Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aww , today nothing seems right with me.
Maybe because i'm too tired afterall.
Haish so sians nowadays , slept very late at night uh -.-


Morning woke up at 6 plus , very tired.
My eyes nearly cannot open sia ):
Went school in a dreamy state.
Reached school liao , cher gave us a long talk.
Almost to one hr canns , actually wanna sleep de.
But i was too busy covering my ear , hahas.
After tat PE lesson , played games with sch uniform .
Cause the timetable changed so we didn't wear our pe - attire.
*Fast forward cause too boring liao ;x
After school , went home took my skates then went back sch.
Bus-ed to kallang stadium , slept through the journey ^^
When we reached there , get ourself ready.
Around 5 plus , ate dinner , simply awful please.
Ate half of it , then throw away liao.
Then 7pm , went downstairs to ready ourself.
7.30pm , perform around 5 mins then ok liao.
LOL , i look like a total freak , pardon me ):
After tat packed up , then had short briefing and we were released!
Reached home around 10 plus , bathe .
Then sleep liao at 11 pm .

Today ,
Lesson was super duper boring .
And i keep falling asleep , bobian .
Haish too tired liao plus i keep saying the wrong thing.
Later then tell you all , continue with my update first (:
1st two lesson , home econs .
Almost all the girls wished to go for mdm yati class.
But too bad stick back to last year class .
Sians , i went to mrs chiang class.
Counted as suay ? Idk las.
But very stressed in her class cause she v.fierce -.-
After tat recess then maths.
(That is the time when i keep falling asleepin class)
Cher was going through one of the maths question.
And she asked the whole class whether we understand anot.
And i accidentally replied NO , (kinda loud )
All the people turned around & look at me -.-
Wth , cher was staring hard at me .
I am like speechless then i quickly replied,
I'm not talking to you , LOL.
Or else i really die liao ;x
After tat history , aiyah boring las.
Then EL after tat chinese reading.
B.O.R.I.N.G ! Slept almost half of the lesson .
After tat stayed back awhile , teacher's nagging again.
Totally suck sia , cher keep beat around the bush.
In the end didn't even talk about the main point then let us go liao.
Wad the hell , waste my time sia -.-
Then went lot 1 with jamie & yijia.
Returned my library books plus bought smth for jamie.
Yijia , Sophia & Ayaka bought it , hahs.
After tat went home luhs.

Got some thing to say , ignore this part if u dun wan to say.
Firstly : I lose my home econs wb but i didn't realise it until now.
And i told mrs chiang that i hab it , now i dunno how to tell her.
Cause tomr must hand in the book but bookshop no stock.
Die liao luh ><

Secondly : I wonder why so many guys are so flirt.
Not implying to all but some .
Aren't they contented to have just one?
Somemore only sec 1 sia , no life sia -.-

Thirdly : My father is watching a ghost movie now.
And its so freaking SCARY okeh , wth.
My father said its the scariest movie in this world.
Dunno whether its true but very scary nah ):
AHHSS , how i could sleep tonight.

(Wish me good luck , thanks :])
Okays , done with my post.
Hehehs , succeed! :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

All of the 14 people must do this quiz, unless he/she doesn’t have a blog.Write the names of 14 people you can think off the top of your head, then answer the questions.
1. Yihan
2. Jacinda
3. Eunice
4. Jiaying
5. Xiaohui
6. Jamie
7. Sophia
8. Yijia
9. Jasmine
10. Ayaka
11. Ian
12. Eugene
13. Andy
14. Brendon

How did you get to meet 7 ? (Sophia)

What would you do if you and 13 never met? (Andy)

Then i will miss a good fren like him , hahas.
What would you do if 1 and 12 date? (Yihan , Eugene)

I dunno , not shocked jiu shi liao.
Have you ever seen 14 cry? (Brendon)

Would 4 and 11 be a good couple? (Jiaying, Ian
Maybe yes ;x.
Do you think 11 is attractive? (Ian)

no LOL.
What's 2's favourite colour? (Jacinda)

When was the last time you talked to 9? (Jasmine)

On phone around 8 plus.
What language does 8 speak? (Yijia)
Who is 13 going out with? (Andy)

I dunno , LOL
What grade is 12 in? (Eugene

)Sec 2.
Would you ever date with 10? (Ayaka)

No las , i am not lesbian okay LOL.
Where does 5 lives? (Xiaohui)

Near lamsoon cc.
What's the best thing about 3? (Eunice)

She's a good fren ^^
What would you want to tell 10 now? (Ayaka)

Whats the best thing about 8? (Yijia)

Her caring character to ppl.
Have you ever kissed 5? (Xiaohui)
Dun tell you ! (:
What was the best memory you have with 7? (Sophia)

When we were v.close together.
When's the last time you're going to see 6? (Jamie)

How is 14 and 12 different? (Brendon , Eugene)

14 is cute , 12 is good-looking
Is 6 pretty? (Jamie)
Not bad (:
How did you meet 5? (Xiaohui)

At JUST EUDUCATION tution centre when we were p5
Is 1 your best friend? (Yihan)

More than that .
Do you hate 12? (Eugene)

Have you seen 4 on the last month? (Jiaying)

Yes .
When ws the last time you said to 3 ? (Eunice )
Idk , forgot liao ;x
Have you been to 5's house? (Xiaohui).
When's the next time you gonna see 10? (Ayaka )
Tomr , LOL .
Are you close to 13? (Andy)
Ya, i think so , hahas.
Have you ever been to a movie with 4 before? (Jiaying)
Ya , think so , LOl.
Have you ever gotten into trouble with 8? (Yijia)
No , she so guai .
Would you give 2 a hug? (Jacinda)
Most likely no , cause both of us dun like these kinds of things ;x
When have you lied to 3? (Eunice)
No bah , hahas.
Is 1 good with socializing? (Yihan)
Yes , cause she very funny at times.
Do you know secrets about 9? (Jasmine )
Yes , 1 i think ;x
Describe the relationship between 12 and 14 ? ( Eugene , Brendon )
Ah gay ( Asked from eugene one ) ;L
Best thing about your friendship with 9? (Jamie)

What's the worst of 6? (Jamie)
She always pulls a long face ;x
Have y
ou ever had a crush on 12?(eugene )
Yea when i was sec 1 , LOL.
Does 14 has a girlfriend or boyfriend? (Brendon)

Idk , maybe have le bah , hahas.
Have you ever wanted to punch 1's face? (Yihan

Yes las , LOL ( When she bully me ):
Has 2 met your mother? (Jacinda)

How did you get to meet 3? (Eunice)

Primary sch .
Did you ever physically hurt 3? (Eunice)

No -.-
Do you live close to 7? (Sohpia)
Ok las , not very near.
What's 8's favourite food? (Yijia)

I dunno leh , but i know she likes strawberry flavour ;x
What kind of car does 1 has? (Yihan )

Toy car? LOL

Hahs , finally done with this long long quiz.
Thanks to andy uh ><
K , i needa sleep le , goodnight! (:

HELLO everybody , it's been a long time since i update my blog.
Hahahs actually only 2 days ;x
Nvm , you all got watch the news today?
Nowadays a lot of H1N1 cases sia , omg :I
Hai me cannot go swimming! ):
Actually plan to go today , but because of H1N1.
No i should say thanks to H1N1 , i cannot go .
Sadded , hope i could go in asap! :D
These days , i was busy training for the AYG performance.
Very scared neh cause tomr will the actual day of performing ! ):
Hope tomr will be a success! hehes.
Hmm , nothing much to say liao.
These days , my blog post is getting shorter & shorter.
Aiyah , anyway nobody will bother to see , so nvm ^^
Now blogging sians liao ;/ & too lazy to update liao leh.
LOL! K i should end my noob post.
Bye peeps ! <3
(edited )
School homework done/not done...
O Maths ws
O Online maths test
O 4 EW
X Left 1 eng compo
X Chinese homewk (ALL)
Those with X ~ Dun plan to do , hahas.
I want to know what you think of me.
Cause i dun wan to waste any more time on you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My eyes is going to close liao ;x
Hahahs hello everybody , i am back to blogging!
Today was a tiring day okay -.-
Woke up at 9am , then get ready to go sch.
Around 10am , off to kallang.
Didn't sleep much in the bus because of the sunlight ;/
After tat wore my spacesuit , damm freaking big los ):
Around 12plus , ate lunch , not nice ;x
The other sch ate nasi lemak and theirs hab chicken.
Ours only have ikan bilis , pathetic yea?
Unfair los ):
After tat trained again , very tiring uh ><
(purposely said to brendon chua! :D)

So cute! ;p

Her birthday cake (:

Pictures taken at kallang stadium .

They were up there , LOL.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello i am a fatty bomb bomb ! :P
Hehes , you all must be wondering why i should wear this stupid clothes?
Cause tomr i need to fly to space so need to wear this .
LOL , just kidding!
This is our AYG performance clothes , nice mah -.-
Its super duper big las , i'm wearing L size okay ..
Cause no S & M size liao , wth.
Sians , i think i no face go perform liao.
Damm SS canns , -.-
Ok las , enough of my rantings hur.
Talk about today , heehs ^^
Today is a sunny day yea!
Morning went for an injection on my right arm.
Super duper PAIN cann , now my arm is aching.
I cannot use too much strength uh ><
After tat went to sch directly.
-fast forward -
Bus-ed to kallang , practise roller-blading .
Around 4 plus , went home liao !
I could only looked at you from a distance away .
I could only love you secretly.
When could i really erase you from my mind?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You will reap what you sow .
Regard to the countless remark you make , these is nothing .

Forget it , but i hope you could reflect on yourself .
( Dun always think that you're the only one that get hurt )

Will update tomr ^^

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well well well , what is the big day today?
I guess everyone know today is ...
I wan to wish every daddy in this world

Hohos , did you all pei ur father today?
I very filial one , today stay at home all day pei my daddy :D
Morning onlined , do heymaths test .
So difficult cann, ARGH , i think my cher is crazy.
Somemore got 2 test -.- I do until v.pek cek.
So i decided to tikam , hahas.
1st test - 12/30
2nd test - 14/30
I wonder how my cher will react when she seees it :O
But i dun give a damm las , who ask she set until so diff ;x
( i think i use almost an hr to finish 2 papers ;/ )
Around 1 plus , went out with family.
Went to IMM , my parents' favourite place, LOl.
Ate subway , very full uh ><
After tat went giant , shopping spree!!
Bought a lot a lot of thing , hahas.
Then walked walked around , after tat went home ler.

Ok end of my boring post , bb ! ^^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Raftly brief through the journey to there.
Around 3pm , meet up with jamie.
Late as usual , hehes.
Took train to vivo city , a very long journey.
When we reach vivo , we went to candy empire.
The nicest was dark chocolate , super nice! ^^
After tat directly went up to buy tickets .
A lot of ppl were there , shocked eh -.-
When we reached there , it was 5..
Wow , we took 2 h to reach sentosa , LOL.
Board the free bus to the end of sentosa.
The event was really big and a lot of ppl were there.
Went to find my sister , then vote for her.
We vote 8 times okay! LOL.
After tat pei jamie go buy drink .
Can you imagine a drink is 3 bucks?
Omg so ex las , jamie is complaining , LOL.
Then went to chit-chat with sis for awhile.
Around 6.30 went back to vivo city.
Shop shop shop around then trained back home.
Reach home around 7.20 like this.
Jamie mum's eventually bought umbrellas for us.
Cause its was raining quite heavily , touched can!
After tat went home , bathe and now i am here.
LOL , anyway my sister lose the competition.
Haish , but nvm , she owe me a meal , HAHAS ^^
But one thing i wanna complain is that
That competition dun even have second place or third place.
Wth , my sister shouldn't even join it.
Hahahs hack care ^^
Tomr is father's day!
Ok enough of my rantings , down there is pics.
If you wan see then see los, LOL :D
Dun laugh can liao ;x

Combined photos ! ^^


Jamie's back , lol.


I guess my sister is the whitest among them .

The big notice board , i zoom in . LOL

My monkey , random...


Me & HER :D

My sister ...


Mackeral run :D

Hello peepos! ;x
You all must be wondering why i put those photos for.
Previous day , i have been busily watching this show.
You all know why?!!? :D
Because lee min ho is one of the main character in it!!
Hahahas , and he is so shuai las .
If you watch this show too , you all will sure be like me.
Smitten to the extreme , LOL.
If you all wan watch , click this website :D
Trust me its nice OKAY... , although the show only has 8 ep .
But its nice las, LOL!

Later i will be going to sentosa.
Hope it will be fun bah D:
After i come back from sentosa , i will update my blog once again.
Tomr its father's day yea?
Have you all bought your father's present?! :D
I bought my father a shirt , lawls.
Kays , nothing much to add lerrr.
Bye bye! ^^

Disappointed in you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I got 3 things to say : ( Take a look )
First thing ;
I went for a haircut few days ago.
A lot of my fren think i look good in this hairstyle.
But i still prefer my old ones cause its longer -.-
(Tell you what happen on that day )
That day , me and jamie family went to funan.
They help us blow , wash , cut for me is 8 dollar.
Cheap right? But those people that help us cut are all trainees.
I told him not to cut shorter but they $#@#(#@#!()*
ARGH , he cut my hair until so short.
But lucky this hairstyle is nice or else he die ler, LOL.

Second thing ;
This saturday i am going to sentosa to "support" my sister.
She again participate in some beauty contest.
Got into finals list , so now very crucial.
So must go support las, LOl
Anyone wan come along with me tomr?

Third thing ;
Yesterday night was TERRIBLE , SCARY & totally SUCKS....
Yesterday i did not sleep more than 2hr ):
Damm it las , ytd night so hot.
ARGH , and plus i am starving.
Cause i ate very less that night , sians sia ):
I feel like going out to grab some food but eugene that pig.
You know what he did?
He showed me a website , i click on it.
Suddenly a ghost face pop out , wtf.
And its already 12 plus , omg las.
Hai me cannot sleep ):
But the main reason i couldn't sleep is because
I am famished ));

Kays enough of my rantings (:
Talk about yesterday ...
Yesterday morning stayed at home play comp.
After tat meet up with shimin & yihan :D
We went to sheng shiong to buy snacks .
Then went lot 1 slack awhile.
Around 4pm reach stagmont park .
Saw reuben , Kah Meng , Matthew , Daryl , Ee Tang .
Ya , matthew the cheater uh ><
He say got bbq , in the end he never even book the pit -.-
Lmaos , and i already told my mum not to prepare my dinner.
Shit los , then everything also never plan.
Pro los he , in the end no bbq.
We ate on the food we bought , kelian right? ):
Next time dun let him plan liao , hahas.
Around 5 plus , then everyone started coming in.
Played truth or dare with girls , quite fun .
After tat ate some food , chit-chatt at there
Saw matthew & daryl played soccer with other children.
Wah laukui sia , this is suppose to be a class gathering , my dear?!! -.-
Olivia they all wanted go lot 1 so supposingly already wanted to go liao.
Then matthew said let's play games.
Wah after like thousand years, he finally said that phrase out.
LOL , we played block catching.
Quite fun uh , run run run.
Run until my leg pain , LOl.
Around 8 plus , went to lot 1 to eat dinner.
But i didn't eat cause i am not hungry uh ><
Then around 9 plus , reached home.
Ytd around 11plus , daryl told me that we missed out A lot of fun.
Dunno real or not , lawls.
But overall ytd was quite a fun day! :D

Okays , finally finished typing my long post .
Bye , look at the pics if u all wan@ :D

What were they doing?

Looking at other people playing soccer, LOL.

Matthew & Daryl join in the fun , LOL.

Daryl , how old are you liao? LOl

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hehehs , i am so sians uh!
This is my 300th post , pro hor ;p
Today got class gathering , tired uh.
Tomr then tell u all what happen.
While waiting for my show to load finish , i decided to do this quiz.
I think this quiz is cool! LOL.
Actually is i wanted to make my post longer, hahahas :D
Anyway i cut my hair , and it looks like ...
Tomr let you all take a look , hahas.

100 Truths. (Taken from Brendon 's Blog)

1. Last beverage → Yakult

2. Last phone call → Malcolm

3. Last text message → Malcolm

4. Last song you listened to → Korean song (Stand by me )

5. Last time you cried → Forgot liao..


6. Dated someone twice → Nearly did that ;x

7. Been cheated on → Duh -.- Many times ...

8. Kissed someone & regretted it → My first kiss still here LOL.

9. Lost someone special? → No .

10. Been depressed? → Yes.

11. Been drunk and threw up? → Nope.

12. LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: Pink, Purple and White .


13. Made new friends → Yes , quite a lot

14. Fallen out of love → Yes.

15. Laughed until you cried → Yea, sometimes , LOL

16. Met someone who changed you → No .

17. Found out who your true friends were → Not a lot. By saying the truth , only two .

18. Found out someone was talking about you → DUH , but now no bah ?

19. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → No ..

20. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life? → Most of them.

21. How many kids do you want to have → Two twins, all girl ! ^^

22. Do you have any pets → Nope :D

23. Do you want to change your name → Errm no , i think my name is nice , LOL.

24. What did you do for your last birthday? → We went to sakae for lunch , hahas. ( I hope this year will be better! )

25. What time did you wake up today → 10am , hahas.

26. What were you doing at midnight last night → Blogg , Plurk , Watching show .

27. Name something you CANNOT wait for → Rich life :D

28. Last time you saw your father → I just came home and he is sleeping like a pig ;x

29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? → Regain my whiteness ,LOL

30. What are you listening to right now -> Korean song - One more time

31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom -> No .

32. What's getting on your nerves right now? → My hair !!!

33. Most visited webpage -> Plurk currently.

34. Whats your real name → Sierra Lai Chien Qin

35. Nicknames → Bee ;x , Qin , Pig ;LOL

36. Relationship Status → Single

37. Zodiac sign → Pig .

38. Male or female or transgender? → Female

39. Elementary School? → Kranji Primary

40. Middle School → Bukit Panjang Government High School.

41. High school → Not yet.

42. Hair color → Black.

43. Long or short -> Short.

44. Height → 159cm , still growing wor .

45. Do you have a crush on someone? → Yes.

46. What do you like about yourself? → Easy going ?

47. Piercings → Currently 4 piercings .

48. Tattoos → None.

49. Righty or lefty → U mean right/ left handed? Left - handed :D


50. First surgery → Dun hab bah .

51. First piercing → K2 ( two piercing )

52. First best friend → Rachel .

53. First sport you joined → Taekwondo ?.

54. First pet → Fish.

55. First vacation→ Forgot

56. First concert→ Memorising poems on stage...

57. First crush→ Primary 1 , in case he got read my blog so i put small small ;p ( ivan chua)


58. Eating → My dinner.

59. Drinking→ Plain Water.

60. Listening to → Nothing.

61. Waiting for → This Quiz to end.


58. Want kids → If can , no ;x .

59. Want to get married → Maybe no.

60. Careers in mind → Actress / Designer / Air Stewardess


68. Lips or eyes → Eyes.

69. Hugs or kisses → Hugs

70. Shorter or taller → Taller .

71. Older or Younger → Older by a bit or Same age.

72. Romantic or spontaneous - BOTH :D

73. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both .

74. Sensitive or loud → Loud.

75. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship.

77. Trouble maker or hesitant → Idk ;x


78. Kissed a stranger → No.

79. Drank hard liquor → Not yet.

80. Lost glasses/contacts → Nope.

81. Sex on first date → Digsusting , of course no las -.- .

82. Broken someone's heart → Yes.

83. Had your own heart broken → Errm not yet..

85. Been arrested → Nearly kanna before.

86. Turned someone down → Yes.

87. Cried when someone died → Duh , i got feelings one hor, LOL .

88. Liked a friend that is a guy→ Errm ya .


89. Yourself → Well no .

90. Miracles → Yes.

91. Love at first sight → Yes.

92. Heaven → Yes.

93. Santa Claus → No. .

95. Kiss on the first date? → No -.-

96. Angels → Yeah.


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes.

98. Had more than one boyfriend/ girlfriend at one time? → No.

100. Posting this as 100 Truths? → YES.

Phew finally done with this long quiz :D
Tomr then i will update , OKIE!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just wanna write this , ignore if you think its stupid .
What is this kind of people called?
Those people that push the blames to their fren.
Those people who act innocent infront of other people.
Those people who plan revenge after getting bullied...
Those people whom you will not even know what they are thinking about.
Maybe one day , you will realise their true colours.
But you could not expose them because

That's my new doraemon!!!!!
LOL , just joking , its my sister one ):
Anyway i also dun wan hers , u see the poor doraemon.
Out of shape until like that , pathetic.
I think my sister ill-treat her :O
Bad girl , tsk tsk , must learn from me right :P
Next time let you all see my monkey :B
It's cuter , It's prettier , It's has a better shape and I ADORE HER :D
Not like my sister , haish ...
LOL , i think she gonna kill me if she read this post ;L

Talk about today :
Today woke up at 6am in the morning , ahhs.
Reached there around 7am , ya
Ruqian ; My cousin , also got come, hohos.
Chit-chatt with her :D
She brought along her mimi (a rabbit soft toy) , LOL.
Played with her , hahas.
Aiyah , nothing nice to say.
Just today is my last day at there.
Haish i will miss the place , miss everyone working in there.
LOL , hope i could work again next time , hahas.
Some pictures on MIMI! :D

She is cute yeA!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

HELLO PEEPS! I am back from blogging.
Godd , i am so lazy when came to blog.
Maybe i am sick of blogging liao ;x
Today went out with Yihan again....
Oh gosh , i have been going out with consistently for 4 days (plus tomr)
I think i fall in love with her , that's why i keep going out with her.
LOL, i think she love me too as she agree to my date :P
JUST JOKING , lawls , later u all really think we les.
Although we really look like , LOL .
Ok sorry , i keep talking about lesbian.
If Yihan see this , she is gonna kill me!
Cause i am spoiling her reputation , hahas.
Okay , i shall stop my crapping.
Talk about yesterday & today! :D
Yesterday :
Morning stayed at home , slack.
Actually wanna go chinatown with yihan.
But her father dun let , arghhhhh....
So in the end afternoon , we met up.
Went to yew tee shopping centre, shop shop.
After tat went to stagmont park , play swing.
Didn't really enjoy it , cause of some reasons.
LOL , i hope thursday i will be okay! :D
After tat saw farid , khairul, yusof and yasin.
OMG LAS, so long never see them luhs.
So happy cann ^^
Chit- chat with them , then jean came down.
Played truth or dare , asked stupid question.
They are still so horny like last time , LOL
Around evening , went home luhs.

Today :
Went out with yihan again.
I think my dear readers are sick of hearing her name, right!?!?!
HAHAS, just joking (:
Went to amk hub , watch MONSTERS VS ALIENS .
3D version leh , cool hor? :x
One ticket cost 13 bucks , so ex can -.-
I regret going on sunday , hur hur.
WE watched 3.20pm der, a lot of ppl cann.
When we went in , they gave us one glasses each.
I took the lucky one as yihan ones was loose.
She wan change with me but i dun care her! :P
Hahas , the cinema was so damm freaking cold.
And she hor , never bring anything one.
She brought a small bag like only could contain wallet.
And a skinnys jacket , very pro hor? ^^
Lucky i brought my big bag , LOL.
We were at the front seat ya , i felt kinda dizzy.
So do yihan cause maybe the effect its too big from our seat .
Ya , and and my neck very suan , LOL.
Cause sit too near then head must be titled up right?
Lawls , but overall the show is nice uh
But i dun think there is a need to spend 13 bucks over a movie ;x.
K suan liao , haish.
Now i am broke although i just got my pay.
100 bucks but soon i need to spend it all.
I change my plan :
60 bucks - To buy 3/4 of bof cd ):
20 bucks - To return to mum
20 bucks - For the rest of my holiday , my only allowance....
* I need to figure out what should i get for her ):
Seriously BROKE man , i dun wish to get money from parents.
Because spending parents money is a bad thing ):
Dun ask me why , thanks ~
K continue with my posts...
Actually nothing to say liao , just after watching , trained back.
Then i went to ahma house directly and now i am back home.
LOL , i think i am crazy ;x.
Tomr going out with xiaohui , hahas.
I like everyday go out hor?! ;p
Actually its true ya but i am a good girl! ^^
Cause i completed 3 compo for eng liao, LOL.
PS ( I still hab a lot of homewk ) :p

Random words ...
YAY! This thursday , matthew organise a class outing.
For all ex-kranjians '07 , wakaka.
I am going for sure , and i heard that they are organising a BBQ.
HUAT MAN , i will be expecting good food ^^
Hope to see all my old frens there , arghh.
Can't wait for it , LOL.
I guess on wed , i cannot sleep liao

Gtg le ,bye bye ^^
Hahahs , i finally finished updating my blog.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My planning for this holiday!
( Excluded the first week & second week )
15 June - Fly to ahma canteen work
16 June- Same.
17 June - Off to funan with jamie
18 June - not sure
19 June -Off to toa payoh with Sophia
20 June- Off to sentosa :D
21 June - Father's day!
22 June - Something will happen ! ^^
23 to 29June - Rehearsal in school for AYG
Holiday end liao! :D

Wishes that hope to be granted in this holiday! (:
*Buy long thights
*Rebond frinch
*Buy shoes
*Buy straightener
*Buy whole verison of BoFs
* Earn at least $150 this month.

OKIE no more liao! :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

I will never ever believe you anymore...
Hellos everybody , i am back ! ^^
Got miss my post anot?! ;x
Hahas today went to a lot of places.
Morning went to ntuc with mumm .
Bought kfc for lunch, long time never eat ler.
Almost forgotten how to order the meals liao, hahas.
Ya after tat meet up with yihan (the pig) ;P
Took mrt to bugis , my leg is super tired cann.
Today seems like everybody is going out , seems like...
Kk continue , went straight to bugis street.
Tot of buying a pair of shoes cause my slippers spoil liao.
Kelian daoo ): But in the end never buy.
None of them catch my eye , hehes.
After that went to the new shopping centre.
Very cold uh , actually tot of watching movie.
But we did not bring jacket along , sadded.
And Yihan wanna watch monster vs aliens (3D)
Troublesome ahs , LOL , then yh called ppl for help.
And only suntec/amk hub hab that movie (3D) so we rushed to amk.
When we rushed to cinema that time, the whole place is FULL OF PPL.
Wth las , -.- Sians diao.
So decided not to watch the movie liao.
Went walk walk around , yh joke a lot, HAHS.
Saw felicia chin ACTING at a shoeshop.
OMG las, quickly rushed there see.
I finally realise that acting is very very tiring .
As i saw them acting on just 1 part for almost an hr.
After watching for almost an hr, went to sit near the water fountain.
Played with the water and splashed some on yihan.
After tat she started chasing me for almost half an hr.
LOL , we look like a total retard cann.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahs , (:
After tat trained back home.
On the way back , cam-whore abit.
Opposite us , got a indian couple keep looking at us.
Still laugh at us somemore, LOL./
So we started laughing too , thats why,
Some of the photos were not taken successfully.
Hehes , now is pictures time! ^^
Enjoy but dun laugh :D

My smile abit fake cause i am laughing , hurhur ;x

Well , in the process of laughing, LOL

Trying to hide herself , action ! :P


The other two actresses.

Hmm , not a clear one.

Acting process , hohos.

Felicia Chin , she very tall , ok! :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dots , can anyone teach me how to piss a person off?
ARGH, i am going crazy .....
Talk about today yea :D
Today very suay leh , really.
Morning woke up at 5.30am , sadded.
Soon my eyebags is becoming bigger & bigger .
Haish, my head bump into the toilet door.
Now my head hurts man , gosh.
After tat rushed to meet uncle & ahma downstair.
Went to market , walked walked suddenly water splashed infront of me.
My partial leg also kanna by the water liao.
Suay uh ? Still got more..
After buying , went back to ahma canteen.
Prepare things , uncle started frying chicken wings.
Just nice i walked past , then scalded my arm.
But lucky just red red , LOl.
Ya then breakfast time , i be the counter person.
Helped to give change to people , i sucks at that -.-
After tat wash plates then my shirt also wet liao.
Sians , then slack ....
Cause nothing to do , sleep for half an hour.
When i woke up , my neck sprain ler, LOL.
Then helped to peel potatoes , first attempt fail.
After tat peel xi guan liao then suddenly the blade slit my hand.
Then blood started flowing out .....
I shock sia , cause its my first time that i cut my hand.
Actually its because i seldom step into the kitchen (understand my meaning?)
Aiya overall i sleep at the canteen around 4 times , i think.
Pro hor? ;x
Ok las skip until dinner time.
Very busy , i saw my uncle & ahma worked very fast.
Cua tio sia ;x
Then around 7.30pm took my uncle van home.
I was sitting at the back , fall asleep again ;x
Suddenly , my uncle stopp then i did a somersalt.
Pro hor? LOl , please dun laugh at me.
Now my butt , my head , my neck hurts okay! -.-
Then my uncle say i huo gai cause i keep sleeping LOL ;x
K , i shall end my post ler.
Thanks for pei me chat these few days.
I really appreciate ur effort very much.
But i think you are overdoing it.
You sms me every 2 mins , and i am not free to entertain you.
Seriously , neither i want to entertain you.
We are impossible to be together , why can't you just resign it?
Why u keep forcing me to stead?
Love cannot be forced right.
And i dun like you , not even 1%...
Sorry for being frank to you but i need to.
Please stop carrying false hope that i will like you.
Thank you (:

My hand pathetic hor?!!? ):

Sunday, June 7, 2009

HELLO , guess who is this? ^^
You all must be wondering why i put this pic on blog?
Because today when i went to lot 1 , his mv was shown on tv.
And a lot of people went for his concert.
Some even cry after seeing him sing -.-
Ridiculous hur? Still got more...
Got one person saw him IMMEDIATELY FAINT.
Cause too happy to see michael jackson.
LMAOS right? I'm laughing like hell los.
Although michael jackson is very famous & popular.
But i think there wont be any extent to even FAINT right?!!?
And i saw ambulance people come and carry him.
LOL , funny sia .
But actually i see his face , my mao immediately stand up.
Ops , sorry i shouldn't have said that ;x
Still got another joke to say..
Today morning i watch children show at channel 8.
There is a show called yummy yummy food?
Or what shit , i forgot liao , paiseh.
Then the actor asked the children a question :
( You all know after u wash ur rice , you can reuse the water to do what? )
One of the children answered :
我知道, 那些水可以用来煮玉米水
( I know! Those water can be reuse to make barley(dunno how to spell) water
Barley water is a kind of dessert water.
Not rice water, LOL.
You all understand the joke?
Sorry , cause my eng too lan .
Maybe you all couldn't understand it, hohos ;x
LOL , if you all dun understand , you all can ask me ^^
你要我做什么, 你才会跟我说实话.
我很累了, 我泥了.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally i blog with a lot of photos .
So dun complain liao hor , hahas :D
Today i went out with yihan , my dear ^^
Actual schedule is : Morning - Practise roller-blading
Afternoon - Go out with yihan.
Evening - Go swimming with yihan & jiaying.
Night - Go to popo house.
10-11 pm - Go pasar malam at cck.
Busy hor? LOL .
Today was indeed a tiring day .
But i love today due to some special reasons.
Kkk , continue with my long post , hahs.
Morning went roller-blading with bryan & jamie.
Wanna learn skills from bryan but looks like i'm wrong.
Bad ending , haish forget it , dunn wanna say.
Pissed , one word (:
Lucky i never fall down , hohos , heng.
Jamie ah , awaiting for me to fall down but too bad!
I DID NOT , hehes ^^
Afternoon , meet up with yihan .
Alight at Sembawang mrt station , went to sun plaza.
Shop for tibits cause we are heading to sembawang beach afterwards.
Bought a lot of things then wait for 882 .
SO SLOW LAS , walao -.-
At first we board the bus but the bus driver say we board wrong.
Then we asked a lot of ppl in the end we still went to the same bus-stop.
LOL , but the bus is heading to interchange.
And its the last stop but lucky the driver never drive us out.
So good sia , so he went to office to do smth.
While we cam-whore at the bus , COOl.
Me and Yihan were comparing whose leg is longer.
Of course mine las, LOL , (:
After tat driver came back and so we headed to SEMBAWANG BEACH :D
Got one bangala keep looking at us , GRR.
Feel so .... , so i diao him , hahas ^^
When we reach , we were totally lost.
So we decided to walk around suan liao , LOL.
We looks like lesbian sia , cause normally is couple come here der.
Me & Yihan made a pact that :
We will bring our bf and come together , LOL :D
I hope this pact will come true (:
Kk continue , a lot of insects sia and damm hot.
Took out umbrella for shade , LOL , clever hor! :P
Saw a playground , no ppl one ;x.
Played the swing , compete with yihan who swing the highest.
In the end she lost , LOL , hahas ^^
Got ice-cream stall there , rushed there quickly.
Bought chocolate ice cream , my favourite! ^^
Then went to seaside , walked walked.
Walked past a group of guys , they were fishing .
And yihan was scared that net will caught us.
LOL , then the guys laugh at us -.-
After tat saw the place where people can look at scenery.
That's the place where a lot of shows act in there.
HAHAS , cam-whore and joke around.
After tat went near the sea , our shoes were drenched.
But my shoes more worse , lucky yihan bought extra one.
LOL , then i wear her shoe which is so nice las ^^
Really looks like i going beach that kind , hahs ;/
Then waited for bus to come , so slow.
On the bus , played SPS , guess what is that? ^^
Yihan hit my hand until very hard , bully me ):
Lols , went shopping in sun plaza.
At first wanna eat at gelare but too ex.
So in the end we went kfc eat pop corn chicken ,LOL.
Went shop shop around after tat went home ler :D
Whew , i am done with my long long post..
Now i wanna post smth , you all wan see then see los :D

What i wan to do/buy in this holiday :
1) Earn $140 this holiday.
You know why? Later you will find out ^^
2) Buy BOFs full CD which cost $80
3) Buy jamie present which cost $20-$50
4) Buy longs thighs which cost $10
Total raftly $150 , hope i can reach my target ! ^^
Still have , LOL.

6) Go wild wild wet
7) Go swimming
8) Kranjians meet up.
9) 2A outing
10) Have more jobs :D
11) Buy watch .
12) Buy skates.
Ok no more ler ^^
Hope i can really really really DID IT ! ^^

And 1 more announcement is My sister get into some siloso competition.
And she is now in top 5 , final round.
If you all got time , you all can go with me to support my sister.
LOL , 20th June at sentosa beach.
They will having their competition there in the evening.
So ya , i hope you all could pei me go there.
If you all dun wan , its okie !
Anyway its your own choice , hahas
Thanks :D

Pictures time :}

Me again :D

Hahas , my hair very luan .
Me standing near the sea, hohos
Which leg longeR? MINE RIGHT ^^
Me & Yihan cam-whoring in the lonely bus.

Yihan alone , so sad. LOL! :/

Yihan lend me this shoes , so KAWAII !! ^^

Successful but aint clear ):

Shot failed , LOl

Yihan :D

Me! ;x

So weird, LOL

Bus driver missing?!!??!

Me alone in the bus , LOL .

I know you hate me but i dun hate you.
I just dislike ur rude character.
You will never know i am saying you, sorry to say that.
But you know i dislike you (:
Do you know today : You treat me like transparent?
Like i am a ghost which is totally stupid...
If you dun wan me to go , why ask me go at the first place?
You say you wan train me but did you?
I admit that i train not more than 1h then i gave up.
But did you really tried to teach me.
You just teach me 10 mins then that's all.
How am i gonna learn if you are like this?>
When she decided to replace me , you immediately stand up.
And started teaching her like some teacher.
Definetely different from what you teach me.
Biased los , i can see -.-
And when i talk to you , u dun give a fking damm to me.
What is your problem?
If you hate , just tell me in front.
Dun hurt me behind everytime , its v.cruel.
And i dislike your that ... character.
Aftet you met new fren then you stop caring about ur old fren.
And you did not give a damm to your old fren anymore.
Why did you became like this?
Can't you treat me like just a normal fren?
A normal fren is enough , really.
Please stop treating me badly.
I am a human , i have feelings too.
I am not robot or whateva , please...
STOP can?
If you continue doing like this , dun blame for being mean to you.
Last warning -.-