Thursday, December 26, 2013

Define you

It's been a while since i last blogged.
As usual, my reason is still because i'm BUSY.
Shall tell you what i'm busy with to prove that i'm not kidding.

  1. Tortured myself to attend 4 driving lessons in one go \\SO DREADFUL
Honestly, i really regret taking SCHOOL instead of private.
Private is less burdensome and cheap, AHHHHH.
So warning ; Choose Private for your BTT!
Cuz school requires you to attend 4 redundant lessons -.-

    2. Passed my Basic Evaluation test
Spent days reading and reading the stupid BTT book.
Amusing enough, the test turned out to be so much easier than i expected.
Honestly, you can pass just by doing a few practices and memorising the answers.
Felt relieved that this burden is over  but unhappy cuz i need to wait for
2 FULL months before i could take my real BTT test.
Burdennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to the next level x.x

   3. S.I.C.K.
Ok, i swear this is the first time that i'm real sick for this whole 2013.
Yes, i thought i am really that healthy ; not until now.
Lol, but this is seriously not a good timing to fall sick!
Especially when Christmas is just so damn near.

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Honestly, my family doesn't celebrate Christmas.
So normally, i celebrate Christmas with my friends.
Or i shall just brush it away and treat it as a normal day.
But i have one undying wish since long ago.
Which is to :
Celebrate Christmas with my love one
Sad enough, it's not this year either.
Then when will it be?

Hahaha,k shall stop being an emo nemo.
Will post about how i spent my Christmas & Eve' asap.
Stay tuned alright! (: 

Just a short update!
Went to sing Teo Heng with the usuals once again.
6 hours of singing karaoke is like a norm to us now.
Except that our throat can't accept it still,
Making us voiceless the next day, HAHAH "There's a price to pay in everything you do"
And chanced upon a good opportunity to cam-whore with my happy pill

JI WUN~!!!

 Our Signature Pose!

#OOTD ; loving my new shoes (: 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ma lovely dad

Happy birthday PAPA' LAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh just to show off, this is the card that i made for him.
You may scroll down later to see the rest.
FYI- i spent an hour to finish this card.
Idk why but i really needa change my bad habit.
Always leaving everything to do at the very last minute .
Beats me why but i really have no sense of urgency.
LOL which explains that my card is so simple and plain.
Ok better than nothing right, haha.
For my parents' birthday, my sisters and I never fail to make cards for them.
It's just sort of our thing since young.
So as we grew older, cards became more and more fanciful.
But our words became lesser and lesser.
LOL, imagine thinking of what to write every single year.
Afterall, it's just the same old thing.
Honestly, sometimes i really feel quite tiresome to do every year.
When i think about my parents who might be expecting hand-made cards 
more than anything else,
And getting the sense of achievement when they smile after seeing,
Everything is worth it (:
Certainly thankful that i have 2 older sisters who are so much more creative than me.
Hopefully, we can still continue our "thing" even if we grow older.

Anyway, the main character is not about me today.
It's my dearest DADDY (:
Despite coming from a broken and poor family, he is a good father.
Actually, no amount of words would be enough to describe how great he is.
But, i still have to say.
No matter ,
how many arguments we had ,
how many tantrums i threw,
how rude i am to him (sometimes)
how little time i spend with him
how much money he spent on me,
He never complains and try his best to give me his all.
Working extremely hard just for the sake of us.
Though he is not good at expressing himself, i know that
He loves us (yes damn cliche i know)
That's why i have never questioned his love for us. *cheh, show off* HAH
Really thankful to have such an awesome dad like him.
And i'm contented enough. (: 

Don't you think we look REAL alike? haha

Sunday, December 15, 2013

You decide your own future

Any kind souls wanna intro jobs to me?
Yes, i want to work ASAP cuz i'm seriously broke.
Spent like $150++ today, mainly on presents!!!
Omggg, that's the reason why i hate December.
December made me broke like crappppppppp...
Sighh, still needa save $2k for my HK trip next year!
And i haven't even save a single shit, oh my god.
Noooooooooooooooooo, I NEED $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Someone sponsor me pls, haha just kidding~

Recently, i signed up for driving license since 
For once, i'm proud of my age, HAHA.
Also, my dad has been pestering me to learn since ages ago.
So yup, i'm finally learning it after much contemplation.

 I really underestimate the toughness of getting a car license.
Dense enough to think that it will easy like ABC.
So when i went to sign up for driving, i was like a complete lost soul.
Or should i call myself an idiot instead?
Cuz i don't understand a single shit of what they're talking about.
I seriously don't get it.
Why they want to make life difficult for us?
I mean it's like, you are required to take only 3 tests in total.
But there're like so many intervals in between.
It's like 4 or 5 procedures before you can proceed to the next.
What the heck man, just god damn confusing .
The dumb me JUST couldn't take such complex stuffs.
I just cannot.
Really afraid that i couldn't learn it well = waste $$$ only
Besides, i'm really a slow-learner omg omg omg
Ok but i will try my best to stay positive that i can do it.
LOL hopefully, i am able to get my driving license within 7 months *finger cross*

I'm so much more interested in taking this instead. 

Not because it's stunningly cool or trying to be a hot chick wannabe,
 i'm just being realistic.
My dad owns one instead of a car.
That's why i'm wondering
- what is the point of taking car license when i don't even get to use it.
Unlike bike license, i can use it immediately after getting bike license.
For instance, i can ride to school everyday and bid goodbye to public transport.
Moreover, the duration of learning bike is so much shorter than car.
Since young, i really have a keen interest in riding bikes.
Not bicycles la, but i'm referring to motorbikes.
Why do i say so?
Ok, instead of telling a long story, i shall just summarise everything.
 When i was young, i LOVE Causewaypoint's arcade.
Simply because it's the only arcade i know that has motorbikes games.

As expected, i can play like 3-4 games continuously without fail.
Trust me, 1 game isn't enough cuz it's that FUN.
There's interest, there's bike ; what's the prob?
I have concerns.
First of all, i'm not a very big-sized person although i ate like one.
Obviously, i'm one who is weak without any strengths.
So i don't dare to try.
Next, my mum SINCERELY objects me of doing that.
Frankly speaking, i don't heed my parents' opinions.
And i'm not kidding.
Cuz i have that stubborn mindset ;
Nobody can control my thinking.
Nobody can decide what i am going to do.
Nobody can force me to do what i dislike.
Yes, judge me with all you want but i'm like this.
I strongly believe that "You decide your own future"
And whatever consequence there is, you take it .
So why did i heed my mum's advice this time round?
Looking @ how worried she is EVERY single time when my dad rides the motorbike.
I paused and wondered "She will be worrying for me every single day if i ride it too"
Which i really don't wish to add on to her worries any further.

So for this time, I've decided to let go of my interest.
And forget about taking bike license even though i'm really keen.
Furthermore, riding motorbikes aren't simple and easy.
In fact, it's really dangerous if you're unlucky or not skillful enough.
Your life or interest?
Obviously, choosing your life is the main priority.
For those people who want to take bike license, think once again.
Not that i'm discouraging you all, but consider about your loved ones too.

Okie bye! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coming to an end

Hi guys.
Can you believe that 13 more days to Christmas 
And 20 more days to the arrival of 2014 ?!
Ironically, i'm not looking forward to Christmas.
Cuz apparently, i don't have anyone to celebrate with.
The simple reason is because

  • January stung me so badly because of my O'level results
  • February broke my heart into tiny pieces
  • March made me realised that i'm no longer me
  • April was made up of favourites ; Old and New
  • May pushed me to find back the old me
  • June made me give up and decided to accept the NEW me
  • July taught me to remember and let go
  • August slipped away just like that
  • September was a tragedy
  • October left me restless and speechless
  • November was in a chaotic mess
  • December made me feel blessed 

Yes, my face is actually like this throughout 2013.

Check out the parody version 

2013 is just not my year.
Since 2013 is a disaster, i definitely hope that 2014 will be better
 Really can't afford to have a bad year again. *Finger cross*
Shall post my New Year resolutions when 2013 ends.
The most important thing to do now is TO ENJOY TO MY FULLEST.
Yes, to reward myself for being hardworking for the past few weeks.

On a happy note, i'm finally ELIGIBLE to donate blood!
Yessssssssssss, had been waiting for this since ZILLION years ago.
Lol, can't believe i actually gained 3kg within this year.
Wow, Poly has really done wonders for me.
Happy with my current weight but...
Still, i need to watch my diet cuz Poly will make you fat.
Hahaha my logic...
Okie that's all, will update about my driving license soon.
Stay tuned (: 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I just can't figure it out

Counting down, 13 more days to go !
Tormenting myself everyday with books
and more books,
ENDLESS books.
Feel like giving everything up and just #YOLO.
But i can't. 
And what's worrying me the most is my GPA. 
That is totally how i felt when i think about my GPA this sem.
Especially that this sem is so much harder than last sem -.-
Really don't have the confidence that i can score even better this time round.
Sighhh, just got back my Effective Writing result .
Real disappointed but sort of expected it. 
What can i do when my English couldn't make it?
How am i going to score well for this module when 
My English couldn't even make the cut. :'( 
Honestly, i only started speaking English everyday when i came to poly.
Certainly not a good English speaker and it's a norm to get laughed at.
But getting mocked is a different thing, isn't it?
Yes, my English is poor.
Yes, i stutter whenever i speak English. 
Yes, i suck at everything when it comes to English.
Just because of the cruel truth that my English is weak like nobody's business.
That means i had to live with all these mockery and stuffs?

 Never gonna give anybody a SINGLE chance to mock at me ever again.
For now and near future,
I'm determined to improve my ENGLISH standard.
Thus, making friends with my all-along enemy (BOOKS) is unavoidable
Gonna brush up my English standard by reading as many books as i can during the holidays.
No matter how TOUGH the process might be, i'm never gonna give up.
I'd prove you wrong.
Mark my words ... 

"Nobody is good at everything ; Nobody is good at nothing" 
When there is a will, there's a way.
If you believe in yourself that you can, you will.
Instead of being negative that you can't, have a little faith in yourself.
Even if you fail, smile because you tried your best.