Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So many flaws yet i can't change it

Hello guys, i'm back!
Currently,i'm in a very very very very very bad mood.
Just so pissed & angry @ myself , ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
So i'm here to rant, lol.
Trying my best to mantain my anger and not to scold any vulgar words.
Dun mind me.
Ok recently, i started working for another telemarketer job.
(not the current office job i'm doing)
I accepted the job offer cause i tot it was a good deal.
& I was happily thinking that i can earn $10 an hour.
After working for 2 weeks, i realised i got cheated.
I actually earned only $5++ for an hour ONLY, wts please.
My "boss" is really a smart ass -_________-
Said until like such an EASY job , keep my hopes high.
In the end , i calculated and i knew i'm really stupid.
Stupid enough to believe in whatever * said, (*)&*(&%^@$#@
Argh, now all my hopes are dashed.
Felt awfully terrible and cheated, WTH la.
Now i'm really not in the mood to work for that job.
Just so damn S.I.A.N please.
No matter how hard i tried to persevere, i still can't.
& If i dun continue, all my past efforts will be wasted.
 So what should i do ?
I really have no motivation to continue already.

No matter how hard i tried to give in my best
in everything i do,
I still can't do it well.
Just like O'levels.
Ultimate sian, i just feel so demoralized.
I'm just so weak in everything i do , isn't it?

Another thing that is seriously bothering me...
When people asked me what school i went ,
I told them ...
Everyone's reaction was like WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!
And everyone started telling me how bad it is.
Does telling me all these crap will change anything?
It's not the choice i wanted it the most but i had no choice to accept it.
If i have a choice, i will of course choose SP (YDS)
The problem is i can't get in SP business courses given my lousy points.
So stop asking me why the hell i chose it.
Sick & Tired of explaining to everyone about why i chose it.
It's my choice, so if you respect me, respect my choice.

k i'm done ranting.
I wish i can wash away all my troubles.
ok successfully made it by not scolding any vulgar words.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Woke up from my self-deceiving world


Hello guys, i'm back to update.
Sorry for delaying this post so so so long.
Lazy to blog about anything,
Pictures shall do everything for me :D


With my dearest JI WUN :D
I'm not ready to take la, haha 

 Gosh, this is quite gross actually, ROFL 
We love this post, OMG ji wun so cute!!! 

"$44" haha class joke~ 

Coming up next is
A CAMWHORE SESSION WITH E.u.n.i.c.e mok ^^
For the first time, we took so many photos , YAY!

This Eunice wants to care about her image only >:( 

For once, my eyes looks so much bigger...


My face >< 

Okie done, tata !

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lucky to have you all with me~


Anyeong guys, i'm back yea~
Last Sunday, went to TEO HENG with my sec clique ^^
I tell you it's a MUST to go there cause it's super duper worth it.
(Promoting teo heng for free, LOL)
The pay rate is like $8 per hour for a room (4pax)
So it's like if you sing 4 hours, one person needa pay $8 only!
For bigger rooms, the pay rate is slightly different.
Do your maths & you will get what i mean...
But it's definitely cheaper than K*** , i shall not say the name out.
At first, i'm really wondering how could that be so cheap?!?!?!
So i thought that the songs there confirm would be outdated or smth.
Indeed, if you dunno how to use the machine, it's hard to find new songs.
However, if you know how to use, YOU CAN EVEN FIND
super updated songs like :
  1. the boys by SNSD
  2. beauty and a beat by Justin Bieber
  3. Diamonds by Rihanna 
So ya, it's not that bad then what you think it is.
FYI- there are 3 outlets .
One is in the East side, second is in Sembawang, third is in Ntu Alumni Club
And i went to the sembawang cause there are more vacant slots! 

 So comfortable right?!?!

Hurry now and book a room for a karaoke session!!!
It's definitely worth it and best opportunity to bond with your frens ^^ 

Pictures taken with clique~
Heheh had a great karaoke/bonding session with them!
Thankfully, there are no windows there or else i can't guarantee they wouldn't break
AFTER hearing my voice, hehe.
Tell you guys a TRICK !!!
Turn the microphone volume to the lowest & Speaker to the loudest.
Your voice will be so mesmerizing that you thought you really sang that well, ROFL.

 With Yijia :D

A little blur but a nice shot ! 

With Sophia :]

I'm so orange today again! Walao can't my eyes clearly x.x 

Hahah like what era already still do the *twist*post


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How strong is your will?

Hello there, i'm back to blog again.
This time is not about life but MY LIFE.
So those that are not interested, click X button.
Cause this post is plain boring...
Before i start my whiny story, just a little update of my work.
Currently, i went back to the office work i worked before.
This time, i'm working as Accountant instead of Telemarketer.
Really thankful that i'm able to switch jobs *twist
But one thing bad about this job is it's ending next fri, wts.
So i'm jobless after 1st March, oh noooo...
I'm really interested in finding retail jobs, ANYONE have intro?!?!
Please tell me if you have, thanks xoxo.

Basically, i'm feeling very very very lonely.
Frankly speaking, there's emptiness in my heart.
Last time, i yearned to be alone, having my own free time.
Now, i no longer do.
In fact, i want to eradicate any chance from being lonely.
This is also a remedy for me to overcome my current problem.
Yea, so i stopped going to places that made me moody.

The only way to fill back the emptiness is :
So i came up with 3 plans

  1. Earn as much as money as i can
  2. Pass the GOLD award swimming test
  3. Sign up for English enrichment course

#1 - Achieve it by saving $2k in bank after this holiday
#2 (shall further elaborate )
Stopped swimming since i was primary 4 ...
Though i got silver, i stopped for 7 long years.
How am i going to get Gold with this kind of standard??
After reading the criteria for Gold test , i literally gave up.
Cause i don't understand a single shit of what it is.
Sigh but i really want to try (at least better than nothing)
Wonder whether i still have the chance or not x.x

Many people told me that it's a waste of time/money/useless to go for it.
Especially when i am actually educated.
But i'm really serious of wanting to improve my English.
I want to speak confidently in English.
I want to blog freely without making any grammar mistakes.
Frankly speaking, i really envy those people who have a good command in English.
It's like so damn charming and admiring please.
I guess having 1/3 of their standard is already good enough.
Tried reading books/newspapers/ watching news/english movies and i tell you
Cause i really suck @ reading and i tend to read subtitles while watching.
Not only that, i tried to speak English everyday.
At first, i thought i was getting better in speaking .
After that, i was back to square one.
Holy shit, i still stutter when i speak English.
I am really that lousy okay.
I'm not going to let myself continuing to be like this.
I need to do something which the only way i can think of is

"My goals might be unrealistic, might be just dreams, might be just words that don't mean a shit but i feel that as long as i persevere  till the end, my unrealistic dreams will not be just words but achievable goals" 

Bon voyage

 This is what i learnt from Working.
I swear working is really not easy as you think.
Unless you are the one that calls the shot.
Or else no matter what humiliations you suffered, you got to
SUCK THUMB and live with it.
You can act like a total pampered person at home
But never can you bring that attitude to work.
Working in bank is really not easy at all.
Especially when you had to entertain unreasonable customers.
Especially when you got scolded for nothing
Especially when it isn't your fault but you had to said it's yours.
At first, i think that life is freaking unfair.
Why admit fault when it's not even your fault?

But i wan to tell you all smth :
Apologising can solve a lot of problems rather than explaining.
Because sometimes explaining makes it worst.

Thankfully, i have a good manager !!
Or else i swear tolerating those customers' attitude will make you sick.
So yup, working this job really improve my attitude towards work/life.
Counted as a good job experience, isn't it? :)


This is what i learnt too in one of my friends.
She taught me to see things differently.
Last time, i used to think that if people hurt me,
I'm going to make them pay back x100 times .
But now i realise seeking revenge isn't the best resort.
Like- what can you solve by taking revenge?
It will just result in more hatred, problems and hurt.
I dare not say that i have matured fully.
But at least, i wouldn't think of getting revenge.
Because i'm no longer the old me.
I know it's not easy to forgive/forget the hurt that people might put you through.
It could be like hell.
And you wanted them to pay back what they did to you.
But hating them doesn't solve the problem.
Hurting them wouldn't makes you feel good too, trust me.
I didn't asked you to forgive/forget them.
You can remember clearly of what they did but let it buried.
Don't pursue over it because it's not worth it.
If you wanna protect yourself, don't do anything is the best.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

I wish it's easy

 Hello peeps, i'm back to blog about 大年初三!
Thankfully that we have 3 CNY days this year.
So yup, i spent my third day with family :D
Then had tze char for dinner, HEHE my fav!
At night, our house open a mini "gambling den"
As usual, played cards with family & Dad always win :'(
Sad that our house doesn't have a mahjong table.
Would be great if only we have, hah!

Finally i'm done blogging for CNY.
Drag kinda long ah, rofl.
Anyway, do you guys like my new blogskin?
Heheh super nice right??!!?! Spent 2 hours doing it x.x
Chose this because it kind of lightens up my mood ya~
Oh yea, going to start my office work (previous one) on Tuesday.
But i'm ending on 1st March!
So i will be officially jobless by then, NOOOOOO.
Need to start my job hunting today, YES
There's no time to waste, i need $$$
Hope i can find a good job and better still - A GOOD BOSS.
Hehe, will try my best to blog as much as i can.

Okie , pictures time~

With sisters~~

#ootd, hehe 

Find this extra funny~ 

Though we may have our disagreements sometimes,
Though we don't have much in common,
Though i always complain you this & that,
Though you're not rich,

I'm sorry for all the immature things that i always do.
I'm sorry for always throwing tantrums at you.
I'm sorry for not caring you more.
But you know that

You are the best , I LOVE YOU DADDY ^-^
I used to be scared of him when i was young.
But now, i no longer do.
In fact, i can talk freely with him ; treating him like my fren.
He's not only my dad but just like my
Boyfriend/Brother/Best Fren
(All the Bs) :D

Okie tata~

Friday, February 15, 2013


Anyeong peeps, i'm back to blog about my
Hmm, actually nth to talk about.
Basically, for every year, we did the same mundane thing.
Nothing special about it.
CNY is really getting more and more boring.
Other than taking pics, you can only GAMBLE.
Surprisingly for this year, my family didn't gamble as much as last time.
Weird much ?
So yup, didn't gain/lose any money actually.
One funny thing is 
I'm so happy that i tot i gained weight or smth.
But ya, it's a false alarm -.-
Okay, at least my face is rounder (better than nth) , haha.
However, my skin complexion is damn *(&%^#%#@ cui now.
So many pimples popping out like though it's free!
Maybe it's because i munched too much on CNY goodies.
Especially the most sinful one " PINEAPPLE TARTS" which is my fav!

Okie enough of crapping, 

With sisters~

Haha, our qian bian look

With LAI LAI family ^^ 

With mummy <3 nbsp="" p="">

Ending post with my awkward post~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Know what you deserve


Anyeong peeps, i'm back to posting .
Like A finally~~~
Hehe, i'm here to blog about my new year.
Though i didn't have a good start in 2013,
I hope this is still a good year.
This year, i'm not going to combine all 3 cny days in 1 year.
So yup, this time round , i'm only going to update 大年初一~
The rest wait next time round k, :D
Hmm didn't receive much hongbaos this year, sad sad.
And the weather is really being such an ass -_______-
Totally sian to the max, rain non-stop!!!

Anyway one advice for girls that like wearing high heels,
Buy a suitable/comfortable heels alright.
Or else you are going to suffer like me.
I swear i really tot my feet will give up on me after wearing the 5inch heels.
It's really nice/fun to be like 10cm taller than usual.
Yes, the fun only last for 10 mins though.
Cause after that, i swear your feet will be hurting like shit.
Just like mine and for the following days, 
I HAD NO CHOICE but to wear flats thanks to the blisters & (*&*&%



With sisters~~

Stayed tuned to my next CNY post :)