
FYI: This is all taken last sat when sophia & i went to vivo.
Had a mini "cam-whore" session with her :)
How i wish i can wear this to sleep :)

The babyroom is so cosy!

Acting cute, hah
Cool yea?

Okiie that's all.
I shall end with my last EPIC pic :D

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hiie ^^
Going to an event with my service crew tomr!
I think this picture is super duper cool ya :)
Hope tomr will be fun , hehes ^^


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorry for the lack of update ya!
Had been seriously busy these few days ...

Ok , instead of updating .
I shall tell stories for today~
(I'm a bad storyteller)

1st incident :
After hours of choosing, i finally chose to try Mocha.
FYI ; i only added 1 packet of sugar.
& I'm complaining that it was sweet -.-
To my utter surprise, after a few more sips ,
Guess what's the taste...
Super duper disgusting to the max ya.
After that due to my carelessness,
I sent the stirrer to the ground ,
Just like a see-saw...
Splashing coffee onto my face -_________-
Luckily , only one of my friend saw it.
But it was damm paiseh lahhh ):

Next incident :
Ok it was super duper stupid.
It was raining heavily outside ...
Just as i opened my umbrella and prepared to go outside...
I took like 5 mins to realise that the rain has stopped.
& I'm like one idiot still carrying the umbrella like nobody business..

Okayy the end~
Hahahs sorry for my noob english yea..

Monday, January 24, 2011

I can never understand you if you kept it silent.
To me, sorry doesn't mean anything.
By being sorry is only gaining sympathy to me
What i want is Sincerity & Actions.
Prove to me that you mean what you say .
Don't say a thing infront of me, & complain behind my back .
I want your true self.

PS : Not referring to anyone ok

Sunday, January 23, 2011

(FYI : My mum dun like the surname lai :P)

Woke up @ 8am today , seriously TIRED...
2nd sis & i prepare the ingredient for the mian xian.
While daddy be the chef of the day!
I think the only thing i do is remove the eggs shell -.-
ok LOL, the result was okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Acceptable lah , since it's dad first time cooking.

After that sang birthday song for mummy !
Ate the cake, the cake was so damn sweet .
Then went to bugis with family ..
Ok in short , spent like 5 hours there.
Oh gosh manz, my sis like go one shop buy one piece -.-
I'm a good girl as i only bought a pair of shoes + 1 dress.
*Winks , (actually is because i'm broke)
Oh well, after that went to taekwondo training .
Confirm plus chop 100% , i will have muscle aches tomr.
& My legs has so many bruises !


I'm a good photographer yea?! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


HEY YO everyone ! :D

Just finished doing my ENGLISH speech .
Like FINALLY, i have finished!!!
OH YAY, hehehs .
Went to several places with Sophia today :)
First to wheelock place, to find Nokia Care Center.
In the end the centre became a golf shop .
Seriously , OH MY TIAN .
*Cheat my feelings man .

So went to Vivo city instead .
The queue was super duper fast alright ..
Haish , but i felt kinda wasted.
Cause i went all the day there just to repair my dad's phone.
LOL , after that went to shop shop around .

Had a awesome day with her! :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OHHHH hiiie everyone !
Heyhey, i realised something ....


Oh my freaking god, can't believe it..
Hahahs anyway i love watching MR BEAN SHOW ^^

Today is a MALU day for me ...
Ok, i shall not mention the class .
It was a typical morning when i went outside to open my locker.
Suddenly, my noes felt itchy and i sneezed .
Frankly speaking , it's a loud one .
Cause it came unprepared.
& It was like the next door class & my class people
were laughing like mad.
It's like suddenly the class was quiet but was disrupted

Guess how embarrassing it was.
Thankfully, i guess , none of the next door ppl knew its me ..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HELLO everyone , I'm back yea!!
Happy that my blog viewers increased :D
Ok i have nothing much to talk about sch .
Simple after sch > time prac> went home to do homework .
Seriously NO LIFE manz , somemore ....
I'm going to stay like that for 2 years?!?!

Yes, endure please :)
Okay let's talk about happy things instead.
Chinese New Year is round the corner , *YAY
Aren't you guys excited about it ?
Hehehs , i still have one more set of CNY clothes to buy :)
It's a pity that my 2nd sis can't join us for "bai nian "
Due to her job, pathetic much yea? ):

Do listen yea!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I tried to believe that it's still a dream .
But it isn't .
I am seriously not prepared to take my O'levels for 3 subjects this year.
I'm still the slacker me who only knows how to enjoy.
I dunno when can i really wake up ?
I kept on thinking that there's still a long time .
I still got just one more fucking year to go .

I can only help myself if i promise to study hard.
Dun wait until the day when you start to regret .
It will be too late...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

HELLO everyone :D
OH yea, had a pretty long day spent on GO GREEN EVENT.
Okay it's fun @ there but it's just that it's super duper tiring ..
Thank goodness, Jia Yun was with me through out the event .
Hahahs , afterall , all the hard work is paid off :)

It's gonna be a long & tiring week starting from tomr.
I hate time prac, like seriously ..
If i could make a wish ,
I would definetely choose to quit studying..

Friday, January 14, 2011

HELLO everyone ! :D
I'm back to post yea~
It's been a long time since i updated .
Had been busy with school stuffs , hahas .

Luckily , na stream doesn't have common test .
Or else i will be really dead .
But i have time practice starting from next week onwards.
FYI, time prac is smth like remedial class ;
Staying back until 6 plus to study ..

Okay , i hope i can survive in the time being ~
Going to taekwondo training later on :)
& Going to town for pool tomr !


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will update tomr :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HIII everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
School is nevertheless ; boring to the max yea .
I hate all the lessons except recess!
& Seriously no matter how i tried to suck everything into my brain ,
Trust me , it doesn't work at all .

& One more thing .
I'm seriously not getting used to school life.
My eyebags is getting heavier due to not enough sleep .
Everyday i thought about sleeping than studying .
And HELLO? I'm still writing 3A instead of 4A .

How i wish i can turn back to pri 1 ):
& Lastly people really did change...
So it's better not to believe in people too much L:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

HEY everyone ! I'm back yea.
Feeling super duper tired now after 5 hours of baking & headache.
Ytd went to my first TAEKWONDO training !
It's a pity that i couldn't continue from red belt .
& I'm starting white belt with my 2nd sis .
I had seriously muscles aches!!! -_________-

Now i walked like a duck now ..
& There's PE tomr ?
Gosh , please kill me x.x

& Damn it .
I still owe teachers a LOT of homeworks .
How am i gonna to face the teachers ?

Good game for me :/

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hiie everyone :)
Ok basically this week is seriously my busiest week.
Everyday's events is like totally pack fully !
Haven't been updating a proper one for a long time .
Okay feel kinda upset over some things that i should get over it earlier.
But i really hate that people tends to forget my existence.
Oh well , i shall just resign to my fate -.-

Alright , today is my SSGT test .
(Staff Sergant test )
I think it's super duper fail for me & good game ya.
Didn't have enough time to finish theory test.
So i just fill in random alphas on the answer sheet .
Campcraft was crap , mixed up all the knots.
Please kill me ....

Okay i was the UNLUCKY one .
As i went solo with Yan Bo Sir .
& I even do something really ...........
Okay actually before that , i'm confident of passing .
But after that test ,my mind was


Okay but finally the test was over

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I thought i'm lucky but actually i'm not.
I really hope i can just make up my mind at once.
Instead of considering so many factors;
Doing nothing but crying .

How i wish i can really let you go .
How i wish i won't be hurt by you anymore.
How i wish i won't be so gullible anymore.

"Once bitten , twice shy . "
I have been bitten for so many times ,
Yet i still kept on going back to the trap .
I'm the stupidest person in the world .

Monday, January 3, 2011

What if one day ;

You & I became complete strangers ?

I really don't want to let this happen.
But your freaking hypocrite character really makes me scared.
You're the one that said that .
But next moment , you denied the fact .

What is your mind thinking ?
Why have you become so hypocrite ?
I can feel that you really doesn't treasure our friendship .
You always forget me .
You only remember me when you need someone to help you.
You are really so realistic .

Yes , now that you have a lot more friends.
Everything changed.
But i wanna ask a question :
Who's the one who stand by for you 24h ?

And did you even fucking stand by me anytime?
Where are you when i need you ?

Seriously what crap is that .
You're really a big liar.
I really dunno which sentence you said is true .
You seems to be exaggerating everything .

I really can't regonise you.
I told you we will drift someday ,
But you just give me a (who cares) answer.
It broke my heart , like seriously .
I'm always the one who made the effort trying not to drift this .
But did you ever ?
You only need me when you're free with no other friends with you.

Then you will find me ?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hope you guys won't mind okie (:

Went out with Jiawen they all to town .
Glenn say neoprints is for gays.
In the end he still take with us, HAHAS.
Free eyeliner for me , scary sia my face .

Love this the most ^^

With my npcc clique :)


How i wish i can be like this ( fake fake )

Alright , gtg..

Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR & Happy birthday to my big sis ! ^^
Yeaaaa, oh my; a year has passed in a blink of an eye .
Till now, i still couldn't face the fact that Year '2010 has come to an end.

Truthfully (i'm not really looking forward to year '2011)

Alright, now the trend is making new year's resolutions!
I shall go with the wind :)

1) Be a nerd & study hard !
2) No more quarrels with my love ones.
3) Don't drift with any of my close friends.
4) Everyone to be healthy & happy !
5) Get a LIVELY LIFE...

Hehehs! :D
Ytd was really a tired day for me.
Spent 3/4 of my day with my cca's clique..
Hahs , it was fun @ there .
Of course i want to wish for a 2nd/3rd etc.. outing!!

After that trained down to somerset.
Almost got fed up because of andy quek 's gl -ness.
Had a few hours roaming around Scape ...
After that took bus to marina bay.
Damn damn damn crowded !!!!
Especially when its going to 12am .
Oh my , you can really faint -.-
Squeezing with a lot of people, sweating like shit ...


Ok freak it man . LOL.
Then walked to a long journey to orchard as there was no trains available.
Total sian- ness!
Slacked until 6.10am ):
*Winks. Hehehs then home sweet home...
Now my eyes became PANDA EYES ^^