Friday, May 30, 2008

My bag, yea


Tis swimming costume is simply cute.

Loves tis stuff.


We are married. WEE!

Pikachu :X

Her's pikachu.

Nice maN :XX

Extra twist from mi ((:

My legg with 2 cute stuff

My dress seh.

Yihan dress der.

I <33>
Yihan act guaI :X
Hellokitty, yay!
Come on, look at de camera, please
WE are gonna wear, lawls.
Bye, i m going off.
Introducing latest fashion :X
They look shock
I m eating a sweet.
Act guai der.

Todae went to lot 1 eat lunch with yihan. We ate long john, well quite nice bah. After tat, went to arcade. YES! Arcade open le, but no third mix. SAd, sad TT After tat went to jurong point. Saw olivia n her fren, melina. Wah seh, her fren damm tall sia damm skinny, no offence :X Then went to de toy stall. I love tat place man! Then, mi n yihan go there zilian :XX We keep laughing until like siao zha bo like that :X After tat, went to other place shop. Quite fun las. Then went bak lot 1 slack. Sians no third mix, cannot play animore T.T That's terrible man. I wan go jurong play third mix but yihan dun wan, sad, cuz of tat guy at jurong. I oso bo mood go there liao ==" Sians nah! Then after like 1 hr slacking, went home luhs. Sad cuz tis is going to be my last time of going from this week. TT

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am realli despo for jobs! I regret for not saving up moneys TT

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I realli hate my class'boys. They realli sux except those guai kias la. They dun show respect on girls especially jia hao, violent shyt, onli noe how 2 scold vulgar and hit ppl. Retard guy, come las. Hit mi until i dead la, i make sure i will haunt u till u died! GEt tis clear, girls are not born to let u hit, hab some respect please? If u no brain, use ur butt to tink la. So violent, i bet u next yr or veri soon, u will be expell n guess wad? I will see u at de boys home. Orh that's great, yeah! I will sure celebrate until siao der. Believe mi even i be 5 yrs chairman oso can, i oso dun wan u to be in my class. U ar such a disgrace! God bless jiahao to get kick out of this sch, i will be damm happy even if i die earlier oso can. At least i contented, yea. LEONG JIA HAO, STOP IT PLEASE, JUZ SHUT UR ASS UP ! I HATE EU, FASTER GET OUT TIS SCH BAH ((:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yihan legs, YEAH! Myee legs. ((:
Lovely ((:
Twist! Smile ((:

I looks weird.
Zheng hui& Eugene s' back ((:
Bei forced ders :((

Went to tution for de first time. LOL, not fun 1, damm boring. I stare at de question for 10mins but still cannot figure out de ans. Sianz, juz listen to der 2 siao ppl talking- zh& eugene, LMAOs.After tat, mi n yihan went to city hall to buy skinnies. On de way there, we chit-chat alot. blah, blah, blah. Finally reach there liao. Went there to buy de skinnies. N i looks realli funny when i wear de white skinnies. But i love tat skinnies okays! Then we went to ang mo kio hub, seems quite boring worh. ;X Shop,shop abit then went home le :(( But after tat, i went to xiao house. On da way there saw alvin! LOL, quite surprise, yeah. We walk a very long distance to a place tat looks like a palace. Haish, never bring camera(REgret!) De scenery was veri nice! I <33 it, man. We stay there to look at those wuliao ppl who vandalise de walls. LMAOS, mi n xiaohui wrote something on it. About? Guess wad. My loves n xiao hui'stead! Shh. After tat, went home le. Sad,sad TT But dunno y, my ankle super painful. Cannot even walk properly, sianz! :((

Friday, May 16, 2008

Taqqed by yihan to do this quiz.;D


Instructions : Remove one question from below,

& add in your personal question.

Make it a total of 20 questions & tag 8 people.

List them out at the end of the post.

Notify them at their cbox that they've been tagged.


Q1 : At what age do you want to get married?

Ans : at around 22-25

Q2 : Who is more important to you? Friends or Boyfriend?

Ans : Friends yea.

Q3 : Do you think you have enough confidence?

Ans : Erm, n0t realli.

Q4 : If you can have a dream come true, what is it?

Ans : Find my true love <33>

Q5 : Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?

Ans : Duh.

Q6 : What is your goal for this year?

Ans : Score well for every subjects.

Q7 : Do you believe in eternity love?

Ans : No, cuz none of my stead last even a month

Q8 : Have you broken someone's heart that he or she tried to commit suicide?

Ans : Definitely NO! LMAO.

Q9 : What feeling do you love the most?

Ans : Dunno lei.

Q10 : Do you believe in true love?

Ans : Nort realli.

Q11 : What feeling do you hate the most?

Ans : When myee bf is a flirter!

Q12 : Do you cherish every friendship of yours?

Ans : Of course!

Q13 : Do you believe in God?

Ans : yeah. i m superstitious.

Q14 : What do you see yourself as in a million years ahead?

Ans : I dunch noe.

Q15 : Who do you hope to be always there for you?

Ans ; All de ppl that i noe.

Q16 : Who are your best friends?

Ans : All de frens tat treat mi well ((:

Q17: What do you what to do now?

Ans : Study hard, pleasee.

Q18 :Do you desserved love?

Ans : I dun wish to go into a relationship.

Q 19 :Do you have a crush?

Ans : Ya.

Q20:What will you do if your crush rejected you?

Ans : Get him out of myee mind.

People whom I tagged : Dunch wish to tag ((:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Haish TT
Failed subject=
Oh gosh, i m a failure yeah? TT But i could not cry, i dunno y. The truth isI did not work hard 4 MYE. I realli regret it, okays? Now my handphone oso cannot use becoz i go play with de pw. Haiya, it's all my fault la! Sians T.T I wanna cry!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sians diao =="
Todae, so stupid.. Cry 2 times- Break record :X
One is de si glenn go push mi to de board then half of my face kanna spiak on de first then after tat i was totally irritated by 1A guys which seems worthless n hopeless to mi yeah? Look at them, they still dun noe how 2 take things seriously, so pathetic yeah?
Secondly, is becoz andy they all. They went to de canteen without asking my permission. Thats is absurd, yeah? If de cheerleading competition starts earlier, they are not able to participate which i hated most about? Coward, dun dare come up onli dare to hide in a place that no1 noes. Thats lame okays? After tat, i go down to call them up. Andy sae i kaopei still sae tis cheerleading gays. Ok la, fine. I fed up so i go up there. N i was totally like wad de hell? Dun come then dun come animore la. who cares? After tat, they come up. One word 2 describe KNS!