Friday, July 31, 2009

Now my only aim is to forget you entirely .
I dun wish to carry any more false hopes .
Because its not gonna happen .

HELLOS EVERYBODY , school is boring right ?
Super uber boring , test here and there.
And exams is coming very very very soon.
But i dun give a damm , hehs .
Talk about yesterday & today bahh :D
Yesterday ;
Lesson boring as usual , nothing much to touch on.
Actually also forgot what happened liao , LOL .
After school , went for npcc .
Rehearsal for School NDP , ahhs .
Damm tired canns , one rehearsal can make me die liao -.-
You know one rehearsal took how long ?
NEAR TO 1HOUR , okay -.-
Stand there , until my legs all numb liao.
Somemore got 3 rehearsal , damm it .
And the sun is SO HOT ! Ahhs .
Now i have become a tanned girl , thanks to the sun .
GAHH , my heart hurts sia .
LOL , aiyah very tiring jiu shi liao ..
Skip to tomr :D
Today !
Went to school as usual .
Today all the lesson quite slack * weets .
Especially art , was playing & joking with yijia .
Hahahs , and i keep throwing the clay to jiahao .
LOL , serve him right , who ask him bully me :P
After school , ate at canteen with yijia .
Then rushed back home , bathe & changed .
Meet up with sophia , yijia , jamie .
Took 190 to faez plaza , jasmine joined us after tat .
Walk walk , all those clothes so NICE las -.-
Damm , how i wish i have already grown up .
After tat walked to the new shopping centre .
Nothing much to shop leh , all adults things .
Sians nor , but we have a great fun .
Cause we were busy chatting , fun ^^
After tat walked to taka , *weets
Fun okie , there was a sale at there .
*Scream , so cheap los all the things .
Big shock okay , you know how much a carebear cost?
6 plus , cheapest right ?
There sell 3 bucks ONLY NEH .
And you know mini toons got sell handphone pouch right ?
Carebear one , sell $6.95
At taka , same pouch cost only 2 BUCKS.
Wad the fuck , cheap like shit right ? LOL
Walao , then i realise my aunt brought us here before.
Same sale somemore , LOL , so qiao.
Bought a lot of things , *paiseh
Then bus-ed back , lawls .
Stand almost the whole journey las , cause no seats available -.-
Sianns , then went lot 1 shop shop .
LOL , after tat went home around 7 .
*Fun day :D
Okay now pictures time ! :D
Excited? HAHAS , just kidding .
Only a few pics , cause my dear frens dun like to cam-whore.
Sad nor , ):

Me with the red man * wearing jasmine specs .

Me & Yijia , his arm is too tall for me ):

Cool? I like the purple one ^^

Reflection , paiseh only me ^^

My new keychain , CUTE right ??!!?

Another one , this one i put on bag (:
But i still rather the purple one , so cute nor .
Hahahs , ok done with post .
Gotta go le , bye peepos! :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Over the rainbow .
If there is a rainbow , there will be a miracle.
Now i just want a miracle that could fulfil my wish.

Ohh heyy peepos , i'm back ! :D
My arm hurts , and i'm having difficulty typing .
Dun laugh at me , its not funny :B
Update about today , short post will do.
Remember my arm is "sick" , needs to rest (:
Today school was definetely boring ....
1st lesson ' Literature
Nothing much to say , boring las.
Jiahao & Jocelyn treat me sweet , LOL.
Both Js' :L
Second lesson ' Maths
Shuang bodoh , very slack .
Hehehs , totally shiok :D
Eugene keep calling me while zhi yong spam my msg.
Action sia , LOL , hai me cannot listen song.
Cause keep stop stop stop , not fun ):
Next is 'Recess :D
Ate my bread then played catching with frens.
Fun las , but quite tiring , hehes.
3rd lesson ' Form class
Did a school survey , long siol.
A lot of my choice were negative , dun blame me.
Cause i'm speaking the truth , hahs.
4th lesson ' English
Test ! Damm it , difficult los .
Compre , consist of 26 questions , need to complete in 1 hr.
Wth , almost cmi .
5th lesson ' Chinese.
Slack also , cause Cher never come , *weets
Chit - chat with sophia and co , fun fun ^^
Last lesson ' Chem
Did ws nia , not fun one .
Surprisingly , cher never teach today.
*Yippee , was busy sms-ing & making fun of ppl ;x
After school , rushed to yijia house.
Took her instant shine and ran back to school.
After tat ate lunch with jiaying & jamie (:
Then rushed to classroom to polish my boots using the instant shine.
Idk how to polish sia , at first wanted ayaka to help me.
But she was not there so i do it myself.
Totally terrible , cause this is my first time doing mah.
Then the kind & helpful GABRIEL helped me .
Walao , damm freaking good las , so gentlemantly .
Ahhhhhhs , now i know our class at least got 1 gentleman (:
Then went to change , after tat fall in at 3pm sharp.
Sir & Mams first check on our uniform .
Stand straight at there for like 30 mins ?
Wth , then my arm started aching.
I think its because stand too long , then my arm cannot tahan.
LOL , after tat Liting mam , test us on drills.
Fun las but stressed , you know! ):
We need to shout command somemore , damm malu ><
I was the last 5 person that was not tested yet.
I think this time the test , sure fail .
100% fail las , aiyah hack care nah.
Tomr still got npcc , actually is for NDP.
Damm it , my arm now so pain .
Wondering how am i going to survive tomr?
Standing straight for 1hr, sure cannnot one .
Maybe will fall out , that's will be best .
Hahahs , after the drills test , went to seven eleven.
Bought ice pops * yum yum :D
Then went home liao .

OKAY finally finished my post .
LOL , long sia , i tot it will be short .
Nvm , same same , hehes .
Okay , go liao , bye peepos ! :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education :

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You have many goals and want to achieve as much as you can. The jobs you enjoy are those that let you burn off your considerable excess energy.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Hahahs , i dun really like this quiz .
Cause the questions they asked are those weird weird type.
And i dun believe in some of the thing they mention in the quiz
Cause some are not true okay ! :x

Monday, July 27, 2009

Though this journey will be long & tough ,
I still want to choose it because i love you .
More than anyone does .

Oh hey yo peepos , ARE YOU READY?
I'm gonna type out a long essay .
Get ready , go take coffee or some drinks here.
Or else you all may sleep any second !
LOL , i promise that my post won't be that boring okay (:
Hehehs talk about today .
Hmm today was a good day , i suppose ! :D
First thing to say ' Mr Lim caught my earstug .
And he fined me $1 ):
He wanted me to take it out straightaway.
But told him that i need to go THE BLUEZ & asked them take for me.
And he allowed , GOOD RIGHT ? :D
Okkk , talk about today .
First period ;
HMT , ok las , not that bored .
Teacher go through essay , quite slow los.
Hahahas , but overall fun nah.
(Treating that all my lesson will be fun )
Second period ;
PE , * shrugs .
Damm freaking hot , should brought a cap along .
Hahahs just kidding, played handball .
MOST FUN OKAY , cause i get to be the goalkeeper.
And the funniest thing was everytime they goal ,
I always touch it with the tip of my finger before it enters the goalpost .
Pro bu pro ? Hahahs , jiawen very angry at me ! :L
Then played frisbee , cool okie !
A lot of times , i so called snatch YIJIA ball .
Hahahs , who ask her never watch out for people !:P
Then recess , went down to buy food to eat.
Forgot to wear tie sia , LOL.
No wonder some of them keep looking at me.
I tot what happened , hahas cute sia.
After tat went back class.
Next lesson ;
ENG READ ! Super duper boring okie.
Nearly doze off . zzzzzz
The reader digest nothing to read one , no nice stories ):
After tat maths .
Walan eh , more sians ....
Ok skip skip skip .
Last lesson ; Science
Totally PISSED OFF by that teacher .
Damm it , suay los .
I hate her to the core man , everything blame to me .
Today my other frens talk , i also never talk.
My place there , sit there got problem meh?
You know what she do ?
She immediately come and scold me for talking .
Wad the fuck las , i also never even OPEN MY MOUTH eh =.-
Then when ppl tell her that its not me , then
She act like nothing happen =="
Scold finish liao then run away , never even say sorry.
So you tell me who is the rude person here ?
Scold until so shuang liao , at least say some nice can anot =="
Totally ruined by her , my day ! ):
Then after tat school ends .
Went to eat lunch with jamie & yijia .
Planned to late for CCM , we suceed .
But heng never kanna scolded by teacher.
This teacher very funny & good :D
Enjoyed chit-chatting with her.
Then suddenly remembered that need to get my earstug out .
Remember i pierce my earbone ?
Ya , until now i dun even dare to take it out .
But lucky thanks to jamie & yijia braveness , they helped me took it out.
Although the earstick was damm disgusting , but they still helped me .
Good right ? * CLAPS FOR THEM ^^
And i also very brave okay ;x
I didn't cry nor shout .
Claire & Jiawen very good also , they immediately give me their hand.
So when its painful , i could hold their hand .
Good right ? * Weets
~Happy to have all these frens .
And thanks to nicole , gabriel & ruben for giving ur kind advice to me.
Thank you very very very very very very much to all these peeeps ! ((:
After tat went lot 1 with jamie .
Raining so heavily ): but lucky jamie lend me her umbrella.
Then went home liao .
Today andy keep lisiao me los .
Idoilt sia , we made a promise .
Tomr i'm going to slap him & he is not supposed to dodge.
Wish me good luck alright (:
Hope i could succeed in hitting him , hope i could be taller.

Okie , done with my long post.
Will post more often now (:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I will wait for you .
Yoyo everyone , hahahahas .
I'm back , happy to see my post or not?
LOL , hahahas just kidding .
I'm feeling very hyper now ...
Hehehs , i want go out today ! ):
Although i'm terribly broke but i still wanna go.
Staying at home is unhealthy you know ^^
Hahaha talk about yesterday .
Yesterday was a friday right?
Yea , i think i'm right , LOL.
Yesterday school was alright , quite fun i think.
(Nan de i said school was quite fun ) :P
Haahs , talk about after school .
BUSY DAY indeed :D
First , stayed back do chinese homework .
Use almost 1h to finish , so long -.-
After tat walked to lrt station.
Saw Mr Lim Jun Sheng , talked with him.
Hahahs , he was a nice guy :D
Then took lrt to BPP .
Went to buy lunch then went ayaka's house.
Ate lunch then rushed to my house.
Changed liao , after tat went straight to school.
Wait wait wait, around 5 plus then prepare.
Wore the long sleeves shirt , LOL.
Yijia ones damm big , she looks like a businessman.
We should bring our tie along then more alike mah.
LOL , i like the long sleeves , its cool !
But the "apron" that simply looks like maid los -.-
Very paiseh sia , at first was supposed to wear until very high .
Till the belly button -.- , omg that's super nerd lah dey.
But after tat i pull it to the hip bone there.
Around 6.30 , we started serving.
Me, Eugene, Jiahao & Yijia were supposed to serve to the VIP.
LOL , eugene & jiahao keep cracking joke.
Laugh like shit , ahahas.
Serve serve serve , blah blah blah.
Then around 7pm , started eating.
I ate a lot los , hahahas.
Some of them also shocked by me , bleah .
After tat went to lot 1 with yijia & sophia :D
Went shop shop then went library .
Chit-chat while yijia did her homwork (halfway)
Hahahas , then reached home around 9 pm :D
Ok the end , blah blah blah .
Now is pictures time !
Take a look ! (:

Me & Claire , ignore my face.
Very ugly , claire looks candid (:

LOL , yijia & ayaka tying their hair .

Me & Jiawen :D

Walao cannot see my eye , LOL.

Me & sophia , this pic is the nicest los .

Ok can't really see our face , anyway who cares (:

Zhenghui is right behind me los.
Actually he also doing this pose in this pic.
But he turned away when shot this =="

LOL , candid !?!?!

Nice :D
Ok done with my post.
Bye bye ! ((:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey hey yo peepos !
I am back , hahas , now daily blogging liao (:
Ya, the picture on top right .
I'm not implying to you all to kiss my butt -.-
LOL , just took this sign for fun .
Cause i think its cool but i dun dare to hang on my bag.
Hahahs the words seems bitchy alright .
Ok anything bah , talk about today !
Today was a boring day , LOL.
To me school is definetely boring =="
Busy day as well , hahas.
*Skip to after school alright (:
Firstly went to eat my lunch .
After tat went library with jamie , girls talk .
LOL , then went back classroom.
Played chinese chess , won simon again.
Haish , too pro liao , hahahs , JUST KIDDING (:
Then went to change to full u.
Almost all the girls toilet were full , omg.
Nearly went to boys toilet , hahahs.
Just kidding nah ;x
Around 3pm , npcc start.
Split group ; jamie's group (going to ndp )
While our group is not going to.
At first i really think they are discriminating us los .
Like bad the dun go , good then can go .
But after tat ic told us that is not because of our performance.
*Still , i dun believe what she said .
And in the end we went to PT with Mr Lim Jun Sheng .
At first i'm cursing Mr Lim Jun Sheng :x
Cause like we already get left out because of the nDP thing.
Still want us to suffer? LMAOS.
But its not the case nah.
Mr Lim Jun Sheng very good okays ! (:
He very pervert los , as in not that kind of pervert.
Is he hor , make us run the whole entire school for 2 times.
Went up the stairs , then came down .
Did 70 pushup altogether , almost 100 starjump.
Bian tai right? LOL , that's what andy said.
Although its tiring but somehow i feel happy.
Cause i could feel that my stamina is improving , *weets :D
But tiring until i nearly faint , dots.
Now my muscle is aching , oh my gosh.
Wish me good luck , thanks (:
Ops , i cried infront of Mr Lim Jun Sheng -.-
Gosh , no face liao.
Cause i very angry and felt indigant for everyone.
Just like what i said just now , i think its totally unfair please.
But after tat Mr Lim Jun Sheng ' sort of counsel me .
LOL , then i xiang tong liao .
After tat got 15 mins break .
Then was told by Mr Lim Jun Sheng that me & Ely
Will be joining in the NDP , shock sia.
Then got rehearsal , stand there for half an hour i think.
Never move okay , my legs totally numb los.
Plus just now run like shit , now stand for so long.
LOL , die liao -.-
After tat went home liao.

Mr Lim Jun Sheng is a great person okay! ♥

Draco Malfoy
Shuai bo?
Hot bo?
Hahahhs , agree ! *

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why am i still so foolish waiting for you?

Okay back to my proper update ! :D
Today ;
Went to school as usual .
1st lesson is physics , GRr.
Hate that teacher , totally horrible .
Kays , at first we need to take laser pen .
Then my laser pen , the box that contain it is spoilt.
But its already spoilt when i open it up.
Then teacher think its me &*%&#$%@#$@
Wad the freak las , i explain to her over & over time.
But she dun give a damm then forget it.
Seriously , hate her damm lesson , no interest.
2nd lesson ' home econs.
Nothing much , teacher do all the talkings (:
3rd lesson 'Form class.
Quite fun nah , discuss about our class enviroment .
Cannot say * 2A girls secret , shh ;x
4th lesson ' English
Laugh like hell , claire too funny liao.
LOL , atfer tat ' Chinese.
Something happen before chinese , adriel fall down.
Heard that is sec 4 guys purposely trip him .
Still laugh at him somemore , wth .
Dunno which sec 4 guys , so bad las -.-
Last lesson ' Maths.
Mrs toh never come , another guy teacher took over.
Overall he quite good las , just abit slack ;x
After tat played with simon chinese chess.
I win him neh ! :P
Hahahs actually is same same nah , but nvm , i win ! :D
After school , went to eat lunch with jamie.
Then went to mp1 to meet mr lim.
Mr lim was damm late los , actually is meet 2.30
I think he 3 plus then come -.-
But nvm , at least we get to revise for our theory test.
First test is to test whether we know how to tie knots.
Oh gosh , totally stupid.
Sure fail liao , damm paiseh ><
But sir very good , keep giving us chance.
V.E.R.Y G.O.O.D! :D
Got cheat abit nah , haahahahs.
After tat theory test , * knock head.
Damm freaking hard las , sians diao. =="
I copied valerie answer while she copied illy ones.
LOL , she copy until damm freaking obvious.
But lucky sir never see , LOL.
Laughing like hell .
*Confirm plus chop will fail this two test.
After test , had a quick briefing then dismiss us.
Reached home around 6 pm .
Ok done with my update .
Bye bye ! :D
Can't you just treat me better?
Why am i still so foolish ?
Hoping that u will change to a better person?
Hoping that i could change you?
Hoping that one day you will change?
Oh that is all my wishful thinking.
Totally hurt by your actions , your stupid actions.
If you want to vent your anger on someone , dun even think of me.
I'm not a pushover and neither i will try to tolerate you anymore.
Why should i tolerate you , when you yourself is giving me rubbish?
Do you think its fair?
Ask you question , you gave me like you very irritated by me.
Did i offend you or what ?
Isit so difficult to just answer me nicely?
And this is not the first time you are giving me .
Can you just stop giving me all these nonsence?
I am a person too , i am a human !
I am not ur dog or wadeva shit .
Just stop giving me ur that shitty attitude , please?
Or else i will end this myself .

And after you read this , dun bother to apologise.
To me , your apology is just like saying fuck you to me.
*Vanna said that before , and i agreed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello dear readers (:
I'm back , woots *
My dear sister is sick now ...
This afternoon her temperature gone up to 39.2 .
Wad the freak , scare me sia .
Today a lot of things happened , actually planned to emo.
But failed , LOL .
Today my father went to the hospital for operation.
Cause his gall bladder inside got stones , i think.
Ya , idk how to explain neh ;x.
Then need operation , ya .
But now its okay liao , take out the stones ler.
My father needs to rest for one week ._.
Ya well as for my big sister , i dunno what happen to her.
LOL , (i'm suspecting that she has H1N1 )
Just kidding , the doctor already confirmed that she dun hab.
Hahahs , but from her face she really looked very worried.
Ya first time see her face like that , shiok you know ):
Then suddenly she talk until she cry , LOL.
I dunno what to do , i could only say dun cry .
Cause this is my first time seeing my sister cry.
OK las actually is *very long time never see her cry liao
Hahahas , but now she okay ler.
Ok las , i dunn wanna update liao .
Moodless -.- , tomr then update okie .
Ok bye bye ! :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I could sense your presence .

Oh hello everybody ! I'm here to update again .
Actually just wanna keep my blog alive , hehes.
About the last post , you all got see my monkey pics ?
I found out is my father's doing , so bad sia.
How can he do this to my cute little moneky ?
Tsk so bad , baddie daddy , LOL .
Nowadays a lot of people are sick .
Idk why , just happen to realise it , LOL.
Heard from my father that one person die from H1N1. :O
So scary sia ):
*Hope the doctors faster find the cure for H1N1 .
And and some of my little 'pimples is popping out .
OH MAN , nonononononoonono.
I dun want to become pimple face okay ):
So now i keep drinking herbal tea , LOL.
So awful )):
*Endure !
Another thing is i'm having financial crisis .
Dun laugh okie , this is not a laughing matter ,you know (:
Sad case , everyday ate bread for recess.
Actually is for my morning meal but must save till recess.
Haish sadded , broke dao ...
Somemore so many of my frens birthday coming liao .
And i still owe xiaohui & my 2nd sister birthday present sia .
But this is actually a good way to SLIM down yea?
Hehehs , good good ! :D
Kays .
Update about today ;
Today was a fine day , LOL.
Spent the whole morning watching tv.
After tat went with mum to find dad in ntuc.
But in the end my dad ownself go home liao -.-
LOL , bought lunch back , ate with parents.
After tat on computer , play until evening .
Actually planned to go ahma house but in the end went to popo house .
LOLs , daddy brought me & my little cousin to ntuc.
Bought a lot of food , hahaahahahahahahhs .
Then around 6plus , went home liao .

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I just can't stop thinking of you .

HEYYYOS PEEPS , hello i'm back again :D
Haish i am broke nowadays .
My planning for saving fail liao los ):
Sians i keep spending on FOOD sia ...
GRR , spend spend spend , damm it.
I need to buy a saving coinbank that the opening is sealed.
So next time i put inside the money , i could not take out anymore.
Hhehes nice idea right? Learn from me then (:
Kk shall tell you what i do today .
Supposingly i should stay at home doing nothing.
But in the end i still went out , hahas.
Morning went for tution , around 12 plus reached home.
After tat bathe then faster ate lunch.
Xiaohui came my house , sorry for waiting for me uh ><
Then trained to bishan .
Reached junction 8 around 2plus .
Actually planned to take free BOF poster (saw from the avert on tv)
But actually the event already over liao los ):
Sadded , waste our time , haish.
Then we just walked walked around.
After tat went back to lot 1 , cam-whore awhile.
Went to arcade , played ddr , nice nice ><
But my ddr skills drop quite alot , sians nah :S
After that went ntuc , bought chocolates !
Yum yum :/
Then went home liao , hehes .
Done with my boring post (:

LOL , my pathetic monkey.
When i came home , i saw my monkey became like this.
Ke lian eh , wonder which wicked people did this ):

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HEY YO PEEPOS , i am back to blogging !
Hohos , got miss me anot ?
Hahahs just kidding right :D
Talk about yesterday & today bah .
Yesterday ;
B.O.R.I.N.G lesson nah , dun wanna say .
But got one thing very funny about javern ;x
(Javern , dun blame me if u read this ;p)
That period was Chem .
Cause our class always like to bring bags to any period.
Then you know what javern asked?
He say ; Eh i thought school ends liao , not meh?
Then i said ; No las , still got chem leh -.-
He say ; HUH? I tot end liao neh , LOL.
He very gong sia , then after school i purposely
TRICK HIM , I said to javern .
:Hey javern , still got class eh , you going home liao?
He said ; Huh , i tot finish liao?
Then i said no , still have.
Then his face totally gong diao , hahas.
But in the end he knew that i lying to him .
Hehehs funny mah? ;x
Kays talk about after school .
Around 4 , went to take a short nap.
Around 4.30 , leave the house with my bike.
When i came downstairs , i realise that my bike got problem -.-
Lucky my father at home , fix in less than 5 mins.
So faster rushed to meet jamie at traffic light.
Cycled to bernice house there , nice scenery.
At first we were lost as we couldn't find the right place.
But after turning round & round , we found the place :D
It's a very nice place okay , but a lot of insects -.-
So chit-chatt awhile then cycled to lam soon. (idk how to spell ;x)
Called yijia & sophia to come down , hahas.
Played catching , ice man & crocodile games.
Nice nice , hahas (:
After tat went home liao .
Today ;
1st period ' History.
I think history is interesting , hahs.
2nd period ' English
Got comprehension test , aww .
Some of my brains cells were dead because of this test.
I think i will flunk this test los , haish.
Hack care nah (:
After tat recess , nothing much.
Then hmt read , chit -chat with jocelyn & vanna.
Were supposed to read the chinese newspaper but in the end
We went to read the part where who died these day .
LOL , cause we very curious mah , dun blame us ;x
5th period ' MATHS .
Totally sucky , maths test alright , kns .
I think half of my brain cells in my brains were gone .
When i read through the question , it seems easy.
But when i solve it , its totally S.T.U.P.I.D
Gosh , i keep cursing this paper los ><
Mrs toh keep looking at me , hahas.
Aiyah i think this paper also no hope ler ):
Last lesson ' ITSK.
Nothing much to say :D
After school , ate lunch at school.
Then rushed to lot 1 , bought 2 movie tickets for me & jamie.
Bought some tibits at ntuc then directly went up.
We watched harry potter & the half blood prince .
Ok lah the show , i dun think its v.nice los.
Advice : If you all want watch this show ,
better read the storybooks in series 5 first.
Or else you will not understand de ...
Hahahs k gtg le , bye bye ! :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thoughts that could never be true

I dun wanna think anymore , its fake afterall .
If only , i could stop thinking of this .

How are you today? Hahs .
Today was not a fine day for me.
First two period was home econs , stressed sia.
Partner with marvin , counted as lucky?
LOL , i did much of the cooking.
Cher asked us to fried the onions all those , aww.
And she went to our table and called me to demostrate first.
Wad the ****, i am like OMG.
I have never cooked before neither could i fried something. -.-
And when i am frying , my expression totally gave me away.
My frightening and nervous face , everybody was laughing at me .
LOL , paiseh sia , si marvin dunno go where hide liao.
Hahahs , the food that we cooked was nice las.
I cooked one mah ! :P
After tat recess , nothing much to say.
Then Maths , aiyah totally sians .
Grrr , skip that part :D
Ahlah , * fastforward , hehes.
After school liao , LOL.
Bought food from stall no 7 , i think so.
Not nice one , cheat my money ):
Lawls , after tat played volleyball & badminton at indoor stadium.
After tat we played something like " Posion Ball "
I am the person that need to prevent them from hitting me by the ball.
And i nearly fall down because of this , pro hor?
Cause i tripped and now i got a bruise at my knee.
My poor knee got so many scars , arghhhh .
Kk , continue my draggy post.
Then 4 plus , went mac , slack until 6.
Chit-chat with yijia , had a fun chat.
Ate ice-cream , nice nice .
Tomr planned to bring poka cards to school.
Hahahs ! :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey yo peepos !
Just a short post las , hahas .
Anyway the picture up there , i'm not kissing my hand hor.
LOL , dun misunderstood , thank you very much (:
Talk about today ! .
Totally sucky , i guess.
First period ; Chinese.
Nothing much to say , boring las.
Nearly sleep , hehes.
Second period ; PE
Aww , never eat breakfast .
Dots , hungry like siao.
Nearly fall down the stairs okays ! ):
*Fast forward .
EL read ; got a test .
Stupid one , i wrote the wrong thing.
The question is write a book review / tv progamme.
You know what i wrote ?
A magazine review -.-" What the fuck.
Damm it , lucky never count in exams or else die liao ):
Haish ....
After tat maths , aww B.O.R.I.N.G
Teacher like keep picking on us one nor -.-
Damm it , but i dun give a damm .
After tat physics , nothing much to say..
I dun understand what the teacher is explaining .
Haish nowadays no hope liao .
I feel like quiting school sia , so boring ):
Study , study , study .

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I smile like so weird , LOL.
Just because i am some sort of wearing jasmine specs in this way
Yijia say i'm nice , LOL :L
Hehehs shall talk about today ...
Today was quite a fun day las!
Raftly brief what happened (provided there is enough time ;p)
Afternoon meet up with yijia (:
Saw someone there opp the traffic light , counted as suay bah.
After tat headed to mrt station , lawls.
Waited for all the peoples , claire forgot to bring her ticket.
So she need to rush back home , LOL.
While me, jamie , yijia , ayaka & jasmine go off first.
When we reached there , a lot 0f people were already there.
Ya blah blah blah , fast forward * :D
Sit at the first row , aww sucky view.
Cannot see clearly los , damm it.
There is a place where only 4 seats available.
So cool las , seems like a suboardinate court.
And i am wearing a jean skirt , damm sians.
Cause there is no place for our legs to stretch.
That's why most of our legs are likely to be cramp.
Watched finish one of the performance , got a break.
Rushed to subway shop , but its not open ):
Then we went to seven eleven , ....
Bought something to eat then run back.
So unglamm las -.-"
After tat returned back , then got another performance.
Raftly i think the performance is nice except too draggy.
After every scene , everybody were clapping loudly.
Cause they thought going to end liao , LMAOS.
Some scene also very funny las , hahas.
Around 5 plus , released ler!
Headed to causeway with a lot of people while yj went home.
After a long discussion , me, jw , claire & bernice went to long john.
While jamie , ayaka , vanna & nicole went to foodcourt.
We disagreed of going to foodcourt because
No offence , sorry .
After tat went to arcade , saw our class boys.
Played roller coaster and ddr.
LOL , the ddr keys spoiled one nor -.-
Ahhs , lucky i am not pissed off by the stupid thing.
Around 8 , trained back to cck.
Hanrong v.good nah , send me back home.
Hahahs thank you very much (:
While jamie , thanks for blunja me $1 :D
LOVE YOU NAH , so shuang kuai x33
Hahahs , ok i got one funny joke to say.

Does this photo looks like the marks of slitting?
Many people though i slit but actually i didn't!
LOL , its the table slit me accidentally.
Seriously , i didn't slit , i am not so foolish to do that hur.
Hahahs , cause today charmaine. T thought i slit.
But actually not only you, still got other people , LOL.

K , nothing much to say liao.
Bye bye , and sweet dreams peepos!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello everyone, i'm here to blog again.
Just a short intro of my pics .
I took this pic at yijia house ytd , hehes.
I'm wearing her clothes , do i look fat in this 2 pic?
Hahahahs , but yijia clothes was quite big for me .
Ok Actually i just wanna write smth i felt now.
Ignore if you all dun wan to see kays (:

To you , (if you know its you then dun deny what u did )
At first i still feel guilty of what i did.
But now no more cause you did to me too.
Much more serious , but nvm.
I will listen to ... says , i will not confront you.
But i will remember what you did to me.
Treat this as a lesson for me & you.
I hope you could KINDLY reflect what you did.
Last chance alright .
(I will act like nothing happen )
But you had lose the trust that i gave you.
I will not trust you anymore and now i trust her more than you.
Sad case ):
You just broke the trust that i gave you .
I think you are no longer believable ,Sorry.

Hellos , everyone ! ♥
2 days never post liao , hehes.
Ok las , just a short post , da rest is photos.
Yesterday , after school went lot 1 first.
Ate kfc , nice nice !
Then headed to yijia house , planned to cycle.
But in the end we didn't know how to pump air .
LOL , so we just played volleyball.
After tat went home liao!

Ok time for pictures ! "Enjoy " :D

Kissing the bear!

LOL stupid face :D

Hahahs , my smile so weird ;x

LOL , unglamm sia .

Hehehs , yijia very greedy neh , take two ! ):

I think this pic v.nice! WEEES .

LOL , sticking out tongue .

LOL, i dunno what am i doing .

I think this is nice too ! WEEES.

The bear covered us -.-

Hhehes , one & two .

OMG , this pics is the nicest alright! :D
Got to run , bye peepos!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok just a short post :D
Hahahs today is my second sister birthday .
LOL , eventually i had forgotten all about it.
Until i saw today's date , lawls.
Today is not a good day !

That's all , sayonara!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do you have any sense of originality ?
Stop copying me, you freak . =="
I'm starting to hate you , mind this .
Brainless .

HELLO peeps ♥.
I'm back ,hohos.
Ignore what i wrote in red just now .
I just want to scold someone , dots .
Can't stand her , no sense of orginality =="
GRR , ok enough of her.

Random Quiz: All of the 14 people mus do this quiz, unless he/she doesn't have a blog.Write the names of 14 people you can think off then ans these qus.. (You can repeat the name of the person whom sent you this quiz. But the person cant do this quiz again..)

1. Jamie
2. Sophia
3. YiJia
4. Yihan
5. Andy
6. Jacinda
7. Eugene
8. Brendon
9. Jocelyn
10. Claire
11. Eunice
12. JiaYing
13. Xiaohui
14. Bernice

1. How did you get to meet 7? (Eugene )
Erm at sec 1 .

2. What would you do if you and 13 never met? ( Xiaohui)
My ddr skills wont even improve nor , LOl

3. What would you do if 1 and 12 date? (Jamie & Jiaying)
They are both girls ....

4. Have you ever seen 14 cry? (Bernice)

5. Would 4 and 11 be a good couple? (Yihan & Eunice)
Unless they are lesbians , LOL.

6. Do you think 11 is attractive? (Eunice)
Yea .

7. What's 2 favourite colour? (Sophia)

8. When was the last time you talked to 9? (Jocelyn)
Today in maths lesson , hahas.

9.What language does 8 speak? (Brendon)
Human language , duh -.-

10. Who is 13 going out with? (Xiaohui)
She going out with me , hahs , just joking :D

11. What grade is 12 in? (Jiaying)
What you mean ?

12. Would you ever date 10? (Claire)
No las , LOL.

13. Where does 5 live? (Andy)
Yew Tee.

14. What's the best thing about 3? (Yijia)
She is passionate.

15. What would you want to tell 10 now? (Claire)
Idk , hahas.

16. Whats the best thing about 8? (Brendon)
I dunno , romantic?
17. Have you ever kissed 5? (Adny)
No -.-

18. What was the best memory you have with 7? (Eugene)
Hmm , idk , his joke v.funy , hahas.

19. When's the last time you've seen 6?? (Jacinda)
Very long never see her liao ):

20. How is 14 and 12 different? (Bernice & Jiaying)
Dun ask me , i dun like to compare.

22. How did you meet 5? (Andy)
In bpghs .

23. Is 1 your best friend? (Jamie)
Yup , she my mummy too , dun snatch ! :P

24. Do you hate 12? (Jiaying)
Nope .

25. Have you seen 4 the last month? (Yihan)
Yep, i miss her neh ):

26. What was the last thing you said to 3? (Yijia)
(Ya) lols.

27. Have you been to 5's house? (Andy)

28. When's the next time you're gonna see 10? (Claire)
Tomr, hahas.

29. Are you close to 13? (Xiaohui)
Errm ya quite las ;x

30. Have you ever been to a movie with 4 before? (Yihan)
Duh , couple seat somemore sia , LOL.

31. Have you ever gotten in trouble with 8? (Brendon)

32. Would you give 2 a hug? ( Sophia)
That depends , i dun give hug to ppl unless they are sad , hahas.

33. What best thing have you lied to 3? (Yijia)
Errm ya , haahs.

34. Do you know secrets about 9? (Jocelyn)
Ya , i think so .

35. Describe the relationship with 12 and 14. (Bernice & Jiaying)
They dunno each other.

36. Any strange best things about your friendship with 9? ( Jocelyn)
What you mean?

37. What's the worst thing about 6? (Jacinda)
She always kanna bully by people , lols.

38. Have you ever had a crush on 12? (Jiaying)
No -.- Please dun ask stupid question...

39. Does 14 has a girlfriend/boyfriend?? (Bernice)
Idk , maybe yes bah?

40. Have you ever punch 1's face? (Jamie)

41. Has 2 met your mother?(Sophia)

42. Did you ever physically hurt 3?(Yijia)

43. Do you live close 7? (Eugene)
2 blocks away from my house ....

44. What's 8's favourite food? (Brendon)
Dunno , lols.

45. What kind of car does 1 has? (Jamie)
Underage nah , toot.

46. Have you travelled anywhere with 9 before? (Jocelyn)
No, LOL , dun ridiculus can a not? ;x

47. If you give 14 $100, what will he/she spend it on? (Bernice)
Clothes , i dunno ;x

Ok done with this long quiz..

Hey peepos , sierra is back ! HOHOS.
I purposely make the picture smaller cause my face kinda unglamm uh .
Hahahs , dun wan let you all see my ugly face (:
Haiyah actually my blog always put pictures with smiley face
Also sians liao , lawls .
Anyway my mood also like that , hehes.
Errm today woke up at 6.30am .
Actually supposed to wake up at 6.50, haahs.
*Fast foward :D
First period ; Physics.
Aww , hate that teacher cause her teaching sucks.
But lucky today her explanation was ok.
So managed to understand abit , hohos.
Second period ; Home econs.
Just some boring lecture by mrs chiang.
Then recess , played catching , LOL.
Very tiring neh , cause the field very big .
After tat form class , nothing much to talk about.
See mr alfread lim also sians , haish , dots.
Then ENG lesson , ok las , quite fun.
The si andy very fan neh , keep lisiao me ...
Dun wan to fren him liao , hahas.
After tat chinese lesson , woots!
That's the lesson that i'm looking for all the while.
Cause i finally "promote" to express class ( as in chinese class nia )
LOL , oh my god , yipees! :D
When i went into the classroom , so many new faces look at me.
LOL , sat with vanna .
I was shivering all the while , ROFL.
After tat is maths lesson , aww.
Boring dao , this chapter totally sucks.
None of the formulas i could understand sia .=="
I need to depend on my tution cher liao , LOL.
K , after tat went home lerr.

Now everyday my pocket money is 2dollar (the most )
Cause i dun wish to spend anymore ...
Dots , spend on the *$^@%)^&*^ handphone for 30 dollars.
Heartbreak uh ! >< *TO ALL MY FRENS ! *
Hey peepos , sorry to those people that i didn't link you up.
Cause i lose all my links , ya so some of them
I hardly remember , so SORRY ><
Please tell me ur link if i have not link you up.
Thank you very much x33

gu jun pyo
One more thing before i say bye , LOL.
Who is this person in this picture?
Its GU JUN PYO (lee min ho ) ....
K , i'm just being lame ..



Monday, July 6, 2009

HOHOHOHOHOHOHOS , hello everybody.
Firstly i wan to apologise to everyone that my post is getting
Boring , hehes , i promise you all that i will update a proper one okie!
Shall update from saturday to today , okie ♥
Saturday ;
Morning tution , had a nice chat with her.
Hehes , she also left-hander leh ;x
Afternoon meet up with xiaohui.
Actually planned to go westmall shop shop.
But in the end we went to the arcade play ddr.
LOL ,we played 4 creds continuously leh -.-
Wad the hell , damm freaking tired.
After playing , my legs became so wobbly .
That i cannot walk sia (just joking )
Then went to subway , bought cookies!
YAY , yum yum ;/
After tat went home liao , hehes.
Then evening , went to popo house.
My 3rd uncle go put pw in my phone los.
After tat i change the pw then i forgot my pw -.-
WTH , i really vert stupid right =="
I got serious STM meaning ( Lao Ren Chi Dai Zheng )
Seriously , my mum say want to bring me go see doctor -.-
LOL ...
Sunday ;
Morning , went to bugis temple .
Aww , i hate the place cause a lot of ppl.
And very smoky , eee.
ROFL , then went OG shop shop..
Then i realise my sister's birthday is only a few days later.
Needa buy her present liao , hahas.
Lawls , after tat went to eat .
My daddy order a lot of food sia .
But me & my big sis no appetite , so didn't eat much.
Hehes , then went to nearby shops .
Bought a lot of food , yummy ! ♥
Then went to bugis street while daddy went home first.
Actually planned to buy shorts ,but none of them caught my eye.
In the end my sister bought 1 shirt , quite nice las .
After tat went to queensway while sister went to pasir ris.
(We went a lot of places right? )
LOL , very tired sia , walked so much liao -.-
Saw someone , lawls .
We walked almost the entire place sia in order to find
sportshoes of what my sister want...
In the end she bought one that cost 180 bucks.
Crazy ass , hahahahahhahahs.
After tat went to ahma house .
Slept in the bus , too tired liao.
When we get off , it was raining heavily.
Lucky my mum bought 2 umbrellas and my sis has one.
Hahahs , went ahma house played with my cousin.
So cute leh them , but too bad cannot take pics.
Cause my handphone locked what ....
LOL, (i'm trying to act sarcastic to myself )
Rofl , after tat around 9 plus went home.
Today ;
Morning around 9am woke up .
Set off to hospital with my whole family.
Except my big sister , lawls.
When we reached there , everybody were wearing masks.
Seems so dramatic oh ;O
I wear until i buey tahan , so hot man -.-
Nearly die of suffocation , hahas.
After tat went to eat for lunch.
Ate chicken chop , very full neh .
Then went to causway while parents went home.
Went straight to nokia place , had my phone repaired.
It cost me a bomb okays , tio shocked -.-
It cost 30 dollars just to reset my phone the system.
Now i know why nokia so rich -.-
Somemore need to wait for at least 3 hrs =="
Walao , now i really broke liao.
All my savings went down to the drain , haish T.T
Went to library to kill time ._.
BORED dao , dots.
Around 4 plus , finally times up.
Went to collect phone then went to pasar malam.
Bought smth to eat then went home liao.
Finally finished updating my blog!
Hahahs , yay!
I'm excited of tomr ♥

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Damm it , these days nothing goes right with me.
Ahhs, now my blog is like a total mess.
So i changed my blogskin and i forgot to save the old one.
Holy fuck , now i need to change everything again -.-
Kns , RAWR.
And my phone is like locked ?
Yesterday i went my popo house.
Then my uncle go put pw , play play mah.
After tat i go change pw and i forgot the pw.
How stupid can i be? -.-
But i only remember keying 1234 / 12(forgot another no )
Then i keep trying but still failed.
WTH las , alamak , now i need to go causeway.
To repair my phone , Wad the fish.
And my dad says its around 20 - 80 bucks sia -.-
Oh my , i guess i'm dead.

* Sorry no mood to update liao .-
Need to faster edit my stupid blog.
Bye bye x33

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This picture dun look like me hor?
Cause i'm wearing jasmine specs , look so nerd.
Plus my eyes so small , argh.
I really envy those girls that has big big eyes.
Aiyah , not so big but at least visible cann -.-
My eyes like shit , ROFL .
Here to update , hahas.
Went to ayaka condo after school.
We went swimming ! WEES.
The security guard very guailan los ,GRR .
I swam 20 laps continuously , pro hor ! ;x
Hahas sophia also ! ^^
Then around 6 plus , went home liao..
Aiyah , lazy to update neh ;x.
Getting lazier & lazier , hohos.
Sians nah ):

Thursday, July 2, 2009

HELLO EVERYBODY , i am here to update again.
Cause idk why , hehes.
I realise my eyes is getting smaller & smaller.
OMG HOW HOW? Die liao ):
Already v.ugly liao , now more ugly , oh gosh !
Morning went to school as usual.
B.O.R.I.N.G daoooooooooo! ):
* Fast forward :D
After school , stay back played badminton.
Quite fun uh , played for almost one hr .
Headed to lot 1 with jasmine & yijia ^^
Raining very heavily uh -.-
Decided to eat kfc, hahas.
Eat until half-way , saw zy, cy , simon & marvin.
When simon walk pass us , he step on my foot -.-
Then cy's bag hit my head , LMAOS .
Very pro eh them but they are not intentional one las.
So cannot blame them , hahas.
After tat went library chit-chat .
Saw zongman, i finally taller than her liao~ ^^
Joke a lot los and laugh a lot , especially yijia & jas!
LOL , everyone around us were all looking at us sia.
Then went out , saw waiyee+carmen+putri+ dunno another girl name.
All came over my side and said hi to me.
I tio shock sia , LOL , hahas.
At first i saw them at toilet , but dun dare to say hi.
Cause scared that they dunno me hahas ;x
After tat saw zhihuai , heard that he & eugene they all
Were playing hide& seek , lawls.
Actually wanna join in , but jas & yj dun wan ):
So in the end we went to subway ate cookies.
Chat arond , after tat went home liao ^^
Today i had a lot of fun and i am feeling v.happy !
Cause today i saw a lot of my fren in lot 1.
Hahhas , i'm glad that i made the right choice to come lot 1
Pictures here ....

What are they looking at? Bueysong leh . LOL

Actually no person -.- LOL.

End of post , ok bye bye! :D